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Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation Fundraiser


Several children in my life have grown up having to deal with Diabetes.  They have sore fingers from all the pokes with a needle and meter reading they have had to endure.  They often have pumps attached to their bodies and they have to work harder than others to enjoy a “normal” life.

Sometimes it is very scary to share life with a child or adult with Juvenile Diabetes.

There are millions of people with Juvenile Diabetes and now even more millions of people developing Diabetes II via their lifestyle and food choices.  Epidemic and Pandemic are the new words associated with diabetes II.

My friend Jane’s daughter Lianna is a person who is actively working to do something about finding a healthy solution to this growing problem

I wanted to share her efforts and video with you in hopes that you will support her efforts and help find that solution and a cure: LIANNA’S VIDEO

The 100 mile bike ride through Vermont is July 30th 2011.  Will you please check out her page and video and consider supporting her efforts in finding a solution.   I did.

Lianna is getting married this fall – What a wonderful wedding present a cure would be?

Thank you

As a person who is considered pre-diabetic, I have found making food and lifestyle changes vital to my well being, and helping to find a cure seems like a very good idea indeed.  Death defying acts.

What causes do you have on your list to support?  Have you made any lifestyle changes to support your health?

Please feel free to share this on the social networks included on this site.  Thank you

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25 Responses to “Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation Fundraiser”

  1. Hilary Says:

    Hi Patricia .. diabetes is a really unfortunate disease to have – at least we know more about it now .. but it can creep up without people realising .. and that’s not good news.

    Thanks for posting and supporting the Foundation .. Hilary

    Patricia Reply:

    Lianna has had diabetes since she was 2 years old…now as she prepares for her wedding she is joining up to do this fundraiser and inspire us all again.

    My liver and kidney problems keep my blood sugar levels in big roller coaster mode – and I just keep exercising and eating right to combat this epidemic.

    Lianna’s diabetes is not reversible, but for the II type it is. thank you for your great comment

  2. Melody | Deliberate Receiving Says:

    Hi Patricia,

    I’ve been moving towards healthier choices for years. The most “radical” thing I’ve done is go Raw Vegan this January. I’m now 90% raw, with some grilled veggies and occasional fish (once every couple of months or so, depending on how I feel). I consider myself an intuitive eater. I absolutely love it, the food is amazing, I feel incredible and I’m healthy as a horse. It’s not for everyone, but it was the right choice for me (the lesson here is to listen to your body, not to go vegan…)
    Obviously, as a formerly obese person (I was 250+ lbs at my heaviest), that’s a cause I always support, along with the related diseases like Diabetes (at least the preventable kind is related). I’ll go check out Liana’s video now.


    Melody | Deliberate Receiving recently posted..You Already Know What Your Purpose IsMy Profile

    Patricia Reply:

    I went vegan raw using Dr. Joel Furhman’s system called Eat to Live last summer and lost 29 pounds and put my body into good blood sugar mode. Then my whole being stopped losing weight – In the winter I added small amounts of lean turkey, chicken and salmon – then had to give up salmon because of mercury poisoning.

    Also in winter my body likes soup – hot and warm soup…still all veggie, but not raw..

    I still have 100 pounds to lose and am reading your site religiously to figure out how you lost the weight.

    I DO NOT WANT Diabetes II myself…
    People and Drs go at me all the time about not enough protein and nuts are too fattening – but I feel so much better when I eat vegan raw and all the systems are up and running.

    It is wonderful to feel great and be able to move

    Melody | Deliberate Receiving Reply:

    Oooh, I so want to get on my soap box now, but I’ll try to keep it short… 😉

    First, doctors know nothing about nutrition. They study illness and know how to treat that, but they don’t know how to make us healthy. That’s not what they focus on. If you want good advice, go to a nutritionist who specializes in raw food. You don’t need nearly as much protein as you might think, and people, especially in the US, eat WAY more protein than they should.
    I’m currently reducing my body fat percentage a bit, so I’ve cut out nuts. Nuts do have a lot of calories, but they also provide good fats (not all fats are bad, that’s a horrible misconception).

    Bottom line, go by how you feel. If your diet makes you feel good, go with it. If you crave soup, eat soup. And your body will tell you when you need protein. I’ve been Raw for 6 months now and only had fish once. I’ve stepped up my weight training routine now, so it will be interesting to see if I’ll crave higher protein sources more often, but I’m certainly not going to be eating steak every day. No need for that unless you’re a super athlete.

    When your body is taking a break from weight loss, it’s most likely because you need time to stabilize your vibration (it all comes down to that). Don’t get too attached to how fast this has to happen. Don’t focus on how much weight you still have to lose, but rather on cleaning up your energy. How does your weight make you feel? Are there thoughts you’re harboring that make you feel the same way? Go clean those up (or they will manifest in some other way, even if you manage to lose the weight without doing this).

    I promise to publish more information about weight loss soon. :)

    Melody | Deliberate Receiving recently posted..You Already Know What Your Purpose IsMy Profile

    Patricia Reply:

    Wow Melody I will not reply big time to this, and say thank you I appreciate your good words.
    I think job hunting has truly knocked me off balance and that is why I stopped losing weight. I am now not job hunting and working on my own business set up, but still working on not worrying about funds…I am doing a journal exercise daily to change the vibrations and “let go” and then doing a class on forgiveness and letting go next week with a great group of folks.

    Dr. Furhman is a Doctor of Nutrition…but my naturopath has been hugely into protein lately too…

    Susan who wrote a comment here also has her degree in nutrition and is very Zen active…

    I am just focusing on my speed walking and not weights right now – because that makes me feel so great.
    Thanks for you good words…I am working on them as I type!
    Patricia recently posted..Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation FundraiserMy Profile

  3. vered | blogger for hire Says:

    My husband and I have been making significant changes in our diets after finding out he has an elevated blood sugar level. Awareness is so important – it’s great that you’re helping spread the word.
    vered | blogger for hire recently posted..I Miss YouMy Profile

    Patricia Reply:

    Those test results are scary aren’t they and often motivating.

