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Snow Day

Snow day skiing

Snow day skiing

It is a snow day!  Maybe this is nothing for you to note or write about, but here it is all about enjoying the wonder of the experience.  As a child, it meant usually we had the day off from school, and we did not mind making it up in June, because a snow day was just so rare it was wonder full.

Not until my siblings took skiing lessons up the mountain did we have snowsuits, rather we just layered up and pulled on rain boots, mittens and hats.  When we were so wet and frozen we could not hang out for one more minute, we came inside for warm cups of hot chocolate and often a toasty bath.  If we lost power, then the fireplace was called into service and we played marathon rounds of board games in the flickering light.

The city often set aside streets for sledding, because everyone just stopped and enjoyed the experience.

And then the rain would come warm and wash it away and life would return to regular routines.

I probably had 10 Snow Days during my years in the public school system. (I spent my last two years of schooling in Cleveland, Ohio – no snow days there)  My youngest child celebrates her birthday in February and she had 9 birthdays of snow days during her progress.  One year my children were off from school for 18 days over the course of winter and they had to be made up in June.

One of my children lives in California now, and she is wishing that she was home for this Snow Day.  Yes she loves to cross country ski and build snow folk in the yard, but I think it is also that sense of wonder and just raw joy that comes from deep inside.  That rush to not waste a moment of this experience and feel it soak in right up to the knees.

There is something different this year.  They can tell us that tomorrow will be the worst day of this storm.  There are so many children who go to the mountains skiing every weekend, that snow at home is not so novel an experience.   The city is not blocking off streets for sledding but rather borrowing street cleaning equipment so that there will not be disruption because of the weather.  No snow folks have emerged on my walk.  And I do not hear the sound of children enjoying and calling out, “look at this!  Watch me!”
The school buses are not running, so I am fairly sure that the schools are closed.  We still have power so I think the TV and computer are still available.

The new kind of quiet is actually eerie.  Solemn.  Poignant.

I am curious as to whether or not now “they” will attempt to develop a pill or programming to recreate that inner joy and wonder of a Snow Day?

“Be aware of wonder.
Live a balanced life
–learn some and think some
– and draw and paint and sing and dance
– and play and work every day some.”
Robert Fulgham

ZIP still has the feeling and he comes in a shiny, happy puppy covered in snowballs and barking with glee.

How do you conjure up that feeling from deep inside?  How do you think folks find it today?  Do you think some folks do not know what they are missing?

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19 Responses to “Snow Day”

  1. Davina Haisell Says:

    Oh, Patricia…. do I remember snow days!

    We had many of those when I lived on the farm. At least 3 or 4 times a winter the school bus couldn’t make it up our way and we would miss the morning — sometimes the whole day. When able, Mom would drive us to school as soon as the snowplough had been through.

    I can imagine Zip’s enthusiasm :) What a cute picture.

    I think everyone has something or some way to conjure up that feeling but we can easily get buried in everyday pursuits and forget about it. For me, it’s simple: I go out in nature. There is always a sensory experience that wakes me up to it.
    Davina Haisell recently posted..Rena’s CarnelianMy Profile

    Patricia Reply:

    Yep get out in nature to regroup…a grand idea Davina…but without out an Internet Server for 10 days…Wow is it nice to be back on line :)

    Trying to catch up :)
    Patricia recently posted..Patricia’s Wisdom Will Return Shortly…My Profile

  2. Vered Says:

    Wonderful memories… I enjoyed reading them.
    Vered recently posted..At Some Point, You Just Stop Reading This CrapMy Profile

    Patricia Reply:

    thank you Vered
    Patricia recently posted..Patricia’s Wisdom Will Return Shortly…My Profile

  3. Sara Says:


    I can totally relate to “wonder” and excitement of a snow day, but I only really had one in my lifetime and it over a holiday. Still, it is frozen in my memory.

    Talking about Zip reminded me of that day. We threw snowballs for our dog. She’d jump through the snow and catch them. Of course, they melted in her mouth. She’d turn and look and give us a forlorn look. It was sad, but funny at the same time.

    I appreciate you sharing this snow day. I can only imagine.
    Sara recently posted..Story Photo: The Sea ShellMy Profile

    Patricia Reply:

    They are lovely and cold,wet days too…but after a full week and it still storming…a bit hard to take right now..

    It is nothing like the snow I experienced in Cleveland, Ohio or NY but then we rarely get it so we have no equipment to take care of it either!

    Now the wind and rain…flooding predicted – the other side of the event
    Patricia recently posted..Patricia’s Wisdom Will Return Shortly…My Profile

  4. suzen Says:

    Hi Patricia! It may not be easy to keep that sense of wonder and awe going ALL the time but thankfully we are all given opportunities to re-kindle that. I’ll be happy to sit home “watching” our snowstorm today – it will be easy for me to enjoy it! Can’t say as much for those having to drive home tonite in a foot of snow – it may take them a while to see the beauty. :)
    p.s. Hope the power outs and ice are over for you!
    suzen recently posted..The Quack Attack – Pt. 2 of Cancer SummitMy Profile

    Patricia Reply:

    it is Monday and I have had power for 7 minutes now…trying to catch up and try my wings…before the wind and flooding rains arrive about midnight Susan..WOW and such a spring like start to the season…
    I think the rest of the US is getting winter now too?
    Patricia recently posted..Patricia’s Wisdom Will Return Shortly…My Profile

  5. Laurie Buchanan Says:

    After having an unseasonably mild winter thus far, Old Man Winter decided to visit us today — and what a SNOW day it’s been!

