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Dancing In The Shadows Of Love ~by Judy Croome

I discovered Dancing in the Shadows of Love  on Hilary’s site Positive Letters and entered to win a copy of the book from the author.  My number came up and very quickly a copy of the book came to my mail box.   I had enjoyed Hilary’s post and the information sharing about Africa that accompanied the material about the book and author.    I was anticipating a very interesting read and I was not disappointed.

Croome’s book is about 3 fictional women who all come together in an old seaport city on the ocean in Africa.   The author grew up in Africa and lives there still, so I am sure that many of the concepts came from her life.   The women have very interesting backgrounds and their childhoods are explored and how they came together all searching for love and using various pathways to overcome their tribulations.   In the beginning of the story the women all felt tribal and of color as the story progressed I was not so certain of their ethnicity but the language and descriptions made them seem still tribal.

The described religion was extremely traditional and old and not very useful in assisting the women to think or make changes in their lives.  I thought they would need to reject it to find themselves and love who they were.   My friend asked if there were Angels in the story from my description and I would say I was not sure – maybe more a benevolent magician or two.

It took me three starts to find comfort in the word usage; to discover the flow of the conversations and the idea that was being explored.   I think most USA readers would find that the cultural context of being of a tribe would seem foreign for those of us reared in chronic individualism.  It was worth the effort.

Croome is a good story teller and I was so pleased to have had an opportunity to read her first book and explore some old ideas in a new cultural context.   I was reminded of the delight my 4th grader’s book group experienced when they read stories from other countries, and expanded their world view.  It made for a great discussion.

I belong to two book groups right now and I think one would enjoy the book and the other would not want to even read it.  It is not a fast paced book and there are many rather poetic passages of detail.

A good sit by the fire winter’s read and I think a good discussion starter.  I would have allowed my high school daughters to read this book with the promise of discussing some of the sexual issues which are part of the story.

I am enjoying following Judy Croome on Facebook and here are the ways to connect with her:
Blog:  www.judycroome.blogspot.com
Facebook:  Judy Croome
Twitter:  @judy_croome
Goodreads:  Judy Croome
Library Thing:  Judy Croome
LinkedIn:  Judy Croome

The book is available for cover, kindle, nook, MP3 from Amazon and Powell’s.

If you purchase anything from Amazon or Powell’s from this site, I will receive a few beans in my bucket!

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30 Responses to “Dancing In The Shadows Of Love ~by Judy Croome”

  1. Judy Croome (@judy_croome) Says:

    Thanks so much for persevering with DANCING IN THE SHADOWS OF LOVE, Patricia, and for taking the time to share your thoughts on the book. You may like to know that I’ve always been a slow starter…I never started speaking until I was over 3 years old, but the good news is that (so my family says!) once I get going I don’t stop!! :):)

    You written an interesting review; this is my favourite line: “A good sit by the fire winter’s read and I think a good discussion starter. ”

    Once again, thanks for sharing your thoughts! Well balanced feedback such as this review is so important to an author & I do appreciate the time you took to write it.

    Have a blessed Christmas and joyous New Year!
    Kind regards
    Judy, South Africa
    Judy Croome (@judy_croome) recently posted..Can We Both Condemn and Understand the Past?My Profile

    patricia Reply:

    Thank you for coming by to review the review, I think it means a great deal to my readers when the author stops by and comments.

    I laugh at your slow start sharing, I just had to take the time to get in sync with your dialect and rhythm – it was new, but I enjoyed the read very much and hope lots of folks will enjoy this book too.

    Thank you for your well wishes – and I see that belated Happy Birthday wishes need to come your way!

    Thank you for writing the book and sharing it with me.

  2. Talon Says:

    As always, Patricia, you put a lot of thought and effort into your reviews. It sounds a very interesting and intriguing read. It is enlightening to read beyond our borders, for sure.
    Talon recently posted..CrackedMy Profile

    patricia Reply:

    I think you would like this story and once again thank you for your kind words. I am sharing this book with my traveling daughter, I think she would like to visit Africa in the near future – but just got her Thesis approved so this will take a wee bit of job hunting in between!

