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How Do You Celebrate May Day?

flower basket

Flower Basket

May 1 is International Labor Day or Workers Day.  All of the alternative and creative businesses in our city are closed on this day and many of the folks employed by the State save up a vacation day to pause and be part of the experience.

As a child, I loved May Day.  As an art project at school we all made paper woven baskets and then filled them with flowers to deposit at the doors of our neighbors and friends.  I liked to make ones that hung on the door knobs, ring the doorbell and runnnnnnnnn……  We lived on a street with 6 elderly folks and they just loved being a recipient.   My Mother even liked the baskets full of dandelions; not for the smell but for the bright, happy yellow faces!

At Patricia’s Wisdom it is a celebration of another kind.  We are celebrating the end of year 2 and the beginning of year 3.

Jannie sent me ladybug stickers!

Ladybug stickers

Ladybug Stickers!

At the start of year 2, I was very excited to share all the statistics and successes of the first year.  This year I am very happy with how the blog is doing and very thankful for my 300 readers per week, who just seem to stick with me and read my words.

I want to say very special words of gratitude for all the special people who have made donations to my  writing world this year.   Especially Sara, a big thank you, for donating your garage sale earnings at a moment of deep need and keeping the healing progressing.  As always, I am grateful to the TLC Book Tours folks for sending so many delightful reads my direction and for the people who bought the books that I reviewed and shared with you – putting a few beans in my bucket, nearly every month.  Thank you also to the authors who sent me copies of their books and wanted to know what I thought about their ideas and words.

I won a bottle of Olive Oil from Vered’s Mom Grind Blog


Olive Oil

I have been to two Olive Oil tasting parties in my life, and I must say that this is one of the finest oils I have ever tasted.  It has an intense flavor and I used fresh Italian bread with it and a bit of my balsamic vinegar that was aged 25 years in Italy.  Since Olive Oil is one of the things my body likes best in this healing process, I thought this was exceptionally fine and my palate agreed.  Exquisite! Bella!

You might be as happy as I am to know that this Italian Deli in New York City now ships nationwide?

Di Palo’s Little Italy can be found at www. DiPaloSelects.com

Most of year 2 was spent on healing the body and the financial situation.  I have had such great assistance in writing new resumes and figuring out how to find positions and I am sorry that I have not found a position as of yet.   I am still learning new things and am completing a class on professional grant writing and beginning a class on building a business and getting paid.   When I pass the certification exam for Grant Writing, I will be able to charge fees for my services, something I have done for students and non-profits for years without compensation of any kind.

The body went through 3 extensive Detox regimes this year and wow am I feeling better.  I can successfully report I am off the blood pressure medication (that depressing stuff) and back to some great exercise.   The liver and kidneys are healing and almost working up to par and thus the headaches, fatigue, and blood sugar behaviors are normalizing too.  Knee is still painful and swollen, and I am told that should be helped as I focus on losing more weight.  Making healing the top priority has truly paid off, and I am still keeping myself as my top focus.

Another gift that came my way – a “stay at home present” from Korea

Ginseng Steamed Red Chocolate

Ginseng Steamed Red Chocolate

I must share with you what it says on the package:  It’s a speciality of Korea. Nourishing chocolate bar made of ginseng steamed red.  With tasty rice sweets and light and deep powdered ginseng contained People, young and old, men and women can enjoy.  It’s a Koryo ginseng steamed red chocolate bar of Songlim Confectionery company.  YUM – I know I am in for a treat!

I am not going to share with you many goals and plans for the 3rd year of blogging.  I am just going to continue, steady as she goes, for right now.  I am finding clarity and joy in what I am doing, and I believe my writing is improving.  I so enjoy reading the comments that you share with me and it makes me feel connected to a greater community.   I love reading your words and ideas both in the comments forum and on your fabulous blogs and post.

IT GIRL is taking good care of me and she is writing her Master Thesis between now and the end of the year.  I am just going to say Thank YOU to her and not pester about design and wants.  I am hoping to be able to make enough money in year 3 to pay for my blog rent and fees and not have to borrow from her!

Zip ready to Party!

Ready to Party

Zip is Ready to Party

So I hope you will pick a bloom or two to celebrate your labors and I look forward to connecting through your words in comments.

Thank you for all the visits you have made here and for sharing my work in your social media spectrum.  Wishing for you fine tastes and delightful mail.  Thank you all.

Congratulations Are In Order!

Way to go!

Change Artist in Action
I’m Two
32 Years of Writing
I Do Not Know Anything Different

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14 Responses to “How Do You Celebrate May Day?”

  1. Dot Says:

    It’s so great that you feel inspired to keep blogging and are drawing so many readers. I’m so glad you’ve put the focus on yourself, and it sounds like it is really paying off. Congratulations! And I hope you just keep getting better.

    patricia Reply:

    Thank you for coming on by and I should have mentioned the lovely book you sent me – because it is a good resource and I think it might actually help me lighten up a bit.

