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Eye of the Storm


42’ F clear skies and sunshine.  We are getting a break in the storm for at least 12 hours and then 40 mph winds and about 3” of rain starting at midnight tonight.  This is just the eye of the storm.

There remains lots of snow and ice on the ground, but this dry spell allows for the garbage pickup, shoveling time, schools to reopen, and storm drains to be cleared.  There is plenty of preparation time for clearing fallen trees and opening the pathways for the coming rain to move on; opportunities to control the presumed and predicted flooding.

We got out the chain saw and took down the broken branches on the plum and crabapple trees.  We hauled our neighbors redwood tree branches off the road way and moved the log sized ones away from our house.  We have shoveled and cleared the drains. The stuck sump pump has been repaired.

We started the new year with spring like weather and so many clear, cold days of sunshine and bulbs poking up, I think people thought there would be no winter.  That those predictions of heavy and wet days were not coming and true winter was about a week long in November, which was a month before the actual start.  Mother Nature had other plans.

I spent 13 hours with no power in the midst of the snow and ice storm, watching and listening to the huge branches of that redwood tree break and fall towards my home.  I could hear the falling limbs in the woods behind my house and it was frightening.  As lovely as the snow falling looked, the driving ice was no bonus and I was concerned for our house and the solar panels – our safety and welfare.

I wrapped myself in blankets, put the pup on my lap and pulled on two sweaters over my long underwear and top.  Long underwear and fleece right down to the 2 pair of socks and knit slippers. Just my nose and fingers felt the chill.  I cranked up the radio and flashlight, and spent hours of my day light reading.  I knew what to do about staying warm and safe, I was unsure about what to do to keep my house also safe.

The eye of the storm is only so long and with the other end just hours away, one hopes that folks know what to do and how to prepare.  I do not think they practice anything but fire drills in schools anymore?

Over the years, I have begun to understand that there are lots of eyes in the storms of living.  Many of these storms can be predicted and prepared for and still the eye is important to allow the unknowns to be cared for and recovered, before the next onslaught.

As the birds play on the wind and feast at the holly trees, this eye is giving me an opportunity to let go of the feelings of intense fear about the neighbor’s tree, it is providing time for me to think about what I want to say to them to create safety, and it is providing a vision of what needs to be done.

I am practicing letting go of fear and increasing my knowledge base and celebrating how thus far we have weathered the storm.  I am counting my blessings which are numerous and collecting other’s stories of how they fared and what work they need to do ahead.  I am filled with gratitude for all the moments of the storm and for our safe journey thus far and I am releasing the fear.

The eye of the storm is filled with sunshine so we can prepare for what is next to come.  Do you celebrate the eye of the storm?  What assists you in letting go of the fear?  Do the storms of living help you to understand and grow?  Do you have a story to share?

The folks at Patricia’s Wisdom invite you to come on over to Wise Ears and subscribe to our occasional newsletter or come by to share your story.  We offer professional listening services and we grow by referral.  Who’s hearing what you have to say?

NOTE:   At the writing of the post, I still do not have an internet server.  Many communications towers are down.   I am sorry I am not able to reply to comments or even moderate some.   I am accomplishing this post by putting it on a flash drive and heading off to a computer with servers working to get it to IT Girl and have it posted.  There is considerable storm damage that is keeping things from being back to normal.

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16 Responses to “Eye of the Storm”

  1. Talon Says:

    I’m glad you’re okay and that you’re getting a little respite before the next hit, Patricia. You’re so right – we do need to be prepared for these types of situations. Mother Nature sure has a way of humbling us, doesn’t she?

    Patricia Reply:

    Thank you for coming by, we have had a whole day of sunshine and the computer working YAY! Life feels a bit better.

    I was thinking too that when we make changes in our life/ sometimes the painful moments are like a storm and when we reach the eye there is some relief so that we can make it through the second half – to encourage our survival.

    I can not tell you how tired I am after the storm here…I am just taking it one step at a time :) being cautious
    Patricia recently posted..Eye of the StormMy Profile

  2. Laurie Buchanan Says:

    Man O Man!

    And then on top of all that you take your blog on a flash drive and go post it from elsewhere.

    My hat’s off to you!

    Stay safe, dry, and warm.

    Patricia Reply:

    Back up and running yesterday morning…and it feel good to just sit in my good chair and type away to say hi!

    We are having another day of sunshine – and everyone is out walking and smiling….and chipping fallen branches or hiring folks to haul it away!

    Mother Nature had big plans for us and I must keep in mind Winter has just begun :)

  3. suzen Says:

    Hi Patricia! Storms are a natural ocurance in weather and in life – love how you put them together! Brilliant! Managing not to fear either one of those is based in preparation and present moment living – at least that’s what gets me through it all. If I catch myself having fear over anything, it’s always just in my head – projecting some story onto some future event and its a precious waste of energy in the moment.

