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Fevered Pitch

I was sitting in the waiting room at the Doctor’s office, reading on my cell phone.  The room was packed as there was a school sports physicals clinic going on in one wing of the office.  The woman next to me coughed several times; one of those deep, throaty smokers’ coughs and then leaned over to listen to the conversation going on the other side of her.

Two mature women had driven quite a distance to come to this clinic for their healthcare and they were hoping that it was going to be a good move for them.  They both read the sign that said:  IF YOU HAVE BEEN WAITING MORE THAN 15 MINUTES PAST YOUR APPOINTMENT TIME COME AND TALK TO THE RECEPTIONIST.  Both women thought that they should be seen at the appointed time and not have to double check in. They both were quite agitated and concerned about being in such a clinic.  They were treating this morning as some kind of test and were already upset.   The woman next to me was becoming agitated and began talking to me.

Her clinic at home was not so neat and tidy, as a matter of fact it was awful but she never had to wait for more than 30 minutes.  There were lots of ethnic backgrounds represented in the waiting room and this seemed to bother this woman and make her worried.  One Doctor and the nurse with a Doctorate both came into the waiting room and spoke Spanish to several of the patients.  Vietnamese was spoken by the Lab Technician and the Tribal Interpreter was there for the sports clinic families.  The woman next to me began telling me how all these immigrants were coming to town, having babies to be citizens, and then never working but getting on welfare.  Where was all this “Obamacare” going – it was going to all the illegal people on welfare and their citizen born children, from her taxes.  She grabbed on to my arm and suggested that the clinic might not respect her as a patient.  My name was called and I went back to my appointment.

When I came back out, the woman left with me and began talking again and I waited with her by her car and I believe I settled her agitation and asked if the care at her home clinic had been adequate for her? She said yes and she was going back there to be treated better even though she did not feel well or want to see an Arab doctor again.  I shared with her that I had waited 2 hours my last visit because a new baby was entering the world and my doctor was the attending; a nurse was not available.  I reminded her that the Affordable Health Care Act did not go into effect for most adults until 2014.  She was not going to pay for any of” those” people’s health care and I said I didn’t mind paying for them and suggested she take that worry off her list.  She calmed and drove off.
I proceeded to the library to get a book on hold.  The library was not open until 11am and at 10:30 quite a line had formed, including an older woman who went on and on about immigrants who did not work and had babies who became citizens and Obama was giving away all our tax money to immigrants and she thought if he won the election she would die. She was angry that she paid taxes and the library was not open earlier.  There would be nothing left of her and her hard work and efforts.   She would kill herself if Obama was elected. She was on fire – seething with anger.

I sat down on the bench near the door and patted the seat for her to join me.  I shared with her that I too was worried about the election but that in my 60+ years I had a number of times been worried about an election and what it would mean for me, and I survived and moved forward and chose my worries with a different view.  What would her worry accomplish?  What would her death accomplish?

I asked her if she was on Medicare and Social Security. Her answer was yes.  I told her I was a child of immigrants born into US citizenship that I was born with cancer so was a pre-existing condition all of my years.  The woman showed empathy for my situation and then said, “but you are white and not on welfare!” and went on with her business as fast as she could get away.

A young librarian asked me why I was wasting my time on this woman.  I thought she was unsafe to drive she was so angry.  He told me to go watch the new Republican ad that had just come out against Obama.   I came right home and looked it up.  Yep!  There were all the “lines” these two women were spewing out.  I fact checked 11 items in the ad and the first 7 were debunked false statements.  It was also the most overtly racist ad I had seen in a long time and it was powerfully suggesting that not only were “those” people ruining the USA but that our President was a negative racist.

Who is taking responsibility for putting folks into such a fevered pitch?  Where has our humanity, respect and kindness gone?  Do you ever just feel disgusted and as though there is nothing you can do?

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14 Responses to “Fevered Pitch”

  1. Deborah Barker Says:

    Isn’t it sad to see so many people blind to their own negativity and racism – so many people easily led by others. I am hard pressed to hold my tongue when in the presence of certain of my husbands brother-in-law’s wider family. Such is their ignorance they would deport people for their skin colour or their ethnic origin. Their latest attacks fall upon the Polish who they claim have taken their jobs. Not a one ever thinks how people have traveled from our Isle to take up residence right across the world, in the past. Good for you for trying to calm those women down and I for one, am very glad to have our good old NHS here. It came up trumps for me last month when I had a health scare and I would never complain about it.
    Deborah Barker recently posted..Emergency!My Profile

    Patricia Reply:

    I wish we had a good ol’ NHS here…sorry to hear you had a scare.

