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Five Great Reads to Add to Your List

Here are some great reads that I wanted to share with you because I enjoyed them.  None of these books are on easy topics, but they are all valuable story lines and explore the concept of experiencing trauma and discovering recovery.

1. The Girl Who Fell From The Sky  by Heidi W. Durrow  Based on the author’s own  adapting to prejudice towards being a biracial individual as she relocated  to the United States.  The author premised the book around an incident she read in the newspaper soon after she arrived in the USA.  A gentle story of a young girl figuring out who to be after the death of her mother. Appropriate for young adult readers.

2. ROOM  by Emma Donoghue  This story is told by a five year old boy about how he experiences his life and his mother’s role in keeping him healthy and strong in the worst of circumstances.  I thought I did not want to read this story, but then Delia of RealDelia described it as a WOW and the next thing I knew I was hooked.  Very well written book – I would not recommend this book to  children – it is adult reading.

3. Imperfect Birds   by Anne Lamott    I read everything Lamott writes and I use her How to Write Book as my writing guide – Bird by Bird .   This story does not disappoint and it was hard to put down and go do something else.   This is a contemporary story about how dabbling in drugs helps to mask a teen’s emotions and confusions; those experiences which can enable them to mature and problem-solve. The story is told both by the mother and the daughter as they push against each other and sort out how best to encourage their growth.  Lamott’s ability to create the web of lies involved in covering up is just wonderful, and I wish I had read this story when I had an omitting teenager in my daily life.  The cues and words are all right there as a parental guide book for those with “good, smart kids.”

4. Apologia to My Second Child (Psychology Today article)  by John Hodgman – you know the PC guy on all those funny ads and often a commenter on The Daily Show .   This is an essay from Psychology Today, that made me laugh and brought me to tears as he shares with his yet to be born male offspring.  It is pure pleasure to read – just a joy to discover.

5. Mountains Beyond Mountains by Tracy Kidder This is the story of Dr. Paul Farmer’s  quest to cure the world; focused on the cure for Tuberculosis (TB) and particularly antibiotic resistant TB.

I could not put this book down.  I was so impressed with this fellow’s work and efforts that I just sat down and almost did not move until I had read cover to cover.

Not only do I honor this man for the work he does and the change he is bring to our global community, but I wish to encourage you to read this story and figure out a way that you can connect with his efforts or share his story with others.

Whereas I do not think my actions will take me to South America  any time soon, I am so grateful for the work that he is pursuing  I wanted to give this story a Shout Out right here and now.

What books are you most grateful for having read?  What books have inspired you? Here’s a spot to shout out your favorite good reads…..look forward to your suggestions.

Feel free to share this list by using the share buttons.

I did not receive any copies of these books and was not asked or paid to review them. If you order these books and purchase new books from Amazon or Powell’s, I will receive a few beans in my bucket.

What are you reading these days?   Have you discovered any of these books already?  What did you think?    Let me know your thought about Hodgman’s essay – please.

I would like to just add that I do not review, recommend, or write about books that I do not like or did not find some level of enjoyment – I have made 2 exceptions.

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16 Responses to “Five Great Reads to Add to Your List”

  1. Hilary Says:

    Hi Patricia .. great list of books – I’d love to read Anne Lammott – one day I will .. and the Room one sounds very interesting .. both I know I’ll be reminded about.

    I’m amazed how the mind remembers things .. I’d noted JD’s recent post on Ikigai .. hadn’t read it properly … the word stood out – then I’m sure I heard it on the BBC .. my mind was in recognition mode, but the rest of it was in sleep mode! So I can’t remember when and where I heard it …

    Have a good week – cheers Hilary

    Patricia Reply:

    I am trying to do a book review a week in 2012 and I think I will redo one of my categories/file folders into a book review list. I love to read and the links to the books stores are making me enough money to pay for my blog and hopefully the internet server this year.

