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The Brevity of Roses ~Linda Cassidy Lewis

An ad for the Brevity of Roses appeared in my Facebook stream.  I could download a copy for just a few pennies for the next 12 hours and I had just finished my current review read.  What the heck, I will give this book a read!

Brevity of Roses was not disappointing.  This is just a great beach/vacation read and it is actually comforting to think that an older woman could attract such a young man from across a restaurant.  I found this quite plausible because I always enjoyed the students in my classes and they were younger, whereas the fellows my age were not so interested or interesting.

I liked the cultural diversity expressed in this book and how the author played with that theme.  I know many people do not think I like romance books and in general the closer they are to “porn” the less I enjoy them as a good read.  This book had a good story line and some good cooking going on!

I loved that the people did not have any money worries; most of the characters.  I liked that gardening was an element of the story and was incorporated as relevant metaphors.  I thought it was important that the characters resolved conflict and clarified their communications and this made for a delightful story line and follow through. Brevity of Roses allowed me to escape.

I had a bit of a problem with the characters in the first chapter.  So many were introduced and I did not know where that mob was taking me and who was important.   I opened the ‘notes and highlight’ tool on my reader and wrote down each character, then used the note as my reference point, which made the story more interesting as the secondary characters came and left from the telling.

If young Persian successful poet meets mature widowed, retired professor who grows roses and they both share good conversation and work through family issues while exploring the parameters of love is an idea that appeals to you I recommend this book.  Yes! There is a Brevity of Roses.

Would you like to recommend a good beach read or well written romance novel?  Looking forward to your suggestions.

If you purchase anything from Amazon from this site, I will receive a few beans in my bucket.

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10 Responses to “The Brevity of Roses ~Linda Cassidy Lewis”

  1. Sara Says:

    I’ll have to check out this book.

    Romance novels. I used to read them a lot. My eldest daughter got me started. I prefer historical romance, mainly because those were the books she passed on to me. Some suggestions:

    Julia Quinn (the Bridgerton series) Not always historically accurate, but very, very funny.

    Mary Balogh — Almost any book

    Water for Elephants — Sara Gruen (not historical romance, but very good)

    Today, I read mostly mystery/suspense stories when just want to sit around, eat bon-bons and disappear:~)

    Thanks for this review!
    Sara recently posted..Picture Challenge: What do you see?My Profile

    Patricia Reply:

    I am working at understanding how the new book market it working and this is a self produced/promoted book starting with the nearly free copy for an e-reader offered on Facebook. I have now read 6 pieces of fiction and even more self-help books. I have only reviewed one other here…The Hate Game ( might fit in mystery).
    One the subject was so distasteful and the topic so 19th century and really about us vs them…I am embarrassed to even think I read it. I have several neighbors who do not believe that the Holocaust ever happened –
    This one was a good story and well written

  2. Laurie Buchanan Says:

    Patricia –

    Thank you for this review. If I was going to read a romance novel, this sounds like it would be a good one. My taste runs toward mystery. I like to try to figure out “who done it?”

    Patricia Reply:

    I think you are not alone – lots of folks like mysteries. I like them too.

    I chose this book to explore how folks are self-publishing and I am happy to say this one was quite delightful and a bit different from my usual choices. For just a few pennies, it was a great read and I think it will go a bit further up the charts. I wish the author well.

  3. susan Says:

    Hi Patricia!
    Sounds like a good read. I just don’t have time for fiction – or refuse to make the time, whichever. Blame it on school, clients and research. Oh and golfing! :)

    Patricia Reply:

    I like fiction because I get to meet new characters and understand how they tick – even though they are created from the author’s mind. I learn so much more about human nature and relationships and well, people

    I have been researching campaign financing for a small paid gig, and this was a lovely break.

    I do not golf…I read :)

  4. Sam Juliano Says:

    This is definitely Lucille’s kind of novel, and for that matter even my 16 year-old daughter Melanie enjoys this kind of read. Both of them are fans of Nicholas Sparks’ THE NOTEBOOK and a number of others with titles you won’t be nodding your head to. We should be to the beach in August so perhaps we’ll secure a copy. Excellent review here Patricia!
    Sam Juliano recently posted..1944 – Best Picture, Best Director, Best Short, Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Supp Actor, Best Supp Actress, Best Score – RESULTSMy Profile

    Patricia Reply:

    this book was offered for just a few pennies to my Kindle when it was published. I have read several of these self published books discovered on Facebook or Twitter and I have now reviewed about 5 of them out of about 15 reads. 2 of them were awful and one was so full of spelling errors…why share that? One was openly hostile to women and another too commanding about how one needed to be the “true religion”….

    this was a nice beach read and I enjoyed studying the characters that were created

    Yes I think your gals would enjoy this read
    Patricia recently posted..Ladybugs – a retake as I renewMy Profile

  5. Liara Covert Says:

    Nice to know you enjoy this book. The theme of a cultural exploration of love sounds like a wonderful journey.
    Liara Covert recently posted..Reframe illnessMy Profile

    Patricia Reply:

    Nice to find you here Thank you for sharing your comments. I think you must be very busy with baby these days.

    Yes I liked the cultural diversity of this story. Growing up in an Immigrant family myself, I can tell you that the folks in the USA are not very open to people who are different theses days…this was refreshing and I think instructive in assisting other in gaining understanding because it was fictional
    Patricia recently posted..Ladybugs – a retake as I renewMy Profile