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Seen and Heard

Living Building Challenge

Living Building Challenge

Recently I have been working on learning how to write grants.  I want to be able to fund a huge project which will make a big difference in our community.  It is a teaching project and the Challenge   has won several very prestigious awards for its vision and its scope.  I need to be seen by a large number of people and even more importantly – Heard.

Since I have a wealth of rejection experiences to draw from, I have gained a profound amount of skill, which I believe will serve me well.  I am determined to succeed in my efforts and have been working on this challenge for 3 years already.

I have to believe that this project will make a worthwhile difference and it is wonderful to be inspired by others who have already taken on the challenge and can share their knowledge.  We know that the current election candidates will make a huge difference to our efforts; one will embrace and one will force us back underground in our efforts (though both will be front and center to take the credit if we succeed).

I am not surprised by the number of people who cannot hear me because I am talking about something fairly new and they need a more specific rendering to comprehend.  I am still amazed at the number of people who cannot see me because I am a woman doing this work; I do not have the correct training or education to be taking on this Challenge and this causes a great many individuals and groups to close down and turn off.

Sometimes when one is in need, just the right support comes along… Pat made a comment on a blog post and linked me to a great song by Josh Groban.   I have been starting my day playing this video and I thought you might enjoy and be inspired by this music too.  So here is the link: YouTube

Do you have a theme song for your projects and efforts?

If you purchase anything from this site from Amazon or Powell’s I will receive a few beans in my bucket!  Thank you.

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12 Responses to “Seen and Heard”

  1. Laurie Buchanan Says:

    I followed the YouTube link and listened to Josh Groban – wonderful!

    Do I have a theme song? Well…I’m pretty high energy so “Walking on Sunshine” and the soundtrack to Sister Act (the first one) tend to serve that type of fast-paced energy.

    Patricia Reply:

    I have used Momma Mia track for a number of years to get me going too..

    thank you for sharing…isn’t music wonderful :)

  2. Chris Edgar Says:

    I like how you say you’ve “got a wealth of rejection experiences to draw on” — I know those experiences, by teaching me that I can survive hearing a “no,” have enabled me to do some of the unconventional stuff I’m engaged in today.
    Chris Edgar recently posted..My Top 10 Favorite Pop Song Cliches, Part 1My Profile

    Patricia Reply:

    Sometimes I feel like the reject Queen…but I have learned so much from those quests that I would not mind that title

  3. Colleen Says:

    Patricia, I know your determination will serve you well in this. The world is a better place because of people like you….women with vision. And the determination and stick-to-it’ness to make those visions a reality:)

    Patricia Reply:

    Working on sending the proposal to my team members – I am optimistic today and yet worried that I have not done it correctly…but in the cover letter I did remember to ask for other suggested names if they did not wish to be on the team….I sometimes forget those details…

    I do wish the process went a bit faster…but it is for a building and something very different…so I need to rev up my patience

  4. Kelly Jensen Says:

    I have been in situations that are pretty much like yours but I never gave up even one second. As long as you believe in what you are doing, go for it! And I wish you all the best in that course.
    Kelly Jensen recently posted..gcdreview.orgMy Profile

    Patricia Reply:

    Kelly Jensen,
    I like your words of encouragement and your good wishes Thank you
    Patricia recently posted..The Fragrance Of FallMy Profile

  5. Elle Says:

    What a great idea – a theme song for a project. I’m currently stuck on Here Comes The Sun. Probably because I hear it every day on a financial freedom video!

    May I recommend that you don’t get distracted by outside influences Patricia, just keep focused on how happy you are that your project is complete, while you are managing those influences. That’s what works for me anyhoo.

    Love elle
    Elle recently posted..What Floats Your Boat, Or Sinks Your Ship?My Profile

    Patricia Reply:

    Welcome and thank you for stopping by. It took me a bit to get here and read your good words – but I did not want to give anyone my cold!

    I am trying not to over think this project and let it unfold….I am a terrible river pusher, and think this idea needs more gliding and less motor.
    Patricia recently posted..The Fragrance Of FallMy Profile

  6. Deborah Barker Says:

    I wish you luck with your project Patricia, determination wins every time and if we all stopped because we were not quite sure what we doing, where would we be? Poorer I daresay. As for a theme tune to help me through – I did play some music while I was writing one of my novels. The novel has an ice theme and the music I played, together with a frosty glass owl sitting on my desk, always got me in the right frame of mind whilst writing. I found it on the net somewhere. I need to re-write that novel at some point, I hope I can find the right music to inspire me again!
    Deborah Barker recently posted..Flossie here!My Profile

    Patricia Reply:

    Thanks for stopping by and your good comment.

    I have found out an interesting fact that more poetry has been written to Samuel Barber’s music than any other music used.

    Mozart is better for mathematical thinking…

    On Wise Ears I have been sharing about the book Healing at the Speed of Sound by Don Campbell – that web site has many great suggestions including rock and classical – everyone has their best creative vibrational sound.

    Ah novel- rewriting…I hope that goes well…or you are inspired to write a new one…
    Patricia recently posted..The Fragrance Of FallMy Profile