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The Art Of The Sale: Learning From the Masters About the Business of Life ~Philip Delves Broughton

I am very enthusiastic about this book.  THE ART OF THE SALE is about change and success and I am always enthusiastic about those topics.   I picked up this book with the first opportunity that presented itself because I thought it was going to be a difficult read and I had lots of tasks to complete with so much company arriving at my house, I wanted guaranteed focused time.   I could hardly put the book down, it was a great read and so well written.

Mr. Broughton has traveled the globe interviewing the very top salesmen and women.  He believes that we are all sales people and that we all need to be sales people, because this is the basic way we connect to others in our world and it is how we get our needs met.  Here he tells the stories of how these individuals developed their skills and sharpened their talents.  It is fascinating.

At first I thought I should just recommend this book to bloggers and writers, because I think the stories and tools are such valuable lessons, then I slept on that idea and think this book is ideal for everyone.

“Sales is nothing more than the purely human ordeal of rejection and acceptance”

I have taken 2 marketing classes this past year and learned a great deal.  I am still not able to implement good marketing strategies into job interviews or marketing my blogs.   It is not that I do not believe in myself or my words, but marketing is big, big, big picture work; the salesman or saleswoman does the one on one work of promotion.  This is the ART OF THE CLOSE.    After reading this book, I realize that I have lots of knowledge about marketing, I am not fast enough in this environment, and to be truly successful at this business I will need to hire someone and I still have to learn how to be a good sales person because I am not a natural.

My youngest child is a natural and, as she says, #1.  I over talk myself and the customer out of the sale.  I do not know when to stop.  I try to convince folks.   I am not afraid of rejection and I can use it well to learn and grow, but I have to be too “honest” about what I am trying to sell.   I am not a good trickster or promiser and since I am working on selling “change” and releasing “fear”, I have chosen a very difficult market to reach.  I also do not have enough WANTS.   I have to teach my classes at University for a couple of years before I have a waiting list; folks think they know how to think and think ethically because they are not being arrested and the noise in their brains is running all the time.


“…being committed to finding a meaningful purpose in life, the belief that one can influence one’s surroundings and the outcome of events, and the belief that one can learn and grow from both positive and negative life experiences.”
“The folks with the most ‘no s’ made the most money.”
“ …this acceptance of rejection and failure as essential to building the muscle necessary for eventual success.”

The stories are about real people and how they succeeded at selling whether it was at street fairs, door to door, on a showroom floor, through big industries such as IBM, and Boeing right through to how to do Internet sales.   It takes a salesman or a saleswoman to close the deal that the marketing folks have set the stage for – you can only close if you meet the NEED of the other.

Martin Shanker asked the author during his interview this question: “What do you most want for your children? The answer, he told me [Broughton] after I fumbled to find my own, was this: the ability to meet their own needs.” “We want our children not merely to be self-sufficient, but to be able to meet the needs any human has in order to live a fulfilling life.”

Selling is about understanding and using your own needs and emotions to find fulfillment.

This book is very valuable information sharing.   Selling inspires thinking skills and faith, when one stops being told what to believe (formulas) and what to say and can truly think and act .   The Art Of The Sale  is what we will need when we give up playing games and being entertained, it is about the art of living life.

tlclogoI am grateful for TLC online book tours and The Penguin Press for sharing this book with me – It was eye opening and full of great information.

If you order anything from Amazon (including Kindle) or Powell’s or from this site, I will receive a few beans in my bucket.

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16 Responses to “The Art Of The Sale: Learning From the Masters About the Business of Life ~Philip Delves Broughton”

  1. Betsy Wuebker Says:

    Hi Patricia – I am glad to see you noodling over the content in this book. Broughton is right to say our interaction is all really transactional – we just have to assign more abstract thinking to the concept of currency, because there truly is currency involved: good will, affirmation and validation, social guidance through approval or disapproval, etc.

    And your daughter is right. The very first thing you learn in sales is to ask for the order and then SHUT UP! (I can still hear my trainer screaming it, LOL). Back in the day they would say the first person to speak is the “loser,” don’t let it be you as the salesperson. Easier said than done! I bet you would enjoy watching Alec Baldwin’s “Coffee is for closers” monologue in Glengarry Glen Ross even more now. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KUqo5tPZjrM
    Betsy Wuebker recently posted..Progress Report: Q1 2012My Profile

    patricia Reply:

    Nice to find you comments here. I so enjoyed this book and how easy and clear it was to read. I truly have not a salesperson bone in my body – my child thought I should have been a MONK!
    a singing monk maybe !!!

    I just understood so much of what he was sharing and the valuable life lessons truly resonated. I can see why my friends at Harvard admired his work.

