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Who Is Going To Buy Your House?


One of the interesting parts of the storm was by experiencing a power outage, I had to get out the crank up radio and listen to the local station.  The media was quite busy working together and sharing the stories.

The local State College was expecting a big name Demographer, Dowell Myers, to arrive and give a lecture when the storm hit.   This Social Scientist could not get to the campus so a station in Seattle hosted his lecture, sent it to those of us who were stranded and who had a radio.

Myers wanted to share with people about how the Census and population trends affect Democracy and specifically some interesting questions to consider when voting this year.  It was a fascinating half hour of information sharing.

One question Myers asked,” Who is going to buy your house?”

This is a significant question because the vast majority of homeowners aged 50 and upwards are including their homes in part of their retirement planning and funding.

For 56% of us in the 50 and older age bracket, our homes are going to be purchased by the children of Immigrants living right now.  These children will not be able to purchase our homes unless they have the equivalent educational background that we have when we purchased.

Will there be enough young adults with enough income to purchase our homes, even with diminished property values?  How many are actually getting a college diploma?  How many are dropping out of school at a young age?

If we want to keep our economy strong we need to send lots of funds to our schools, to employ the best teachers, and to figure out how we can be the most helpful and encouraging to the Immigrant population in our state.  We need to educate like we give a DAM (that much volume and power) …. and as though our future depends on it, because it does.

Demography is the study of populations and cultures and they share lots of pertinent information with us.   Many, many local communities are suffering already with a huge dropout rate.   Schools are disenfranchising the immigrant community and also some of our brightest and best.  If we do not keep our public schools in peak shape we are going to be in a very difficult situation.

It was a lot of information to take in, but important information to know and understand.  There are a large number of candidates running this year, who would like to shut down public education and go to a “pay to play” system – or private schools.  Some candidates wish to get rid of teachers unions and the government funding.

Most politicians right now are avoiding all the questions about immigration and who can vote and which groups to support and promote.

The Demographer’s final words were:  “(This) State cannot afford a single high school dropout without it producing serious economic ramifications and devastating financial circumstances for those 50 and above.”

Just thought you might like to know.

So who is going to buy your house?  Will most people not want to get into a house at all?  How will we keep public schools going and make them competitive with private schools?  What do we need to do for immigrants now?

Looking forward to hearing what you think:

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12 Responses to “Who Is Going To Buy Your House?”

  1. Deborah Barker Says:

    “We need to educate like we give a DAM,” now that is a great slogan and one to act on. I like it.
    As for who will buy my house, over here in the UK, I am more concerned about how my children will buy any house. Just one of them has actually managed to do this to date and that before mortgage lending became a rarity. At this rate, we wont be selling our house because the family will be coming back to live in it.
    Being an optimist though, I believe that the economy will mend itself and people will learn not to make the same mistakes again. Education must always be key.
    Deborah Barker recently posted..The Irresistibly Sweet Blog AwardMy Profile

    Patricia Reply:

    Hi Deborah,
    Yes, my daughter’s can not afford a house or to even think about marriage and children. They each too have heavy education debts.

    We have a huge drop out rate in this country…epidemic actually and those immigrant’s children who do stay in school and qualify for higher education are not eligible for lower loan rates or public funding. A huge disincentive.

    Immigration is a very polarizing issue right now between the radically conservative folks and the moderates. Racism is rampant as folks try to hold on to being the class they they they are and who they have power over…

    I think that most of the 50 plus folks have no idea and have not thought it through….
    …and yes several of my children have had to come home and spend some time…so many do not push themselves and as I said the drop out rate in this country is epidemic

  2. Talon Says:

    It certainly is a different economic climate than the one our parents experienced. And I can’t help feeling that we’re going to be very slow in reacting to the changes that have already taken place and ignoring even further the ones that are taking place now. We always seem reluctant to see the reality.

    Here in Canada there are new generations that might never have a home with the cost of living outpacing any form of wage increase. Even those with good education suffer now in diminished job markets.

    Patricia Reply:

    When I heard the lecture, I was overwhelmed by the thoughts that people are not thinking this through at all…we here in the States are just focused on the shouting war about immigration and not in my backyard.

    I know we were counting on the sale of our house for retirement,but now honestly it looks like we need to work until at least 72 and hold onto our house until we are dead….maybe we will need to hold on to our job until we are dead?

    It concerns me that so many people are not even thinking about this…and now with some recovery happening the builders are still building houses that people can not afford and are truly not energy efficient.

    Bigger thinking necessary indeed
    Patricia recently posted..Who Is Going To Buy Your House?My Profile

  3. Laurie Buchanan Says:

    Yowza! Loaded with food for thought — this is definitely a high calorie read.

    Patricia Reply:

    Nourishing food for thought…this Demographer definitely expanded my thinking. I do think many folks are not understanding that they may not have any retirement funds from their homes?

    I thought this was important to share

  4. Sara Says:

    There are so many good points in this post. It saddens me to think we’ve let things get this point. This is how civilizations have crumbled — all top heavy and no strong foundation support.

    The support in an economy is always the young who are growing up. They inherit it and if they can’t support themselves, the economy will weaken.

    I agree with you: “Bigger thinking is necessary indeed.”
    Sara recently posted..Picture Story: Odd Man OutMy Profile

    Patricia Reply:

    Learning about this information gave me more respect for those folks who are using this kind of information to expand out thinking and find solutions, rather than just resort to the old ideas and thinking those will always be try.

    Listening to the State of the Union and the Rebuttal with this information as a filter, information besides health care issues that touch me personally, was extremely eye opening also.

    I could clearly hear that one of those speakers had an excellent overview and the other not a clue

    Yes, this is how civilizations have crumbled.

    It was also interesting to watch the movie IRON LADY with this information mind.
    Patricia recently posted..Who Is Going To Buy Your House?My Profile

  5. suzen Says:

    Hi Patricia!
    Great points! Don’t get me rollin’ too much on education though. I think the whole system (WHAT we are teaching and HOW) needs to go back in time. Having calculators in second grade doesn’t teach kids how to THINK math. What passes today as English class is a joke considering most graduates cannot spell or write a proper sentence. We had games and puzzles to teach our own kids geography – most kids have no clue where other countries are, nor the capitals of our states for Godsake. It’s a pathetic primary education that stumbles into a way less than adequate secondary!

    Teachers today do the best they can with the stupid texts that they are given. Whole system, including the books, needs to be cleaned, burned and started over with basics.

    That’s my two cents – though with inflation, probably a quarter!

    Patricia Reply:

    Thank your for your good quarter spin.


    Education is an important issue in my life and I think a key to solving many problems.

    Education and Religious freedom/choice are the main reasons my parents immigrated to the USA.

    I just wanted to share some more data that I think is not so uppermost in folks minds and needs to get out and about as we in the USA head to the polls…

    It is a small voice amidst a huge noisy banging of pots and lids

  6. Hilary Says:

    Hi Patricia .. certainly people are going to have trouble buying a property and selling one (especially if the house is not in a good area). Life is going to be interesting .. but I agree we need to open our doors to educate people .. but equally everyone has to take responsibility for their own education and ability to cope. There are opportunities as long as people don’t bury their heads til disaster day comes .. I understand it’s difficult – I’m experiencing it .. but I know there’s a way forward.

    Interesting thought provoking post .. Hilary

    Patricia Reply:

    Thank you
    I wanted to do some thought provoking! because this lecture certainly produced a lot of thoughts for me…

    Yes, responsibility is crucial – everyone – but if people do not know something or how to gain information, they can be blindsided even with their best efforts and hard work