    You title is extremely Interesting – I will be over soon to check out what is cracked…

  3. Charlotte Rains Dixon Says:

    Since I have a fascination with Africa, this book really appeals to me! Thanks for the review.

    patricia Reply:

    The book is a very interesting reveal of Africa and a rather on the ground story, rather than something huge about Mandela – I think it is a good start. I enjoyed it very much

    Welcome and thank you for dropping by :)

    Judy Croome (@judy_croome) Reply:

    CHARLOTTE: Africa is a totally fascinating place. The continent has its challenges but, as the physical evolution of mankind begun here in the Cradle of Mankind (not 10 kms from where I live) I think we can become leaders in the spiritual evolution of mankind as well. I’m biased, I know, but I do think Africa is Eden!
    Judy Croome (@judy_croome) recently posted..Can We Both Condemn and Understand the Past?My Profile

  4. Judy Croome (@judy_croome) Says:

    PATRICIA: “review of review”! That made me laugh…I know authors aren’t supposed to read reviews but how can I resist, especially when they’re as thoughtful as yours! I’ll be happy to chat with your visitors – because of differing time zones (I’m about to head for bed after a sweltering hot day here in South Africa!)I may be bit late in joining the conversation, but I’ll pop in again as soon as I can!

    BTW, I’m glad you mentioned that you weren’t certain about Lulu, Jamila and Zahra’s ethnicity – I deliberately left a lot to the reader’s imagination because I wanted to raise the issue of prejudice above white vs black and show it as a universal concern (as you can imagine, living in SA prejudice is something I’ve explored a lot. Anyone interested in finding more about the story behind the story of DANCING IN THE SHADOWS OF LOVE can read this blogpost interview with children’s author Bish Denham

    TALON: Thanks for popping by. I also enjoy reading books and watching DVD’s from all different parts of the world – we recently watched two very interesting art movies one from Japan and one from Vietnam.

    Well, I just have a few more things to do (like order “So Far Away” based on Patricia’s review!) then it’s off to bed for me!

    Have a lovely day everyone!
    Judy, South Africa
    Judy Croome (@judy_croome) recently posted..Can We Both Condemn and Understand the Past?My Profile

    patricia Reply:

    We will enjoy the conversation whenever you drop by, I think my readers enjoy the dialogue with the authors.

    I am going to get more of my movie and book reviews updated on my reading list….easier to find..but I get behind in updating the list by reading!

    Thank you for the link for more information

    Sweet Dreams…

    Judy Croome (@judy_croome) Reply:

    Zzzzzzzz….. :)

  5. Laurie Buchanan Says:

    “A good sit by the fire winter’s read and I think a good discussion starter. ”

    Sounds perfect!
    Laurie Buchanan recently posted..Leo (Jul 23 – Aug 22)My Profile

    Judy Croome (@judy_croome) Reply:

    Laurie: There’s a lot I enjoyed reading in Patricia’s review, but that was my favourite line too! As the author, that comment tells me I at least met some of my goals in writing the book! :)
    Judy Croome (@judy_croome) recently posted..Can We Both Condemn and Understand the Past?My Profile

    patricia Reply:

    It was an interesting read and I am glad you liked that line!

  6. Melody | Deliberate Receiving Says:

    Ok Patricia, I just have to point this out to you: You have SUCH an easy time manifesting things that aren’t money. This book? You won it so easily! Apply the way you feel about book to the way you feel about cash and you’ll be unstoppable. :)

    Huge hugs!
    Melody | Deliberate Receiving recently posted..The Secret Behind “The Secret” – How We Manifest RealityMy Profile

    Judy Croome (@judy_croome) Reply:

    MELODY: You’ve raised an important point. Manifesting what we need in our lives can be SO easy. But creating our own reality is a delicate process – the energies are so subtle, I find I get nervous at the thought of focusing on equating creating abundance = creating piles of cash, especially in an increasingly materialistic world.

    One thinks of the 4 of pentacles (or coins as they’re depicted in some tarot packs) in the Rider Waite tarot – the figure holds those coins so tightly it blocks off its heart (the centre of love); another blocks the crown chakra (the point of connection to the Divine), while the two feet are clamped so tightly on top of the final two pentacles the figure can’t move forward for fear of losing the cash it clings so tightly to.