    My next review is about food and an anti aging book…I am hoping I can put some of the new knowledge to work promoting that book :)

  2. Betsy Wuebker Says:

    Language warning on the above youtube link, btw.
    Betsy Wuebker recently posted..Progress Report: Q1 2012My Profile

    patricia Reply:

    Thanks for the warning!

  3. Sara Says:

    Patricia — Thank you for sharing this book with us. I know a perfect person for this book. He’s heading into politics and I think a major part of politics is knowing how to sell something or yourself (in a good way).

    I tend to be like you — I have a hard time shutting up and I try a bit too hard. When I studying to be a coach, we had to practice what’s called the “elevator speech,” meaning you had to sell yourself as a coach in the time an elevator moved up one floor.

    I wasn’t very good, unless the elevator was one of those very old fashioned kinds that moves about the pace of a snail.

    Again, I appreciate this review and will look for the book. Hey, maybe I’ll give a try now that I have a Kindle:~)
    Sara recently posted..Picture Story: What is it?My Profile

    patricia Reply:

    Hi Sara,
    I was worried about reading this book, but it was such lovely story telling and idea sharing – I just could not put it down.
    I do think everyone needs to read this book because it is such a good look a life lessons too.

    Yes, he mentions a lot about churches and belief systems and politics Powerful stuff. Of course we all read things within our own framework and beliefs.

    Yay you have a KINDLE! My eyes so love my kindle…

    I get stuck at the connecting to people part and totally leave the sale by the side of the road. I just love to learn about new people

  4. suzen Says:

    Hi Patricia,
    Interesting! I hear you about the talking………geez, my enthusiasm gets a bit out of control sometimes! :) I’m finding giving my clients LESS talk is actually giving them more – like the space they need to digest what they are learning and time to think about questions.

    But marketing? Groan. My dentist (of all people, huh?) put me on to Dan Kennedy’s books on No B.S. Marketing. I’ve read two so far and they have helped me create some new ads and also gave me a few ideas for my new brochure.

    I used to think there is a world of difference between selling a service or selling a product which I’m now having to re-think a bit. Then I get all thinky about well you cannot make people WANT to get healthier, have more energy, lose weight etc. unless they want to. Yeah, marketing – groan.
    suzen recently posted..What do your CRAVINGS mean?My Profile

    patricia Reply:

    I do highly recommend this book – and I know a great deal about the over enthusiasm part too

    Marketing is what they teach in colleges but the marketers still need the sales people to do the work – the daily steps.

    Two blogging coaches have both told me I need to hire someone because I am so poor at it.

    There is an other person (maybe Kennedy?) who my acupuncturist and Betsy(above) have both mentioned…

    In my counseling business I had no problem getting referrals from the State, Doctors, teachers, lawyers….I had to say NO because I was so good at what I do…Now I have to go back to school and get a whole new degree because they are not “grandfathering” me into the new rules….I am resisting starting over again because of the cost…. I spent $48k for 4 years getting these 2 Masters and have kept up my credentials and credits…so frustrating.

    This book was a big, big overview of selling and how it relates to living a good life.

    Oh those brochures….I am working on new business cards…I apparently am easy to forget too :)

  5. Carol Says:

    Such a big relief. thanks for this post I learn the strategies in sales and business life and other things that I have to learn in business world.

    patricia Reply:

    Welcome and thank you for your comment. It is quite a book and a wonder full read

  6. Heather J. @ TLC Book Tours Says:

    Don’t you just love it when what you expect to be a challenging read turns out to be a real page turner?! I’m glad this was that kind of book for you!

    Thanks for being a part of the tour.

    patricia Reply:

    Heather – that is the truth, I just love it when books are a delight and keep on giving and giving… I did so enjoy this book

    You are welcome, I am happy to be part of the tour.

  7. Sam Juliano Says:

    The book offers up some strategies, and it’s up to the readers to put the suggestions into play. I have not always been practical-minded enough, nor to I generally stand by suggestions, preferring always to look at some things in an abstract way. It appears this book is seen as making a big difference.
    Sam Juliano recently posted..1934 – Best Picture, Director, Short, Actor, Actress, S.Actor, S.Actress, Score – RESULTSMy Profile

    patricia Reply:

    I think you would enjoy this book very much and I do think this book made a difference for me. It was a good look at life skills

    The author also sent me a very nice note of thanks and I respected his words there too. I think it would be a good book for High School students to read also as they venture forth

    Always good to hear from you

  8. Jannie Funster Says:

    Oh darn, my last comment munched.

    Please forgove my abbrieviation this time ’round

    L. Ron Hubbard — this reminds me of some of his principles on promoting ourselves.

    Jannie Funster recently posted..One Night At The Carnival Not Too Long AgoMy Profile

    patricia Reply:

    I do not think L.Ron Hubbard was specifically included in this book Jannie, but several others like him are mentioned. I liked all the life lessons tied up in the salesman’s approach and close what skill and what persistance and how that relates to daily life is fascinating