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Forward Ho!

Infinate Ladder

Infinate Ladder

Early in the spring of 2010, Tess of The Bold Life wrote on her blog her survival solutions for this economic crisis. I copied off this blog post and tacked it to our bulletin board. When I came downstairs first thing in the morning, this post caught my eye and I read her amazing and positive words.

As I conclude my August series on personal change, I wanted to share with you this impressive list because it helped me move forward and I believe it will help others.  Thank you, Tess for granting me permission to share your bold words.

I hear the same questions in many conversations, “When will the economy turn around?” Or “How are we ever going to get out of this mess?”

Usually the questions are answered with attack, criticism and condemnation. Today I am going to give you my solution.

We have to embrace infinity inside a finite body.
We have to see unity and oneness where there is prejudice and hate.
We have to believe in goodness even in the midst of distraction.
We have to believe in prosperity when the media speaks of lack and scarcity.
We have to believe in infinite opportunities when so many people are out of work.
We have to embrace appreciation and gratitude when surrounded by unpredictability.
We have to believe this is a greatest moment of our life when people are without basic needs.
We have to discover freedom when our mind wants to imprison us.
We have to believe in our worthiness while people bash and blame us.
We have to choose peace when insanity and anxiety are prevalent.
We have to maintain our sense of integrity and dignity in the time of broken promises and lack of honesty.
We have to wish for everyone what we want desperately for ourselves.
We have to be content with what we have in a world of desperation, competition and striving.
We have to see beauty where there is harshness and pain.
We have to feel safe and protected in spite of the perplexities of our times.
We have to forgive seventy times seventy in a world that is filled with hatred and cruelty.
We have to believe it’s all about love in a time of fear.

The question is no longer how or when.
The question becomes will you do your part?
Leave your thoughts and solutions below.

I have found great wisdom in Tess’s words. I have found peace in reading Tess’s words. I am hoping you will find inspiration in the sharing of her words again today.

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34 Responses to “Forward Ho!”

  1. Tess The Bold Life Says:

    Hi Patricia,
    Thanks so much for sharing and making my words and thoughts even more meaningful. This past weekend we were staying with some friends in their home in Sedona.

    Our friend I’ll call Mark was talking about fear, the world and dooms day when I stopped him and suggested he turn off the news he had on in the background. He smiled.

    Then I explained (he was interested in my view) I felt all these changes are for the better. I think it’s time we in the US share some of the worlds resources. Our problems come from being exclusive not inclusive. I won’t tell you the entire conversation…let’s just say he thanked me and said he’s not known anyone that thinks like me. Not that I’m special or have the answers. I just introduced him to a better way to look at the world.

    His wife nodded in agreement the entire conversation even though most of my ideas were new to her as well. When we left I felt a crack had opened for Mark in his fear and darkness and there was now light shining through. And that’s how I do my part of helping to change the world.

    I can no longer not speak my truth, although timing is everything and I have to have someone who wants to listen. Most people just need comforting and some new ways of expanding their present way of thinking. How easy can it get? Yeah to our new future. The old way is broken and will never work again. Instead of waiting for someone to come and fix it we only need to show others the way and one by one they will come on board. There is no other way. A favorite line in A Course In Miracles, is Heaven is here there is no other place. Heaven is now there is no other time. I’ll have a slice of heaven today…anyone want me to pass the cake? xo
    .-= Tess The Bold Life´s last blog ..Feeling Jealous Shine Your Light On It… =-.

  2. Lisa@Practically Intuitive Says:

    Tess shared great wisdom in her words, Patricia. It’s so easy to get caught up in the fear and “woe is me, the world is crashing” vibration and after a while, it colors your whole experience.

    I try to focus on holding the Light and helping to lift others up. (Not an easy task these days.) It helps to have a focus and what Tess wrote really resonates to that.

    Thanks for sharing it!

  3. vered | blogger for hire Says:

    Tess says, “Our friend I’ll call Mark was talking about fear, the world and dooms day when I stopped him and suggested he turn off the news he had on in the background.” And she is right. But I still compulsively watch the news, feeling that I “need to know.”
    .-= vered | blogger for hire´s last blog ..The Last Pancakes Recipe You’ll Ever Need =-.

  4. Patricia Says:

    Your words even today are such a joy, I am finding it hard to hold my thoughts in these days too – I just feel like the door is closing on the past and our future is full with new possibilities, we just need to refresh our thinking.

    I have so enjoyed reading your words every morning this summer – like Grace before a meal….I think about them as I do my walk and they bubble up when holding a pose in yoga…

    These words have kept me in “heaven” while I have been climbing the mountain of change and healing – Thank you

  5. Patricia Says:

    It is tough to hold on to the light, when the world around you wants for you to bend down and join their dance. It is good to surround the body with the positive and when the darkness threatens to blow out the light….well, maybe we need to Google the light back into us…through us. Yes! it does help to have a focus – very powerful indeed.

