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Creation – A Movie Review

Sometimes when you need it most the right teacher just comes along.  Creation was one of those teachers and an outstanding movie.   I can highly recommend it and one might wish to set aside two times to watch it and realize the depth from the story.

The movie is a biographical drama about the life of Charles Darwin for the year before he wrote his book the Origins of the Species.  The movie is a 2009 BBC production and has all the grace, charm, and skill they are known for putting into period pieces of work. The cast is excellent and one sees the wife, the scientist and the clergy and not Jennifer Connelly, Paul Bethany, and Jeremy Northam, although their names are what drew me to choosing to watch this piece.

The family is struggling with the death of their beloved 9 year old daughter.  This event is the catalyst for Darwin and his wife to see clearly their differences in belief systems.   They are deeply in love, but Darwin’s work in evolution and science has allowed for the release of his belief in the church’s doctrine, whereas the opposite has occurred for his wife, who has become more deeply religious and fears that her husband’s new beliefs will not allow them to be together forever and ever, including the afterlife.  She knows that she will be reunited with her child in that blessed state; she is comforted by her beliefs.

The scientific community is pushing Darwin to publish his work and take the Church to task, which will allow their studies, work and efforts to move forward and progress the thinking of the nation.  Darwin is made physically ill by his mourning, his releasing the belief, his love for his wife and his drive to reveal his knowledge to others and create understanding.  He is in a painful neutral zone of change.

He stops trying to understand it and focuses totally on healing his physical self.  He is able to hear what he needs to hear, and he opens himself to understanding FAITH rather than just believing.  He recovers and he and his family are able to communicate and find their connections; opening to the love they have for each other.

We are witness to a dramatic change process as found within an individual who changed the world’s beliefs in a dramatic way.  I found this profound and enlightening.

I have been struggling with making change in my life, and it has meant the loss of many of my belief systems and finding new behaviors and expressions.   Susan of Today’s Path emailed me about Gregg Braden’s book  The Spontaneous Healing of Belief and I have read this book several times.

Two things began to stand out for me from this book and they are:  How can we be instantly healed? And secondly, why do so many people wish to avoid the struggle and effort that may be involved in the neutral zone of change, when it is only through this effort that we can progress into our greater self?

This movie helped me to understand that a belief can be healed in a second – how one proceeds with living after that healing is whether or not the change will have a lasting effect or be hidden away or even masked by physical symptoms and distress.

Braden, also a scientist, reminds repeatedly that we are hardwired to seek comfort and that a situation usually has to become extremely painful for any lasting change to take place.  We like to stick with what we know and not take on others problems or challenges.

Change does not happen without discomfort.

Darwin did write his book and I read it in college and found new things to believe in from the reading.  Now I read Braden’s book and am finding new things to believe in from studying it.  The movie opened the door of my understanding and it was beautiful story telling.

Inspiring! 5-Ladybugs

Have you watched a movie that assisted you in understanding a change you were making? Please share it with us.

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No one paid or promoted this review and I was not given a copy of the movie or the books.

Congratulations are in Order!

Susan Blake is the winner of the stunning book Precious Seconds, by Terrill Welch. Thank you for each one of you who comments on my blog and to all the wonderful readers, I am thankful for your words.

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15 Responses to “Creation – A Movie Review”

  1. Hilary Says:

    Hi Patricia .. congratulations to Susan for winning Terrill’s book – wonderful present just before Christmas.

    I must have missed the film – 2009 was not a good year way too much going on .. but I will definitely make a point of getting it at some stage and watching it then. I’m fairly certain I brought some books on Darwin up from my mother’s house .. so I’ll have something to read too. Amazing man ..

    Interesting to read your review – and we do take things that mean something of importance to us … that we adjust our life to .. and understand an aspect of life.

    Thanks Patricia .. great post – cheers for now – Hilary
    Hilary recently posted..Pop Songs of Fragrance and Symphonies of Perfume …My Profile

    Patricia Reply:

    I do not think I saw a single film in 2009 – It was a huge year for me with my mum’s death – I take that back…I saw Julie and Julia about a dozen times :)

    I think you will truly enjoy this movie. It is just one small segment out of his life, but it is such an amazing study of change

    I will be over to read in a few!

