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Bullying has been on my mind a lot lately, so I have been involved with a number of Internet searches on the subject.   I found that KUOW the radio station was going to run an hour long program done by Teens on being Bullied.   It was an outstanding hour spent listening and taking notes.

So who are these bullies?

Nearly everyone has experienced a time of being bullied or has been a bully over an idea.  Yep, just about everyone has experienced both sides.   Sometimes we bully when we do not mean to but rather an emotion runs away with us.  Most teen bullies do not know any better, and usually the bullying begins at home and it is a way that their family interacts.

Bullying is an enculturation error by society.   It is sometimes promoted in a society, such as on sitcoms and in teasing and by looking at the flow of money.

Bullies usually are feeling how they want to make you feel:
–    Insecure
–    Bullied themselves
–    Transferring own emotions onto the victim
–    Learned behavior from Media, School and HOME
–    Sign of fear
–    Self hatred
–    Wanting to feel powerful

The teens are trying to help other teens understand and I am proud to say that a number of suicide attempts by victims have been thwarted because teens are taking the lead – especially on social media sites monitoring and setting up interference with the  interaction.   TEENS are saying,  “That is not an appropriate thing to say/to do  to someone else.”   They are teaching the words that need to happen and they are not just standing around.   They are Naming the Problem and tracking it down quickly.

Parents think teens just have to endure this and toughen up.  If they really want to accomplish those things, they need to find another teen that is willing to stand up face to face and stop the barrage at the moment it is happening; they need to fund the classes on EMPATHY that the students need.

The ROLE OF THE BYSTANDER is the most crucial role in stopping this behavior.

The program on bullying was excellent and I learned a great deal.   The reason that I was researching bullying was that I am a bystander watching the Bullies make such huge amounts of money and be rewarded for their inappropriate behavior and language.    In 2008, I recommended that as bystanders we take on the Banking Institutions by Move your Money .  The BIG BANKS have become the Devil to so many individuals and are being left unchecked: large numbers of people are suffering and being victimized.

Whole Denominations are asking their membership to MOVE their MONEY now because of the banks human rights violations, illegal use of funds and investments, and Bullying behavior over housing issues.

This bystander repeats again MOVE YOUR MONEY and here are the three biggest bullies in this country  BANK OF AMERICA, CHASE, and WELLS FARGO.   I am sure you can name a few more.  You are feeding the problem by leaving your money there.

Just say NO to the Party of NO, be like Senator OLYMPIA SNOW and tell it like it is.  We elect “you” to office, not to take money from all the PACs and lobbies, we elect you to represent us the people and to be a voice for us and get the work done that we pay you for.   YOU are bullies and your behavior is inappropriate and noisy and it is creating victims and suffering that you do not care about. “ You” are the ones who are insecure and hurting and your media representatives have become a Bullying pulpit.

But what are we teaching our young, our communities when a Bully like Rush Limbaugh is rewarded daily for being a bully on the air.  He is rewarded with Millions of dollars of advertizing and a huge audience.   He is an aggressive cyber bully.

Stop listening to these media bullies and purchasing products from their advertisers, be a great bystander.

Teens are telling their peers and friends that he is just that, because the adults in our society are getting their jollies off imitation.  If children are not taught appropriate behavior by their parents then the teens are stepping in and saying, “We do not want this Bullying Kind of Society.”

The bystander should not be whipping folks into a frenzy by bullying.   I think the correction on Facebook and Twitter needs to be “If you cannot say anything encouraging or supportive, then do not say anything at all”   We can all find ways to run down another person and attack them – that is the way of the ignorant and the unaware – it is the way of the bully.  CYBER BULLING is Rampant.

Have you had to name language as being “bullying”?  Could you follow the example of the teens who are boldly letting others know that the bullying is inappropriate behavior and language?  They are teaching empathy?  Do you?

Please use the share button with this post, I would like to share my thoughts loudly and appropriately and I could use your assistance.  Thank you

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