    I actually spent over 30 hours this past week calming various hyper angry folks down…and this Monday being Labor Day here – all the unions will be attacked. I just think we are going to have more shootings – I saw that an elderly man drove his car into a group of Occupy folks this morning with his car…several were seriously injured. We are so polarized and there is so much pot stirring going on – awful

    Yep we certainly sent a lot of folks into other countries and we have just created a mess for Iraq and Afghanistan….one person thought that was justified because we needed all the money we make off of war???and oil???
    Oh my

  2. Laurie Buchanan Says:

    My parents taught us that skin color is a Pigment of the Imagination.

    Patricia Reply:

    That is a great way to look at it…but right now lots of folks are sure the “others’ are taking over their world.

    Ah me….
    Patricia recently posted..Fevered PitchMy Profile

  3. suzen Says:

    Hi Patricia,
    You’ll never find more “fevered pitches” than the realm of politics (esp. at this time of year pre-election) and the realm of religions. There is nothing I can do about either one, or people in some froth over issues so I avoid the topics and frothing people. I think this election in particular is bringing out the very worst in terms of frothing and division. The collective high blood pressure and stress in this country is absurd!

    Patricia Reply:

    Theater of the absurd…Today is very calm here…school is back in session full time…

  4. Pat Says:

    Patricia – first of all I want to tell you not to quit writing and to not give in to discouragement as you relayed in your comment on Melody’s post “How My Teeth Tried to Kill Me…” (http://www.deliberateblog.com/2012/09/04/how-my-teeth-tried-to-kill-me-and-why-im-glad-they-did/#comment-12732).

    I really do think there’s a lot more going on energy wise behind the scene we don’t understand and all the ugliness and infection needs to surface before it can be treated.

    As I commented also on Melody post I’ve been going through ‘stuff’ and it doesn’t take much in looking around to see many others are too in droves.

    Please just remember the words to Josh Groban’s song “Don’t Give Up” (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I-G8IfjPAII).

    And keep doing what you’re doing in listening to people when they’re frustrated and bitter even if it’s not your platform – they need to first feel heard before they can even begin listen to anything else someone says.

    God Bless
    Pat recently posted..Blue MoonMy Profile

    Patricia Reply:

    Thank you for your comment – I went through and did each link, it was was such a nice afternoon of reading and listening – Thank you so much.

    I am doing a great deal of listening these days – it is quite a fevered pitch, and so many fear buttons are being pushed and new fires ignited. Yes being heard is a significant factor and then one needs to take responsibility and do their part.

    I am discouraged because I have seen over the years that rarely do folks take responsibility.

    So do I keep giving my time away? Do I keep sharing my wisdom for more of my time? – pay for this privilege? Or is there a better use of my time and energy? Sorting is a profoundly good exercise also.

    Patricia Reply:

    My first reply disappeared….so will try again. My grandmother computer is giving me some fits and starts right now….:)

  5. Galen Pearl Says:

    Yay! Now I can comment! Looking forward to catching up and keeping up.
    Galen Pearl recently posted..My Half of the BargainMy Profile

    Patricia Reply:

    Thank you for letting me know that the changes “took” now I hope that they HOLD….

    I so enjoyed your post today and it spoke volumes to me.

    You have a way with words and ideas.

  6. Sam Juliano Says:

    I’ve learned it often better to just listen as you arrely will get through to those who are pig-headed and racist. As a Democrat and Obama supporter I would have been tempted though, yes. Ha!

    Patricia Reply:

    I am working very hard to resist temptation, but why I am so favored to be picked for their tirades is beyond my comprehension.

    I told a woman on my walk yesterday – early on in her speech – that I was an immigrant and she just turned and marched away throwing out a personal expletive about my parents. It was nice to catch someone by surprise!

  7. Silence – WiseEars Says:

    […] letting go of emotional responses and I have been listening to them also and wrote about this Fevered Pitch at Patricias […]