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Grey Squirrel Fails at Setting New Record

Grey Squirrel

Grey Squirrel

Sunday September 5th, 2010 The Grey Squirrel known as the Evil Knievel Impersonator failed in his attempt to fly.   At 7:30am this quiet Westside neighborhood was shaken by the huge explosion of the transformer at the corner of the block, when Grey Squirrel attempted to fly over the pole and onto the roof beyond.   He was electrocuted during this attempt.

The blast of the exploding transformer was heard all over the Westside, but many of the neighbors speculated that it was an earthquake because of the moderate shaking that accompanied the explosion or that once again the Presidential Airplane had need of security jets and it was yet another sonic boom and rattling of the windows.

No Presidential visit was scheduled for the area at the time.

The local street of homes lost power for a short period of time, and the local Powerful Company came quickly with 5 trucks to replace and repair the transformer and the lines which were knocked down.

There must have been a large gathering for this attempted record breaking feat, because a local resident confirmed that she heard other squirrels crying in her wooded area.  No grief workers were assigned this district to deal with the loss.

Most residents were only inconvenienced for a brief period of time and were relieved that the power was back in force in just a matter of hours.   Everyone was sorry for the loss and the Powerful Company assured the children that Grey Squirrel would have a good burial.

Everyone was relieved to know that the solar panel security switches all worked in proper order and no Powerful Company workers were electrocuted by the panels producing power even in the rain.

The owner of the solar panels was glad for the safety switch redirect but concerned that the GFI receptors for the hot water heaters and converters, plus the electronic air filters which had worked properly had now burned out and needed to be replaced when the family arrived home from their responsibilities in another city.

It was decided, because calling out an electrician on a Holiday was more expensive than an emergency room visit to the hospital, those receptors would not be replaced until the next working day.

Thus the solar panel owners with the GFI problem went another day off their computers and off line and enjoyed reading a book until there was not enough daylight.  In this case, they proceeded to bed at first dark for an extra snooze and rest.

May Grey Squirrel rest in peace.

Has a squirrelly or other style critter caused a major problem at your house or neighborhood?  How about for your Utility District?  Would you think anyone would read a book about animal upsets that caused explosions or other disruptions?   Come on I just know you have a story to tell?  I thought the workers handled the children’s fears very well, would you have said?

Looking forward to your fabulous comments and storytelling.

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Yes indeed a Squirrel was harmed in order to tell this story.

19 Responses to “Grey Squirrel Fails at Setting New Record”

  1. Mike Goad Says:

    Thirty years ago, when we first came to Arkansas, we lost power from a similar incident. Loud boom, no power.

    At the nuclear plant I worked at, a local power line from the town of London, Arkansas, supplies power to some of the buildings. It has a history of calamities at the plant.

    The first I remember was several years ago when it was raining. I was standing in the hall near my supervisor’s office and, outside, it got dark, very, very suddenly. Just as I said, “uh oh,” the lights went out and it got even darker inside than it was out. One of my coworkers, Dan, was going down the hallway to the simulator when a widow blew out. I found out later that another co-worker, Steve, had been leaving work early, no surprise, when the wind came and the London line power poles started falling over up the road in the opposite direction from where he was going to turn. He said he turned onto the highway and hit the gas.

    About six years or so ago, we had another loss of power, this time right at the Training Center, with an accompanying boom. A company lineman showed up fairly quickly, to investigate the cause and restore power. Several pieces of what appeared to be Mylar were found on the ground near one of the power poles. It turned out that another coworker, a man of many troubles, had bought a big birthday balloon for his son. When he went to check his car, parked under the power lines, the balloon was gone.

    There is a very large Canadian goose population in the are of the plant. At least three time that I can remember, the London line was lost due to a goose flying into it somewhere close to the plant.

    A couple of years ago, I sat on my porch when I spotted something moving on top of the power pole leading to the house across the street. Now there are no trees near that pole, so that squirrel, which I had identified using the telephoto lens on my camera, must have climbed the pole. I watched him dangling from his hind feet stretch out and try to get to the top of the power transformer. Fortunately, he was not successful, since the wires going into the transformer are live and uninsulated. No boom for him! 😉
    .-= Mike Goad´s last blog ..Triple image =-.

  2. Talon Says:

    Poor squirrel. I can’t help picturing him as a teen squirrel showing off for his friends and trying to impress the little red girl squirrel…and I think there might now be little squirrel signs posted at all dangerous areas…and maybe some public service announcements from the crows in the area because you know they were watching it all and cackling!

    I haven’t heard of any problems here locally from squirrels or such, but I’m sure they have happened.
    .-= Talon´s last blog ..A card-carrying poet =-.

  3. Patricia Says:

    Oh Mike,
    Thank you for all your stories….yep there are lots of reasons to loose power and Grey Squirrel is just one example.

