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Red Fox – Good Morning


After Yin-Yoga I hurried home to uncrate the pup and get Zip and I out for a walk while the rain was just misty.  Half a block from our house the road makes a 75 degree bend and there are some special water diverter curbs and drains to carry runoff away from the houses.  As we rounded the corner, I knew we were being watched; I turned and looked behind and as my eyes scanned back to forward I saw it – a small and stunning Red Fox.

Deeply red with dark brown legs and fluffy tail, the fox was smaller than Zip and stood quietly on top of the curb right at the drain.  I proceeded across to the far sidewalk to divert the pup and the fox stayed quietly still in an elegant pose.  I could not take my eyes off of this beautiful creature.  We paused for a steady 3 minutes.  I made a move to get my cell phone out of my pocket and that was too much for fox, who then turned and ran across the lawn and down into the woods by the lake.

After the walk, I raced to my Native American Medicine Cards book to read about fox medicine.  Camouflage is its primary medicine.

Here are some excerpts from my book:

“Fox medicine involves adaptability, cunning, observation, integration, and swiftness of thought and action.  These traits may also include quick decisiveness, and sure-footedness in the physical world.”

“Fox’s ability to be unseen allows it to be the protector of the family unit. Great Spirit in the Choctaw tongue honors Fox with the duty of keeping the family together and safe. This is accomplished through Fox’s ability to observe undetected, without making others self-conscious…and an excellent talisman for those traveling far afield.”

“…it is a sign that you are to become like the wind, which is unseen yet is able to weave into and through any location or situation.  You would be wise to observe the acts of others rather than their words at this time.”

“While learning from Fox, you might also gain confidence in your ability to know instantly what will happen next….With Fox medicine you are being asked  to see all types of uses for Oneness.”

“Become Fox and feel the joy of knowing the playground of your life.  You may just find the chicken coop full of intriguing morsels of delight.”

So what do you think it means to see an elegant Red Fox?  What do you think it is telling me?  Do you think this was a lesson for nature?  Or just an interesting sighting?

Looking forward to your thoughts on this one:

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16 Responses to “Red Fox – Good Morning”

  1. Hilary Says:

    Hi Patricia .. I am sure we learnt from animals in our past lives .. they have much to offer and the tales, myths, sagas we have recorded now are there for us to learn from .. there’s always a few takes and ideas we are given ..

    Lovely picture of the fox .. and the medicine cards .. thank goodness we did manage to record some of our ancients worlds .. and some is being kept alive today ..

    Enjoy the rest of the week and walks etc ..hope the weather is warming up somewhat .. it is here .. cheers Hilary
    Hilary recently posted..The Alpha and the Omega – 300 posts- stroke- bowel cancer- alzheimers My Profile

    patricia Reply:

    Hi Hilary,
    I just had to share this story and encounter – it was so peaceful. I wish I had gotten my cell camera out of my pocket and recorded the actual fox, but this is a near proximity – the one I saw had such deep red coloring, white, and dark dark brown legs and tail – just stunningly beautiful.

    It is good that we have some of our lore written down to figure out again and again – what we are being told by nature.

    Weather is warming up, but we have moved into flooding stage, after about 55 days of constant rain and at least 10 more on their way – so wet this morning we did not go for a walk – all the blossoms are grounded and that makes me a bit sad.

  2. Betsy Wuebker Says:

    Hi Patricia – I think the fox showed itself for a spiritual reason. With all the wildlife encounters that Pete and I had after a particularly stressful time last summer, the meanings of the specific animals were uncanny. I think, based upon what you shared from your cards, perhaps this encounter was to remind you that you are clever and resourceful, and that you will continue to find much to enjoy in life. If so, what a delightful message to receive!

    patricia Reply:

    Hi Betsy,
    Yes I do think it was a spiritual event in my life. Spider is my spirit guide for 2011 which is all about writing, but I think fox has something to say too.

    IT Girl found a great picture…I wish I had been able to get my camera out of pocket. I thought it was interesting that puppy did not even notice fox…too busy with the telephone pole and bush?

