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Jumping for Joy

Jumping for Joy

Joy was not on my mind when I called to cancel my subscription to Dr. Christiane Northrup’s Newsletter. They accepted my cancellation and sent me one of her lectures, a CD called “The Power of Joy”

I am grateful for this gift.

Dr. Northrup says we do not trust JOY and that is a challenge for us mortal beings.  Delight is how we exhibit JOY and if we would just change our mindset from “Something is inherently wrong with my body and my health” to fully living our moment to moments with JOY we would truly have health.

JOY is a healing substance.  It changes nearly every cell in our body, changes our metabolism, ignites the healing hormones, stimulates one’s CHI, and creates success and energy.  Instantly.

I have listened to this CD 2 times now and I am sure I will listen to it a number of more times, because there is so much good humor, storytelling and JOY in this lecture, it deserves more listening.

My favorite quotes from the CD:

–    “Life on earth is sexually transmitted and it is meant to be joyful.”
–    “Everyone is going to die but not everyone is going to live.”
–    “We have an addiction to suffering.  If it is not fun at the beginning it only gets worse.”
–    “We are who our higher self wanted to experience.”
–    “We use the language of PAIN to describe our feelings of JOY.”

Dr. Northrup’s 10 steps to healing with JOY, without all the humorous stories and definitions attached:

#1.  JOY is a deliberate choice; an inside decision

#2.  JOY takes practice and discipline.  This is because our entire culture is based upon fear and negativism.

#3.  JOY is not about avoiding challenge, risk and problems.  The contrast is necessary for JOY matches the depth of sorrow.

#4.  You must follow a JOYous lifestyle in order to build up a residual of joy

#5.  Choose JOYous entertainment.  Lighten up what is serious.

#6.  Become Media Savvy.  Laugh at what is made up to play into your fear.

#7.  Chose JOYous and affirming company.  Like and find JOY in yourself – be your own best company.

#8.  Affirm JOY with words.  “Words are the most powerful medicine (drugs) used by mankind” Rudyard Kipling

#9.  Let yourself be excited.  Tell someone about your JOY.

#10.  Cultivate a relationship with the Divine (the Source).  Happiness is NOW.

Dr. Northrup’s newest newsletter is about her 84 year old Mother’s climb to the base camp of Mt. Everest and about the Dalai Lama’s questions about healing and ultimate health activating some great new research. One can find her list of speaking engagements too.

This CD has greatly enhanced my healing practices and turned up the volume of JOY for me.

JOY, is it in on your medicine shelf or hidden away in a drawer?  How do you practice JOY?
Would you rather there be a magic pill than change your mind?   How do we counterbalance our negative thinking with JOY?  Open to all suggestions and comments and excited about what you have to say.

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21 Responses to “JOY MEDICINE”

  1. Tess The Bold Life Says:

    This is fantastic and I just had a vision of a medicine cabinet filled with those antique bottles with the words, joy, laughter, patience, delight etc on them. This has inspired me to write a post on it.

    Also I have to run over and read the thing about her mother. Yesterday I was pulling in to the store and an elderly woman was laying on the hot pavement while an ambulance was pulling in. They had her covered with a tarp because of the heat on the black tar. I could see her gray hair on one end and sandals on her feet on the other.

    My heart sand as my thoughts when to my mom and her falls that led up to her wheelchair.

    As I was checking out I asked the cashier what happened. She said the woman fell out of her grandson’s truck and broke her hip. Now because I’d been through this with my mom I know that the hip breaks and then you fall.

    So all day when I had thoughts of that accident I would send love and light and envision her loving family around her.

    Your post here made my day and now I’m going to see the woman who climbed the mountain!
    .-= Tess The Bold Life´s last blog ..March of a Blogger- What Penguins Can Teach Us =-.

  2. Tess The Bold Life Says:

    I just emailed my friend your post and told her to get started on those antique bottles she decorates with photos.
    .-= Tess The Bold Life´s last blog ..March of a Blogger- What Penguins Can Teach Us =-.

  3. Lisa@Practically Intuitive Says:

    Hi Patricia!

    I feel blessed that I can find joy and humor in the smallest of things and even in some pretty craptastic circumstances. It’s essential to my life and getting through the days.

