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Ladybugs – a retake as I renew

ladybirdI got busy sorting out my thinking and taking a look squarely at my blog and where I wanted it to go. I read most of the 500 posts I have written and came across this early writing and thought I would share it again as it reminded me that each day gets better with more and more re-creation of the self.  It is short and sweet; it just might assist you in your “self” thoughts and seeing your symbol with new eyes.

The garden is full of ladybugs this year and it makes me pleased that they are busy enjoying the pests and I do not need to get out the bucket, soap and water to clean off the plants leaf by leaf. I like that these bugs take care of problems in the garden and are such hard workers.  We even came home from a family hiking/camping trip and shortly thereafter the west facing windows were filled with hundreds of ladybugs and we opened the windows and out they went to the garden; hungry and ready for work.  I like the red color.  I feel a sense of magic when they are around.

I must not be the only one with those feelings as early artists and writers depicted ladybugs in their work and there are lots of stories and mythologies surrounding the critter.  When I heard that the Egyptian Scarab design was based on the ladybug and represented a woman’s re-creation of herself, I choose the ladybug as my symbol to represent how I was intending to be a re-creation of myself when I turned 50.  There certainly was some magic in this decision as I woke every morning to see a ladybug magnet on my bedside light, my desk was covered with ladybug pencils, pens, flashlights, nightlights, and my all-time favorite ladybug chocolates;  friends had found small treasures to remind me of the changes I was making in my life.  I felt more positive and hopeful with this little daily reminder.  Every day for 365 days I created a small way to celebrate the new spirit or I focused on learning something new.  Starting on the big day, I began giving away to other people almost all of the ladybugs that had collected over the year, telling my story, and the little bugs passed on their magic to the next person.

When I started this blog, my web designer knew of my ladybug symbolism and that this was a new endeavor to create a work experience for me; that the blog was about making changes in our lives and being inspired.  I was surprised and pleased with this little red bug appearing on my business cards and on the web page itself.  I have witnessed what this little red magician can do and I am pleased with its progress so far.

Do you have a symbol to assist you in your progress?  Do you think that little reminders are good ideas or a waste of your time?  How do you re-create yourself or are you just happy to be just who you are right now? Let me know by making a comment in the area below.

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8 Responses to “Ladybugs – a retake as I renew”

  1. suzen Says:

    Hi Patricia,
    First of all, wishin’ I had some ladybugs in my garden to eat whatever is eating my cabbages – I bunny proofed but gosh if there is some bug action.

    I love butterflies when it comes to some kind of symbol. I feel like one sometimes so it seems so appropriate for me. (and it sounds better than saying monkey-mind all the time too – haha) :) When it comes to animals, I’m definite a horse lover! (don’t tell my dogs)

    Patricia Reply:

    I too am wishing there were more ladybugs in my garden, but my north neighbor keeps calling in the poison squad to get rid of them… It is so hard to keep our gardens organic with all her spraying we just bought into the CSA and do not raise any food items in our yard, except apples…but our apples are full of coddling moth so no one wants them. We just could not keep up with the organic sprays when she is spraying her stuff and the rest of the neighborhood just lets their fruit trees just be bug houses.

    Oh the butterfly is a lovely symbol…I promise I will not tell the dogs !
    Patricia recently posted..Ladybugs – a retake as I renewMy Profile

  2. Laurie Buchanan Says:

    Patricia –

    The symbol that assists me in my progress look somewhat like three circles that form a Celtic knot. To me the circles remind me that OBSERVATION (paying attention) triggers INSPIRATION, which in turn triggers CREATION (creativity).

    Patricia Reply:

    I have a pair of Celtic earrings that are a symbol for kindness…and I think my Celtic Cross has your symbols on it… beautiful
    Thank you for sharing

  3. Hilary Says:

    Hi Patricia .. I’ve always loved ladybugs too … and there are masses of ‘dem pesky green and blackfly to eat – so I sure hope they’re enjoying themselves.

    I don’t have a special symbol or talisman that I keep around me – I find cheer in so much .. and I am lucky in nature to be generally happy … but Hardwick, my mother’s stuffed (almost real) dog has been her guiding light these past 5 years ..

    I guess writing the blog now falls into your category in some way – I get so much pleasure and it seems I am able to give knowledge and interest to others .. inspiring them to look at life a little differently … which gives me great pleasure ..

    Cheers Hilary

    Patricia Reply:

    I love that you find joy in many ways. I think as I get older that is what is happening for me also…just have proof that I made it through another day.

    Yes theses blogs do give pleasure…and I am working to figure out how to keep the pleasure in my efforts here….I am reading more books to review as that is the top of the list, and I am finding pleasure in that activity and then sharing

    Now I just need to release my “worries’ about money.
    Thanks for coming by

  4. Talon Says:

    There are three recurring symbols in my life…and all of them are birds–big surprise, huh? :)

    A pair of crows visit me all the time and there is a male cardinal that always makes his presence known. And I see hawks every time I go out. Each means something different to me and have grounded me at different times or taken me out of myself when that was required.

    Nature is my go-to when stressed or worried or just needing a soul refreshing hour. It never fails to amaze me.

    Ladybugs are so neat. They seem a perfect symbol for you, Patricia. They are industrious and helpful and sweet and are deeply rooted in mythology and history. :)
    Talon recently posted..We interrupt our regularlyMy Profile

    Patricia Reply:

    Each of my children had a symbol and a color that they gravitated too as they were growing. It made it fun to look for things to tuck in stockings and find wrapping paper for..
    #1 penguins ( she has over 200 in her bedroom, which is painted like an igloo – black and white
    #2 frogs and green gave her calm and centered
    #3 cats – reds and deep purples….she now wears almost exclusively black and white….Jeans and tight pink T shirts on the days off??? She is quite the entrepreneur.

    Peak of creativity is about age 65 – so when I was turning 50 my daughter claimed ladybugs for me to keep me questing and getting settled and old.

    I am busy reading lots and lots of book – kind of hard ones to read….most….and I do not think too many folks will purchase these coming up. I am reading them anyway…I’m so helpful in the garden of books and authors!
    Patricia recently posted..Neat things to know …My Profile