    So many books so little time 😀

    I loved JD’s post on Ikigai – that was just great

  2. Talon Says:

    I loved that essay, Patricia. What a neat list of books. Currently I’m writing and when I’m writing I don’t read much, but I have a stack of fun reads ready for the warm weather. I’m looking forward to reading the latest Maeve Binchy (one of my favorite authors) and I’m just about finished the latest Jilly Cooper (pure fun) and am looking forward to reading Bill Bryson’s “At Home” which my son is just finishing. My friend just insisted that I read “The Poisonwood Bible” because she wants to discuss it with me. I’m pretty sure (if my memory serves me well) that you have reviewed that book before. There are others – some photography books, some gardening books – that I dip into when I have time. Books are always nearby :)
    Talon recently posted..BurthenMy Profile

    Patricia Reply:

    Oh you added some more books to the list…Yeah!!

    I knew you were a reader too, but more disciplined than I about writing – I love to read what you have written

    I did a whole piece on Barbara Kingslover that is the Poisonwood Bible reference. I have read that book several times.

    ..always, always near by

  3. Galen Pearl Says:

    Always happy to get some ideas for good books. Thanks!

    Patricia Reply:

    I have reviewed so many books but the format under the file header at the top rarely gets any notice..

    I am thinking about creating a new page that is not so hard to access and will highlight the books better.

    I love reviewing the books from the publishers because then I read books that are different than the ones I choose myself. Book group is good for coming up with different reads – I just have to get those from the library or purchase them!

    I love to read you blog

  4. Laurie Buchanan Says:

    Such a great line-up! “The Girl Who Fell From the Sky” is the one that’s jumping off the screen at me.

    Patricia Reply:

    It is a first novel and a good read – I think the author will just get better and better – it is based on a true newspaper story. My book group really got into an interesting discussion of “immigration” and “racism”

  5. suzen Says:

    Hi Patricia,
    I read about one fiction book a year, truth be told. Seems I had decades of fiction, followed by a good decade (at least) of spiritual/self-improvement stuff, and now this decade is food, health and truth. Aside from the “school” books and research, I’ve read John Perkins books. If you ever want to know why most of the world hates the U.S. it’s all there – I know, it’s not for everyone.
    Great reviews though – as usual :)
    suzen recently posted..Greens : Detoxing and Immune BoostingMy Profile

    Patricia Reply:

    I just read everything – I spent my childhood going to the library for 5 books a week and then reading our set of encyclopedia..

    My parents were immigrants to the USA…but I have not read John Perkins, but I was well steeped in the fact that my parents became citizens of the USA and the extended family thought that not a very good idea – but my father was determined to create a great education system and I could not accomplish that without the separation of church and state.

  6. Jannie Funster Says:

    All sound good, Patricia. I had heard of the first one, people love it.

    Not reading any gooks these days. Too many poems to go flitting over in the blogosphere. :)

    What books changed me were the B.I.B.L.E. and much of the Curious George series, both making me a much better person, more tolerant and loving.

    Jannie Funster recently posted..and while we’re on the subject of hammocksMy Profile

    Patricia Reply:

    I love the Curious George books or gooks! There was a time when I did not spend time reading…now I try to spend as much time as possible. Oh those other distractions such as washing dishes and walking!

    You make me laugh
    Patricia recently posted..Five Great Reads to Add to Your ListMy Profile

  7. Jannie Funster Says:

    gooks LOL. meant of course books, but not reading any by any gooks either. :)

    Patricia Reply:

    gooks LOL or UNITE!

  8. Brittany Says:

    Those sound like some pretty thought provoking books! I’m sure they’ve changed your perspectives on some things or have brought you some new insights. I enjoy reading books like those.
    Brittany recently posted..The Art of FriendshipMy Profile

    patricia Reply:

    My favorite thing to do is to read….so it is nice to have a blog to share on
    ROOM is very scary stuff –

    I do not post about books that I do not like even if I receive a free copy – my rule. I read about 3 books a week. 2 non-fiction to 1 fiction….I do not get asked to review many fiction books, so I thought I would share some books that I just read on my own

    :) Thanks for coming on by