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Women Wars?

I do not think there is a war on women’s health in the United States of America.  Frankly, the politicians do not care about women’s health and as a group they do not truly care about the citizens one way or the other. The largest public display of caring is for money and for actions that indicate one has it.

Oh there are numerous people fighting on the front lines to make sure there are parades for returning soldiers and displays about getting jobs, so I would say there is a caring element in every segment of our society.  If I open my eyes wide, I have no trouble finding dedicated individuals who are working to make this world or a community a better place to live.  Education is the key.

For the noisiest segment of our society currently money and lots of it is doing most of the talking.  We are appalled when someone steps over the line like the CEO of BP over the oil leak in the gulf and Limbaugh in his disgusting bullying.  Still those folks are making lots of money, even if they must disappear for a time.

So I turned on my curiosity switches and started studying and I have been at this endeavor for over a month now focused on what is being covered up by the public noise against issues of health care.

I thought I would find information such as the following:

  • –    The Massachusetts Health Care Plan is 5 years old
  • –    98% of the residents are insured now   99.8% of the children are insured
  • –    Only 94% of the children were covered 5 years ago
  • –    70% of adults had health insurance before the mandates 97% currently
  • –    There was a 1% increase in the State’s budget the first year, now it is leveled out
  • –    88% of the insurance premium payments are now actually spent on health care
  • –    88% of the Doctors are recording an improvement in quality of care
  • –    The Emergency Rooms of hospitals are not overwhelmed with patients coming there rather than to their physicians – there is a consistent level of patients.
  • –     After 5 years 2 out of 3 adults truly like their health care program and would not want to give it up.

In a very recent Huffington Post Poll of 696 people who had to purchase the mandatory insurance in Massachusetts 84% were satisfied with their coverage.
31% had to try several times to find a doctor to take their insurance and 23% had been turned down by Doctors not taking new patients.

The people who do not like the Massachusetts Health Care Plan are the Insurance providers, and the rhetorical pundits; the ignorant.  Why is the candidate who backed this program denying it now?  He does not even care about people without money.

So how does women’s health care come into this equation and the money trail?  It is women who are driving the need for health care in this country.  Quality health care, good clean food, and strong public education builds a healthy society.  It is what women want for their children and families and ultimately for themselves.

Right now in this point and time so many folks are spending huge amounts of time being entertained by the media and the Internet.  Our children get about 7.5 hours of screen time a day.  People are watching games but not outside growing their food or throwing around a ball.
There are lots of voices on the media and Internet reminding us of this, but they tend to be quieter voices – logical, teaching, and calm – not so dramatic and definitely not as fear inducing.

– WOMEN.  A mind boggling amount of money is being spent to distract women right now, and one political group is seeing an opportunity to gain control and take “moral” stances. How wonderful was the 16th century for women?

The insurance industry is now posting what they have distributed and to whom in the public arena – but that is only the surface, much of the funding is hidden in deep pathways.

Oh but Patricia!  Really I already know these things!

But this is really not the discovery that I made that truly amazed me.  What truly amazed me is that the voters are in burn out.  That’s right they are suffering from a PTSD style of over fear, over negative, over stimulated, over- taken financially until they are NUMB with fear; they are ill from avoidance.  The voters have been lied to and marketed to the extreme that they are NUMB and that is just where the money wants to be.  And that is exactly where the trend makers want the voters to be.

Women are always on the front line of recovery and healing – doing the work.  We need to start again – now.

The truly amazing thing is that in my first book review THE SHOCK DOCTRINE, I was at the same place I am now.   If 1 million plastic shopping bags leave USA grocery stores every hour of every day and the word has been out about the plastic bag island in the ocean, and places are charging for bags and the education is there, why do women just chuckle and say, “Oh I always forget my bags.”   I am no longer amused.

I hope you will share this post many times.  I cannot even begin to tell you all the incredible things I discovered in my research, and I am going to put on my work boots and get back into my community and work at educating and relieving fear to the best of my ability.

How do you counter balance fear?

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11 Responses to “Women Wars?”

  1. Sara Says:

    How do you counter-balance fear?

    First of all, I avoid listening to the political pundits. I don’t find much “information” on TV helpful. I do read and follow people I think are fair and balanced in their discussions about health and other issues. I also use my common-sense and trust my judgment about people.

    I agree with you about the power of women to make lasting changes. I think women have a responsibility to make sure they speak up in ways appropriate for who they are.

    In other words, some may run for office, some may write posts about subjects dear to their hearts (like you!) while other may share themselves in helping ways, whether it through hands-on activities, donations or using the power of their vote.

    Action, whatever way you do it, seems to me to a good way to counter-balance fear.

    Interesting post, Patricia. Thanks for sharing it:~)
    Sara recently posted..Gossip!My Profile

    Patricia Reply:

    Hi Sara,
    Thank you for stopping by and your words are always a good part of the post.

    I do not watch TV or listen to pundits…but I do look at the list of what is coming up for debate in Congress and in our local legislature. What I am not seeing in the news I do check out or via campus ministry newsletters is much action on the part of younger women –
    I do see a tremendous amount of action on the part of the super wealth and I understand Empire Building – I think this has the potential for a cultural and societal breakdown and it has been planned for and executed with amazing skill –

    I think it is interesting that the uprising in Egypt came out of a group of students who were taking a class in how to be social activists and change the world at American University Classes in Cairo….