    Don’t get me wrong – who doesn’t want to manifest enough material wealth that we can live without worrying about if the next pay cheque will cover the rising cost of living? In South Africa, the grinding poverty that surrounds us is a daily reminder of the importance having enough cash to enjoy, at the very least, the basic necessities of life…but isn’t it dangerous for people to want to manifest more and more material things such as cash? In the end, no matter how much cash we have to buy what we want (versus what we need) we can still only drive one car at a time, sit on one chair at a time and so on.

    I think of the great Mahatma Gandhi’s (who lived in South Africa for a time) saying “The world has enough abundance to fulfill everyone’s need, but not everyone’s greed.”

    And, on a lighter note, remember Scrat in one of those *brilliant* Ice Age movies? I can’t remember whether it was IA1 or IA2 that ended with Scrat going up to his idea of Heaven…a place filled with nuts of every increasing size until there – surrounded by glowing gold – was The Nut of All Nuts. But, when Scrat dropped all the other (smaller) nuts to make a grab for The One Nut…whoosh, he was brought back to earth by Sid the Sloth and he lost that beautiful big nut. I can’t remember when last I laughed so much in a movie as I did in that scene. The Ice Age movies just get better and better! :)

    Have a day full of abundance and all good things!
    Judy, South Africa
    Judy Croome (@judy_croome) recently posted..Can We Both Condemn and Understand the Past?My Profile

    patricia Reply:

    This is a lovely reply to Melody…and do not worry that it is too long, it is a joy…Scrat is such a good teacher.. Melody is a very funny lady.

    I am working with Melody to free up my mind set that I will never have anything or make any money – cash….I am an amazingly wonderful, generous person…who after having no income for several years and have a $250,000.00 USD medical debt to pay off – had my medical ins. canceled and the list is long….want to become financially confident and actually earn some money and be paid what I am worth..

    I practice Voluntary Simplicity and am not much into bling and Melody and I have a long history so she knows I will not go off the deep end or out of heavens reach!

    I just want to pay off my debt and not keep heading towards the streets – I know I never took a vow of poverty, but I do have trouble manifesting funds. :)

    You book is very big about manifesting – I think Melody would like it very much

    Judy Croome (@judy_croome) Reply:

    Whew! Glad it wasn’t too long Patricia (I did say once I got started I couldn’t stop! :)

    Sorry to hear about the struggles you’ve had – it seems a sad world where medical costs are so prohibitive that people have to spend the rest of their lives fighting to stay above the bread line just to pay off medical bills.

    Voluntary Simplicity is a great motto to live by! Wishing you the very best in manifesting all that you need to keep healthy and well and safe (will light a candle for you today)

    Judy Croome (@judy_croome) recently posted..Can We Both Condemn and Understand the Past?My Profile

  7. Galen Pearl Says:

    Patricia, I always enjoy your book reviews. You always give a thoughtful and thorough description and evaluation. I feel I have enough to go on to evaluate the book for myself. Thanks so much.
    Galen Pearl recently posted..Winter WonderMy Profile

    Judy Croome (@judy_croome) Reply:

    Galen, Patricia’s review has captured the essence of DANCING IN THE SHADOWS OF LOVE; not an easy thing to do!

    patricia Reply:

    Thank you so much for your gracious words.
    I am coming over to read your great words in just a few minutes….Everyone is coming home starting tonight – I need to make a huge trip to the grocery store NOW…I’ll get there

  8. rob white Says:

    Your reviews are such marvelous and elegant gifts to you readers, Patricia. You highlight the creative essence and gold nuggets while being frank and sincere.
    rob white recently posted..Tolstoy’s Story of the Three SaintsMy Profile

    Judy Croome (@judy_croome) Reply:

    ROB, you’re so correct in saying that Patricia’s review is a gift…as an author it’s so important to get praise, but it’s equally important to get a frank and honest review. Patricia has done a marvellous job here! :)

    patricia Reply:

    All these lovely words about my reviews…I am just bubbling over in joy.

