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Height &AshburyPart of the reason to read a book or watch a movie is the opportunity of being transported into another world or experience.  So there I was listening to people’s thoughts about 3 movies, we had just experienced, and soon there after I was boarding an airplane for another city.  I felt a bit as though I needed an air traffic controller because my thoughts were on so many runways at the same time.

The movies were about boldly and with new eyes looking at change and how people have to wrestle with new information which transports their belief systems. One was the historic depiction of the struggle to know what is the right action and to act and change the whole belief system of a society.  The next was an artist taking film  though various mediums to show how the human story is such a minimalistic part of the change process; yet it flows within the spectrum of all of life in service and in pursuit of change. One could experience the transportation through the visual, or musical, or human story of the artist’s rendering.

The third story transformed one into the realm of how scary life can be; one entered a “ghost story” and felt the need to run away.  The film maker did not present this old tale as a muckraking adventure but as a compilation of all the pieces of a life changed by disaster thus allowing the human spirit to emerge and old beliefs to be deleted.

Those thoughts and words are tumbling through my being as I fly away to another place and present events.  I have come to see 100 Graduate students being honored for their distinguished work and service.  There are 36,000 students attending this University and these few are being recognized for their outstanding efforts in bringing about knowledge and change to their communities.  They are being recognized for their efforts, thoughts, struggles and service and yet they are being asked to VOTE and be thankful for their opportunity, to demonstrate gratitude by keeping higher education opportunities open to this society; to show the world that we know education is the key to a successful evolution and for continued growth and striving for our ideals.

80,000 students were turned away for lack of funding.

Education is in the realm of the public it is not limited for the privileged, the wealthy, and the corporate few.

I have to take a walk to allow my thinking to coalesce and to integrate.  I explore another neighborhood by taking a train and a bus and navigating up and down, through the park, and asking directions, until I discover myself to be at the heart of a foment of change in the 1960s.  Here I stand, and it seems plain and ordinary, with vintage clothing stores and shops that are only made fresh by the bloom of the planter boxes, the new vegetables displayed at the market, and the fresh paint and solar panels on the Victorian Ladies of the side streets.

We are asked to take pictures of other visitors exploring this corner of change and struggle – that moment of time that transformed.

I am worn out from all the walking and only regain my energy with applauding for each recipient’s efforts recited and the moment their stick their necks out to receive the Hood.  Were these wonderful people changed by their experience were they changed enough to transform their corner of our globe, will this moment transform me and will I be grateful?

Will I be left hoping others will transport me?

How’s your week going?  Are you feeling the change, are you contemplating your transformations?  How have you been transported?

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14 Responses to “Transportation”

  1. Gisele Says:

    This is definitely true.. Actually, when I read books or watch movies, it seems I am in the world of the story..
    Gisele recently posted..Stop Panic AttacksMy Profile

    Patricia Reply:

    Welcome and thank you for your good comment. I was very in the actual moment through all these events and learned a great deal

  2. Laurie Buchanan Says:

    Patricia – You never fail to feed my brain great food for thought. Thank you!

    I just Tweeted and Google+ this excellent post!

    patricia Reply:

    Thank you Laurie,
    I am unable to get my share button working here on my laptop…from forgotten passwords to just will not link. IT Girl is too busy getting awards and helping others get graduated to assist right now…I appreciate your sharing

    Thank you also for your great words about this post…it is really and integration of my thinking and all that I am experiencing and your words make my heart beat a bit faster in delight

  3. Davina Haisell Says:

    I’m having a fabulous week, Patricia, enjoying the waves of transformation that I’ve been feeling, lately. I’m a different person than I was just months ago; more settled, satisfied and happy. Moving has been a monumental transformation in my life. More than I could have ever imagined.

    I loved this line you wrote: “I felt a bit as though I needed an air traffic controller because my thoughts were on so many runways at the same time.” :) You have a knack for navigating, it seems.

    patricia Reply:

    Such wonderful news and yes it does seem to come in waves…I like that metaphor for transformation very much.

    Thank you…it is nice to be filling up the supply of ideas in person to the event :)

    I have to say this post and title are generating a ton of spam comments that are incredibly complimentary but also show that the commenter did not read the post or understand what I was attempting to navigate.

    No problem, I am very busy laughing at them…so it provides a purpose also…
    I am having trouble reading others blogs with all the activity here…will need a big regroup. Thanks for your good and kind words….I can feel the difference you’re radiating

    Davina Haisell Reply:

    Hugs! :) You’re exactly where you need to be. Soak it up! It’s all good. You’re doing good things all around.
    Davina Haisell recently posted..Quote Me, Quote MeMy Profile

  4. J.D. Meier Says:

    I’ve long been a fan of vicarious experience through books and movies. A lot of my imagination building blocks are built from the collage of movies scenes, TV shows, and prose from over the years … it’s great fodder and fuel for the mind.
    J.D. Meier recently posted..Moving On QuotesMy Profile

    Patricia Reply:

    Thank you for dropping by. I can just know that you are a fan of movies and books; yes I too find they build the imagination tools

    The graduations speeches at this event were outstanding – communications and media and broadcasting and a wide range of programs within one college at the University gave for an impressive evening of ideas and things to contemplate

  5. Chris Edgar Says:

    Hi Patricia — good to see you again and I hope you’re well. I’m glad you got to take in our fair city — I mean, I guess it’s not really my fair city because it’s about 40 minutes away (on a good day) from me, but where I live is basically a suburb of it. SF State has some great film and communications programs and I’m glad you got to enjoy them.

    Patricia Reply:

    IT was a wonderful trip and lots of good information in the speeches and projects shared. I think it was my best trip so far and if I had had more prep. time, I might have been able to meet you in person – that would have been fabulous too :)
    Patricia recently posted..COURAGE: Overcoming Fear & Igniting Self-Confidence ~Debbie FordMy Profile

  6. Sam Juliano Says:

    Well, Patricia, I can say there have been more than a few movies and books that have transported me over the years, and often when I like the destination I willingly hitch a ride again and again. The imagination is always stimulated with the 20th century’s most renowned art form, and is constantly referenced in literature and music overlaps. Great to hear you’ve had much stimulation of late my friend.

    Patricia Reply:

    Thanks for your fine comments – it was great to experience a whole bunch of delights in a short block of time – I can understand your fascination now and it was very enjoyable.

    It was amazing to see a first run movie…it a huge city 5 stories above the MUNI train station and with 4 more stories of stores right beside it….High energy indeed.

    Several of the graduation speakers really took on the integrity of Rupert’s empire – and changed their graduate students to make a difference. One graduate alumni was a news person from NYC….who just won an Emmy Award….

    A Wow treat
    Patricia recently posted..COURAGE: Overcoming Fear & Igniting Self-Confidence ~Debbie FordMy Profile

  7. tanvir Says:

    really a true thing this is I always think like that…
    Nice article thanx for sharing it looking forward for more..
    tanvir recently posted..Quotes about moving onMy Profile