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I Knit Socks

Dad's socks

Dad's socks

It is true!  Confession time here;   I knit socks and dish clothes and baby blankets, nothing complex or tricky.

I knit socks to keep my hands and finger joints moving and without inflammation.   I knit socks because it makes watching a movie or television seem productive.

I knit socks to keep my toes warm and if you are at my house in winter time you will most likely be given a pair of socks to keep your toes warm too.

I use European yarn and bamboo because they are not itchy and scratchy like the old socks I knit as a child that one had to put a liner inside to stay sane!

I knit baby blankets for the Well Baby Free Clinic because I believe every new baby needs something knit for them and brand new.

I can knit while riding in the car on a trip.  One of my daughter’s likes to knit too and belongs to a knitting circle.  She was sent this video by a good friend and I found it short, fun, delightful and sweet!

I thought of you and how you might really enjoy this – so I am sharing the video with you.

Do You Knit?  Socks?  When you watch TV?   What is your favorite way to keep your toes warm?  What do you like to gift a friend?  What do you think a newborn needs?

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Looking forward to your comments.  Thank you!

27 Responses to “I Knit Socks”

  1. Tony Single Says:

    Patricia, that sock knitting machine is one of the coolest little contraptions I’ve ever come across! Can you imagine the kind of mind that even devises such a thing? Extraordinary!

    And as for your confession… well sure, you knit socks, but that’s a thousand times better than making molotov cocktails in your kitchen! 😛

    I loved the little chihuahua in that clip too. Talk about adorable! Gonna show Cass this. She’ll turn into a pile of mush! 😉

    I don’t have the patience (or skill) to knit, let alone make socks. Sewing and knitting were things I failed at school, along with woodwork and machining. I’ve just never been good with my hands that way. Thank goodness I can draw at least! 😛

    I usually like to gift friends with a book that I suspect they might like. Why a book? Because I think a lot of folks these days don’t read enough, which is a real pity. Reading’s fun!

  2. Talon Says:

    The video was a joy to watch! And that sweet dog was the cherry on top!

    My Mom is a wonderful knitter. She makes caps and booties for preemie babies – and she does them as if her hands weren’t even part of her body. She makes the most beautiful afghans that I have been known to gift my friends with because they are so comforting and special. I can knit, but I don’t find it relaxing as it’s not second nature to me.

    I like to gift my friends with things I’ll know they’ll enjoy – special teas or plants for their gardens and maybe special cookies or treats they love as an indulgence. And books are always at the top of my list for birthdays, etc. A good book is like a mini-vacation spent with a great friend :) Pllus, I love discussing their takes on the books afterwards.
    .-= Talon´s last blog ..Bereft Short Story =-.

  3. Lisa@Practically Intuitive Says:

    Hi Patricia!

    I love your socks! :) They look warm and wearing socks in the winter makes me feel safe and stuff.

    I can crochet a bit (my grandmother was most gifted at it) but don’t use it for anything other than to take my mind off stuff. I’d love to learn more about making baby blankets to give to hospitals. Maybe I’ll look into that today!

    Happy Monday!
    .-= Lisa@Practically Intuitive´s last blog ..Take a journey with Kara =-.

  4. Jannie Funster Says:

    Well, ya made me watch that whole thing. I think I was even more excited than the fluffy chihuaha. Wow — did I maybe actually spell chihuaha correctly?

    What does a newborn need? Tons of cuddles, and not a plastic incubator to sleep in. Soft, soft brushed-cotton blankets pre-washed in Dreft, Mozart, Bach, glazed donuts and tons more cuddles. :)

    Nope, no knitting for me. I blog while I watch tv. :)


  5. Jannie Funster Says:

    oh yeah — what do I like to gift my friends with? Depends on the friend.

    For Kalyani I gift the Annie’s organic mac and cheese her daughter likes

    For Suzie I’ll give 5lbs of lean ground beef.

    For Tomoko it will be pizza.

    I like to keep my friends well fed!



  6. Mark Says:

    Sounds like a hobby that brings you joy and is practical! Thanks for sharing.

  7. Cath Lawson Says:

    Hi Patricia – I love those stripey socks. But I must confess, my past attempts at knitting haven’t been great. And if I tried to watch TV at the same time I’d wind up in a real mess.

    At the moment, I’m planning to recycle some of my old clothes and make them into other things, so I’m hoping I’ll remember some of the sewing skills I learned at school.