  6. Patricia Says:

    I used to watch the news compulsively , but when I started making healing my full time job, I discovered I just had to turn the news off, when it was visual too (as on TV) it was defeating all the successes I was accumulating. I have on my iGoogle reader page, 47 world, national, and local news sources….I read the headlines each day before I do my first meditation session of 30 minutes. I think about all the people involved in real time in those stories. So I know what is going on, and I feel as though I am doing something about it….
    After my walk on Saturday mornings, I listen to Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell me on NPR…..they offer a truly light side of so many situations and I often just laugh deeply…I think this is powerful prayer.

    If something in the political realm is weighing heavy, I will sometimes watch the Daily Show on the computer…

    I have satisfied my need to know with these habits and I have not been drawn into the entertainment factor and not become a “producer’s dream” …. when you are a person who leads into the world with your emotions, this gives me much more power and control.

    Just an idea…which has cut down on my worry a great deal.

    I certainly can identify with your need to know…

  7. Talon Says:

    Thank you so much, Patricia, for sharing Tess’s wise words. And thank you, Tess.

    So much of life, and the enjoyment you get out of it, is about perception. Trying to find positive in negative, seeking it and sharing it, is a great way to embrace life.
    .-= Talon´s last blog ..Efflorescence =-.

  8. Patricia Says:

    Reading Tess’ list everyday for the past months has been a wonderful way to embrace life.

  9. The Exception Says:

    These are wonderful words – and wonderful ideas to make part of our every day lives. I have spent a few days of the last two weeks considering the fear that is running through the country – it is unsettling for me and frustrating as so much of it is ignorance of the facts and the other part of is fear of change, the unknown, and perhaps that the ill will felt by us will be felt toward us in return.
    Tess writes wonderful points – Thank you for sharing them Patricia.

  10. Patricia Says:

    The Exception,
    I was delighted to share these words as they have been part of my daily life all summer and changed my thinking.

    I thought that Tess’ great spirit and ideas needed some revisiting as we proceed into a new season – maybe I was hoping to balance out so much negative around the country too?

    Thank you for visiting and commenting…greatly appreciated.

  11. suzen Says:

    Hi Patricia! I remember that post of Tess’s and it feels even stronger and louder now that you have posted it all again for us. I think it’s because it was so loved by you so long, the words are shining wise more than ever! I was so happy to read this post in light of your comment on my blog. This is full of love energy and hope. Good medicine!

  12. Patricia Says:

    thank you for coming on by and I just think it is a wonderful post…maybe I should post it again in the next season…it is full of wisdom indeed

  13. Barbara Swafford Says:

    Hi Patricia,

    What beautiful words. Just like Tess, who is beautiful inside and out.

    I like the part where she says we have to believe. Positive beliefs can get us through each day as well as those times when we wonder if it’s actually possible. Later we look back, can say, “yes, it is”, and realize how much we’ve grown.
    .-= Barbara Swafford´s last blog ..Call Me A Hypocrite =-.

  14. Patricia Says:

    Yes they are so very positive and they have just boosted my spirits all summer long…I just had to share them again

  15. Evita Says:

    Hi Patricia

    What a beautiful thing to highlight Tess’ work. That post from her was awesome and it is so nice to read the list again and be reminded of the gift Tess is to each of us.

    We can all do our part indeed, it starts with a simple choice to say yes to love on all levels. We need not live out of fear and scarcity any longer!

    So thank you again Patricia and what a great way to wrap up the month :)
    .-= Evita´s last blog ..Review- Nutiva Organic Cold Pressed Hemp Oil =-.

  16. Patricia Says:

    Thank you for stopping on by and your positive comment. It was a great way to wrap up the month…and powerful for the whole summer for me…

    I thank Tess for allowing me to share it again.

  17. Sara Says:

    Patricia — Thanks for sharing this list of from Tess. There’s so much wisdom in it… I see why you’ve found it helpful. I always find Tess’s posts helpful. Somehow I always land at her site exactly when she says something I need to hear:~)

    It’s really hard today to find the positive in the news without going to alternative news. I try my best to not listen to regular news because it almost always emphasizes what’s wrong in the world.

    I have a site I visit called Happy News! You can find it at http://www.happynews.com/. It has real news, but focuses on the positive side of life.

    Be good to yourself:~)
    .-= Sara´s last blog ..Story Photo- Next Frame =-.

  18. Patricia Says:

    Hey Sara,
    I was writing a movie for Aggie as you were writing here…now I need to go write my next post…asap!

    Yes, Tess does have amazing timing and I have benefited from reading her words often.

