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New Projects and Adventures

I never like to be without a project to work on – I just feel naked without plans and goals.

Only one lug box of apples to finish juicing and saucing and so the end is in sight.

I am still working on healing my Adrenal Glands, Kidneys and Liver, but I have a working routine that is producing great results right now and other than preparing my food  I just have to do it  and am finding success.   A bit of patience goes a long way in the process also.

I want to remind folks about the Harvest Potluck free ebook which was published last autumn and at this time of the year the donations go to UNICEF and the Mother Infant program – here’s a way to help out.

My Project for This Autumn:
Yes, I am fundraising again, this time for Fruit Valley Elementary School in Vancouver, Washington.   Librarian Girl got her first career position at this school, it is only half time and the school decided they would hire a Librarian Media Specialist instead of purchasing equipment.    Other than a computer lab for test taking, the students do not have access to computers that are Internet savvy or can run videos – There are 4 ancients in the library.

Each of the teachers brings their own laptop to school.  Library Girl uses her own laptop to attempt to teach discernment and search engines and research. Some kind person gave a generous donation of software to the school (PC), but the students and teachers cannot access this software.

There are lots of books in the library, but not enough computers to help these students be competitive learners in the world around them.

This school is in a very tough neighborhood and most of the students speak Russian or Spanish at home.   The exodus to private schools has truly made an impact on this school.

So I am working on all the steps to write some grants to get items on the list:

This is an Intelligent Laptop Cart  or Computers on Wheels  Cart which can be moved to
Each classroom for instruction – This school needs a cart that carries at least 30 laptops…This one I found is $2,249.99

Intelligent Laptop Cart

I am talking to two Computer Companies right now about Laptops , my best guess right now is that 30 computers will cost about $12,000.00 with sales tax, not included.


I am also waiting on permission to go ahead on this project from the Principal and the School District, but so far that is looking like a positive.

Sit Upons:

The chairs are just too big for the kindergarten children in the Library and the space is very small for them to sit on the floor.  It also helps to have a target and a space designated for the wiggles to make a connection.   I am trying to crochet a chair rug for each of the 50 bottoms from the Kindergarten classroom  – well they come in batches of 25!…so only 25.

Rules say NO TAPE ON THE FLOOR,  NO PILLOWS ETC.  that cannot be washed (head lice love these.)   My making fabric Sit Upons which get better with every washing – I think we have found the solution.

chair rugs 2010

It takes me 4 hours to crochet one – so this is a slow process.

New Adventure:
I am now employed reading completed grants for the state to see if the grant receivers complied with the rules and had successful outcomes.  It is a one month position which involves a tremendous amount of reading and evaluation.   I have done this job 3 times before, and absolutely love seeing what so many volunteers are doing to help children in this state succeed.  It is pure joy for me.

This is a paid position.

I may not be so regular with my blog writing until after November 10th!    Because the employment and projects need to be top priorities right now –  So forgive me if I do not write a comment on your blog for the next few weeks,  I am still going to be reading….

I want to remind folks that the GIFTS OF IMPERFECTION book Giveaway is going on until October 30th……keep making comments and each comment gives you an entrée into winning the book –  which is excellent by the way!   The more comments the better chance of winning a copy!)

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24 Responses to “New Projects and Adventures”

  1. Talon Says:

    You are a true inspiration, Patricia. Just an amazing and giving spirit. Good luck with the work and I hope it goes smoothly and well! I wish I could crochet (or knew someone who did) because those sit upons are the best idea ever!
    .-= Talon´s last blog ..A mini escape =-.

    Patricia Reply:

    I think this is important and positive work to be doing, because it rather balances out the dirty politics of this fall season. And these are the children that are going to be the most affected by the outcomes.

    Also the news this morning is all about a Duke U. student who made a report about her sex life – named names – emailed to a friend and it went viral….Children need to know what they can and can not put on the internet….and how to use the Internet to better themselves

    I have to admit I wish I knew a few more folks who can crochet! They are easy to make, but tearing and sewing to gether the strips takes a lot of time….and I just made up the pattern because I do not truly know how to crochet!
    .-= Patricia´s last blog ..Cherry On Top Award =-.

  2. Dot Says:

    Wow! So many projects, including a paid one. Best of luck with all of them!

