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Just put on a little lipstick

When I was growing up Mothers all over would say, “Put on a Little Lipstick, you will look better.” I found out that most of my 50 year old friends heard that phrase too.   In the 60s many of us rebelled against wearing makeup and stockings and all that awful underwear and by the 70s pants were in and long skirts and pheasant blouses.  For many of us, there was no makeup and no underwear at all!

That revolution lead us to give up a great many things and ideas; it was about throwing out the old and moving on to the new and we were in a great hurry.   In the new millennium, we were back to the short skirts and lots and lots of makeup – massive hairdos and free love had turned into sex, sex, sex to sell for everything.      Those rebellious folks started decorating their skin because they were hardly wearing any clothing at all – that was how to say, “See me”.

One of the very best ideas to come out of the 60s and 70s was the dropping of some of the standards that women should not talk about their health or their bodies.  New forms of birth control came on the horizon and women gained many freedoms.   It was not until President Clinton came to office in the USA that women’s health was studied for understanding and healing of breast cancer.  Huge gains were made in the treatment and health of women and women started staying in school and dreaming bigger and bigger dreams.

For the past year I have been very concerned about all the rhetoric about women’s health and rights. The ploys have been huge and heated.  I do not want my daughters denied health care and all the tools that they need to succeed.   I do not want their choices to be turned from rights to privileges’ of the rich. I do not want some religious/conservative group to dictate or control the choices that my daughters will need to be making.  And, I certainly do not want my children facing legislation which takes away their rights  and choices because some politician is stirring the pot so he can get richer and keep the Us vs Them going strong and furiously.

So I have stepped back and evaluated what is going on right now in this election charged atmosphere.

One group of Politicians has figured out a way to stir the pot loudly, so that most people will not be aware of what is happening.     What I see is that two groups of women who are at the polar opposite of each other are being set up in the ring to punch each other and knock the other to the ground.  It appears to be a win/lose battle with no median ground.   When the media picks up this war, it is heightened into a huge ruckus, and those who are centered need to come to the rescue.  Thank goodness we are hearing about what is happening and responding.

What this is doing is educating the young that they need to step up and get involved.  They need to know what they are marching for, paying for, and what rights they are losing.  They need to care.   If the education is done well, the war mongers will lose all around, because with polar opposites rarely either side wins in a confrontation; they have better success with using whittling way techniques and staying out of the spotlight.

What also happens is that educators start to come forward and take a good look at what is being covered up, what is it that the mongers do not wish us to see or know.  A good example of this is that the “insider trading” bill that would make this illegal for members of Congress did not pass last week.  There are so many who are making so much money on Wall Street from this option, they cannot shut off the valve, even though this is illegal for everyone else. How is your Representative or Senator doing in this regard?

I think Mothers all over are still saying, “put on a little lipstick”, and adding do not forget the sunscreen!    My wish is that they are also saying one needs to understand each situation, needs to know how to think ( it is a learned skill not a sound bite), one needs to know their rights, their bodies and how to problem-solve.    Then maybe the true colors will shine through?

What do you think is the true agenda?  What would you add to “lipstick” or would you add that at all?

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16 Responses to “Just put on a little lipstick”

  1. Jasmin D. Coughlin Says:

    I love this post! Me, myself wont go out of the house without putting on little lipstick. It is really a must-haves for girls/ladies/women. Good job!
    Jasmin D. Coughlin recently posted..Unlock iPhone 4My Profile

    patricia Reply:

    Are you using sunscreen too?

  2. suzen Says:

    Hi Patricia! Oh my goodness, I can sure remember the “just put on a little lipstick”. And I can remember burning my bra in a Women’s Liberation celebration in downtown Chicago when I was in my early 20’s. Woo-hoo – Liberation indeed!

    You know when I think about the things you brought up, plus my own memories, it seems like there has ALWAYS been some revolution or another going on, maybe at least one per decade. And it always seems as if women are furiously defending their choices and fighting for their rights. Remember the big wars over women who worked versus those who stayed home to raise their kids. Wow, that was a biggie!

    I don’t know why politicians always seem to find issues that really pit women against women. All this birth control and abortion stuff, egads, can’t we ever get a resolution to all this? We just want the right to choose for ourselves – no damn government rules about what we do with our bodies! And yes, I want my daughter to have the freedom of choice.