  2. Melody | Deliberate Receiving Says:

    Hi Patricia,

    I hadn’t been aware of this movie, but it sounds beautiful, especially when you view it through the lens of releasing old belief systems. I’m so grateful to Charles Darwin for being such an enormous catalyst for change. Sure, there are a lot of us out here now, but I sometimes imagine what it must have been like for those who “woke up” in earlier times. When women were still branded witches and burned to death and simple logic could get you killed for heresy…

    Makes you happy to be alive right NOW, doesn’t it? Yay!

    Also, I couldn’t help thinking that this movie was a perfect manifestation for you, personally. What perfect timing. :)

    Melody | Deliberate Receiving recently posted..What Does The Law of Attraction Say About Coincidences?My Profile

    Patricia Reply:

    I do not think there was any coincidence in finding this movie and this book – I was asking for it.

    The movie is such a beautiful study – so well done. I just think almost no one has seen it?

    I was so ALIVE yesterday, I overdid it…Migraine Headache this morning! At least it was a short one :) I am getting better at moving them out of my system with deep breathing and total relaxation.

    Thanks for coming by…

  3. Jeffrey Willius Says:

    Sounds like a must-see for me, Patricia. Thanks for the info. and this thoughtful, personal review!
    Jeffrey Willius recently posted..ULTIMATE REALITY SHOW – A Kid and a PuddleMy Profile

    Patricia Reply:

    I do not think you would be disappointed – it is a great movie
    and I needed to watch it several times as there was so much within it.

    Still thinking about the kid and the puddle

  4. suzen Says:

    Hi Patricia! I feel doubly blessed – a link to my blog and winning the book! People will think I’m paying you – haha! Many hugs of thanks! Note to other readers here – no I am not on Patricia’s payroll. :)

    I just finished Braden’s newest book “Deep Truth” – totally awesome of course, but a big section of the book is about Darwin! My goodness but we do seem to be very downloadable (which spell check is not recognizing as a word but I’m quite sure I didn’t make this one up, ha!) when it comes to beliefs. I’m still digesting the contents of this book – which pretty much challenges EVERYthing we’ve been taught in school and inherited from family beliefs.

    Hugs (and thanks)
    suzen recently posted..Congress, USDA, Pizza Vegetable = Transparent INSANITYMy Profile

    Patricia Reply:

    It does take a few reads to digest the Braden material, and it was wonderful to see this movie as it connected to those moments when beliefs are being changed and acted upon…both by a husband and the wife…

    I think folks want it always to be the easy button.

    adding the new book to my list – I am still about 5 behind…so it will have to be a New Years pleasure!

  5. Talon Says:

    I always love your reviews, Patricia. They are thoughtful and always make me stop and reflect.

    “Change does not happen without discomfort.” — that really resonates. When I think of all the different times I’ve had to deal with change or the times when I made changes, I know this to be very very true. It’s wonderful, too, when the discomfort is replaced with a sense that it was all worth it.

    Patricia Reply:

    and we are hardwired to seek comfort – that dis part is so hard to approach for so many…

    Thank you for coming by Talon…this is a lovely movie

    Hopefully it is always worth it…

  6. Brittany Says:

    Cool I’m glad the movie became a source of inspiration for you! Sounds like an interesting movie. We owe a lot to Darwin and his studies.
    Brittany recently posted..Third and Fourth InterviewsMy Profile

    Patricia Reply:

    We all liked this movie so much we watched it several times
    I think you would like it too

  7. Sam Juliano Says:


    With the large number of films I see annually, I am ashamed to say I have not yet watched this particular title, though the performers in it are well-regarded by me, and the BBC has done some very fine work in this category. You have done a fantastic job incorporating your personal experiences into this subject, and your entire review is fueled by enthusiasm and feeling, the very best kind! Anything having to do with Darwin has always fascinated me for sure.

    Terrific, terrific piece!
    Sam Juliano recently posted..The Silents: Entr’acte, Emak Bakia, Ghosts Before Breakfast • (Fixing a Hole: Avant-Garde Month)My Profile

    Patricia Reply:

    San Juliano,
    Thank you for your very kind words…and Darwin has fascinated many – this movie is just a one year slice of his life, but about the propelling force that makes one change or progress…

    Stunning cast and movie…My family was delighted to watch it with me over the vacation… and we discussed it for nearly an hour after –

    Hope you will add it to your list!
    Thank you for coming by

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