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Healing Change Healing Action

I am in the middle of another Detox of my body; it is not pleasant or even comfortable.  I am a change artist taking action and many, many moments of my life right now are unpleasant and uncomfortable.  I have been carrying around all this inflammation and toxicity, by tucking it into fat cells and not being able to expel it.

But who wants to read a blog about all the side effects and the moments of discomfort, pain and just plain frustration?   Not me!

So I am encouraging myself to stick with it by watching “happy endings” movies, reading more and more information about my healing process, and listening to inspiring talks.

I thought I would like to share with you two of my favorite TED lectures, each I have watched numerous times, to raise my spirits and inspire myself to keep going.

Neil Pasricha – The book of Awesome

A realistic Vision for World Peace  – Jody Williams

I would love it if you would share the links to more change and peace that you have discovered, if it encouraged you, then I am sure it would encourage others.  Looking forward to your comments and suggestions.

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Congratulations to JD Meier from Sources of Insight for Winning the We have Met the Enemy by Daniel Akst a Book reviewed on a previous post.   Hip Hip Hurrah!

12 Responses to “Healing Change Healing Action”

  1. Talon Says:

    I hope the detox works well and a little less uncomfortably, Patricia. I have a book that always uplifts me:

    “Gardening the Soul” by Sr. Stanislaus Kennedy.

    Patricia Reply:

    Oh that book sounds wonderful – Thank you Talon for the suggestion.

    having an allergic reaction to something today – off for some help at the Dr.’s office…just keep thinking about how great I will feel at the other end :)

  2. vered | blogger for hire Says:

    Thanks for sharing these. Good luck with the detox!

    Patricia Reply:

    Thank you vered – they are good inspiration

  3. Jannie Funster Says:

    That second video really teared me up to think that Mairead could be one responsible to help end violence in N. Ireland, in the face of what happened to her sister and her 3 children. Just amazing!

    I like that Jodi — she speaks very true things. Together we can change things. Hard work every day, yes. But I guess that’s what we’re built for.

    Hope you breathe some love in and out on your detox, and get to feeling better and better with each day!


    Patricia Reply:

    Yep if those folks can be inspired to do well and make goodness happen in the world – well who am I to complain?

    My days are rather a roller coaster so I need positive distractions near by….I believe I am making progress and that is important to me

    Thank you for your good words and for coming by

  4. Arts Web Show Says:

    I like to the occasional couple of days detox.
    Though i dont do them so much these days. lol
    I always enjoy these TED talks.
    Ideas well worth spreading

    Patricia Reply:

    the TED talks keep me going – along with your good poetry, singing, drama videos….I need distraction these days of the fun kind
    Thanks for coming on by

  5. Hilary Says:

    Hi Patricia .. I hope the detox is doing its work – that’s what you want .. I love the TED talks .. and I’ll have to catch up one day – thanks for the tips though.

    Also re JD and his award .. I must get over to his blog and catch up .. look after yourself and have a good weekend .. cheers Hilary

    Patricia Reply:

    Hi Hilary,
    Thank you for coming by and commenting.
    This Detox is pretty tough, but I think we are closer to an answer to healing so I am grateful to be able to do maintain

    The TED talks are keeping me going along with reading some new blogs

    I am going to assist my youngest in moving into her first – all her own- apartment this weekend…packing up the car with all her collected dishes and sorts….lot of driving but worth the effort

    I think I will just not get on the computer both Sat. and Sun. and not push myself.

  6. Hilary Says:

    Hi Patricia .. sounds sensible .. I hope the move goes off happily and without too much sweat?! She’ll be all go and loving the thought of her own space ..

    Look after yourself – cheers HIlary

    Patricia Reply:

    Thanks for coming back Hilary – I think an out of house experience will be good for me too!