    Even with my husband’s recent heart attack, we were able to find things to laugh about that made dealing with it easier. And blogging about it (on my personal blog, not PI) was a wonderful release for me. Being able to write about it and make it funny brings me GREAT joy!

    :) Very nice and thought provoking post! Thank you.

  4. vered | blogger for hire Says:

    It’s getting better for me – feeling joy and gratitude. I used to have a far more negative approach to life in the past.
    .-= vered | blogger for hire´s last blog ..My Post on Christina Hendricks I Take it Back =-.

  5. Patricia Says:

    Hello nice readers –
    I will be back to reply in a wee bit…we are cranking up the joy here, my husband fell jogging this morning broken nose, abrasions everywhere and lots of stitches in his knees…

    I will be back as soon as I can….

    We are laughing because today is one day I look better than he does… :)))

  6. Patricia Says:

    I just found this CD lifted me to new thinking and I just pop it in the player whenever I recognize that I am spiraling – Dr. Northrup calls her former nurse when she is wallowing…and she only eats with JOY about 20% of the time – that was inspiring too…

    Love the idea of the antique bottles with those labels YES!

    the newsletter is very interesting, I miss it already…I went to hear her speak in Boston when I was in Grad School and the Cooperative has just published Women’s Bodies Women’s Selves

    Thank you for coming on by… I will get blogging again in a day or two…I just have to take on hubby’s tasks right now until he is better recovered…I can only do so much!

  7. Patricia Says:

    Thank you for sharing so many good thoughts….That laughter probably helped the healing process a great deal….I really need to practice it because I am such a serious caboodle …

    I will be over soon to check out your posts…I think I am not getting them in my email again/ along with Tim Brownson’s posts…and I am suddenly having to put all my info in on the regular blogs I write on??? What’s with this…

    IT Girl will be here this weekend, maybe she can help me figure it out??

  8. Patricia Says:

    My depression era parents instilled a great deal of negative in my soul – I am finding at 60 I want to release it all and practice the JOY instead…I am actively working on it….

    I think when I am so serious I do not fully feel alive as in the quote above

    I think so many people dropped me when my child became such a problem because I was determined to assist her in being her best self – not a kid with physical and mental problems that would not serve her and her living well….It was a great lesson, that now I have time to ponder.

  9. Patricia Says:

    Nose is not broken, just massively swollen with no skin on it….!
    This is good.

  10. Tony Single Says:

    Hopefully hubby will be back up and running in no time. 😛

    As for today’s post… well, it actually gave me a fair bit to think about. There’s some of it I agree with, some of it I don’t, and some of it I’m still sitting on the fence about. However, I found all of it instructive and full of good humour. I appreciate good humour. :)

    And that first quote made me sit up and take notice. I wonder if a lot of us can tend to go around thinking of life as nothing more than a sexually transmitted disease…

  11. Patricia Says:

    Yep I hope hubby heals quickly, actually with the pain meds he is downstairs now eating dinner at the table…time is a great healer along with JOY…

    I do so appreciate good humour and the good humour truck – do you have those ice cream carts in the summer months in parks near you?

    I think that is what I like best about this CD is that we spend so much of our time being dour and we could just chose to be Joyous instead….using our words…

    I think too I would like to give it a try?

  12. Hilary Says:

    Hi Patricia .. what a turn of events .. poor Tom .. and you picking him up and putting the pieces back together again .. but how lovely about the CD and its messages – Tony’s take on the first sentence is great .. they both made me laugh .. you posting that thought & Tony’s sense of humour!

    Us ancients .. let alone our family elderly need to be attentive .. and do as much as possible to remove the possibility of these challenges .. before they hit us. Joy and light, while keeping an eye out for our welfare .. should be a great tonic .. and I’m so pleased the CD is proving so valuable.

    Look after yourselves and may the healing be quick .. and relatively pain free – but jokes about black eyes .. I guess .. let alone the nose .. at least you can laugh & that’s great ..

    Perhaps a restful weekend is ahead .. Hilary
    .-= Hilary´s last blog ..Painted Ladies of the World who stop trains A year later! =-.

  13. Patricia Says:

    Nice to find you here this morning Hilary,
    Yep it was quite a surprise and no black eyes to tease about! The swelling in the nose is going down – it still looks awful…and he had a very rough night.