    Patricia Reply:

    I am so happy I got the paid job for a month…after 6 months of heavy job hunting I was very discouraged…and I need to put my talents to better use – I was moving into a pit

    I can’t wait for these politicians to do the right thing/ the moral thing….and I can not support the Greed and Nastiness…a 1 person counterbalance???

  3. vered | blogger for hire Says:

    Happy for you that you have found a paid position!
    .-= vered | blogger for hire´s last blog ..Loved New Orleans- Still Making Fried Green Tomatoes =-.

    Patricia Reply:

    Thank you Vered – I so enjoy this work too…wish it was a bit bigger position or longer…or a variation would come up like every other month…

    “Oh is wishes were horses then everyone would ride”

  4. Arts web show Says:

    i couldn’t imagine life without goals and targets. lol
    Good luck with your project
    .-= Arts web show´s last blog ..Get back- performance poetry =-.

    Patricia Reply:

    I am pretty old school on that part – I make a list everyday and check it twice and insist on getting at least 5 things completed…but with out a bigger goal, I get lost sometimes…

    Thank you – I think this computer thing is going to be a challenge

  5. Chris Edgar Says:

    Hi Patricia — it sounds like you’re staying occupied doing work that’s meaningful for you, and I’m happy for you that you’re doing that. And yes, like some other commenters have said, feel free to include a crocheting lesson on the blog for all of us philistines if you like. :)

    Patricia Reply:

    Thank you Chris…

    I just made up the pattern from the only stitches I know…

    I use a large crochet hook that was hand carved for my Grandmother…reference the picture….I have seen very big plastic ones – this is not that big..

    I get 5 yards of material and wash it, and tear it into 1.5″ strips the long way. Then I sew the strips together at the ends and roll it into a ball…

    I make a sliding loop knot…then single crochet 6 chain stitches…often just with my fingers drawing it through. I take the 6th loop and single crochet it into the 1st chain stitch to make a circle. I proceed around the circle going into the top of each stitch and do a single crochet…or 2 single crochet stitches to keep it a circle shape…..each sit upon is about 10-12 rows depending on how stiff the fabric is….
    I bind off by cutting the fabric and drawing the cut end through the last loop to make a knot…then weave the ends through the other rows to make it neat….

    Found a COW cart today so maybe able to remove that wish off this list…but now the principal would like me to find a very powerful laptop for the Librarian Media girl to use for teaching in the library that goes with the Intelligent White Boards in every class room….
    New game plan being written right now :)

    This is more than you wished to know…but I am thinking about going to the fabric store and accosting any person who can crochet!!!

  6. Tess The Bold Life Says:

    Good for you for caring enough to make the world a better place. I love what you’re crocheting.

    Can they use used laptops. I have no idea what to do with our old ones.

    Patricia Reply:

    Thank you…crocheting and knitting do double work, they keep my hands in shape….but I can not read patterns so I am pretty much stuck with the simple projects I can make up…this project is how my Grandmother made bath mats and rugs out or rags.

    Most schools can use laptops and that is what I am going for…but this school needs some savvy new laptops to get the kids up to par with their peers in private schools etc….

    We have always given our old laptops to our school district headquarters and they recondition and rebuild them to give to kids all the time….try to keep them local..

  7. suzen Says:

    Hi Patricia! Fall must bring out the projects in all of us – I have several going too, as well as finishing my last class in school. Those sit upons are darling! Good luck with all you are doing!

    Patricia Reply:

    Thanks Suzen We are both in school these days !…never stop learning I think is the key to feeling youthful and energized

    Big learning curve for me

  8. J.D. Meier Says:

    I’m with you — I’m a fan of having a project or labor of love.

    On adrenal, have you explored UltraMetabolism? I have some friends at work that have some interesting success stories. I don’t know if it’s relevant for you, but it might be an interesting source of insight to explore.
    .-= J.D. Meier´s last blog ..Getting Results the Agile Way is Now Available in Print =-.

    patricia Reply:

    I will check that out, so far what the Naturopath has prescribed has been working well…I don’t wish to rock the boat just yet…I try one new thing at a time…I made note

    I just feel awful with out some project …and since we are not doing the gift part of the holidays this year – I have lots of good free time..