    I’m finding my opinion of the political scene today to be most irreverant, to put it politely. So I’ll just put on my lipstick and shut up about it :)

    patricia Reply:

    I am finding that I am feeling that we truly have learned nothing as a society and that all this infighting is just a huge distraction/screen and that most have not figured it out…

    That our Congress people can not even shut off the valve to their illegal privileges reveals also that we have dumbed ourselves down to the based of arena’s

    I am feeling incredibly disappointed

    suzen Reply:

    I hear ya! The corruption all around – like where isn’t there some? – is at a totally insane level and sadly I don’t see it changing without some awful catastrophic means. I figure I can only chose my battles, like labeling (if not destroying!) GMO’s. And trying to help people see what a difference eating real foods can mean for their health. So really, just give Zip a hug and then go put on some lipstick! It’s all ok.
    suzen recently posted..Bacteria Worth Embracing!My Profile

    Patricia Reply:

    Worked on that GMO thing today Suzen…yep we can only do what we can do…and I think women’s health is my biggest commitment :)

  3. Laurie Buchanan Says:

    Patricia –

    My mother used to say, “If you can’t say anything nice Laurie Jean, then don’t say anything at all.”

    So I’m with Suzen on this one, I’m gonna put a little lipstick on keep my mouth shut :)
    Laurie Buchanan recently posted..Short Story/Flash Fiction ChallengeMy Profile

    Patricia Reply:

    My mother used those words a great deal too…and then she added, “if you can not keep your mouth shut, then talk about the weather”

    Good words…
    But not very helpful in the attack on women’s health…!

  4. Jannie Funster Says:

    I have developed a severe allergy to all the sunscreens I just until recently wore with no problem, even the Neutrogena sensitive skin stuff. I think I’ll try the Alba Botanical again. Breaking out in painful rashes on my face and neck. Maybe God’s way of saying, “Enough with the trying to stay young. Let your skin do its own thing.”

    I AM glad we are no longer shy, or even somewhat forbidden from openly talking about our bodies. We’ve come a long way.

    Always great to be back here in Wise Land.

    Hope you are well today!

    Jannie Funster recently posted..11 iPhone Photos With 5 Words About EachMy Profile

    Patricia Reply:

    Jannie so nice to find you here…I have so much problem with sunscreens and moisturizers and shampoo and fragrances, I know just what you are referring us to think about.

    I had so much damage to my hair and scalp it has taken 2 years to take care of that outbreak and it extended right to my eyelids – painful.

    I am well…

    I found if I tried something with Vit C – It was expensive but has lasted me 2 years…Rose Hips Vit. C – I will see if I can track down the product that worked for me…
    hugs to you dear girl

  5. Talon Says:

    One great thing, I think, is that women talk openly about their issues among themselves and I don’t think that will ever change no matter the political scene and the rhetoric of the day.

    I’ve never told my daughter to put on lipstick, but I’ve always told her to remember the sunscreen :)
    Talon recently posted..SeasonedMy Profile

    Patricia Reply:

    I am concerned that women are getting isolated again and not talking with each other…

    One of my children always tells me to wear lipstick, she is a make up lover….I do wear sunscreen lip gloss – sometimes I choose one with a lite tint…

  6. Hilary Says:

    Hi Patricia .. I’m afraid I myself have realised I look considerably better with some paint on – sad but true … especially with the bags of the last few years – perhaps eye bags happen if you hang over hospital beds for too long?!?!

    I try and have one day when I don’t wear any – but know I look terrible if I venture out – occasionally done … and the staff have recoiled in jest (but seriousness too)!

    So I feel better – just hate the palaver of putting it on and taking it off .. cheers for now .. Hilary

    Patricia Reply:

    I am finding a little nap during the day is helping the under eye bags and getting off dairy products…but I have to say, I do use a bit of the make up stuff when I have important things to say…
    I love working from home because I do not have to buy clothing or lots of make up…or use gas…

    Having life come to me makes me feel a bit like a Queen!

    The best make up ever though is eating lots of fruit….5 servings a day…

    Nice to find you here…thank you for your good words. I just love the post you have up and running about Libraries and books – wow

  7. Hilary Says:

    Hi Patricia .. oh yes – I eat my 5 fruits and veggie during the day .. and thankfully Spring is arriving and I can this time around .. try and do some walking and getting a little fitter – those globules of cells in our bodies need shaking around at times!

    Delighted you enjoyed the Library post – it’s on a similar vein tomorrow I hope! with a few twists .. cheers to you – Hilary

    Patricia Reply:

    I hope all my readers will head over to your library post – it is quite something else.
    Yes I really enjoyed it…looking forward to the next installment
    Patricia recently posted..Who’s That Doggie in the Window?My Profile