    We have a huge Canadian Geese population here and the Lake workers set off a small canon every morning, because the geese just are too nervous to nest or stay put. Then I understand the jails in the area serve a might fine goose stew!

  4. Patricia Says:

    I liked your version of the story very much – We have a terrific over population of squirrels this year so I think this might not be an isolated case….one of our local crows got hit by a car early in the year and the group has moved up hill, which is much easier on the sidewalks and driveways.

    Other birds came back much larger groups, but have now moved on as the blueberries are finished and the rain has returned.

    The state games department got the huge pack of coyotes moved away from our bluff this year….but the wildlife is not returning – yet…but I think this maybe part of the dense squirrel population this year?

  5. Hilary Says:

    Hi Patricia .. poor grey squirrel .. sad ending .. but what a story to tell in heaven .. and the grieving children .. a good way to learn .. by chance did you conduct the ceremony?

    Have a good weekend .. Hilary
    .-= Hilary´s last blog ..Emoticons- Book Packaging- ebooks what was the future- is now the past =-.

  6. Mama Zen Says:

    I don’t have a story, but you certainly tell this one well!

  7. Patricia Says:

    Hi Hilary,
    No I did not conduct the ceremony, but I thought the workers from the Powerful Company did a very nice job for the children who were attending this powerless event.

  8. Patricia Says:

    Mama Zen,
    Many thanks for your kind words. I am not sure it was the best story to share on this weekend….I am feeling a bit remiss!

  9. Mark Says:

    I love how you presented this story. It is true, many animals do reek havoc on utilities. We once had a beaver chew through a fiber optic cable as it was trying to build its dam.

  10. suzen Says:

    Hi Patricia! Wonderfully told story! I don’t have any stories anywhere near as cute – oh wait, cute? A squirrel died, poor little critter. Sad. But you wrote about so well, the story ended up being cute.

  11. vered | blogger for hire Says:

    What an amazing story! And Mike’s story is fabulous too. Wish I could add a story of my own but I can’t think of any. :(
    .-= vered | blogger for hire´s last blog ..Honey Cake Recipe for the Jewish New Year =-.

  12. Patricia Says:

    We seem to have quite a few animal stories…like the bear in the backyard and the kids on their swing set….Two mama’s did quite a face off!

    Have you seen the pictures of the huge beaver dam in Northern Canada, where they have created a lake and changed the wilderness?
    .-= Patricia´s last blog ..Being Hung Out to Dry – DIY Healthcare =-.

  13. Patricia Says:

    I know it was kind of a cute story….I hate to say it but we have such an over population of squirrels this year…it was hard on the children in the neighborhood.

    Since we are usually the first out in the mornings in our neighborhood at 5:30am….my partner and I try to do most of the critter clean up before the children are heading off for school

  14. Patricia Says:

    We may be so dull and boring that we needed something exciting to happen Labor Day Weekend besides rain!

  15. Val Says:

    A couple of years ago our telephone line went dead – including the computer which is connected to it – and so off I rushed to my mobile phone, which thankfully had some juice and was still working, unlike now. I phoned the engineer and eventually someone was sent out out way to investigate. Apparently one of the phone lines had been shot through by a gun. From that it was guessed that a crow or buzzard had been sitting on the line and someone’d tried to shoot it off, getting the line instead! I don’t know if I believe that or not – it seems a little strange that they’d miss the bird and get the line instead – but I’m afraid I rather worried the engineer who visited, by telling him that ‘Billy Buzzard’ likes to sit on the phone wires around here… !
    (I’m sure he got over that, so don’t worry).

    As for your squirrel… I expect the crying amongst its family were more likely cries of “now we have more food!”
    .-= Val´s last blog ..Serena Matthews – beautiful music =-.

  16. Val Says:

    Whoops, sorry – the closing tag of my italics didn’t work, I hadn’t intended for all of it to be in italics – could you edit that for me please? Thanks! It should only have been the words ‘shot through’ in italics.
    .-= Val´s last blog ..Serena Matthews – beautiful music =-.

  17. patricia Says:

    Another good story about natural collisions into our world. Last summer one of our neighbors treed a raccoon and then shot it with a shot gun/ not allowed in city limits – he was so proud and noisy about his handiwork that he got himself arrested and a huge fine…one of his 3 bullets missed the raccoon and went into the house next door – in the room where their new baby was sleeping…

    I think you are correct about the squirrel crying! We have had a prolific year in squirrel production…
    thank you for all your comments – they are appreciated

  18. Val Says:

    Oh no! Was the baby shot? That’s terrible!
    .-= Val´s last blog ..Serena Matthews – beautiful music =-.

  19. patricia Says:

    Good news…newborn was clear across the room and out of angle – but the shooter still got a huge fine – served him right