    Patricia Reply:

    I will have to look ypu up on the internet and check out your weather…we still have more of this storm to go…but I have had internet for 13 minutes now…we still have snow but the other half of the wind and rain are due and folks are preparing for the flooding…never a dull moment
    Patricia recently posted..Patricia’s Wisdom Will Return Shortly…My Profile

  6. Loldri Says:

    You are so lucky to get some snow, I feel cheated that we didnt get any here at Christmas and still have not seen any. I associate thick nice clean snow with playing out as a kid, it was amazing. I am still living in hope, I think there is a chance we will get some for a few more weeks.
    Loldri recently posted..Provisional InsuranceMy Profile

    Patricia Reply:

    Welcome Loldri and thank you for your comment. I remember wishing for a white Christmas as a kid, now having experienced just such an event in the midwest and the east of the USA…I like our sunny cold events too…
    We can usually drive to the snow in the mountains in about an hour…down at sea level it just doesn’t happen very much.

    Winter season has really just started here Dec. 21..so I think winter is just starting for us…maybe there is hope for you too?
    and next year a white Christmas?
    Patricia recently posted..Patricia’s Wisdom Will Return Shortly…My Profile

  7. Hilary Says:

    Hi Patricia .. snow wasn’t uncommon and somehow I guess we got to school – then we were away at school for terms at time – we had days out, and half terms … I do remember a few nostalgic ones – the 62/63 one – I found some photos a while back .. of the glistening Christmas lights that year – at home .. simple but beautiful. I remember building an igloo – it lasted 6 months .. it had started snowing on Boxing Day.

    I was sick at the beginning of term and when my parents took me back .. we drove through snowdrifts, with fields piled high with snow atopping the hedges …

    … then I was sick with a virus at the end of term and quarantined … so spent the days in bed playing clock solitaire with playing cards .. I was 15 … and looking at the newspaper – with the pictures of the Thames floodplain just completely flooded … amazing.

    Before I passed my driving test and was learning we drove to Cornwall – 300 miles … it snowed then .. and at the half-term I drove from Oxford to Rutland .. and back down to Surrey through the snow … didn’t like going up Dunstable Hill to the Gliding Club – my mother had to do that bit!!

    Then in South Africa – it snowed in September (early Spring) in Johannesburg .. and the South Africans were bemused by the snow .. as was my dog when I got home – he barked in ‘quelle horreur’ as the crack of the hardened snow loosened and fell of the car in a puff of powdery snow!!

    And actually the white out we had here 2 years ago at Easter time … when after an hour of visiting my Mama – I had 6 inches of snow on the car –

    …. amazing times … when I think how much I can remember – and the winter I was born was grotty too – January baby ..

    Cheers – glad you’re well as too Zip .. Hilary

    Patricia Reply:

    I just plugged into that I did not think that South Africa had snow, but they have penguins!

    Yes we are well, and now with the server back running we are on line today amidst gallons of rain and buckets of wind.

    Our turn again, although winter was late in arriving, it seems to be covering the country.

    I pity the poor confused flora and fauna…
    I drove to the bank today and wow our stunning Capital Blvd. and Capital Campus are a mess of downed trees and branches everywhere….so sad. The crews are not cleaning it up except for hazard, they are out helping the local neighborhoods 40K in our county still do not have power

    I have found I do not wish to walk out in the stuff any more…but looking at it is just lovely.

    We had some fear with this one…and that was another lesson to learn.

    thank you for coming by
    Patricia recently posted..Patricia’s Wisdom Will Return Shortly…My Profile

  8. Talon Says:

    Snow days hold a special place in my heart, Patricia. Thank you for reminding me of the wonder of them. Lately we’ve been having snow hours – it will snow for the day and then switch to rain and then back to snow. We’re having a very bizarre winter so far.

    Patricia Reply:

    It is a bizarre winter and very expensive so far…this storm just keeps on coming and coming and coming

  9. Deborah Barker Says:

    Hi Patricia, I do love the snow – from a distance! We have had a couple of hard winters where boilers have broken and snow has marooned us for a bit. Not so common here in the South of England. This year we have been spared it to date. I love to see the landscape transformed though.

    I have been given The Irresistible Blog Award this week and want to pass it on to you. I do hope you will accept it! The image is on my blog if you would like to use it. I believe you deserve it! :-)
    Deborah Barker recently posted..The Irresistibly Sweet Blog AwardMy Profile

    Patricia Reply:

    Thank you for coming by and your delightful comment

    I would love the award…but will sit still a few more days to see if the power stays on…before I try to do something technical!

    The wind storm last night and this morning took out another 50K homes for power and there were still 22K homes not recovered from the snow storm..Wow

    We are surrounded by Mountains and at sea level and the southern tip of Puget Sound…we are usually in a shadow and that is what makes a snow day special…but this year a bit overwhelming!

    Thank you
    Patricia recently posted..Patricia’s Wisdom Will Return Shortly…My Profile

  10. Gabriellie Says:

    There are a lot of things to do when it is snowing…It is fun especially when you are with your friends or families…
    Gabriellie recently posted..Natural Remedies For TinnitusMy Profile