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Independence, Freedom, Peace

Today, the 4th of July, is Independence Day here in the US of A. We celebrate our independence from Brittan, the freedoms provided under our chosen form of governance, and our right to sheer stupidity use explosives if we so choose. We generally share these celebrations with good food, friends, and family.

But for so many, these simple ideas are out of reach. War, hatred, inequality – These things are alive and well in the world today. So I thought I would celebrate today by sharing with you the work of the Peace It Together project. The following clip is called Freedom and I highly recommend you check out their site, their other videos, and the work they are doing to promote peace.

Freedom from Peace it Together on Vimeo.

Happy and safe celebrations!

14 Responses to “Independence, Freedom, Peace”

  1. Todd | Channelingmyself Says:

    Hi Patricia,

    Ironic how we are celebrating our independence from government tyranny under British rule, but the tyranny we face today comes from our own government.

    Patricia Reply:

    Very interesting and how it came to be that we are so motivated by fear also?

  2. Melody | Deliberate Receiving Says:

    Hi Patricia,
    So, SO important – promote peace instead of raging against war. :)

    I have to say, I love living in Barcelona, but on days like the 4th of July, I miss the US. The backyard barbeques, the family gatherings… It’s one of the few days when almost the entire nation allows themselves a moment of fun and relaxation. I love tapping into that feeling. It’s like a big collective sigh of relief (ok, not everyone, but a huge group of people…)

    Hugs to you and your family. Have a fantastic 4th!

    Melody | Deliberate Receiving recently posted..Why You Should Take the Time to Praise OthersMy Profile

    Patricia Reply:

    Happy Fourth to You. We had no family here for the 4th and were caring for healing puppy who we needed to sedate to keep him calm. Our neighbor’s grand children really had a noisy display of fireworks….we had to overcome.

    Mostly it was a day to work in the yard and prune hedges and my partner got a long bike ride in also… Our Danish company returns this weekend – that will be similar to having family for a picnic.

    The street by our house was quiet like Christmas Day…though the stores were having gigantic sales.?
    Patricia recently posted..Independence, Freedom, PeaceMy Profile

  3. Hilary Says:

    Hi Patricia .. hope you’ve been having a lovely Fourth of July weekend .. Freedom .. we at least live in countries were we can express ourselves ..

    Cheers – Hilary
    Hilary recently posted..Artists who loved the countryside … where history entwines them with fingerprints, self-publication and Higgs BosonMy Profile

    Patricia Reply:

    Yes we can express ourselves.

    This post must be an expression of IT Girl who is off in Canada with our Danish Company….it is quite a nice post but not the one I wrote for the 4th :)

    Nice surprise for me :)

  4. Deborah Says:

    Lovely video Patricia – peace is such a simple concept and so hard to achieve. I will be checking out the Peace it together project. Thank you 😉

    Patricia Reply:

    I need to check Peace It Together also as this post was a surprise to me
    I was busy trying to keep a post surgery puppy peaceful with all the fireworks going on….so I did not check it out until the 5th..

    I think IT Girl left me a little gift while she is off in Canada with her Danish Host family.

    Interesting information

  5. Galen Pearl Says:

    Such a mix of thoughts and feelings as we celebrate a country we love while at the same time not so excited about some of our country’s actions. A very balanced view of the day. Thanks!

    Patricia Reply:

    This was not the post I wrote for the 4th, but I think IT Girl found some good thoughtful information to share as a bit of a gift

    Hope you had a good celebration.

  6. Laurie Buchanan Says:

    Patricia – I certainly appreciated reading this post as it’s the first one I’ve received as a new subscriber :)

    Patricia Reply:

    I am glad you liked this post, I think it was a gift from IT Girl before she left for vacation – it is not the 4th of July one I wrote!!

    It is good information sharing.

    Thank you for subscribing.

  7. EdenSol Says:

    Hi Patricia

    I hope you had a wonderful 4th celebration

    Love that you’ve brought the attention back to peace and worthy causes! Peace to you, dear heart
    EdenSol recently posted..Comment on Delicious Summer Pleasures by AntoniaMy Profile

    Patricia Reply:

    Thank you for your good wishes and I had a very peaceful weekend – now preparing for company which will be a delight