    I remember all your good signs from last year and your wonderful posts. After 2 family deaths and my brother’s liver disease/illness and move…I seem to be having a rather heavy year this year.

    I like your interpretation very much – Thank you I think I will hold on to it :)

  3. vered | blogger for hire Says:

    Wow. I’ve never seen a fox in real life.
    vered | blogger for hire recently posted..You Would Never Guess it From This Recipe- But I’ve Been Eating HealthierMy Profile

    patricia Reply:

    I had never see a fox in real life before either – now deer, raccoons, rabbits, squirrels and possums, not to mention coyotes are common in my yard, but a Red Fox…and so elegant…

  4. Megan "JoyGirl!" Bord Says:

    Drew me RIGHT IN! Thank you, Patricia! I love the fox, especially as a messenger animal. Plus, I always believe when animals show up that they bring their medicine to us. Whatever is going on in your life right now holds the key to what fox was trying to tell you.

    By the way, fox is one of my totems. The two of us are close… very, very close! (smile)

    patricia Reply:

    I am feeling the energy of close Megan. like a big hug! I just felt like this stunningly beautiful fox was there just for me and was carrying a message to me. I do not think Fox is one of my lifetime totem guides and I have not drawn that card before…now I need to look up my lifetime reading chart…

    Several of my friends are thinking we should arrange to have Simon Hay come here for a healing workshop – maybe I need to email you about the details. For I see you will soon be in his good company again :)

  5. Jannie Funster Says:

    A stunning sighting indeed. I beta he was interested in you too, your totem telling you all is well.

    Foxes don’t like cell phones, I guess?

    I think it was your lucky day to be part of the wild. I saw a wild rabbit a few months ago. he was soooo cute.

    Jannie Funster recently posted..The Most Beautiful Soaps I’ve Met YetMy Profile

    patricia Reply:

    Your letter just came into my mailbox…I am overwhelmed and Thank you…will get back to you…

    IT was a stunning sighting. I keep remarking on how beautiful he/she was – the colors so dramatic and how the puppy did not see him at all?
    Just a bit of joy?

  6. Sara Says:


    I have that book! I also like the read up on the animal cards when i spot an unusual animal around. I did when I saw the turkey fly across the road. It’s interesting.

    Recently, my partner, JC, spotted a mama fox and her kits? by the lake in my neighborhood. My neighborhood is sort of in the countryside with lots of open space, so it’s not unusual to see a fox.

    I enjoyed your discovery and the fact that he sat quietly for you to watch:~)

    patricia Reply:

    Isn’t it a great book, I have the cards also and my children just love it when on New Year’s Eve we pull them out and find their spirit guide for the new year.

    I have a friend who got turkey one year and was so angry she thought it was a horrible guide, but the more I watched her over the year she was always giving away the perfect words to enhance the person she spoke too – they just felt lovely about what they said or did – it was a great description.

    I think we could have stayed longer but then I had the desire to capture him with my cell camera and it ruined the moment all together and he ran away…but I will not soon forget it.

  7. Talon Says:

    How beautiful and how neat to see the fox and have to have those moments where you could really appreciate it.

    I always think we notice things that are important on our life journeys. And I think it’s no mistake the fox appeared to you at that moment. Whether or not it had a message, it definitely put you fully in a moment of beautiful awareness.
    Talon recently posted..The Empty CrateMy Profile

  8. patricia Says:

    Yes, fully in a moment of beautiful awareness….I felt so at peace

  9. susan Says:

    Hi Patricia! Great picture and wonderful to have the encounter. I think animals show up to remind us of our connections to the natural world, which we so often forget about. My days up at the lake all summer are filled to the brim with encounters its like living in a nature preserve zoo! It sure gives me a fill up and many reminders that we don’t own this earth. Not too over joyed at the bears, but then who is invading who’s territory?

    patricia Reply:

    Yes – who is invading who’s territory – I too live on a lake but nearly right downtown! It was a stunning fellow and I am blessed by the encounter