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Mail Got YOU?

Chase Mail 1 day

Chase Mail 1 day

Mail, specifically catalogs, are not welcome in my mailbox.  Then again neither are glossy slick ads and junk mail of any kind.  I also do not want tracks and pamphlets filling up the space either.

I subscribe to a service which lets companies know that their mail is not welcome in my mail box. They do a very good job.  If I order a product from one of those services, I must remind the company not to send me ads through the mail.    I do have an email address where I love to get newsletters and catalogues from my favorite companies and not destroy trees.  I do not want trees destroyed so that I can be subjected to mail.

I would rather have clean air.

Mail that is of the personal letter kind, well I just love to get that and I do get quite a bit on my email and in my well-grounded mailbox.

I also am very careful who is on my payroll; where I spend my money.  When during the main thrust of the recent financial crisis my commercial bank was taken over by a huge bank – I withdrew my funds and found another.  The Human Rights Violations committed by the huge bank were #2 in the world.   I did not want to support them in any way.

For the last 4 years I have been getting mail, ADS, from the huge bank in massive quantities.  I have written, I have phoned, I called my mail sorters, I have protested to the Post Office and I have mailed their ads back to them.  But this huge bank does not mind spending the people’s money on ads- next to the profits they are making and the more they can disrupt and control the flow of funds the better, or so it seems.

I decided to draw attention to Chase Bank on my blog.  I am hoping a few people will move their money and not contribute to this Bank and their regime of pain.  So I started by counting the number of letters and ads I received in the Month of September 2011.   I received 42 Ads from this Bank during the month.  My interest was compounded because 2 other adults receive mail at this address and they also received 42 Ads in the month of September.  I believe that is 126 pieces of mail, printing, and postage.

The envelopes are plastic coated paper – so they are not conducive to our recycling program.  They also are made of that toxic plastic, which is also on cash register receipts and gets all over our hands and into women’s breast tissue and milk.  Pretty scary stuff right in one’s own mailbox.

Yesterday, I received 3 enveloped Ads and one 5×7 shiny envelope – all addressed to me.  This past weekend I received a 5×7 plastic coated box with a Styrofoam toxic filler, a small shiny booklet, a return envelope and a 1 page letter about their newest banking program.    They mailed me Styrofoam!!!

The letter carrier said it was a heavy day of delivery because of the boxes and nearly everyone on his route received one.

Chase ads with styrofoam

Chase ads with styrofoam

I saw the same Ad about their new program on the Daily Show and 3 news programs I visited.  They are hustling and hassling.

Since this is breast cancer awareness month – I thought I could contribute to the caution by sharing the information that much of the mail these days not only costs us trees and pollutes, but that we need to get it out of our mail system. I wanted to share that much of our mail is TOXIC and makes women and children ill.

But what does Chase Bank care?  About as much as Bank of America cares – the # 1 Human Rights Violator Bank that I am aware of.

I have gotten B. of A. off my payroll and out of my mailbox.  I am determined to get Chase Bank out of my mailbox too.
In the USA, we are allowed to bring anything we want into our homes.  And folks who send out Ads are aware of this fact.  How do you handle Toxic and Prolific mail?

Looking forward to your much appreciated comments and more suggestions for relief

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23 Responses to “Mail Got YOU?”

  1. Hilary Says:

    Hi Patricia .. I hate it all I agree .. I don’t think I’ve bought anything I’ve seen in something delivered to my letterbox. It’s junk and as you say frustrating that you can’t always recycle it …

    The sooner the better you chase the Chase out of your box and the family box ..

    Cheers – enjoy the week .. Hilary

    patricia Reply:

    Oh Hilary and it still gets worse…on Saturday again of this week I received another 3 pieces of mail from this bank and thus there were 12 more envelopes in my box…This is after another request letter, and 2 phone calls…

    I hope this will help get the word out…we are worried about our plastic bottles and cups for babies but not so worried about breast cancer from the plastic in our mailboxes and on the receipts.

    One needs to wear gloves…

  2. EdenSol Says:

    Hi Patricia,

    I agree completely! The stress upon Mother Earth with toxic junk mail is out of control. Cheers to you for writing about this important topic!

    patricia Reply:

    Hi Antonia,
    Thanks for the good support. I think this is important information and I hope I can rally some more support locally…
    One of my groceries stores has already changed out their receipt paper to non-plastic coated…They also found it cheaper to use..

    …the coop. is working on having the receipt just mailed to your email box…I would like that the best

    HOPE you received your book? Let me know if it has arrived

  3. Vered | Blogger for Hire Says:

    Good luck! It’s not easy to take on a faceless giant.
    Vered | Blogger for Hire recently posted..Things I Want Men to KnowMy Profile

    patricia Reply:

    You are right, but maybe I can get lots of women to protect their hands from the toxic plastic on envelopes and store receipts?

    Already have a petition started in my neighborhood and 62 folks have signed it.

    If we get several thousand signature, the State will put it to a vote and the Faceless Giants will not be able to distribute the toxic mail in the state at all…The State already has a bill to make the toxic receipts illegal here….and most grocery stores are charging for bags now….more and more folks are bringing their own.

    Baby Steps and Awareness

  4. patricia Says:

    Have your read Suzen’s words on Todays Path..

    Interesting perspective

  5. J.D. Meier Says:

    > They mailed me Styrofoam!
    Shucks, you got stryrofoam … every now and then I hope for some bubble wrap (I like to pop them.)
    J.D. Meier recently posted..How To Apply Creativity to Your Specific ChallengesMy Profile

    patricia Reply:

    You made me laugh…bubble wrap is not toxic! and yes it is just fun to pop it…

    Today was a holiday – I did not get any mail from Chase bank!

