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Under the Wild Ginger: A Simple Guide to the Wisdom of Wonder ~Jeffery D. Willius

I had to go to the thesaurus to look up the word delightful because that was my first response to this pleasant and charming book by Jeffery Willius.

Synonyms: Adorable, agreeable, alluring, ambrosial, amusing, attractive, beautiful, captivating, cheery, clever, congenial, darling, delectable, delicious, enchanting, engaging, enjoyable, entertaining, fair, fascinating, gratifying, heavenly, ineffable, lovely, luscious, lush, pleasing, pleasurable, rapturous, ravishing, refreshing, satisfying, scrumptious, thrilling, yummy

Under The Wild Ginger proved to be all of those words and I would add sensual and grounding to the mix.  It is also the perfect size for a gift and it just carries so much more radiance and sweetness than any other treat I could imagine – yes even better than chocolate!  It is a book, which one can hold in their hands and read again and again.  One can pause and laugh out loud or release a tear or even be inspired to go outside and wander through the garden examining the bounty found there.  This little book with not increase one’s girth, it will not cause one to overindulge and can be returned to at any time for more delight and opportunity.

Be forewarned!  Under the Wild Ginger has the possibility of turning on the spigot of the mind and your thoughts may wander and wonder about nearly everything in sight.  Why it caused me to remember the time I discovered the ladybug eggs under the leaf as I was pruning the roses.  There it was, a little diamond shape of red rounds and I just knew what they were and how helpful those critters were going to be for my blooms.   I returned to the computer and looked up everything I could find about ladybugs before I pruned one more stem or leaf.

Under the Wild Ginger can cause one to question the rules of life and possibility.  I am curious about  those who say that I must just do something in one way only.  I feel the childlike imaginings growing under this book’s tutelage and the hints of wonder sparking new results almost immediately.

I have so enjoyed reading Jeffery Willius on his blog site One Man’s Wonder and following him on Facebook and I was equally delighted when he asked me to write a review of his book.  I just recognized it as being a wonder full experience.

Each page holds 2 wonders to contemplate and let the mind explore – some are similar to Japanese haiku in their simplicity of expression. If you go to Willius’ blog site, linked above, you can offer up the wonder you are exploring and might be published for your observations and word sharing.

I even loved reading the book jacket of Under the Wild Ginger.  I purchased a Kindle copy to put on my cell phone as one of those special reads for when I am waiting and on hold to keep my mind awake and open.

From the book jacket: Jeffrey Willius has written professionally for over thirty years.  His work has been published in Popular Science magazine, many daily newspapers, trade magazines, and a number of popular nature and spirituality blogs. His blog, ONE MAN’S WONDER , explores simple everyday awareness and higher spiritual consciousness.  This is his first book.

Mr. Willius graciously sent me a copy of his book for review and I am going to pass on this hardbound copy as a gift to a dear friend for Easter.  Thank you so much for asking me to review this book and for sharing it with me.

5-LadybugsThis is a ladybug read and gift I recommend to you and yours.

If your purchase anything from Amazon or Powell’s from this site, I will receive a few beans in my bucket.  Thank you. Donations also welcome.

You can also order Willius’s directly from his site.

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11 Responses to “Under the Wild Ginger: A Simple Guide to the Wisdom of Wonder ~Jeffery D. Willius”

  1. suZen Says:

    Hi Patricia,
    Isn’t Jeff wonderful? I love his blog, the pictures he comes up with are awesome. His wonderments are so inspiring and thought provoking. Great choice for a book review lady!

    Patricia Reply:

    Yes, I do love the blog and the facebook entries also.. I feel so privileged to have Him ask me for a review – It felt like a perfect way to end the month of February posts

  2. Laurie Buchanan Says:

    “Be forewarned! Under the Wild Ginger has the possibility of turning on the spigot of the mind and your thoughts may wander and wonder about nearly everything in sight.”

    Patricia — recommendations don’t come much higher than that. I love it. And now I’m going to go find Jeff’s blog and subscribe. Thank you!
    Laurie Buchanan recently posted..What’s the Point?My Profile

    Patricia Reply:

    I am quite sure you will not be disappointed and find him on facebook also – his wonder wander there regularly.
    What a gift is this book – I have to Say that Jeffery’s blog is one that I often visit on Friday afternoons to light up my week of reading….I do not always comment…but am a regular reader

  3. Talon Says:

    I have to admit that I’m one of those who finds wonder everyday in ordinary things…and I’m glad I do because it makes life not only joyful and delightful, but it makes it special, too. We have such a short journey on this planet and we have to grab all the good things we can…from the simple pleasure of stretching to the wonder of a child’s laugh.

    Thanks for reminding me, Patricia, that wonderful things abound.

    Patricia Reply:

    Hi Talon,
    I think you are up very late tonight!

    You and Jeffery have very similar wonder full sites…in that your photographs are magnificent and your words stories and thoughts which startle the mind awake.

    Yes, I do think your find wonder everyday…bountiful wonder

    You are welcome…it is a great book…
    Your post is lovely story telling – thank you for those words also

  4. Deborah Barker Says:

    Not only am I intrigued enough to go and explore JW’s site but I was captivated by your words. You are a writer Patricia, despite your protestations!
    Deborah Barker recently posted..So, what are you doing these days?My Profile

    Patricia Reply:

    I think you will love Jeffery’s blog site – I keep it as my Friday afternoon treat of the week adventure spot! He is quite a writer and curious soul.

    I enjoyed your post so much and it did open a door – there I told someone another piece of my story and it was a good release and let go.

    You are a very good writer/story teller – I know this care giving role well and I could feel all the adjustments that you have had to make – sometimes it just makes one tired!

    Thank you for coming by and your kind words. I am mostly an integrator of ideas – that is why I like reading so well, yes I believe I am able to write….I am reading a book right now that is inspiring me to maybe write a book…I like the way this book is formatted and shared….the conclusions and hindsight…It will be review near the end of March FYI

  5. Sara Says:

    Patricia — I think this was one of my favorite reviews. I immediately checked out Jeffery’s blog and loved the post.

    I’ll be visiting Amazon to purchase this book in hard cover. I imagine it is a book I’d like to hold and turn the pages slowly, appreciating the two “wonders to contemplate.”

    Thanks for sharing this:~)

    Patricia Reply:

    I am so pleased that Jeffery Willius sent me a copy. Yes, I held it in my hand each morning and read just one page – until I had to hurry up and finish so I could review!

    It is a wonder full read…
    Thank you for your kind words

  6. Jeffrey Willius Says:

    Many thanks to all of you for your kind words about “Under the Wild Ginger” and my blog, “One Man’s Wonder.”
    This is my first book, much of its success so far coming quite serendipitously — just the way I like it. Your comments make me feel like I’ve hit the ball out of the park — thank you!
    Thanks especially to you, Patricia, for your support and good ideas about how to get some big-time media recognition. Nothing would be more satisfying than to know more folks were being inspired to, as I like to say it, “see generously!”
    Jeffrey Willius recently posted..HOW TO BE IN THE MOMENT – 101 TipsMy Profile