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To Life

Easter Brunch 2011

Easter Brunch 2011

We had company for Easter Sunday Brunch; a nice meal and conversation.  I hope that whatever you did on this morning, it felt inspiring and uplifting to your spirits.  Our menu was divine: mushroom/onion quiche, strawberries, pear, chocolate chip pumpkin muffins, sparkling cider, chocolate and at least one PEEP.   Oh YUM!

Our whole city seemed to come alive this weekend to uplift spirits and inspire.  Out popped a 65’F/ 17’C sunny day, for our Arts Walk, Earth Day, Procession of the Species Parade, Good Friday and Easter weekend.  It is raining on all the egg hunts today – but oh how lovely it was yesterday and the peas made a green appearance in the garden beds.   I was amazed to discover so many wonderful and new artists in our community and to see and celebrate their experience.  One of my favorite parts of the parade is the precision push lawnmower drill team – and the beautiful giant puppets and colorful costumes are magnificent.  Music, music, music wafted upon the air, with the drums rhythm late into the evening keeping step.

To get my spirits prepared for this weekend, I carefully chose two documentary films to watch.

My friend Brad texted me about the film  THE HUMAN EXPERIENCE  by Cliff Azize and friends about his younger brother Jeff’s year long experience to understand family and love.  Jeff is quite a bit younger and suffered migraine headaches and has a form of autism.  His father was harsh and abusive with Jeff particularly when he was still at home and drinking; Jeff had not seen his father for over 10 years; he had recently moved into a half way house and it is from there the adventure begins.  The two brothers live on the streets with homeless people in New York City, they travel to find a group of surfers who help needy children all the way up and down the continents on the Pacific Ocean.   They travel to Africa to meet Lepers, and victims of AIDs recording what they experience and what they discover along the way.   It is a very moving film and in their simple presentation one is drawn into understanding the significant connection between love and family.

I was reminded of Mother Theresa’s words:  “There is more hunger for love and appreciation in this world than bread”

This film was a healing experience for the brothers and for me brought out the feelings of gratitude for the love within my family unit and how that radiates into service for others.

The second film I watched was a discovery I made doing some surfing myself.  I was working on the question – “How do I inspire people to understand the importance of reading and why am I not doing a better job of this on my blog?”   I was led to THE HOBART SHAKESPEAREANS

This is a documentary film about an amazing teacher and his 20 years of teaching 5th Grade in one of the poorest segments of Los Angeles.  In this classroom, the children arrive from homes where English is not their first language.  They are surrounded by violence, as witnessed in one scene where the school is locked down because of a fatal shooting outside.  These 50 children are reading Classic American Literature such as OF MICE AND MEN, THE ADVENTURES OF HUCK FINN, TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD, and at least a dozen more, which focus on the American Experience.  They have a trip to Washington DC and they learn about their country through visiting all the sites; making history comes alive.  On their own time, they study Shakespeare’s plays and they understand every word of what they are learning; at the last week of school they perform their focus play, play the music, and clearly understand the work. Impressive.

Rafe Esquith the teacher, has several books out and is a guest speaker for a number of teaching organizations.  He teaches 6 days a week and on Saturday lots of former students come back to study for the SATs and work on other school work in his classroom.  I would have loved to be in such a wonderful classroom along the way, but as impressive as the classroom was, this teacher’s ability to help the children learn how to learn, how to keep their minds open and to formulate their own ideas was impressive and inspiring.  He opened the door to their own curiosity and gave them the skills to know and understand themselves.   Powerful.

This is how I prepared for a big weekend and gave myself inspiration to keep job hunting, and paying my bills; inspiring people to heal and make positive change in their lives.   How do you prepare yourself and motivate yourself to make change?  What techniques do you use?

Looking forward to your sharing ideas.

There is a book giveaway happening on the blog April 28th  for the PROCRASTION EQUATION.

A random drawing will be held for a comment written on the post on April 27th….there is still time to get your name entered!    Unless you are procrastinating?


Tess Marshall of the BOLD LIFE won the copy of the Book The LONG GOODBYE by Meghan O’Rourke

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20 Responses to “To Life”

  1. Betsy Wuebker Says:

    Hi Patricia – So glad you had a sunshine-y day for your activities. It’s amazing what the first hint of spring will do to lift the spirit, isn’t it? And it always seems to know just when we need it most. Have a wonderful week.

    patricia Reply:

    I am excited about your trip to BC – lucky you, Vancouver would lift anyone’s spirits!

