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Beautiful Discoveries for Which I am Thankful

Pacific Ocean at Ruby Beach

Pacific Ocean at Ruby Beach

We went to pick up our CSA (community supported agriculture) share at the Farmer’s Market and we noticed that the flower stall was filled with a different kind of beauty.  As the weather was cooling down the flower merchant had packed up and a photographer had move into the spot.  We were drawn to her stunning pictures of our world and of things smaller.

We recognized the beach where we had visited for our honeymoon and returned just this summer to celebrate our 35th anniversary.   My partner purchased one of the prints as he wants to paint it for his Thanksgiving painting days.  We went back to purchase a card of the picture for a family in grief.

Ice & Snow blackberries 2011

Ice & Snow blackberries 2011

I asked Linda if I could show case her beautiful work as a Thanksgiving gift of beauty to my blog readers and she said yes!

In her own words:

Linda Schwerzler was born in 1960, the second child of four children.  She grew up in Iowa and loved spending time in the woods.  She met and married Kirk Schwerzler and moved to Western Washington in 1991.  She and Kirk have three beautiful girls and a home snuggled in the woods of the Great Northwest.

Linda is the author to all her verses, registered with the Copyright Office at the Library of Congress.  She was a professional portrait photographer for over five years.  Her love of nature and photography are combined in this print.

“I received my first camera when I was nine years old.  I’ve loved the art of photography ever since.  I hope you feel the same thrill viewing this print as I did when I first printed it.”

social responsibility and protectiveness

social responsibility and protectiveness

You can see more of Linda’s work at Zazzle.  The t-shirts with her nature photography are just wonder full and she has poetry and cards and many other products to showcase there.

Contact her via email or phone: 360 427 5359.

What beauty does your eye see and allows you to feel grateful or inspired?

If you purchase anything from Amazon or Powell’s from this site I will receive a few beans in my bucket.  Thank you.  Donations also welcome.

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8 Responses to “Beautiful Discoveries for Which I am Thankful”

  1. Laurie Buchanan Says:

    thank you, Thank You, THANK YOU for introducing us to the creative energy of Linda Schwerzler.


    patricia Reply:

    Her work is so stunning that every time we go to the farmer’s market we spend about a half and hour looking at her work and seeing what she has new. Her Mount Rainier pictures are just inspiring and then she has a whole series of Seattle, dragonfiles and birds and honey bees….The picture of the honey bee coming to flower was hard to post so I will share it another time.

    Thanks for coming by Laurie….Your posts are wonderful colorful pictures too these days…with good words. I hope folks will click on your name and link over to see your amazing sites of Mexico

  2. Deborah Barker Says:

    What beautiful photographs Patricia, so vibrant and thought provoking. Thank you for bringing them to us.

    patricia Reply:

    I work at finding an artist to share for my Thanksgiving post each year, and Linda just popped out as a gift to share with people. I hope she will get a art blog and share more of her work with us all – It is just eye catching and heart stopping.

    We are so happy that our new Governor is an expert on climate change, because we had spend so many years trying to protect the beauty that is here and some many politicians want to sell it all off.

    Thank you too for your lovely words and storytelling – another art to be shared

  3. suzen Says:

    Hi Patricia,
    Beautiful photos! The beach areas in the Northwest are breathtaking. Went sailing in Puguet Sound decades ago and visited many islands. I think I left part of my heart there! Seattle is my favorite downtown – esp. Pikes Market. Took a ferry to Blake Island (no relations :) ) and had a fabulous salmon dinner there.

    The terrors in my neighborhood took my BOWL this year. I’m done with Halloween. They threw my neighbors candy all over her yard. I’ve always hated Halloween. I want my bowl! boohoo

    Glad to read you are feeling so good these days! Wonderful! I’m over my bout of food poisoning and not inclined to want to eat out again any time soon.

    patricia Reply:

    Oh I am so sorry about your bowl and your problems with those ghostly goblins. We had nearly no visitors to our door. but one year I gave out pencils and the kids just threw them all over the place.

    I had some small toys for our diabetic guests. I think most of the kids are going to the Mall or Downtown these days and the teens seem to be just having parties and dances. Maybe more fun in the long run

    The northwest is breath taking and we are delighted with the new Governor who is a climate control guy and truly knows the beauty that is here. I do not feel I will need to get up every morning and work to not have all the trees cut down. I think most of the USA thinks we are just a dumping ground – for nuclear waste and coal and wounded veterans…. Interesting times but I think in terms of 7 generations ahead and so to share Linda’s capture was pure pleasure.
    thank you for coming by…making spinach tonight for supper and thinking of your last post

  4. Sara Says:

    Wow. These are stunning photographs. I loved all of them and can see why you wanted to share them. While I loved them all, I was taken by the last one with the bird in the protective cover. I love how it surrounds the bird, but there’s an open space. It’s like a cage with the door wide open — protective and freeing at the same time.
    Sara recently posted..Wordless Wednesday: Fun at the BeachMy Profile

    patricia Reply:

    I am hoping that Linda will put together a coffee table style book of her work around the NW. She has a lot of Seattle and Mt. Rainier and just a whole book’s worth of dragonflies and small insects – I could not get the honey bee approaching a small flower to show up well enough – and her titles are just poetry, which she also does well.

    Thank you so much for coming by – You take some very wonderful pictures too and make for good story instigation