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If Wishes Were Horses


I just want to say a few things today – keep it simple.  My life is too complex right now and I am preparing my income taxes, which are very difficult for me to do; I must do them right.

Last night I had a dream that reoccurred numerous times.  I was meticulously folding colored paper into a mask of a horse face.  The dream was full of my hands working and the stunning beauty that the paper was taking on in forming the different sections of the face.  The horse was a reddish brown color with a very dark brown, almost black, mane and there was a small white oval shape between the eyes and the darkening section of the mussel.

I was amazed at how the curve of the nostrils blended well as I tried and then discovered how to fold the paper to get the visual results I wanted.

My mask was deemed a masterpiece and found to be a highly prized sculpture – original and yet soft.

IT Girl and one of my friends are both exquisite at paper folding art.  My neighbor did a whole manger scene for her church one Christmas that just took your breath away.  IT Girl uses more color, but can make the paper perform in creative ways.   Library Girl can also do some interesting things with paper, and we are all surprised by her gift wrapping creations.

I have thought of this dream all day and decided it was important that I remembered it so vividly.  I think this is because I am quitting a medication that has ceased working for me and it is taking time to leave my system.  Then I thought I should look up the symbolism of a horse in my book:

“A horse symbolizes strength, power, endurance, majesty, and virility.  Riding a horse suggests one is in a powerful position.”

I started to think about horses in terms of how I am going to set goals for this next third of my life.  Since my original bucket list is either completed or cast off right now I seem to be in a space of opportunity to create – something of strength, power, endurance, and majesty – alive.   But what should I choose to do?

I vacuumed the whole house on this thought –

As I write this now, I am thinking the paper is simple and my hands are knowledgeable, whatever I decide it will endure majestically…

What do you think I should do and add to my bucket list?
Do you interpret the symbolism and dream in a different way?
Looking forward to your ideas and comments.  Thank you.

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14 Responses to “If Wishes Were Horses”

  1. Yronele Says:

    Hi Pat…I always experience having the same dreams in a row…And I really don’t know what it implies…
    Yronele recently posted..Waterfront Gold SingaporeMy Profile

    Patricia Reply:

    Welcome, My dream study book says when you have a repeating dream you are looking for a conclusion or to finish the work…

  2. Talon Says:

    I always think when it comes to dreams and their meanings, it’s really what it means to the dreamer that’s important. That was a fascinating dream, Patricia. The word that jumped out at me is that you were creating a mask. That’s intriguing, isn’t it?

    I have a friend who does the most amazing origami. Such wonderful creatures he creates. It’s a really beautiful talent, isn’t it?

    Patricia Reply:

    I have a friend who for a number of year folded the origami decorations for the huge tree at the Met. Museum of Art in New York City – she is the one who got my children interested.

    Fascinating art form

    A mask, that did not enter my mind because I have only folded masks before as costumes for parades and plays….Interesting thought

  3. Laurie Buchanan Says:

    Absolutely fascinating!

    Patricia Reply:

    You are kind :) Thank you

  4. Jannie Funster Says:

    Wonderful dream! Maybe the tax papers will unfold in rainbow colors like your horse did. Power in finishing them, your hands holding the key, like poetry on the adding machine.

    I do notice Google used the origami colored papers today and yesterday in their ever-changing homepage logo. Maybe that triggered something in your dream. Actually, just looked… and Google is on to the St. Pat’s theme now.

    The last 1/3rd of your life? Um… sit in nature a lot. Spend as much time as possible with IT and Library Girls. Keep trying out fabulous new recipes. Visit Jannie at least once so you can do her dishes. :) Write some melodies on piano and have a young poet put lyrics to them, or put lyrics to them yourself. Take up aqua-cize. Have your blog linked in 500 sites. I see Barbara Swafford is now in like, 1500. You could see which ones she’s linked in and endeavor to get linked in the same.

    So, there’re my thoughts tonite!

    Jannie Funster recently posted..The Return Of My Coffee RoosterMy Profile

    patricia Reply:

    So wonder full to find you here today…the spring day is unfolding with sunshine, wind, hail, snow, rain and repeat!

    I just finished my Sunday cooking – well the pork chops for my husband are in the oven for another 2 hours…dishes done and I have not got a post for tomorrow… I do not seem to know how to get linked? or where to read that info.?

    I signed my taxes too and wrote the check….my 4 businesses lost our family $7k this year…I think I have to start job hunting again. :)

    Still working on this dream

  5. susan Says:

    Hi Patricia,
    I love dreams and love my dream book too (I use Mary Summer Rain’s) so I’ll give you what this book says and you can knit it all together or do whatever.
    Horse: emphasizes a “wild” nature
    Mask: connotes hypocrisy; may reveal one’s true character that is kept hidden
    Origami: symbolizes a tendency to “reconfigure” events; a warning against altering facts or rearranging them to suit self.
    susan recently posted..Obesity – How About Some Nutritional Truth?My Profile

    patricia Reply:

    Thank you for adding more to the symbolism. I added that info to my journal notes for this weekend.

    Ah me…just keep working at it…Your posts have been sensational lately…you are on a roll Thank you

  6. Hiten Says:

    Hi Patricia,

    I thought I’d check out your blog and say “hi!”

    I loved how you used what you dreamt as a source of inspiration to take action.

    I’m thorougly excited about where this new journey on the horse is going to take you.

    Have you had any ideas for what you will do?
    Hiten recently posted..Guest posting at Meant to be HappyMy Profile

    patricia Reply:

    Hi Hiten and welcome
    Thank you for dropping by and making a comment…
    Yep I write about change and this dream is all about the changes I am going through right now…

    Since it is not actually a horse…I am wondering today if I am supposed to unmask the strong woman and just go real?

    Though I think I am fairly real most of the time… :)

    I do not know what I will do next… except write a post and a newsletter and another post
    Your guest post was terrific – I liked it very much

  7. Sam Juliano Says:

    Income tax time is a horror I know, Patricia. And no matter what you do you are always on edge. I hope you will sort everything out soon enough.

    Not sure if you saw WAR HORSE yet, but that might be a tonic for your recent thoughts, and I dare sayy in an inspiring way! If you haven’t seen the film, I can help. Please drop me an e mail at TheFountain26@aol.com when you get a chance.

    Hope you have a much better week my friend.

    Patricia Reply:

    Yes those taxes are a burden – my business venture lost $7k this year and it just took the wind out of my sails….I just can not seem to master SEO or get enough folks to Wise Ears to pay my way…I keep at it, but think I will need to find another job to pay for my spot on the net.

    I will email you as soon as I am finished writing for today…Thank you for your comment
    I have seen War Horse and I got my husband to go with me to watch and he liked it too. The horse came through and so did the boy