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Powerful Discoveries On the DIY Healing Journey

With the flair up of the inflammation systems of my body bringing me plantar fasciitis and 3 fractured bones in my right foot, I have been discouraged.  I could not walk and get my exercise for nearly 2 weeks and I knew I had to find a new approach, a new path.

I cannot afford to stay discouraged for very long – I  must move forward to find recovery and solutions – it is kindness to myself and I have not been very kind to myself with this new flare up.

“I refuse to work with you until you give yourself the respect you deserve!”  (Tim Brownson’s reply on A Daring Adventure)

So I purchased Marianne Williamsons new book: A Course On Weight Loss

It is there that I read these words:  “Opportunity comes most often as dragons we see a need to conquer on our own.”

Yes that was the feeling I was having – one more thing I needed to conquer on my own.

Next came:
“Perhaps you feel cornered now, as though you’ve tried everything and all efforts are spent. Having depended on your own strength to heal yourself, you have ended up smack-dab back in the center of the wound.  You feel checkmated by yourself and beaten by your own ego.”


I read on and on and I will go back and read Geneen Roth’s book on the relationship to money and weight.   I know that these issues are related.

I asked the questions about how do I need to find new directions?  What do I need to be working on? Where are my new teachers?  How do I discover acceptance? And Forgiveness?

I said GRACE.

I went for acupuncture treatments, they were very pain relieving.  I got Vitamin B 12 shots in my heel, also pain relieving.  I was informed of a stretching program which when done 5 times a day ( 10 minutes each session)  could heal the heel and totally eliminate the problem in the future.  I am doing this program 5 times a day and am now back to a gentle walk each day – it took 15 days.

I am loving my MBT shoes – more pain relief.

I have been researching information on synthetic estrogens and the relationship to cancer, obesity, and now even autism and dementia – startling information.

I am working on finding funds to go back to Yin-Yoga class – more pain relief in the future.

And then I watched this TED video and I would like to ask you to watch it as it is a powerful 12 minutes – it has painful moments, but incredible healing information and I witnessed that I was not alone, but only one more storyteller with prophetic, loving wisdom for our future

I am just on my journey and I needed a wakeup call which arrived like a pain in the heel that drew my whole attention.

I am not looking for sympathy – I am looking for fellow travelers.  I am a university teaching  all with every move I make, with every part of me – I am part of the whole.

When do you feel the ONENESS?  Wholeness? Connection?  How do you find your teachers? The next path of your journey?

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18 Responses to “Powerful Discoveries On the DIY Healing Journey”

  1. rob white Says:

    Hi Patricia, Indeed agreed, discovering that self-help is the only lasting help essential to taking command of our lives. The typical conditioned mind contains thousands of self-limiting thought-habits that throw a damp blanket over our desires for a better life whenever we warm these visions up with interest and enthusiasm. It takes courage to speak the truth about oneself. It means offending one’s foolish vanity and pride by admitting that we’ve been wrong. Courage is precisely what it takes to heal the discouraging inner conditions that stop us from living our dreams (and thus heal our heels!)… you show great courage by taking 100% responsibility here today.

    patricia Reply:

    Rob White,
    Thank you for coming by and your great comment…
    I am trying to be 100% honest with what I write here and indicate that change is not a passive sport and that one must acknowledge and feel the feelings…
    ….but then again I may be a responsibility junkie!

    The book You are Not Your Brain talks at great length about the brain’s deceitful messages that are not the truth and I have found it helpful to change their weight in my thinking and healing processes…

    Thank you very much for your comments – and your incredible posts on your site.

  2. Deborah Says:

    Powerful post and powerful video Patricia! As for when I find oneness – Since childhood I have felt a oneness with the world – have believed that I am one small part of a whole and that what I do affects everything else. I was, I dare say, a child wise beyond my years – prone to deep thinking and debate. I had to find my own answers to death and loss and it is this that led me to the notion that we are each part of a whole and death returns us to that whole. I still have the feeling that if I should close my eyes forever, I would still see the world through the eyes of others. As I say, I was a deep thinking child! :-)

    patricia Reply:

    wonderful words your share and visions of the world…there is so much pressure to feel the individual feelings I wanted to share how we are whole and bringing new voice to each experience – I thought Ensler’s message was a powerful connection…

    rather similar to Lance’s use of the Ocean and one drop to think of our oneness ( on the Jungle of Life)

    Water is such a vivid image in all of the stories
    Yes wise beyond your years

  3. Talon Says:

    I’m so glad you are finding relief with the acupuncture, the B12 shot, the shoes…and in knowing you aren’t alone in your pain and the frustration of your situation, Patricia. I admire you for your ability to always be seeking more and better information and sharing it.

    Patricia Reply:

    Thank you and many thanks for the thoughtful note and treat..
    As you know there are good days and bad…but it is all pushing forward and living the journey – I am just doing it a bit out loud :)

    hugs to you and your tranquilty picture is still in my mind’s eye
    Patricia recently posted..Powerful Discoveries On the DIY Healing JourneyMy Profile

  4. Hilary Says:

    Hi Patricia .. you’re certainly always looking at ways to help yourself in all aspects of life .. and setting it down always helps clear the mind and bring salient points to the fore. Good for you .. good luck .. it sounds as though things are working out – Hilary
    Hilary recently posted..Lenny Lee – Creatures, Critters, Georgia on my Mind, Red Arrows …My Profile

  5. Melody | Deliberate Receiving Says:

    Hi Patricia,

    As I was reading your powerful post, I had one thought come up (well, series of thoughts… it’s not like me to keep it succinct) that I’d like to share with you:

    I’ve been vibrating at a really high frequency lately. Just ecstatic, happy, shiny puppy energy. And then, a friend of mine made a comment that triggered a belief that I’d been working on releasing. I got really irritated and thought I’d pulled myself out of it, but never returned to my happy puppy state that evening. When I woke up the next morning, I was SICK. I had stomach cramps and nausea, I was sweating and shaking… And I knew it was because of this belief that had been triggered. I’d let my energy spiral down, and because I’m usually on such a high level, that difference was enough to manifest a physical symptom immediately.

