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Pain Relief – the ZIP METHOD

ZIP trying to empathize

ZIP trying to empathize

Pain Relief has been a hard commodity in my life this summer.  Ever since I had to give up Yin Yoga and have been attempting to keep at it by myself, little aches and pains have been emerging until in June uninvited arrived the Plantar Fasciitis experience which has proven to be extreme.

Pain Relief was a high priority when I arrived at the Doctor’s office and the Internet told me all about acupuncture.    Vitamin B shots in the heel were helpful, acupuncture was extremely helpful, as was a massage, and the specific healing method of  stretching my healing team knew about and I downloaded from the internet.   Everything worked for hours and then days, but nothing took the pain away.

Apple Cider Vinegar was helpful as was Olive Oil and Ginger Tea.  I rubbed Caster Oil on the skin, and iced, elevated, and warmed it up.   Tense muscle spasms would invade my shoulders, face, elbows, left leg and knee, and I do not know how to describe the referred pain in my back and beside my spine.

I needed to get the inflammation in my system down and get rid of the pressure.

I cannot take Ibuprophen, acetaminophen, aspirin, and my lovely Feverfew was working overtime.

I stopped walking as that truly irritated the outcomes.

To the rescue came Acupuncturist – Healer Fred.  He gave me a good talking to within his spiritual healing format and told me to get out the Miracle Balls making healing my only priority.  He also gave me some powerful Chinese Herbs based on Turmeric.  I switched to hot foods – Well Chicken and Rice soup full of my good organic veggies; we all know how healing chicken soup is to the whole body.

Miracle Balls and Book

Miracle Balls and Book

I took 4 days off from everything else except healing.  And it was during this period that the ZIP METHOD of healing was developed.


After doing the stretching for the heel pain, one proceeds to get out the Miracle Ball system and the instruction booklet.    As soon as one places these objects on the floor the ZIP Method begins.  ZIP my nearly year old puppy gets so excited that he cheeringly races all around the room while I lower my body to the floor and lay flat.

As you roll to place the ball under the hips, a small ZIP nose will sniff my nose and tickle the end of it before applying pressure with the tongue.  As the breath is released slowly, that busy nose will breathe in the expelled air and render a diagnosis.

ZIP will continue to make sure the ball is in the right placement with each move.  He offers hand and foot massages with his tongue while the body remains relaxed in position.   During the rest moments, he will climb upon my chest, lie down and make reassuring eye contact.

Next pain relief exercise, off ZIP goes to find his ball.  We call it “alien guy” and today he tried to carefully place it in my left ear while I was working on my left knee.  Change sides and ZIP moves alien ball to the other side also.

alien guy ball

alien guy ball

Miracle Ball exercises set aside and out comes a yoga mat so my bare feet can get traction and ZIP dashes off to the office to bring his meditation bed and carefully settles it on the forehead and hair; then flops down.   This keeps one anchored and does not allow drifting off while you hold the pose for 5 full minutes.  Morning nap is completed between the legs to keep the extended foot warm while forward bends are completed.

ZIPs meditation bed with toys

ZIPs meditation bed with toys

I have spent 4 hours a day for the past 7 days doing this routine.  ZIP has not missed a session and has added some very endearing maneuver each session that just makes me laugh.  Laughter is a well known healing principle.

This program is bringing relief and I am most happy to write those words.  We are not 100% and I needed a dentist appointment in the midst of it all, but even there, I could tell a difference.

Because it is working, I can highly praise and make light of the ZIP METHOD of Pain Relief.

What gives you the most pain relief in your life?  Do you have a ZIP METHOD of Pain Relief? What do you want to say?  I am listening and looking forward to your comments.

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12 Responses to “Pain Relief – the ZIP METHOD”

  1. Hilary Says:

    Hi Patricia .. thank goodness for Zip and animals desire to be with one at all times of day and night .. especially if exercising, unpacking boxes, packing suitcases, trying to type, taking the only really comfortable chair in the house .. exposing the dust after brushing the sunlit floor with a roll or stretch .. quite honestly – you want pain relief as well …. but you get that too … laughter is the best cure in the world .. now we just need a YouTube video of it all .. ????!!! Now we would be rolling around as well ..

    Cheers .. love it .. and I do hope you feel better properly soon .. Hilary
    Hilary recently posted..If I could be AnyOne, I’d be Mary Wollstonecraft …My Profile

    patricia Reply:

    Thank you for your kind words…I am feeling better – still very stiff but the pain in now just like a sore on the heel.
    Zip got a new ball yesterday, he picked it out himself from the low shelf at the Pet Store where he does all his shopping – amazing he picked out a green alien ball just like the one in the picture.