  6. Laurie Buchanan Says:

    An extremely eye-opening, informative post — THANK YOU!

    patricia Reply:

    Thank you for your supportive words.

  7. suzen Says:

    Hi Patricia! Thanks for the plug! :) Still at library to read emails as the chaos continues way beyond my patience but watcha gonna do? As for the junk mail, I’ve done what you’ve done. Now when I still continue to get that crap in the mailbox, I throw it in the garbage on the way in the house. It sure is aggravating and esp. since you can’t recycle it. Wonder how many millions they spend on this? Esp. since it was probably OUR bailout money? Grrrrrr

    patricia Reply:

    It is so frustrating and most folks seem unaware – that makes me feel truly awful.

    Sometimes I truly miss Ralph Nader…and I am so sorry Elizabeth Warren is not the head of the Consumer Protection Agency.

    Blog by blog we will need to get the word out

  8. Melody | Deliberate Receiving Says:

    Hey Patricia,

    I used to work for a bank (not in the financial dept. but in technology) and I can tell you that the problem is usually poor organization: banks always have you on more than one database. And even if you have them remove you from one, you’re probably still present in several more. Often, employees don’t even know of all the databases. This is also why a change of address is so hard.

    Living in Europe, I’ve managed to go almost completely paperless. My bills come to me via email and I have automatic payment set up (no checks to write). I do my banking online and get minimal mail from them. Spam laws are stricter here, as well, so direct mailing campaigns are far fewer. Also, postage is more expensive and environmental consciousness is a bit higher. I do boycott companies who’s business or advertising practices I don’t agree with, even if it means I have to pay more. I love how you think of these companies as being on your payroll. You can fire them anytime. Ha.

    I’m glad I’m not with Chase or B of A. Let’s give our money, attention and energy to those who are doing it right (or at least are trying).

    Melody | Deliberate Receiving recently posted..Becoming a Money Magnet – How To Make Money Your BitchMy Profile

    patricia Reply:

    Yep – lets give our money, attention and energy to those who are doing it right ( or at least trying)

    Our whole green-sustainable architecture business is set up on doing things locally and a life enhancing as possible.

    Maybe if we get at least one department to remove our address it will help and encourage breast cancer awareness….The old USA is so big that it is hard to get any regulations at all – and the big banks seem to be really terrible at thinking about safety or caring – but then again they a making lots of money off cancer treatments and people attempting to heal themselves…so why would they not want to make every penny possible.

    Thanks for coming by

  9. Deborah Says:

    Hi Patricia,
    Do let us know how you get on! I despair sometimes when I see the amount of junk falling onto my mat each day. Combined with unnecessary packaging it is one of my bug-bears. I was quite proud of myself the other day. Intending to buy some moisturisers from Sainsburys, each in a cardboard box, contained within a hard plastic outer wrapper, this being wrapped in cellophane with a tag to be removed at the till, I removed the cellophane, the girl removed the tag, I then removed the hard plastic cover and left it with her. I intend doing this in future with lots of goods I buy (I kept the recyclable box but could have left that too)
    We recycle like mad at home but like you, I’d rather not have packaging thrust upon me. Good luck!
    Deborah recently posted..“My Hero” by FlossieMy Profile

    patricia Reply:

    And this is toxic packaging….we have cut down to the smallest garbage can usage but still have to have the largest can available for recycling…

    One of the many freedoms we have in the USA is that we can bring anything into our homes we want to – anything – which means we have to be the responsible ones to know what is toxic to us or not.

    We have a huge campaign going on right now with clothes dryer sheets fundraising for breast cancer – For about 1 cent of fundraising per box you can now bring an even more toxic product into your homes and have them out gas onto your hands, house and your whole community – they are extremely carcinogenic. I just stood by the display and persuade 10 women to use something else….9 of them said then did not care they were on sale and convenient.

    Yep there is too much packaging

  10. Davina Haisell Says:

    Patrica, I do not understand why they continue to send you mail after you’ve ask to be removed from their list. This is a waste of time, money and resources and in this day and age, it surprises me. If this were happening online it would be considered spam. Good luck with this!
    Davina Haisell recently posted..How Technology Has Changed ProofreadingMy Profile

    patricia Reply:

    I has been a four year nightmare. Melody says that there are so many departments in a bank this big that getting one out of the system is almost impossible.
    But I managed to do it for Bank of America when they took over my mother’s bank – it was quite a task even then.

    Feels like big brother stuff

  11. rob white Says:

    Hi Patricia,
    I admire your integrity and awareness. The amount of waste that goes on in our society can be astounding. It takes folks like you to raise awareness where others might be asleep at the switch. We simply cannot tune out to these issues if we expect to create a life that is in concord with the higher laws of the universe. Thank you for raising awareness and lifting humanity up a notch!
    rob white recently posted..Atomic ActionMy Profile

    patricia Reply:

    thank you for coming by and your nice comment. My community if fairly rigorous in its work against toxic mail and problem banks…but now that we have been “discovered” I am amazed at how many folks just arrive with their difficult habits and demands right in one’s own neighborhood.

    Still lots of us and them behavior…and folks feel helpless when it is a big banking institution – to be oneself is getting very hard.

  12. Galen Pearl Says:

    I resent all the junk mail, too. Unfortunately, there is little incentive to restrict it because the USPS depends on it. I dread the upcoming holiday season with all the catalogs!
    Galen Pearl recently posted..You Have to be Present to WinMy Profile

    patricia Reply:

    Our local Postal Worker’s are very vocal about the toxic junk mail, mine wears gloves…but then is subjected to all the dryer sheets toxically venting out into the air….

    Galen it is a big problem…the USPS needs to catch up and do its green part also…there will still be lots of jobs – just different jobs

    I just think what it would be like if everyone just did 10 things – and really did them.

    I want to model my values full time.