    Ok, that was the setup. Here’s the bit that might help you:
    My first instinct was to try and fix this belief. After all, it was the cause of all this pain, right? And I fought valiantly for a few hours, but got nowhere with it. And then I finally relaxed and was able to hear the solution: Just feel better. You can fix the belief later. In fact, it’ll be much easier to do from a higher vibration. Just focus on feeling. And so, I took a nap, I meditated, I consciously did only things that made me happy. And after a few hours, I was back to my happy shiny puppy self and all my physical symptoms had completely disappeared.

    When we’re in pain or discomfort, that’s not the time to go and see about fixing things. Feel better first. Just focus on positive thoughts, and lighter thoughts, on soothing yourself. It’ll be easier to tackle those lower vibrations when you’re feeling stronger. You’ll have access to completely different thoughts once you feel better.

    Anyway, that’s my two hundred cents. :)

    Super hugs,

    Melody | Deliberate Receiving recently posted..Is There A “Rebound” Effect With the Law of Attraction?My Profile

    Patricia Reply:

    Melody –
    I am working on the healing and pain relief daily right now – just back from a massage and have more acupuncture scheduled for the end of the week…I am not eating with great care today – I am just eating what I want because it is my birthday…and am surprised that what I want is really lovingly good food…

    I am working on feeling better – but I can not ID what was the trigger…

    I have set all that aside just to enjoy the day…and feel better…and I am savoring your wise words…Thank you
    This is a pretty big/painful lesson call…I think of something I thought I had already worked through?
    Patricia recently posted..Powerful Discoveries On the DIY Healing JourneyMy Profile

  6. suzen Says:

    Hi Patricia – Wow, that was a very powerful talk! Thanks for featuring that because I’ve not had the luxury of listening to videos at the lake since my computer here is so slow – this little one took more than 1/2 hour to play!

    It is so sadyly typical that it often takes an injury or illness to wake us up and experience the Oneness. I’ve been raised with in a Oneness philosophy so I can’t tell you how I “found” it but I feel it most profoundly in nature. And it may sound geeky but I became fascinated with cellular biology and on some level I cannot explain I feel more connected to the universe than ever. I think it’s my head that tends to stray (thoughts) away from the oneness and into disconnect at times – and sure enough something will happen to reign me back and sure enough its something unpleasant. Glad it doesn’t happen often!

    We really do demand so much from our bodies and yet take then for granted – I like how Eve said it. I think we tend to avoid the stillness (which really brings the connection). I have a friend who lives life in such a chaotic frenzy, with more physical ills all the time that she either ignores or medicates. She “can’t” meditate or sit still and she often is frustrated by my calmness. I feel like I’m watching someone on self-destruct and shudder at the thought of what it will take for her to ever realize what she is doing.

    We’re all on a journey together – there is much love for you, believe that!

    Patricia Reply:

    I have been feeling rather tired of the stillness and the lack of results I am having lately…

    I have spent so much of my life healing my bodies pain…having my foot out of commission is really putting the brakes on my goals of weight loss – especially…not as painful as the ligament torn off the moveable ribs that help one breath – that took 18 months of just sitting around…

    I have tried to watch a movie a day to just think of other things right now…

    Good news birthday gift: Library Girl got a full time job in Portland today – she starts tomorrow….with not being able to drive with this foot pain…I could loan her my car for her to job hunt and find a place to live…there is a plus
    Thank you for your thoughtful words and comments

  7. Laurie Buchanan Says:

    Great Post.

    Great video.

    Great observation:

    “I am just on my journey and I needed a wakeup call which arrived like a pain in the heel that drew my whole attention.”
    Laurie Buchanan recently posted..The Four-Letter “T” Word — TestMy Profile

    Patricia Reply:

    Thank you Laurie..
    I am now working on what the lesson is – post pain relief because it feels big.

    Ensler’s talk is pretty amazing.
    Patricia recently posted..Powerful Discoveries On the DIY Healing JourneyMy Profile

  8. Lael Says:

    I guess my comment didn’t post yesterday so I am re writing it now. Glad you had a great birthday yesterday. I am sorry I was not able to be there to celebrate with you but I will try to come home soon. I really love you and you really are an inspiration in my life. I love you so much and am so grateful you are in my life. You are an amazing person and I am lucky that you are my mom because you have taught me so much. I love and miss you very much. Thank you for always being there. Happy birthday again!!! :) love, Ok

    patricia Reply:

    Oh Lael,
    You made me cry – thank you for your love and your warm wishes.

    I look forward to your next trip home and am so happy your new roomies are working out well, and your apartment is good.

    I think as you get accustomed to the new job, it will not be so stressful. And am thank you are enjoying it also.

    We are a great fan club for each other, but that is the easy part :)
    lovin’ hugs mum

  9. Jannie Funster Says:

    I feel The Oneness right now here in my heart, being on the blog of one of my earliest, sweetest and dearest blogging friends. Heart-warming to “see” you again.

    I agree with Lael on loving you and thinking you are an inspiring, awesome, special person.

    So so sorry for your broken foot bones. Sending healing love.

    Jannie Funster recently posted..If Love Has A LibraryMy Profile

    patricia Reply:

    Jannie – oh that oneness feeling…and thank you to one of my first, singingest, picturingest, poemingest, bestest friends – bones are healing – thank goodness…
    hugs to you dear girl

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