    He does not get on the furniture unless I pick him up and put him on the chair and my shoulders when I read…I try to read during his afternoon nap time.

    He is a very happy fellow and even now after another week, he is busy helping me with my routine :)
    He also loves carrots and the heart of the lettuce!

  2. Laurie Buchanan Says:

    Ohhhhh, I just adored this post!

    We don’t have a “Zip” but we do have a “Willa,” a “Lexi,” and a “Claire” — a little Westie like yours (only ours is 14 years old).

    patricia Reply:

    Keith at Northpenninegallery also has a Westie he calls Doris…
    they are such happy critters…Glad you liked the post and Congratulations on you 50,000 visitor on your great site…

    I so enjoy reading what you have to share

  3. Melody | Deliberate Receiving Says:

    Hi Patricia,

    Animals can be such powerful teachers for us. Your little Zip made sure that you didn’t take your healing exercises too seriously, but kept you focused on laughter and light and feeling good. It’s so great that you’re finally taking the time to heal and just BE, instead of running around after obligations. You so deserve this, chica!

    Keep it up, but remember to follow the Zip method and don’t get too serious about it. He wouldn’t! :O

    Melody | Deliberate Receiving recently posted..Intuitive Eating For Stress Freaks – Part IMy Profile

    patricia Reply:

    I am feeling so much better and I enjoy the practice. Now I am working on translating this into good intuitive eating because I deserve that too.

    I remember saying over a year ago that I just could not get my whole body to relax – especially not my legs – I was shouting this problem out a year ago, but not getting what I needed to get relief – so I am rather grateful for the lessons of the Plantar Fasciitis for learning so many new and helpful things which assist me in liking myself.

    I am taking several days off from blogging each week now…because I have more outlets to work with…
    I do need reminders to keep the funny side up….I am so intense

  4. suZen Says:

    Hi Patricia! So glad Zip zipped to the rescue. My two clowns, Mondo and LucyLu sure keep the smiles on my face! Hubs is one malady, ache and pain after another – a constant challenge for my herbal arsenal! He’d prefer just popping an Aleve or Motrin but at times he will “humor me” by taking my arsenal of anti-inflammatory herbs and then is surprised/shocked that they actually worked, they just take a bit longer. He is not known for early intervention, preventatives or patience! I jump in early – on myself – if I feel an attack of arthur comin’ on and nip it in the bud with a few days of herbals.

    Hope you’re feeling much better! Zip is a doll!
    suZen recently posted..Willpower – Got Any?My Profile

    patricia Reply:

    Now I want a list of you anti-inflammatory herbs….I am only just beginning to understand inflammation….
    I am one who tries to have a good talking with my body every day sometimes numerous times a day.

    My partner tries to avoid anything/everything that is of a discomfort to him….he even left his bee sting kit home, fatal problem, on this long bike ride of his…and who got the Yellow jacket sting…he did – ?!? His riding partner’s tossed him a few allergy pills and now he just has a swollen arm. Oh well, that is his shoulder with the arthritis and they use bee stings to heal that problem!!!
    He does exercise and keep moving to counter balance his RA and osteoarthritis and Celiac Disease.

    He came in on his insurance physical at age 38 he is 64….I am younger and came in at 68 because of the weight issues.

    Good book review from a fresh perspective – thank you

  5. farouk Says:

    sounds very interesting Patricia
    i want to try that , keep it up :)

    Patricia Reply:

    I am still at it and thus maybe a wee bit too slow at replying to you nice comment…
    It is still working…today I had to throw alien ball to keep Zip entertained and he still made me laugh :)
    Patricia recently posted..How to Be Rich and Happy ~by John P. Strelecky and Tim BrownsonMy Profile

  6. Sam Juliano Says:


    I’m afraid I’m useless in offering up a pain medication apart from the concentional ones you mention. In the past I would always use advil, which goes right to the blood. But some of your alternate methods are worth at least experimenting with. Love zip!

    Patricia Reply:

    I can not take over the counter meds and most synthetic drugs because of my kidney dis-ease, but I am finding some very effective alternatives in the process. Just learning to breath properly has been very effective too.

    I am sure you use laughter as great medicine too!
    Patricia recently posted..How to Be Rich and Happy ~by John P. Strelecky and Tim BrownsonMy Profile