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High Energy Power Breakfast

Strawberry Almond Pudding

Strawberry Almond Pudding

I have finally found something that gives me energy and heartiness for breakfast.  I thought I should share this power meal with you so that you too might enjoy it.

I have been exploring to find just the best foods for me, because I want energy, hearty, whole foods which will help me function well and enjoy the day.   I always pick organic items because I have such sensitivity to chemicals, dyes, and preservatives.

On Today’s Path, written by Suzen, I have found lots of new information sharing about the politics of food and I discovered part of this recipe in the comments section of one of her recent posts.   I have been playing with it and not only have I lost weight but it has been a relief to have so much energy. I can also save money because I can cut back on 2 of the expensive supplements I take because I cannot have Fish/Seaford or Dairy.

Strawberry Almond Pudding
1 cup organic raw almonds
1 cup water ( I used ½c  of Strawberry juice/1/2c H2O, from my defrosted berries)
Blend until smooth in the blender
Add 1 cup frozen strawberries and again blend until smooth.
Chill until it firms up.
4 servings and 4 great breakfasts!

Then I read on Today’s Path about Chia Seeds and all their miracle properties.   Now we have been adding these and Flax seeds to our food since I reviewed the book BORN TO RUN.

This morning I made a new round of the Pudding with Blueberries adding 1/3 cup of Chia Seeds (black) and 1/3 cup of ground flax seeds.   This definitely makes about 6 servings, and it is a fabulous way to get fiber without all the side effects!

Blueberry Almond Chia Pudding

Blueberry Almond Chia Pudding

I went for about 6 hours without feeling the least bit hungry, which included the laundry and hanging it out on the line, a 2 mile walk, meditation, yoga stretching, vacuuming, dusting, showering, cleaning one bathroom and errands.   Oh yes!  I squeezed in writing a post on my non – writing day!

Have you gotten any good ideas or healthy ideas from all the great blogs on line?  Any you would like to share?   Come on pass on the good news!

I will also add that the Olive Oil that I received from DiPalo Selects via Momgrind is definitely part of my pain relief regime for my legs and hands – There is quite a difference which is very noticeable

Happy Mother’s Day to all my readers who are mums!

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12 Responses to “High Energy Power Breakfast”

  1. vered | blogger for hire Says:

    “I went for about 6 hours without feeling the least bit hungry” – wow. I usually feel hungry every 3-4 hours!

    Glad the oil is doing you some good Patricia. Have a great day!
    vered | blogger for hire recently posted..Unlike You Monsters- I Have A Heart! Herman Told The Nazis- And His Life Was Forever ChangedMy Profile

  2. patricia Says:

    I have discovered there is a great difference in oils…the one I won truly makes a difference in pain levels…

    Since I get stimulated by food – it is hard not to think about it all the time, when I feel FULL that sensation shuts down…I was not ready to eat again for 6 hours…but I would not eat this for supper- too much energy!

    The fiber is great too

  3. Hilary Says:

    Hi Patricia .. wonderful that you enjoyed Vered’s oil she sent you .. sounds a really good win that one .. and your breakfasts .. they look very good – I’m the opposite and if I eat breakfast then I’m sluggish all day – just stop altogether ….

    Definitely fresh fruits and salads .. and lots of water .. long may your regimen continue to help you – that’s wonderful news.

    Cheers Hilary
    Hilary recently posted..These are my Reflections of the A – Z Challenge of 2011 My Profile

    patricia Reply:

    Yes the oil is good and I am making all sorts of new discoveries.

    I did not eat breakfast for years…first as a teen because my Mother insisted a full glass of milk with each meal and I did not like the sensation of nausea all morning long after that.

    I did drink a protein drink when I was pregnant that was not dairy based, but then gave it up again, when I could not enjoy food in the mornings or my hernia would create problems.

    This I can eat and it gets my GI track awake and my metabolism working with me – the Chia seeds are loaded with good stuff that is usable for the body.

    My partner puts 1/3 cup of chia seeds in 2 cups of water and drinks that down before running….very light on the stomach and tons of energy packed inside….

    Need to get over and read your good words
    Thanks for stopping by

  4. Jannie Funster Says:

    Hi Dear Patricia,

    this line intrigues me especially…

    “Have you gotten any good ideas or healthy ideas from all the great blogs on line?”

    It seems I have gotten SO many great ideas from bloggers I could go on a long long time. Let me see some I can remember, mostly in the “good ideas” catefory.

    — go easy on yourself, you are a special person
    — Say NO to GMOs
    — Say YES to saying no to some things
    — Get lots of sleep, bloggers need sleep too!
    — do happy dances and sing when yu get stressed.

    Not sure if all those nuts would agree with my delicate constitution, but if you could come and whip up a batch of that, I’d try it! And if you felt like hanging out my wash, vacuuming and cleaning out one bathroom here, I wouldn’t turn you down. :)


  5. patricia Says:

    Great list Jannie of good healthy ideas and i thank you kindly for sharing them with me and the others here…

    I am finding it better to cut the portions to 6 so all those nuts will not upset or offend, and it is so filling it is easy..

    Yep, I would love to drop by and hang the laundry, even fold, and vacuum, clean a bathroom and whip up some pudding… I already promised you to do the dishes next time I am in town!

    Not an idle threat!

    hugs and health to you

  6. Brownpaperbaggirl Says:

    Delicious! I have a hard time with breakfast most days, but this recipe sounds lovely. I’ll have to give it a try.

    patricia Reply:

    Thank you for coming by and commenting Brown paper Bag Girl

    I too have searched long and hard for something that fills the bill at breakfast – light and energizing without upset stomach…and when I cut this recipe to 6 servings – I think I found a good match for me – my GI track loved it

    Your writing today was just lovely and loving Thank you

  7. Talon Says:

    Happy Mother’s Day, Patricia!

    I like my whole grain cereals with a teaspoon of ground flax seed for breakfast. And I always have to have yogurt with fresh berries as a snack – whatever is in season (or frozen in mid-winter when berries aren’t locally available). I can’t wait for the fresh raspberries – my favs!
    Talon recently posted..RestlessMy Profile

    Patricia Reply:

    I love a bowl of oatmeal with fruit and ground flax seeds, but my body does not like it in the morning….I quite often have it for supper. The Chia seeds in this pudding are the trick and much nicer than eating 1/3 cup in 2 cups of water – which forms a tasteless goo but produces tons of useable energy for people…I also sprinkle 2 tablespoons of ground flax seeds on all my food throughout the day.

    RASPBERRIES are my most favorite fruit on the planet…Wow I hear you :)
    Patricia recently posted..High Energy Power BreakfastMy Profile

  8. suzen Says:

    Hi Patricia! (I’m catching up on blogs – since “summer” temps are here I tend to be outside rather than on line much, haha!) GREAT recipe – thanks so much for that and also for the mention of my blog! I just “sold” half the trainers at the health club I belong to on the chia seeds – wishing I had stock in the company! haha

    patricia Reply:

    I just made up this recipe from a comment on your chia seeds post

    I was purchasing another bag at the store and persuaded all the folks in line to give it a try…and the bagger raced and copied the recipe in the office to give to each one….7 more folks giving it a try.

    They are just a miracle food for people with Celiac Disease.

    Robin Easton made it too and we are now happy dancing together as we eat or morning portions!

    I know about the call of sunshine – I just truly need to get outside and can not stay put