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Exercising the Emotions II


We are out and about and filling our lungs with fresh air and our conversations with more emotional integrity and excitement.

We are exercising our emotions and taking the challenge to better equip our fitness needs.  I started this challenge with Exercising the Emotions I and am ready to move on to the next challenge.  How about you?  How are you doing with finding more words to describe what you are feeling and using them in your writing and conversations?  Can you tell if it is making a difference yet?

Quite often we get to the point where our muscles are sore and tender when starting a new physical routine, and I am afraid that the same is true for giving our emotions a good work out. It takes about 6 weeks of regular practice to increase the flow and knowledge of your emotions.  So don’t give up because it is a bit trying or difficult.

The average college graduate only uses about 20 words in this category of emotions.  This category makes the gut, ego, mind, and heart all integrate what one is feeling to find expression.  This challenge is about Feelings experienced when our needs are being fulfilled.

Before I begin the challenge I would like to offer up a wee bit of biology; just what I know to be true. All the nerve endings in our physical bodies are sending messages to the gut and the brain all the time.  As babies we started training these messages to have certain definitions and some specialized responses.  We can retrain these responses when we need to do something differently and recode the messages.  Lots of folks know how to turn off their feelings of being ticklish.  We get 1000s of messages all the time, all day long and culturally we have trained ourselves to turn down the volume on most and we have not trained ourselves how to use the messages to enhance our journey.

As so many authors I have been reading as of late are saying, if we are going to experience a paradigm change and become a more loving and focused people, then we need to understand and use our emotions at a higher fitness level.

So let’s get going on Challenge #2

Here are the 50 words about feelings experienced when our needs are being fulfilled, I am asking you to #1 add 10 new words you can think of to the list. Please share them in the comments section.  #2 I would like you to practice using a number of these words in your daily conversation or writing and note any changes in your demeanor.

Wonderful        zestful            warm        trust
Tenderness        thankful        thrilled        tranquil
Sensitive        splendid        secure        satisfied
Radiant            quiet            rested        proud
Pleasure        peaceful        overjoyed    optimism
Overwhelmed        merry            mellow        moved
Loving            jubilant            joyous        interested
Intrigued        invigorated        inspired        inquisitive
Happy            helpful            hopeful        groovy
Gratification        grateful            glorious        glowing
Glee            glad            fulfilled        friendly
Energetic        elated            encouraged    delighted
Confident        calm            comfortable    bliss
Alive            animated        buoyant    appreciation

#3 Take a few minutes and enjoy these words and notice how they feel within your body’s frame.
You might noticed these words form an integration from at least four stimulus areas of the body to have an effect.  They will strengthen your heartfelt thinking along with other muscles in your body. Finally #4 would you take a minute and create a new word and define it for us – give us a new word and definition to describe an emotion where all four parts of the stimulus are integrated.

Oh I am so excited to read what you have to share, I am all a twittery!


If you order anything from Amazon from my site, I will receive a few beans in my bucket – Thank you.

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22 Responses to “Exercising the Emotions II”

  1. vered | blogger for hire Says:

    It’s true – I use very few of these words. Thanks – you gave me something to think about.
    vered | blogger for hire recently posted..Tried to Get Grandma to Give Me Exact Recipe Measurements FailedMy Profile

    patricia Reply:

    Thank you so much for coming by and commenting – I was feeling a bit Lonely here :)

    One of the things about all emotions is that about every 90 seconds we are experiencing another one…so expanding the vocabulary can just make them more useful and powerful in our daily lives.

  2. Melody | Deliberate Receiving Says:

    Hi Patricia,

    These are all high vibrational words, so just sitting with each one and pondering it a bit, it going to do a lot in terms of helping people to feel good. Nice one.

    I don’t have a word, but a phrase i like to use:
    “Happy Puppy Energy”
    I use it to describe that state, when I’m all bouncy and giggly and just excited about life. Like a puppy, who’s always happy, loves anything, approaches everyone with love and excitement.
    Only, um, I’m housebroken…. 😉

    Melody | Deliberate Receiving recently posted..The Truth about Drug and other AddictionsMy Profile

    patricia Reply:

    You made me laugh so hard, I just had to worry about the housebroken for a moment or two.

    I live with one of the happiest puppies in the world – Zip is great vibrational energy for me…

    I like to take these words and repeat one at each stop sign on our walk in the morning…In three miles, we pass quite a few, and wow does it lift my spirits…and I correct my posture…. just working on making it a habit and increasing my skills – Thanks for you good words and comments

  3. jannie funster Says:

    Ahhhh, uplifting! Seems like a very complete list to me. But I would add joyblasted as my def.

    As to tickling, why is it we can turn off the ticklish feelings when we do it to ourselves, but not when some one else is tickling us?? :)

    jannie funster recently posted..What If Everything’s A PoemMy Profile

    patricia Reply:

    sometimes foghorns are meeting needs and uplifting…those not meeting needs are vital to us also

    My parents could turn off tickling when others tickled them and my sister and brother – I was though weak because I was not able to train that out of my senses – I think because I enjoy the sense of touch so much.

    joyblasted sounds like a great new word to add to this list :)
    Thank you for your submission.