    After my last month’s investigations and research… I think American kids are fairly boring and easy to manipulate…
    ” We thought we were giving up paper with the advent of all this technology, instead we find we have given up thinking”
    Quote from a previous book review.

  2. Talon Says:

    I truly can’t blame people for being burned out politically speaking. And definitely we’re bombarded with information 24/7 and while the vast majority of it is nonsensical and truly not that important, I think the burned-out want a time-out and grasp at anything that distracts from the bigger picture. The art of distraction has never been better engineered to a public who is ready for anything save the truth.

    I find fear is best dealt with head on.
    Talon recently posted..At Last!My Profile

    Patricia Reply:

    I think maybe all the fear that is floating around ( and I absorb) maybe why I am not losing weight, I feel like I need to protect myself these days with a full suit of armor.

    I usually confront fear head on and having a degree in ethics and adult education means I try to help others… It is just so overwhelming and I am just one voice

  3. Laurie Buchanan Says:

    Excellent informational post — I just tweeted it! Here’s what I do with fear: http://holessence.wordpress.com/2011/10/20/what-do-you-do-with-fear/
    Laurie Buchanan recently posted..Fly Me to the MoonMy Profile

    Patricia Reply:

    Thank you for the tweet and the link…will check it out

    I think group fear is playing out in our society in these murderous explosions – I am sure I heard all of my life: know the truth and the truth will set one free?

  4. suzen Says:

    “We thought we were giving up paper with the advent of all this technology, instead we find we have given up thinking”
    Wow, Patricia – no kidding!!!

    I wonder about women too, not stepping up and DOING what they know darn well they should do – perfect example is the silly reasons that they DON’T bring the bags to the grocery store. Great example. It’s all the little things women can do to make a difference. What the heck is it anyway? Apathy? Laziness? I cringe at the excuses. Bottled water sales STILL climb???

    As far as women’s health care, marching with pink ribbons is a joke. It gives women “something to do” I guess. I am not a believer in walking for a cure. Get off your ass and look at what is being done in the alternative medicine fields and start demanding that this stuff becomes mainstream, because, ladies, there ARE cures out there!

    As a side note, I read something years ago that the initial studies done in gerontology were on men only. The word means Old Man or something in Greek. This isn’t all that surprising since women haven’t been considered in much of anything historically. Geriatrics of recent decades now includes women. So the patriarchy has been in control for a LONG time and we need to start being proactive in Action not whining. Some independent thinking – any thinking that involves taking action is needed now. This is supposed to be the year (or “time”) of transparency, of seeing things as they truly are, cleaning up the lies etc etc. but so many people just don’t want to see it, or have anything change.

    Have you ever read Raine Eisler’s Chalice and the Blade? I taught a Women’s Issues class with that book as the backbone back in the day. Got me frothing, haha!

    Thought provoking post.
    suzen recently posted..Greens : Detoxing and Immune BoostingMy Profile

    Patricia Reply:

    Thanks Suzen,
    I am rather reeling in my disappointment of women not getting active and so many excuses, excuses and little giggles – Thank you for you good words.

    Did you know breast cancer was not even studied in women until the Clinton Administration – Just private folks worked like naturopaths and local doctors on figuring out what to do for women. They gave male prisoners breast cancer in hopes of figuring it out…

    I have not read the Chalice and the Blade – I will add it to my list

    53% of the registered voters are women…if every college student voted in this election cycle they could toss out the crazy folks and get us back on track.

    I am trying to encourage a local elementary school to take back their school and the female parents just whined at me that they were working so they could afford private school…and were hoping for a vouchers program…

    Response Ability keeps coming to mind….

    Oh I think you and I would have a find time if we ever got together – same page and lots of energy for change

    susan Reply:

    Really 53% of voters are women??? What the heck? Perhaps too many take political advice from their husbands or their churches – both patriarchal views, linear, inflexible and “don’t confuse me with the facts” kind of thinking. Lovely.

    Yeah, the two of us could be a force alright! :) Maybe we should start an internet club of women who want their power back and aren’t afraid to DO what it takes. Let me know what you think of that book. It is NOT a light read. I’ve loaned it to at least a half doz friends who all gave it back and said they couldn’t get thru it. To me it is a classic!
    susan recently posted..Coconut Oil – The MUST have – Multi-use Health in a Jar!My Profile

    Patricia Reply:

    I am 8 books behind right now…and one is a cook book! I have this book on my personal reading list…I tackle them all!

    I was heartened to see that nearly 10,000 women in our state came out yesterday to just let the Supreme Court know that they were watching the Affordable Health Care act process very closely…about 2,000 folks came to say “strike it down” No screaming or yelling – just T shirts and information to share….Even in the rain they sat in various courthouses around the state waiting to hear what was decided…I was happy to see so many come forward…though most of us were our age
    Patricia recently posted..The Dressmaker of Khair Khana ~Gayle Tzemach LemmonMy Profile

  5. Ruben Says:

    Good post! I’ll definitely be pinning this on pinterest!