    Ok JD
    How can I get a working relationship with MS for Library Girl…This school has no equipment just a lot of hope…

  9. Jannie Funster Says:

    Awesome news about the grant job, and it maybe continuing, Patricia!

    Do you do the crochet while watching tv?

    Take care and have fun!!

    And THANKS for your great work for kids.

    .-= Jannie Funster´s last blog ..The Spammer — a poem =-.

    patricia Reply:

    I don’t have TV, but I do watch on my computer while I make the sit upons….I have to admit I usually watch documentaries…but I just did 6 of them to the BBC series Doc Martin – very fun dramedy

    I just wish this job continued…but it only comes up for a month every 3 years….maybe I will meet someone on the team who knows of another job.

    This is something I can do for school…I am just upset that these children don’t have access to computers – nor do the teachers in this school…..in this day and age, it is rather scary.

    Just happy my kids like me to be involved – how lucky is that?

  10. Keith Davis Says:

    Hi Patricia
    Sounds like a great cause you are fundraising for and will obviously bring real benefits.

    I wish you every success and look forward to reading your updates on the project.

    Go for it.
    .-= Keith Davis´s last blog ..Facts tell… emotions sell =-.

    patricia Reply:

    I think I need to write a sales speech/ to pitch to these companies and businesses in the area…..I have so much to learn, but I think it is a very worthwhile project!…

    Our public schools are truly in trouble and all the parents who assist are exiting to private schools…

    It is hard to watch…
    I was all tongue tied when I tried to work with the computer company reps…I need to practice!!

  11. Steven Says:

    My school was very financially fortunate enough to have several COWS. My Calculus teacher also had a business relationship with Texas Instruments so we used to try out all this new technology with their calculators (fun games, group networks, etc.)

    It is amazing to think how much technology has aided the education process. Although, I think it is a little too much when teacher unions demand the latest Ipads.
    .-= Steven´s last blog ..PsychNews- Oct 3 – 9 =-.

    patricia Reply:

    Lucky you and your school. Several COWS and lots of new technology. Our local high school has quite a Mathematics genius for a teacher and companies come out of the wood work to offer him wonderful learning tools.

    This school is about 2 hours south of my home, and although they are in a city, the part of the city is rather tough, plus most of the parents speak Russian or Spanish at home…..The school only had enough funds for a 1/2 time Librarian/ Media specialist….but they are dreaming and working hard to get these kids what they need to succeed. I hope I can help them.
    Most of these teachers bring their own laptops to school with them at this school….

  12. Hilary Says:

    Hi Patricia .. good for you .. and I’m so pleased you’re going to get paid for some of this work .. that’s excellent.

    Gosh I wish I was nearer .. I can’t crochet or knit for the life of me .. and I hate wool .. well it hates me! and various other fabrics! That’s life .. I’m a cotton girl.

    There are so many pcs, laptops etc going begging .. ours from here go to Africa or Eastern Europe .. I’d have thought a plea to the rich schools to twin with yours …… would do wonders in many ways .. books, computers, expert advice, cast offs .. it’s better to start with something and not aim for the best .. but get there soon after …

    Gosh ..good luck – it sounds wonderful .. I’m getting Polish chap to come and help me link a 2nd m/c .. so I can work up when I’m at my Mum’s just being with her .. but also show her Tom and Jerry’s .. and pictures, etc .. and look things up .. she’s pretty tired, but still enjoys the input ..

    Look after yourself .. and so pleased the present therapy seems to be helping and moving you along .. hugs – Hilary
    .-= Hilary´s last blog ..Spaghetti anyone Made in China or does it grow on trees =-.

    Patricia Reply:

    Thank you for coming by and I see you have a new and interesting post to check out.

    I am crocheting with cotton fabric ….right now I am tearing strips of fabric and sewing ends together – I have 12 sit upons completed

    Library Girl and I are going after everything avenue we can pursue…We do need to go top of the line for her computer because that will run all the other systems…the rest can be donations etc… It is a big job…and part of the job she is not paid for in her position…creating more of a job…

    Yes, the present advice is making a difference and I am doing the 100 Healings with Simon Hay…I don’t know if you mum is feeling it, but it has been a profound experience of energy for me about 3am or 3pm each day…and then a feeling of fatigue followed by a sense of well being…

    I will be over to read soon