    I am going to leave him alone while I make the 90 minute run to the airport – IT Girl is coming in for a long weekend of hiking – now dad care! and Youngest and her friend are coming tonight after work – driving in…Good helping hands…even if no Mountain Hiking.

    I am going to take this CD in the car for the drive…I think it will continue to boost spirits…it’s all in the attitude and why not have one with joy.

    Yes indeed we must get ourselves ready for what is coming…lots of big decisions to make – but putting a joyous spin to it seems important.

  14. Jannie Funster Says:

    Hi Patricia!

    I guess I practice JOY by singing thru my day, then laughing at myself for the silly parts.

    I think we can counterbalance our negative thinking by eliminating it completely!! This I really learned from Liara Covert, and am forever grateful for her.


  15. suzen Says:

    Hi Patricia! Joy to the world! What a delight to read this and oh how I love all those quotes! I have had the same email address for 10 yrs – Joy is ours – for a reason – because IT IS! I have JOY first thing in the morning and it goes all day long! You are sooo right about it being healing – absolutely!!!! Some of the healthiest people I know are also the most joyous. Coincidence? I think not.
    (a joyous hug!)

  16. Patricia Says:

    Yes I think we can eliminate the negative and I am glad you got the lesson from Liara Covert…I just know you are singing and laughing all throughout the day! Thanks for stopping by…You last post seems like you are very busy these days…

  17. Patricia Says:

    This is a very joyful CD and I listened to it back and forth to the airport today a 90 minute trip that took 3 hours this afternoon…it was nice to celebrate some joy news along the way.

    I love you email address…I need to focus more on JOY – I do think joyous folks are much healthier…

    Thank you for the joyous hug!

  18. Davina Says:

    Hi Patricia.
    When I did a higher self meditation during a coaching exercise I was asked to choose a name for my higher self. The name Joy instantly popped into my mind.

    There are SO many wonderful quotes here. I kept nodding my head as I scrolled through your post.

    I especially appreciate: “JOY takes practice and discipline. This is because our entire culture is based upon fear and negativism.” I love quotes because they make me want to go deeper.

    This one encourages me to believe that I don’t have to hide from the negativity, resisting it, but instead to bring the energy of Joy TO IT.

    You have great taste in reading and the information that you share. I practice Joy through writing. And as one of the other quotes that stood out to me says, “Joy matches the depths of sorrow”. I find very often that when writing, sorrow wants to show itself and that process is cleansing.
    .-= Davina´s last blog ..Acts of a Thief and Bishop =-.

  19. Patricia Says:

    I have now made 4 runs to the airport, 90minutes each way – although there have been two runs with construction and accidents making one 3 hours extra, and I have listened to this CD each trip…I get more out of it each time. It raises my thinking waves to definitely a more joyous zone…and I still laugh at her quips.

    I also had a great discussion with IT Girl this weekend as she is working on how folks get into the “zone” or enhance their creativity and how computers can assist – part of her Master’s Thesis/project…and I am realizing that having Dyscalcula means that my brain is not working in the same way as those with good linear thinking also….I am learning so much about how to change my thinking and find more joy and thus more healing energy to work with….this inquiring mind wants to know…

    Yes that cleansing part of writing seems to be a rather vital part of the healing process and the discovery of JOY…

    I need to come read your new post….I have one more trip to the airport for a midnight arrival flight – Librarian Girl got a job! starts tomorrow – she is on her way to the position from her summer job in Alaska…this is very joyous stuff!
    .-= Patricia´s last blog ..Book Review- The Element- How Finding Your Passion Changes Everything Sir Ken Robinson- PhD =-.

  20. Katie Gates Says:


    Yes, we all need more joy! I appreciated this piece, and it reminded me of one I posted in May (I think) called “Smile Therapy.” What’s truly amazing is that the simple act of smiling improves one’s mood immediately and incredibly.

    I hope your hubby continues to mend joyfully!!!

    – Katie
    .-= Katie Gates´s last blog ..Sneak-Peek Saturdays- Excerpt Nine =-.

  21. Patricia Says:

    Katie Gates
    Thank you for your great comment….I shall come on over and check out your smile Therapy….I have heard that smiling helps all of your internal organs too!

    Hubby got stitches out and is improving daily and having his kids come home for a visit truly made the mend more joyful.