    Thank you for the referral…I am heading there right now – oops after I write my post :)

  19. Chris Edgar Says:

    Hi Patricia — yes, this has been a period of some tests for me as well — I decided to leave the security of my very lucrative former job back in November 2007, just when the financial crisis was beginning! But it eventually hit me: was my “impeccable timing” really a coincidence? Or was this meant to be a time of some trials for me?

  20. Mama Zen Says:

    What great inspiration! Thank you for sharing this.

  21. Patricia Says:

    Well I think Tess’ words were inspired by their great move from the Midwest to the warmer southern climes and working at starting a whole new business and retiring – she puts so much powerful conviction into her truth here and in her comments.

    I am working at learning something new and these words were powerful for me…I thought I should put them up again for others to see.

  22. Patricia Says:

    Mama Zen,
    You are welcome – they are amazing words.

    I wanted you to know I have been reading though not commenting as much on many blogs while I am working at job hunting….I liked your travel posts very much :)

  23. Tony Single Says:

    Bah humbug to all your lists and Tesses!

    I kid! I kid! 😛

    Seriously though, it’s a good list. I found myself nodding to much of it, then wondering why I wasn’t living some of it. Oh, that’s right, ‘cos I need to choose it to live it. 😉

    Thanks for sharing this. :)

  24. Patricia Says:

    Thank you so much for coming by and commenting – Yes you must choose it to live it…

    You make me laugh! Thank you :)

  25. Hilary Says:

    Hi Patricia .. Tess’ words of wisdom – were more than you thought – they really came true .. they are pearls.

    I f we can keep ourselves positive, and not dwell on the negative .. just enjoy the simple pleasures – the things we can enjoy regardless of our situation .. life is so much better ..

    Life is a bed or roses .. with ladybirds on! .. wishing you a really good week .. Hilary
    .-= Hilary´s last blog ..Emoticons- Book Packaging- ebooks what was the future- is now the past =-.

  26. Patricia Says:

    Powerful positive words…helped me to stop worrying indeed

    Hope you are having a good week, I think you are moving again about now?

  27. Keith Says:

    Hello Patricia,

    Tess is an absolute angel! Since meeting her she has never stopped being an inspiration to me! I love this list! Thank you for sharing it again here!

    Hey Tess, pass me some of that cake!!

  28. patricia Says:

    Isn’t Tess amazing and she is helping Lori celebrate #40 with 40 acts of kindness too…her positive energy is all over the internet today – lucky us.

    Her words are inspiring. Thank you for your good words too

  29. Davina Says:

    Bold words, definitely! Tess rocks :-)

    I hardly ever watch the news these days. Once in a blue moon I might happen to turn the tv on and catch a few of the headlines. I honestly think it’s because I hear more about the news through social media so I feel up to speed on current events. Hm. Still, have to be careful what I pay attention to, though.

    “We have to choose peace when insanity and anxiety are prevalent.” — That’s when talking afternoon walks are VERY welcome; rain or shine, right?
    .-= Davina´s last blog ..Butterflies and Glitter =-.

  30. Hilary Says:

    Hi Patricia .. good to see you a little more at peace with yourself – have a good day today too & the weekend …

    Yes – I moved a week ago .. it needs a clean & that put me off .. but I’m getting there now – can’t say I’m enthusiastic about unpacking! .. but needs must & I found some shelf pins yesterday – so I can get some of my books out!

    It’s quite nice .. very adequate for me to just work and get on with things – which is what I want to do .. small and convenient ..

    Just need the routine now & the catching up on work I want to do .. still peace ahead .. Go well .. and thoughts from here .. Hilary
    .-= Hilary´s last blog ..Emoticons- Book Packaging- ebooks what was the future- is now the past =-.

  31. Patricia Says:

    Yes indeed – Tess Rocks….I love her post where she did 40 acts of kindness to celebrate JaneBeNimble’s 40th birthday…

    Good words and reminders

  32. Patricia Says:

    Oh Hilary,
    So glad you hear you are getting to the unpacking settling stage. Bravo…it has been a long haul.

    Yes, I am coming into Autumn in a very relaxed state as I get my Adrenal’s to stop giving me massive doses of stress hormones and adrenaline…..I still have to take it easy…I am not sure if I will give up my afternoon nap or not?

  33. Lori Says:

    Hi Patricia!
    I wanted to pop by real quick and tell you how much I appreciate you. I do! Thanks for being you and for adding your link to our raoka LOVE troupe. I love that you are there with us.

    I will come back and leave a proper reply soon — just wanted to say hi and thank you.
    Much love to you,

  34. Patricia Says:

    Many thanks for popping in and Happy, Happy Birthday – I am amazed you have time!

    I am not sure how to do the love link…but I sure do like the idea of it… celebrate well

    hugs to you, xo