    We have always come home from Easter celebrations and worked in the garden – as the gardener spoke to Mary at the tomb…this year having so many celebrations during one week and having the weather be lovely for the parade was truly a spirit lifter.

    There was a great deal of clarification for me this weekend – now I need to figure out how to manifest.

  2. Talon Says:

    What a delightful brunch! The peep looks perfect perched there :) Sounds like you had a lovely weekend, Patricia.

    Those signs of spring – that greening – is so life-affirming.

    Both the documentaries sound wonderful. Thank you.

    And Mother Teresa was so full of wisdom and generosity of heart and soul, wasn’t she? That quote is so very very true. Positivity has such far-reaching ripples…and I can’t help but think they can push back the negativity gently and firmly.
    Talon recently posted..A DemiseMy Profile

    patricia Reply:

    What to do with all those eggs! I was lucky to get some from the farmer’s market and we have had so many pancakes as of late….it was a good surprise….and mushrooms are a huge source of vit. D which we all need with so much rain!

    The documentaries are wonderful and I was so happy to have found them.

    Library Girl loves peeps – as did my mum….but we had very limited sugar at our celebrations….

    Hope you had a good weekend too.

  3. vered | blogger for hire Says:

    Yum! Glad you’re feeling renewed and ready to face more challenges.
    vered | blogger for hire recently posted..Olive Oil Tasting In Barcelona- Grandma’s Onion Rolls- and a Giveaway!My Profile

    patricia Reply:

    Renewed and gifted….heavy rain this morning and a lovely package delivered to my porch… Olive Oil Yum Yum indeed!

  4. Mama Zen Says:

    I can easily motivate myself to do almost anything except make a change!

    patricia Reply:

    Mama Zen,
    I still think “change” is the dirtiest word in the human language! I love to make changes in my life particularly when I feel so much better and the outcome and results are most loving…
    ….there must be some thing radical that I must change and that is why I am currently so STUCK…I would rather just leap and not need to go through all the rehash of the fears and worries…my body is screaming at me to make the change as is my financial situation….it is very uncomfortable in here.

    If I do not change I think my body will just take matters into it’s own and I will be suffering in new ways…

  5. suzen Says:

    Hi Patricia! Those videos sound inspiring! And I’m sure you found the sunshine equally so. We drove up to our lake house in northern Wisc. over Easter wkend – greeted by an inch of new snow on Friday nite. They get spring a lot later up there than we do in Illinois. I was glad to get back here on Sunday and see green grass and buds and my daffodils waving in the breeze. We have gray skies and rain so much it rather feels like Seattle, only colder. It’s been 20 degrees below the normal average for going on 6 weeks. I’m left with trying to IMAGINE spring, and continually transplanting my garden seeds (now much more than sprouts!) into larger and larger containers – awaiting their debut outside. Weird weather and it challenges you to accept changes since you sure can’t fight it.

    I don’t usually find the word change to be so icky though. To me it’s a nudge from the Universe to get creative – like brainstorm a bit on how to make changing things some kind of adventure. My top hated word is can’t – followed by diet.

    patricia Reply:

    It sounds like you had a good weekend and that you were able to enjoy it with the weather- that good accepting what one can not change.
    It is back to raining here, but it has warmed up about 8 degrees and that is getting the peas and rhubarb growing. We have bought into a CSA again to cut our water bills – watering the veggie garden and orchard 2 years ago was a $400.00 month! We just water the garden once a week when it is not raining.

    Those are very powerful negative words.
    I think change is just one of the most positive words…when it is not used as a blunt object – yep it does inspire those creative juices :)
    Surely liked your last post about protein.

  6. Sara Says:

    Patricia — I loved the picture of your Easter brunch:~)

    I was very impressed with what you did to get ready for the weekend. Wow.

    The movies you watched sounded very motivating and it must have nice to have you family gathered together.

    I had a quiet Easter. Opposite to what many others say, we are fully in summer, including the humidity. Right now, it’s very dry, but hopefully all those receiving the rain will it down my way:~)

    Thanks for sharing your Easter Day with me, Patricia:~)

    patricia Reply:

    Thank you for coming by and commenting – always a delight.