    My mother worried herself to an early grave. Worry is fear wrapped up in a fuzzy blanket. It is also disguised as love and concern. I don’t worry. I intend to live longer than my mother!
    Great example she was of what NOT to do. She’s been gone 28 years and I still feel her presence. I don’t think she worries anymore. :)

    Sending hugs for more sunshine moments out there!
    suzen recently posted..Changing Behavior 2012 Style – The Easy Button!My Profile

    Patricia Reply:

    When the tree sized branch broke off and came crashing down, I was very frightened…so I spent a great deal of time blessing the tree and my house – sending out great energy/fields of energy.

    Worry is not such a long term process for me, more like I have to worry and wrestle a problem to it’s knees so that I can see beyond it to the big pictures….makes me better prepared for the other side of the storm.

    My Mother too was a great worrier she lived until 94. I am working on staying in the moment…
    And preparing for the next business or storm that comes my way. The neighbor’s trees are going to be at the corner of my house for many years to come…I am going to have to figure out how to care for them since they are unable.

  4. Chris Edgar Says:

    Hi Patricia, I definitely see maturity and wisdom in your appreciation and respect for what storms can bring — and I also want to see a picture of you wielding a chainsaw. :) I imagine you keeping things pretty cozy in your snow-covered house.

    Patricia Reply:

    Chain saw photograph will not be forth coming from here, nor from photoshop! No one would ever think of trusting me with a saw! Many tried with a sewing machine and that was horrific – taught me how to swear!

    It was quite a storm and we had some tough moments, but our neighborhood is amazingly damaged and the Capital Campus – Wow…I think everyone now has power back on; clean up will take months and months.

    Doing something different! :)

  5. Jannie Funster Says:

    yay, for flash-drives!

    They do a lock-down drill at Kelly’s school twice a year.

    Hope the rest of the storm treated things okay for you guys.

    I think the fear of falling branches would be quite a normal thought.

    Good on letting fear go. That works for me too!

    Jannie Funster recently posted..Great News!! And Some 3-Part Harmony For YouMy Profile

    Patricia Reply:

    My kiddos had lock down drills too – I forgot about those…and were actually lock down because of a man with a gun running through the school yard…being chased one time…

    Letting go and the storm passing away are all good things

    Now I can come over and see what you have been singing about :)

  6. Kate a.k.a. The Secret Goddess Says:

    Hi Patricia,

    Just found your blog through your comments over at http://www.deliberateblog.com – we’re almost neighbors – small, small world :)

    We got so lucky – only lost power for under 2 hours – our van was frozen in the driveway until late Sat but we were warm and safe – glad you were safe too!

    And those tree branches – the sound of them falling was indeed very intense to listen to!
    Kate a.k.a. The Secret Goddess recently posted..Succulence is Powerful – SARK Tedx TalkMy Profile

    Patricia Reply:

    Welcome and howdy neighbor…Glad you did not get such a hard take on the storm….2 days without power was enough but then my server went out and then the wind storm took it out again.

    Well it takes someone as dynamic as Melody in Spain to get some folks to shake hands!

    Welcome, welcome

  7. Sam Juliano Says:

    Patricia I am very sorry to hear about these disaster conditions and of how short respites are seen as just that, as calms before the storms. It reminds me of the crippling unexpected snowstorm we had back on Halloween, when my family lost power for five days and had to clear our basement of a flood caused by a sump pump disabled by a lack of power. While I am happy you did have the reprieve you needed to get some of those vital activities completed, I am concerned as to what else Mother Nature is planning. Anyway, I would say it’s most probably you are over the worst of it. I will certainly be thinking of you.

    Patricia Reply:

    Yes, I remember you writing about your storm and staying at the school to keep warm.
    It seems to be a very interesting year in the weather department for us all …We had something stuck in our sump pump but were able to clear it before there was flooding – Whew!

    I think change sometimes is a storm event with eyes of reprieve so that one can regain some bearings and balance.

    I will also tag on here, that I truly enjoyed Iron Lady because even though it was remembrance out of the mist of dementia, It is truly how women enter into the final third of their lives…taking stock…and then Meryl Streep’s performance – WoW !
    Patricia recently posted..Who Is Going To Buy Your House?My Profile

  8. Davina Haisell Says:

    Clearly not even a storm or power outage can stop you from blogging, Patricia :) I love it! Even though your experience was inconvenient and uncomfortable, you did what you could to take care of yourself. I’m glad that your home remained safe. The image of you with Zip and hunkering down under that blanket is somehow comforting.

    I remember past storms in my life and how I came through them. That helps me to keep moving through current storms.
    Davina Haisell recently posted..Rena’s CarnelianMy Profile

    Patricia Reply:

    Lots of storms in life and this one was rather fun…though I did not like the computer problems…which are reoccurring this week?

    It is a noisy blast of chain saws and chippers today – the joy was a long walk in lovely sunshine.

    Thank you for coming on by…nice to find you here
    Patricia recently posted..Who Is Going To Buy Your House?My Profile