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Standing in the LIGHT

No matter where you live on this old Globe people are celebrating LIGHT in this solstice. Thought I wanted to get into the act.

Candle of Light


May you find yourself  enLIGHTENED at this solstice.

Can you think of any other LIGHT words?  Or an enlightening experience?  Please Share!

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15 Responses to “Standing in the LIGHT”

  1. Gian Says:

    Light attractive. LOL. Thanks for the chuckle. It makes me smile reading all of the LIGHT. More Lights to come.
    Gian recently posted..How To Attract WomenMy Profile

    patricia Reply:

    Welcome and yes more lights to come

    Wow It Girl did a fabulous job with my words….So glad she got her thesis approved and she can do some creative play now!

    That you for your great word and smile

  2. Vered Says:

    Thank you for lighting up my smile!

    patricia Reply:

    You are welcome….we are sticking to chocolate coins and smiles this week :)

    Making Latkes from your good recipe tonight :)

    Lots of singing and music – standing in the light

  3. Talon Says:

    Patricia, I love your light-filled post :) And you definitely lit up my smile!

    I’m so excited the solstice arrived and the daylight hours are now going to slowly stretch out. Yay!

    patricia Reply:

    It was really a short dark day here….the the clear sun came out for a bout an hour – followed by a clear, clear night sky full of twinkling stars…
    Second night in a row….
    Looks like the sun is going to emerge before noon today…maybe before my first child home gets out of bed….
    I am so amazed at how they can come home and just sleep – they still find home relaxing and safe

    Happy for you smile….

  4. patricia Says:

    I need to give IT Girl all the credit due here for her creative work with my words…

    It made me smile big time….Thank you Thank you….hope the flight home is good.

  5. Lance Says:

    Thank you, Patricia, for being a light of goodness and love in this world. That our paths have crossed on these journeys we are on…my life is better because of that…
    Lance recently posted..Giving + ReceivingMy Profile

    patricia Reply:

    Thank you Lance,
    Spreading the light and changing the world…
    Yep…think that is true.

    Best wishes for an amazing new year…I am so glad that our paths and words cross regularly :)

  6. susan Says:

    HUGE Holiday Hugs, Patricia! Thanks for a wonderful year of enlightening and entertaining posts!

    I did celebrate Solstice – I do every one, Equinox too – makes a lot of sense to me, more than the holidays on the calendar. Love love love the candle – how very clever. Enlightenment would be worth asking Santa for! May we all experience an overabundance of AWE!

    Love ya bunches,

    patricia Reply:

    an over abundance of AWE – now that is an awesome venture into the new year…
    Happy, happy to you too

  7. Jannie Funster Says:

    “Do you realize that we are spirits, you and me, spirits made of light?” (a Jannie loyric I’m working on.)

    So the wise ones say.

    You light up my life…

    This little light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine.

    Light of world, shine on me, love is the answer.

    Come, Baby light my fire.

    There’s a light, over at the Frankenstein place.

    There — I thought of some in song.

    Blessings, love, and light from me to you always!


    patricia Reply:

    Big hugs to you Jannie and to yours…

    You are a blessing and a smile to us all

    Merry Merry

  8. Hilary Says:

    Hi Patricia .. gosh that sunlight makes all the difference – the rain clouds are drifting in and out .. light showers .. but the sunlight gleams in brightly at times ..

    Have a light filled week leading to the New Year .. with many thoughts and a big hug .. Hilary

    patricia Reply:

    We are having sunny frosty last day of the year. Too icy for a bike ride, but too beautiful for a movie…The rain is due back for Monday….

    I am enjoying the light….a neighbor said he was going to leave his Christmas tree up until the middle of January because he liked the lights greeting him in the darkness of the morning and it just made him feel better :)
    The light is good to celebrate