    Only one child came home for Easter – or maybe just to be fed and do her laundry? I just felt I needed to do something to counter balance the heavy rain that has been happening for the last really 18 months. It was lovely to have the parade and arts walk in the sunshine even though Easter Sunrise Services were in a downpour and hard to fathom under umbrellas…I finally listened to my friend Amy’s sermon which she posted on Facebook for her family 3,000 miles away…it was great.

    I remember Florida humidity…very similar to North Carolina humidity….all that sunshine – yes! Let’s trade some of our rain for some summer here? How’s that for a deal?

    Always good to find you here…now popping over to your site for a visit.

  7. Alien Ghost Says:

    Hi Patricia,

    Ah! Just having some sunshine and warm temperatures do the trick for me. It’s been rainy almost everyday in here, and although I love rain, the warmer temperatures that should come shortly will be the most uplifting part.


    patricia Reply:

    I think that sunshine warms the soul…besides giving Vit D

    An I have to go find a sweater this morning – it is so cold brrr

  8. Hilary Says:

    Hi Patricia .. sounds too delicious .. and you’re certainly busy .. I’m not sure how you do it .. I had a quiet normal day .. not much changes with Mum up the road .. but I enjoy what I do .. building for my future .. and that’s what counts ..

    Got some cooking to do for a street party I’m going to for The Wedding! . . so that will be fun and something different ..

    Cheers .. Hilary
    Hilary recently posted..W is for Wedding- Westminster Abbey- the Windsors and William – that is what W is for My Profile

    patricia Reply:

    Sounds like your are going to have fun too – Hilary, it was nice to have a busy weekend and this coming weekend I have a meeting I must attend – then life returns to normal speed.

    Glad to hear your mum is stable and doing ok. I truly want to read you post for W

  9. Deborah Says:

    Hi Patricia, I enjoyed reading about your Easter weekend. You seem to have made the most of everything and I love the quote you have given us from Mother Theresa. I think my family are my biggest motivators. We have spent Easter weekend with family and friends – Good Friday we had our newest grandson here with ‘mum and dad’ – their first trip out for a proper visit. Saturday saw us at some dear friends’ barbeque and hunting for shade. Temperatures this weekend have been in the mid twenties – a taste of real summer! A walk along the Harbour and an ice cream cornet completed this idyllic day. We were then invited to our youngest daughter’s house on Easter Sunday for lunch so were able to spend time with our eldest grandson (all of 6 months) and their new puppy – a gorgeous British Bulldog. Monday was a day of catching up with the garden and life. I am now thoroughly motivated to do all those things I have been putting off and today have swapped my winter wardrobe for summer (keeping a few warmer garments just in case as British weather can play tricks). Lovely post which got me thinking. Thank you!
    Deborah recently posted..Lost in the WoodsMy Profile

    patricia Reply:

    You truly had a busy weekend and the joy of new babies too!
    Today, I had to unpack a sweater to go over my sweatshirt and turn up the heat in my office – dark, heavy cloudy rain…feels more like November not April.
    I wonder if I should find lighter clothing for the meeting out of town this weekend or just stick with layers and be safe?

    You weekend sounds fair heavenly Thank you for stopping by

  10. Jannie Funster Says:

    Wow, sounds like Olympia, WA knows how to festival with art, flair and fun. Procession of the Species, sounds like fun. Anything like Prgression of the Species?? 😉 Maybe evolution, over progress, eh? Good evolution that is, towards love and light.

    What did we do Easter morning? Had a big family fight. just kidding. :) I found the funnest part of Easter was the egg hunt at the lake park Saturday, msut such a nice energy and community feeling.

    I love the Hobart Shakespeare story. Like that teacher played by the Oscar winner Hilary Swank, she made such a difference in the lives of inner city kids. Forget the movie’s name, sorry.


    Jannie Funster recently posted..We All Know — a poemMy Profile

    patricia Reply:

    The costumes were fantastic and fun and our new Peace Choir was quite a great addition to the events. – yes towards love and light.

    I forgot the movies name too with Hilary Swank…it was a good one, but Hobart Shakespearean is a documentary and there are no actors in it…just the real kids and teacher…very interesting and inspiring.

    Nice to have you drop by and I loved your poem and the guys in kilts one too!