    I am going back to eating Dr. Furhman’s Vegan Raw…Eat to Live program. People with out a weight problem are getting amazing results in just 6 weeks of the program and are totally off medications and not getting arthritis… I heard about his program from JD and Julie Riddle….and now there is a new group in England who have totally balanced themselves back to normal using his program….
    Dr. Dean Ornish’s program is amazing too..and he adds meditation and other lifestyle changes.

    I wish you wellness – we can do so much these days…

    I hope this will help Lianna who has had this since age 2 – she is very inspiring

  4. Sam Juliano Says:

    After having blood work in preparation for a kidney stone procedure about 9 months ago, I was told that my blood sugar levels were quite high. (in the 400’s) Though I was drinking way too much pomegranates juice for a long period before this every day, I suspected that my problem was beyond this, since it’s a family curse. My 81 year-old father has been a diabetic for over 20 years, and at 56 I figured it was my turn. A subsequent reading of my hemoglobin (measured over the preceeding three months) was in the 9’s, so I immediately went into reform mode with diet and exercise. The next check showbed me at around 6.4 (the doctor said she was thrilled with that) but I have not been as strict since and just Monday staryed the severe regimem again. I eat well (blueberries, broccoli and salmon are big parts of my diet) but just too much.

    I applaud you for your selfless attention to the young diabetics here! Very inspiring post!
    Sam Juliano recently posted..Getting People Over the Beatles: A Series Examining the Greats of British (and UK) Pop Music (part 32)My Profile

    Patricia Reply:

    Oh Sam,
    I feel for you and know the struggle intimately. I am actively working to get back my health and normal weight…

    Sometimes working a specific program can truly bring about faster success and more motivation….I recommend you check out Dr. Joel Furhman’s program Eat to Live too…6 weeks can bring huge results that are lasting and very healthy…
    His clinic is located in Philadelphia fairly close to you

    Diabetes is a huge problem around the world and Type II is preventable and curable…

    Lianna is inspiring and made a good video for us to watch. She is easy to share with you :)

    Good luck on your journey

  5. Brittany Says:

    Liana is certainly an inspiration to all for what she is doing and I wish her the best of luck on her 100 mile journey! I can tell through her passionate words that she has an abundance of determination and will, and is a strong woman. She will make a difference!
    Brittany recently posted..Brittany the JokemasterMy Profile

    Patricia Reply:

    Thank you for coming by and commenting. I so enjoyed discovering your blog and your project. Lianna is quite the inspiration to us all as is her mother… I thought this was a good way to support her efforts.

    OH you have a new post, I will be over to read in a couple!

  6. Laurie Buchanan Says:

    What a thoughtful, educational, and inspirational post — thank you so much!

    Patricia Reply:

    Thank you for your kind words and I hope that you are in full recovery from that big storm – wow that sounded like a heavy duty experience.

    I think Lianna will make a difference – just sharing here has brought out a number of great comments and ideas. Bet then you are a woman who makes a difference with you wisdom and strength – so you knew that!

  7. suzen Says:

    Hi Patricia! Thank you for telling us about Liana – will check out her site. And good luck to you on Furman’s plan. If you can throw in meditation (as Ornish does) it’s a wonderful way to communicate to your cells. I know it sounds weird but every thought we have is picked up. Have you read Candice Pert? Very interesting!

    Patricia Reply:

    Off to discovery Candice Pert..

    Thank you for your great comment. I am just in from my speed walk and when I stop dripping next is yin yoga and then 30 minutes of meditation.

    I am also working on letting go of some old weights that apparently are still hanging on and reappearing…
    So glad you keep me on your radar…Thank you

  8. Countingducks Says:

    This is a very well worth cause. My sister in law is a diabetic nurse and sees the misery this affliction can cause

    patricia Reply:

    Counting Ducks,
    Thank you for your comment and welcome to this site and yes I too think this is a worth cause. I do believe Diabetes II is reaching epidemic proportions, and we rather lose track of the Juvenile Diabetes group – the children do suffer from this affliction.

    Thank you for your comments. It will help Lianna’s efforts.

  9. Todd | Channelingmysefl Says:

    Hi Patricia,

    I think it is so smart of you to make those dietary changes. I think things like HFCS are the primary cause of diabetes. But I’m not doctor and I’ve never played one on TV, and unfortunately I didn’t even stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night.
    Todd | Channelingmysefl recently posted..Ground YourselfMy Profile

    patricia Reply:

    I have been allergic to corn and corn products all of my life – HFCS is the bane of my existence and I can not tell you all the things it is in….but I think it is making people very ill

    I have been working on these changes for nearly 4 years now, I just wish they happened faster and I wish I could afford a weekly massage therapy session ( wow does that give me results)

    Thanks for coming by.

  10. EdenSol Says:

    Hi Patricia,

    Thank you for bringing awareness to this important subject. Nutritional and lifestyle choices have made a very big difference in my life. As well as adding meditation, yoga, and other things which nourish my body, such as getting enough sleep and water. Very thoughtful post.

    Blessings to Lianna!

    patricia Reply:

    Yes, I think Lianna is inspiring us all. It is good to be able to do my part and make my changes – Life is very good

    thank you for you good words for the cause!

  11. Todd | Channelingmysefl Says:

    If you have an hour to spare, http://beforeitsnews.com/story/828/765/Children_of_the_Corn_Syrup–Lecture.html

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