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FLIGHT BEHAVIOR ~Barbara Kingsolver

One of the parts I like best about Barbara Kingsolver’s writing is her word choice and sentence structure FLIGHT BEHAVOIR did not disappoint.  Those strong descriptive sentences just generated the story from hook to full investment.   I feel fully in sync with her style and I enjoy looking up some of the words to broaden Kingsolver’s intentions.

Nature in all her fabulous beauty is the main character of this book as a big change is revealed to a young woman on her way to staying the same and repeating stifling patterns.  Kingsolver is an extraordinary translator for Mother Earth and her lessons of wisdom, movement and change.  Who knew that a butterfly could be so vibrantly noisy and create new stories in our lives?  These are not just sound bites rather magical eye opening treasures hung from every branch for our witness. FLIGHT BEHAVIOR describes the world freshly from our habitual context.

“…this may be the first novel to realistically imagine the near-term impact of ‘global weirding.’” ~Amazon book reviewer

The story is set in a created town called Feathertown, Tennessee and the human being who is learning from Nature’s story is a feisty young mother named Dellarobia Turnbow.  This young woman is trying to change her life by doing what she knows how to do and by feeling trapped by her love for her children.  Like every mother she wants the best for her children, but doesn’t look to identify what is best for her.  An unsatisfying STUCK experience.   In FLIGHT BEHAVIOR, the butterflies are working to change a situation in their environment which is no longer working for them; in survival mode they are making sweeping changes.   Along comes the vibrant colors and Ovid a Jamaican Butterfly Scientist to introduce new ideas and concepts and bring to light what is happening.

As the butterflies dazzle the community and open possibilities and all those old patterns are brought to light, the community begins to act out in the ways it has been programmed.  The individuals display their natures, their emotions and Dellarobia becomes the scapegoat.  FLIGHT BEHAVIOR is a wonderful study of predictable human behavior also and their amazing responses to change.  We all need to change, it is how we were beautifully created.

Barbara Kingsolver is a powerful teacher, scientist, and wordsmith.  I am sure you will be touched by this story and it will linger with you.  FLIGHT BEHAVIOR is a must read especially for those who do not believe in climate change.  Magnificent!

Sometimes it takes just the right words to influence us to make change, sometimes it takes a sharp poke in the eye to reveal what needs to be rebooted in our systems.  We are being challenged by so many weather and health disruptions in our lives in the present; I think Dellarobia’s changes encourage us to probe our lives further and to focus out beyond the lines in the sand.  She did leave the “stuck in the muds” of her community behind in the flood.

“FLIGHT BEHAVIOR is a painful poke in the eye.”

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tlc logo I did not receive a copy of this book from TLC online tours or the publisher.  This book was from my own library.  TLC online Tours did ask me to review this book and are offering a free copy of this book for a comment on this review.

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9 Responses to “FLIGHT BEHAVIOR ~Barbara Kingsolver”

  1. suzen Says:

    Hi Patricia,
    Not only do I absolutely LOVE Barbara Kingsolver but this story really does sound wonderful! I will definitely make time to read this book this summer – actually looking forward to it. I’m a butterfly fan, and boy if THIS YEAR hasn’t been a year of change for me!

    You’re still and always my favorite book review writer EVER!
    suzen recently posted..A Brief (?) Vacation From BloggingMy Profile

    Patricia Reply:

    folks who have read her other works really like Kingsolver’s writing. It is a great story, she has made a style change – excellent read, you will not be disappointed

    Thank you for you good words about my review

    I have read 68 book so far in 2013….22 of them I did not review because they did not come up to even a 3 on my list – I still do not review books that I do not think are at least 4 or 5 ladybug reads.
    Nice to find you here…playing pickle ball yet?

  2. Heather J. @ TLC Book Tours Says:

    Kingsolver’s POISONWOOD BIBLE is one of my very favorite books of all time. I’m looking forward to this book since I’m hearing such great reviews!

    Thanks for being on the tour.

    Patricia Reply:

    Heather J
    I love Kingsolver so it was a marvelous treat to be on this list.

  3. Talon Says:

    You’re the second person to mention this book in as many days, Patricia. And the other person loved it. So I’m thinking I’ll be looking into this one for sure!

    Yay- summer officially starts tomorrow. I hope yours is a beautiful one! :)
    Talon recently posted..SpectreMy Profile

    Patricia Reply:


    I hope the clouds part, there is promise I want to see this huge moon of the new season. My oldest daughter was born on the start of this new season.

    I so enjoy her writing. This one has a lot of teaching in it – learned a great deal about butterflies and behavior of there stated and humans

    The forecast is for a very hot and dry summer here, we have not had one of those for many years. Sunday they are predicting heavy rain..

  4. Laurie Buchanan Says:

    Patricia – I love what you said: “Sometimes it takes just the right words to influence us to make change, sometimes it takes a sharp poke in the eye to reveal what needs to be rebooted in our systems.”

    So vivid, so real, were Barbara’s word pictures in “The Poisonwood Bible” that at times my skin crawled. She definitely knows how to pull a reader right into the thick of it!
    Laurie Buchanan recently posted..Surfboards, Skateboards, and Vision BoardsMy Profile

    Patricia Reply:

    I think Chris Jordan, photographer, new documentary film about the birds on Midway Island is the sharp/sharp poke in the eye…amazing photographs on his site. The butterflies in this story are the sharp poke in the eye….her characters are rich in this work, as per her style, but I think the community may need a 2×4 to figure out the message and make change

    Yes her word pictures in this book are top notch – Nature is the true main character

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