    On the getting better part – you and me both! :) I think it is a good start to a new year. Sending you a hug

  2. vered | blogger for hire Says:

    So glad you enjoy the olive oil. I too find that it’s exquisite.
    vered | blogger for hire recently posted..OfflineMy Profile

    patricia Reply:

    Thank you Vered,
    My body liked it a great deal too – it is exquisite

  3. Talon Says:

    Zip has grown so much! He’s so adorable! He must be such a great motivator for happy walks, Patricia.

    I’m glad you’re feeling well and how wonderful to be off of the blood pressure medication – that’s amazing!

    One of the best things about blogging is making wonderful friends. It’s inspiring.

    I’ve often thought that spring would make a better beginning to the year than January – much more naturally hopeful, rejuvenating and uplifting.
    Talon recently posted..EremiticalMy Profile

    patricia Reply:

    Congrats again on the book. Friends are one of the best parts of blogging along with all the lovely words and photographs…

    Oh me too – let’s move the new year to the spring moon – grand idea!

    I did make IT Girl work a bit – Zip is sitting on the stickers and I was attempting to get the picture for the blog…Zip is just so happy on our walks…and he is back to doing the long route – this is good. It Girl edited the several pictures I took to get something useable for this post !!

  4. Arts Web Show Says:

    I usually have to work on may day, nature of the job. lol
    These are all well deserved gifts, you inspire a lot of people

    patricia Reply:

    Thank you for your good words Richard….that is the best gift of all!

    Most of the USA ignores May Day – just a great shopping day!

  5. Sara Says:

    Patricia — What a wonderful post, full of love and hope…what YOU give to all of us:~)

    You have taught me so much. I learn about good books, how to survive when times are tough (critical lesson) and how to appreciate the everyday moments of life. In addition I’ve learned something new in this post — Olive Oil tasting parties! Who knew? This sounds really interesting.

    I hope you proud of yourself. It’s people like you, who keep taking the next step and the next…that show how difficult times can turn into celebrations.

    While I regret no job has landed yet, I think you will find there’s a good reason for this…that when you do find the job, it will be the right one.

    Congratulations on your blogging. BTW I love Zip…how anyone not love that face:~)

    patricia Reply:

    Your comment made me cry – thank you again and again for your lovely words and your help during desperate times.

    Olive Oil tasting parties are a lovely fundraiser here, thought up by arrivals to this state….I think because when you come from California or East Coast or sophisticated states like Florida – your palate goes into arrest until one discoveries the Internet lets you order the great and familiar stuff IN! The Italians and Spaniards do not seem to like this part of the world! It is so hard to find those lovely tastes I grew to love in other locales. We are starting to have quite a Jewish population here with our new temple….when I was a child folks only came for projects and then went away when the project was done – so all my good tastes were found in people’s homes…We even have a deli coming!

    I am 61, I want to do the right job for me, although I get discouraged, I just go to my TO DO list and my energies lift….I am working on grant writing now to get our schools some help and a fun project to showcase my partner’s great design abilities – never a dull moment for me ( even if I am without health ins.!)

    Zip is not so cute today! We walked by a small bulldozer creating a driveway remodel and he saw all that dirt and just jumped right into digging…and with no rain he wants out the door every 10 minutes or so…a bit trying! but cute!

    He is sitting on Jannie’s stickers in the above picture! cute but not so helpful.

    Happy May Day

  6. suzen Says:

    Hi Patricia! Lovely post and congrats on keeping on with the blog – few do! I love the variety of posts you have – it is always something interesting, touching, funny, well, you name it!

    May Day has always been the day I go get flowers. May not plant them that day, but I will sure get them. It has always been a special day – just the thought of May – love it love it love it! I have a porch full of seeds that have sprouted and want to go into the garden. I’ve been waiting for a bit of warm up – it’s sure been slow in coming this year because I’m normally done with planting by now. A plate of patience for dinner! :)

    patricia Reply:

    Hi Suzen,
    Thank you for your lovely words and good wishes.

    I am a bit all over the map…on my posts, but then that keeps change interesting.

    We have some sunshine today, but still only 50’F and the ground is so soggy…what an amazingly wet 18 months we have had here and cold. I have my geraniums in the garage yet – maybe by mother’s day. The roses just look horrendous – I hope I can get them back
    Camellias are stunning this year and long lasting.

    We bought into a CSA again as ours has green houses and their own artisan well water Husband is biking for 5 weeks this summer, so I can only do what I can manage alone.

    Thanks for your great words of encouragement

  7. Deborah Says:

    Hi Patricia, Congratulations on still having such a successful blog. Lovely picture of Zip there – I am sure he will feature often! I have been buying bunches of flowers for family this weekend but nothing quite beats the little posies that the children used to give me, freshly picked from the garden – dandelions and daisies included 😉
    Deborah recently posted..Lost in the WoodsMy Profile

    patricia Reply:

    Nothing can match those blossoms in a child’s basket….We had a lovely spring day for the first and my hubs even got sunburned! Spent the whole day in the yard, pruning and planting. Now rain and cold are back…so spring :)

    I just ordered ZIP another ID badge for his harness – he is chipped but after your Flossie story a phone number at the moment would be a better deal! what a good story with a great ending

    Thanks for you comments