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The President’s Club Inside The World’s Most Exclusive Fraternity ~Duffy & Gibbs

The President’s Club is a powerful read and extraordinary book.  Nancy Gibb and Michael Duffy truly collaborated on a remarkable study of this select group of individuals and created a great read and a worthwhile study for nearly every citizen who can read.   The book is so positive about each and every one of the 44 members without ignoring the problems and counterproductive maneuvers that were not worthy of club members.

Each newly elected President of the United States has entered office and begun a transformation, usually some “kick in the pants” event happens on their first watch which changes everything – absolutely everything.  The club is there to protect the office, to get an overview of the country, and to understand, connect, and support each other.  No one else can understand what it is like to hold this office.

The largest number of club members living at any one time was 7.  Nearly every President since Hoover came into office thinking that they did not need the previous fellows and thought their get acquainted sessions were just “good manners”.

But Truman could see that an individual needed people who had experienced the office and who were trustworthy to counsel them and talk through what needed to be accomplished and what route to take. Truman restored Hoover’s good name and reputation after the name calling got so bad it reached a verbal lynching pitch.   Hoover went on to assist the next Presidents, and for 20 more years, with foreign policy efforts that have made a lasting impact on the world.

Jimmy Carter should have been the Tea Party’s Candidate, he had to live out his Christian Conservative Doctrine every waking minute and then he blundered through sharing everything with extreme honesty and the general public did not want to know.  What an amazing statesman he has become – still makes many blunders and lives his within his beliefs. Everyone has needed his assistance.

Nixon had to resign but in trying to restore his good name he used his incredible intelligence and powers of manipulation to make a huge impact on the thinking and wisdom of all the Presidents who came after.

The only President I did not have better thoughts about was Reagan.   He was all “image” and got others to do the work for him so he could come off as the white hat.   I could not shake my feelings about him being slimy no matter how positive the authors presented his case.

Bush #43  – well he is a good ol’ boy but he doesn’t seem to understand the common man and he could not get out of ”the  party” mode of operations.  Even though the book was gracious and kind to his terms and experience – I am still embarrassed by him and his staff- so negative and cruel  and he  could not release  from this disgusting agenda  or being dependent and feeling entitled to huge amounts of money.

I did find some saving moments by reading every word. The book is NOT about individual policies or actions, it IS about how the members worked with each other; the only ones who knew the experience.

I love how Bush #41 was presented and my opinion of him was raised even higher than before.  He is still providing great support and humor to those who have followed his time in office.

The book is just loaded with links to Presidential Libraries, pictures of events, and detailed references.  I had to stop linking to get through the book in time to write this post.

You will not be disappointed by reading this book – I think each person will find some forgiveness in their expectations for a President and his choices and I think people will be better informed about who they choose for their next Commander in Chief.     Truly it should not be up to the parties and the folks with the most money.

Did you know that former President’s did not receive any post service compensation and that Truman lived in near poverty (and had to build his library) after he left office?  The President’s club finally developed a stipend system for former Presidents before Truman died.

This book elevated my thinking and inspired me to know more and support my country and our efforts. Have you read a book recently that inspired your thinking and elevated your spirits?  Please Share.

I purchased this book on my own for my library on KINDLE. No one paid me or sent me a copy of this book to review.   I will receive a few beans in my bucket if you purchase anything from Powell’s or Amazon from this site.  Thank you.

Happy Reading!
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5 Responses to “The President’s Club Inside The World’s Most Exclusive Fraternity ~Duffy & Gibbs”

  1. Laurie Buchanan Says:

    I’m just about to Tweet and Google+ this post. This very i-n-t-e-r-e-s-t-i-n-g post!

    Patricia Reply:

    It is an amazing book Laurie – I would go so far as to say it should be required reading before folks vote, but I do not want to add to voter suppression.

    Thanks for sharing…

  2. suzen Says:

    Hi Patricia,
    I sure agree about the most money wins – and it shouldn’t be about that. I’m not fond of anything government-related but this does sound rather interesting.

    Lo and behold, Miss Never Reads Fiction is up at the lake this week and my daughter got me hooked on the Hunger Games trilogy. She raved so much about it, I read book one in an afternoon – it’s that riveting – and I’m so shocked I’m into this!!!!
    suzen recently posted..Challenge Yourself – The Bucket List Way!My Profile

    Patricia Reply:

    Oh suzen,
    I read the Hunger Games straight through during our last power outage – all three books – wrapped in a blanket by the window with ZIP in lap! My kids just told me I had to read them, but I will not review them because they do not need me – I would be on page 23 of Google….

    This book is not so much about government but more about how there are so few who can understand the connection/relationship between the 44 members – They are all transformed by the office and the responsibility. Only a couple of them truly were just in it for themselves….and even they were changed.

    It is an amazing read and non-fiction.
    I was turned off by the couple who could only work from a party perspective….and money….Fascinating study and what research went into this is unbelievable
    I think you would enjoy this one too
    I am giving it to my partner for his birthday and to my lawyer neighbor for his 80th!

  3. Lizie Says:

    I am actually not aware with this information and I am sure a lot of people would love to know more about this.. I hope you can post more too..
    Lizie recently posted..GoPro HD Hero ReviewsMy Profile