    My main list of Needs met words is 365 words long…I just chose 50 for this post

  4. jannie funster Says:

    Oh, and I love that you have your photo up top now, Patricia. A very nice touch. I might think about doing that too over at my place, and some general site design tweaking is in the back of my mind. Gotta upgrade my WordPress first, tho But I think I can get it done for free if I attend a meeting of the local WordPress Meet-Up, I think a Yahoo Groups thing.


    patricia Reply:

    I am doing a bit of tweaking on this blog as I begin Wise Ears and IT Girl is out of classes for the summer and before she leaves on vacation.

    Oh a free upgrade that sounds good to me. I am having a new picture taken on the 24th…I have not taken a picture of me in a long time…haven’t tried the mirror thing with my cellphone yet either…I have almost zero pictures of me…tweaking that too

    Thank you

  5. Davina Haisell Says:

    Hi Patricia.

    What a difference in the energy of these words. They are more expansive and when I consider them I feel my energy is larger and more open. When I considered the words from your first post in this series my energy felt turned more inward. Oh, the power of words!

    Here are 10 more to add to the list for when I feel my needs are being met: generous, exuberant, tingly, excited, invigorated, loved, valued, purposeful, fabulous, motivated

    As for a new made-up word, how about funsticious. I can’t think of a definition.
    Davina Haisell recently posted..Putting Prepositions IN their PlaceMy Profile

    patricia Reply:

    I think because they have such good energy we want to get to these words very quickly…it is good to rest here in this energy, but not if one is ignoring the other needs unmet energy – then one is not getting the whole picture.

    Thanks for adding to the list

    Maybe the funsticious means something Jannie Funster did on her blog post that made you giddy and you wanted to repeat it – make it continuous?

  6. susan Says:

    Hi Patricia! Loving this list – I’d add Restored, Renewed, Composed, Harmonious! I’d choose any of them!

    patricia Reply:

    thank you so much for more great words and yes it is pleasant to hang around these words….using more of them thnt just the basic 20 we like the most, will help our whole bodies radiate in them…

  7. Sam Juliano Says:

    Pat: As a writer of some reviews I find the use of many of these words unavoidable. But there’s a big difference in conjuring up expressions of hyperbole and reveling in the positive connotations of these words in our lives. You are a glorious purveyor of positive energy, and what better way to connect the dots between health and mental well-being.

    I love so many of these words and will only pose to add “exhilaration” to the mix.

    patricia Reply:

    Thank you Mr. Juliano for dropping in and your kind words – they are greatly appreciated.

    Exhilaration is a magnificent word – yes, by all means let us add it to the list.

    It is easy to want to stay with these words, because of their vibrations but we need the whole language of our bodies to make change, decisions, and to be our best. Body language is not limited to our desires to just visit one country.

    My It Girl went to see Midnight in Paris the new Woody Allen – she thought it was better than she could imagine it to be, and she must have enjoyed it as her whole being on the phone conveyed that very idea – pleasure and laughter partaken.

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  9. Baker Says:

    Excellent post. An inward shift has begun after seeing this post. Keep up the lightworking.

    patricia Reply:

    welcome….I am finding that review my teaching work is reconnecting me also for some interesting inner work. thank you for your kind words

    patricia Reply:

    I have tried several times today to make a comment on your blog post. I could not get anything to open so that I could comment or read the about page – everything looks interesting and I wished to explore your site.

    I did share the post on tweet.

  10. Joy Says:

    Hi Patricia,
    I love your photo!
    Reading through these words raises my vibration..living each word is life enriching! As I skimmed through the list, I thought of affirmations I could use in my life including them..
    I tend to Feel electrified, passionate, Divine, powerful..
    Thank you for this wonderful exercise!
    Joy recently posted..A Nomadic Minimalist- Freedom Fighter- and Joy Filled Sailor Girl Spend a Thrilling Day TogetherMy Profile

    patricia Reply:

    This is fun that you thought of a way to use the words in affirmations.
    I wish that I could recognize them faster when they bubble up for their 90 seconds in the light —they are a part of our amazing healing system…just as the words in Emotion Exercise I…

    neither or negative or positive….I am hoping that the “I” words will soon be increasing my energy levels as much as the “II” words do already

  11. Hilary Says:

    Hi Patricia … loving, caring, sunny, stimulating, happy, positive, thoughtful, generous, buzzing, brimming … love Davina’s new word … interesting series .. thanks – Hilary
    Hilary recently posted..Guess when this was first written – “I wrote 2 U B 4”My Profile

    patricia Reply:

    Hey Hilary – thanks for coming by I know you have been busy.

    With all the new brain research and understanding coming about we now know that emotional understanding and useability is more important than brain power – the brain helps us act, but does not do change or redefining – those are properties of our emotions.

    If we stay in a us vs them mode then the emotions are positive or negative….if we move beyond that thinking, emotions become the
    leaders of our actions and making change…we have the power to reprogram our thinking at anytime…
    emotions are our Search Engine Optimizers!!