    I do want to remind folks that if I can not find any thing nice to say about a book I do not do the review at all…There is only one exception to that rule on this blog, and that book was winning so many awards and no one was saying how horrendously it was treating women – even female toddlers – I wanted to be the voice to say that out loud as a warning.

  9. susan Says:

    Hi Patricia (and Judy if you are still around)
    As always, your reviews are so well written I think that if you wrote a commercial for stupid McDonalds you’d have me eating it!

    This book is absolutely perfect as a gift for two people I know of – and although I didn’t have either one on my list, I’m gonna do it anyway! Gotta love last minute shopping! :)
    Think they’d mind if I read it first ? :)
    Happy Holiday Hugs

    Judy Croome (@judy_croome) Reply:

    I’m here! I’m here, SuZan!! :) I’m with you on McDonald’s (Although I’ll eat their fries with no advertising needed – they’re yum!)

    I’m so glad you feel some of your friends will enjoy DANCING IN THE SHADOWS OF LOVE…but you don’t have to sneak a preview read. If you have an e-Reader email me at judy@judycroome.com and I’ll give you a coupon to download a free copy in the eFormat of your choice!

    I must be in the Christmas mood (all that last minute Christmas shopping is infectious!!) :)

    I’m now off to feed dinner to my husband and my cat, both of whom are starving. :)

    Have a wonderful holiday season!

    patricia Reply:

    I think this book will be a lovely gift….I so enjoyed curling up and reading it.

    Now about McDonald’s – After applying for grant money for my child’s medical needs (numerous times) to all these big bragging giants and being turned down…I now have NOTHING nice to say at all – even in jest…McDonald’s personnel were exceptionally rude and even asked for donations to help Smile Train, who only helps children in countries other than the USA…

    Thus I write book reviews and have ads on my blogs in order to pay off my debt… and I try never to say anything about these mega groups. I have a huge distaste.

    I will say my children went to several birthday parties at these spots. And my youngest child spent a great deal of her funds at these places.

  10. Hilary Says:

    Hi Patricia and Judy .. I got here eventually and knew I needed time to read, inwardly digest and then leave my little input …

    I had Judy’s book via a coupon to read on my m/c – and could have just lapped it up in one go .. but remembered I was going to review it for Judy .. and so I took a step back and didn’t rush through, which I would have liked to do.

    Judy and Patricia have both opened my eyes towards most of the parts of Philosophy .. and I continue to learn from them, while realising my own deficiencies in learning .. this is where blogging is so great – and having access to books that perhaps we’d never come across if we just wandered along our normal lives.

    I realised that I didn’t fully understand Judy’s concepts here – though she has written a few posts explaining various aspects – which are well worth reading to gain many of her reasons.

    When I wrote ‘my review’ … I added in some simple background to Africa – not an intellectual take – but about my introduction to the country and its ways which in some ways encompassed my feelings towards Judy’s book.

    If anyone would like to read it .. I also provide all the links back to Judy and the explanatory articles she has written .. here’s the link:

    Judy’s book “Dancing in the Shadows of Love” is very well worth reading – to have that introduction to Africa and to so many concepts that we wouldn’t explore perhaps if we didn’t take the opportunity to read the book.

    Absolutely highly recommended …

    Cheers Patricia and Judy .. excellent post and book .. Happy New Years – Hilary

  11. Judy Croome (@judy_croome) Says:

    HILARY: Your support, as always, much appreciated. I’m glad you enjoyed the story enough to recommend it to others. And thanks, too, for adding the links to the background information. Have a Happy New Year to you and your Mum & family too.
    Judy Croome (@judy_croome) recently posted..The Skeleton DanceMy Profile

    Hilary Reply:

    Hi Judy .. I totally enjoyed your book .. and do hope many others read it – to get an understanding of the depth of Africa …

    Happy rest of 2011 week to you all .. and all the very best for 2012 … have lovely times with family and friends .. cheers Hilary

    patricia Reply:

    It is a good book and your post was excellent and added to the experience – and of course, I won a copy of the book from your post…

    Hope you are getting ready for a great new year and finding a way to celebrate Wishing you the very best for 2012 and good times ahead for you and your wonderful words