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Happy Birthday IT Girl


“I have received therefore I gratefully give”
Nancy Southern on Empowered Soul Blog

I have received so much technical support and attention from IT Girl this year that I am grateful right down to the socks and up to the grey on top.  I just must give back and share with you some of her extraordinary talents.

I thought the best way to acknowledge her birthday and all the joy I have surrounding that day – quite awhile ago – would be to share one of her pieces of art.   So without further ado or pomp and circumstance here is one of her videos and drawings she completed for a class project.  Enjoy.

With loads of hugs and kisses
Wishing you a Very Happy Birthday!

I could not do this blog without IT Girl.

Is there something you are joyously grateful for today?  Please share and expand the gratitude.

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17 Responses to “Happy Birthday IT Girl”

  1. Hilary Says:

    Hi Patricia .. no wonder you’re so proud of Whitney .. fantastic art work .. would love to learn to do that one day – just so clever .. I hope you all had a happy birthday time .. I have a feeling she’s travelling .. happy memories though and this is superb .. cheers Hilary
    Hilary recently posted..Guess when this was first written – “I wrote 2 U B 4”?My Profile

    Patricia Reply:

    It Girl is not traveling for another couple of days…but I have this rather massive detailed book to review before she goes and I need to get with it!

    We had strawberry shortcake in her honor on her birthday and went on a sail boat right for about 3 hours.

    She is very talented

  2. Melody | Deliberate Receiving Says:

    Holy Cow. Class projects sure have changed since I was in school… This is incredible, Patricia. I’m always so in awe of people who can create visual art. I can barely draw a stick figure… :)

    Hugs to you and yours,

    Melody | Deliberate Receiving recently posted..How I Got Rid of Pain Using the Law of AttractionMy Profile

    Patricia Reply:

    She is getting her Master’s in Visual Art and computer technology – she also has a certificate in animation – very talented person this IT Girl – I am so fortunate to have her energy helping me with my blog and Wise Ears dot com too!

  3. Betsy Wuebker Says:

    The birthdays of our children are such a wonderful thing. Not only do we remember the highest form of joy (fueled by birth hormones, haha, give me some!) at their arrival into this world, but our pride in the people they’ve become. She has been such a helpmate to you. Wonderful tribute! Hope you both have an exceptional year!

    Patricia Reply:

    Thank you for your good words and wishes Betsy…I am coming over to see your site redo soon…

  4. vered | blogger for hire Says:

    How sweet! Happy birthday!
    vered | blogger for hire recently posted..Things My Father Taught MeMy Profile

    Patricia Reply:

    Thank you Vered

  5. Robin Says:

    It’s great when family members support you – especially a really talented one! Cheers – R

    Patricia Reply:

    I could not do any of this without her support…well I could write and research and comment…but I still can not post and she does the pictures too…
    Thank you for coming by…I missed you

  6. Lael Says:

    Wow, I am so impressed with my big sister!!! This was an amazing video and she did such a good job. Happy birthday Whit!!!

    Patricia Reply:

    Thank you for helping us celebrate by getting the SUV for all the gear she needs on her trip – transported… hope to see you soon – oh talented one – yourself..

  7. Patricia Says:

    Thank you for your comments…I will be back …I had a chance at a lovely sail boat ride out to Boston Harbor on Puget Sound and the weather was perfect….it was a great way to celebrate this birthday – a bit more relaxing than so many years ago at delivery!!

  8. susan Says:

    Hi Patricia! Impressive graphics or technical stuff – none of which I know diddly about but wow, somebody does!!! Lucky you! And HBD to Whit!

    Patricia Reply:

    Very talented indeed and I am in her debt for all the sharing she does with me
    Mathematical whiz kiddo too…and music awesome

  9. Talon Says:

    Happiest of Birthdays to IT Girl! I hope it was a fabulous celebration. That was so neat! All the detail right down to the glowing light in the building – just beautiful! She’s so talented. Thank you, IT Girl, for making your Mom’s blog a special place to visit.

    They grow too fast, don’t they, Patricia? But what a privilege it is to bear witness.

    Hope you and Zip are having a super fine day, Patricia. I just had to pop in and I’m so glad I did! :)
    Talon recently posted..Irreplaceable…My Profile

    Patricia Reply:

    Thank you for coming by, I know you are taking a little break, but I wanted to share this with you…

    Thank you for your lovely comments…and yes they grow up quickly and are now approaching middle age at my house!! I am trying to be excited about this whole new experience!