    Newborn babies really need things like blankets, baby grows (the all in one stretchy things – I don’t know if you call them the same thing in the us) little all in one vests and a hat – either summer or winter. I think these are the clothing items that keep them most comfortable.

    Knitting blankets is an awesome idea – they can be so expensive to buy.

  8. Sara Says:


    I have tried to knit, but I don’t seem to have the patience. I’ve always admired people who knit. They seem so relaxed even in the worst situations and it’s something you can always take with you…well, maybe not the knitting machine, but the needles and yarn:~)

    In addition, another benefit it that it’s a self protection tool. Those needles could cause some harm if someone was thinking of doing you harm….I know this isn’t the good side of knitting, but it came to my mind:~)

    So, good for you. Keep on knitting. It’s obvious you love it and if helps keep the finger nimble, then all the better!

    p.s. what babies need is the touch of love, which you give them by knitting your blankets:~)
    .-= Sara´s last blog ..Story Photo- Journey Train =-.

  9. Patricia Says:

    I thought it was a neat little machine….I just use needles as machines are not my thing! Hope Cassie enjoys the video too, And, and, and Wow am I glad you can draw and write…delightful talents to have.

  10. Patricia Says:

    My mum knit all her siblings jumpers, socks, and even coats and dresses, her sister made all the clothes that needed sewing. During World War II my mum knit lots of things for the Military and bandages too. She was not a fancy knitter as is my cousin’s wife in Australia….but sturdy and plain.

    Books are such wonderful gifts and discussion the best thank you note ever.

  11. Patricia Says:

    I have knit a couple of sweaters of the years, but I am not very good at it – getting anything to fit. I crocheted a red, white and blue afghan for my brother that is so crooked by he does not care, he uses it when he watches TV.

    Baby blankets are so needed as there are so many teen mom’s right now in our area…just pick washable things. At Christmas time, there is a woman who knits red and white Christmas stockings to send the babies home in…very fun, I think I am too practical for that…

    Good luck on your adventure

  12. Patricia Says:

    I admire your style – I can not blog and watch TV at the same time…and always a good idea to feed one’s friends….add another u to chihuahua and you have it!….

    I assume the glazed donuts for newborns are for the moms but it would be good if they came as a pre-packaged concept…bet you could make money on that!!

  13. Patricia Says:

    Thank you for coming by – it really keeps my hands and joints from swelling – better than meditation in that regard.

  14. Patricia Says:

    I admire you being able to sew, and I bet you have a great ability which will come right back to you. My aunt always remade her clothing -gave her always something new!

    we call them onesies with or without feet.

    Productive relaxing is another way to think about it :)

  15. Patricia Says:

    Knitting needles were not allowed on airplane after 9/11 just for those reasons….

    Not a good practice if one has a cat around!

    I do not think I could have been able to knit without starting very young. My mum started me with spool knitting…my Grandmother with hemming handkerchiefs. Never dull or idle hands in our household – that was a sin

    Now it is just good therapy to keep the inflammation down and joints supple.

  16. Betsy Wuebker Says:

    Hi Patricia – I’m a knitter, too. I love knitting socks on double point needles, tiny gauge. I love the process of knitting much more than the finishing, which is a direct contrast to how I approach the rest of life! I am now into knitting those marvelous adjustable rectangle wraps on large needles. Such fun, and can give them to people who actually wear them, too. Great post!
    .-= Betsy Wuebker´s last blog ..Shortcake Wars =-.

  17. Patricia Says:

    I just bet you are an accomplished knitter! I just enjoy relaxing to the click of the needles – double point and bamboo for me!

    I just knit a pair of socks out of hemp – wow is that soft and durable

    Do not know the big wraps.

    Glad you liked the post :) makes me feel smiley!

  18. suzen Says:

    Hi Patricia! I love to crochet – never had a great time with knitting – but I love the portability of it and to do it at night while I watch tv. It’s my winter months thing tho – I made scarves and hats for the shelters and many baby blankets over the years. I agree it is something a baby just SHOULD have!

    Oh that bamboo yarn is heavenly! I love working with it! Haven’t made socks yet, but ya never know! My laptop service up here at the lake isn’t fast enough to watch videos – which I hate cuz I haven’t been able to see some of the greatest ones, like yours!

  19. Patricia Says:

    keep it in mind because it is a way cute video and I think you would enjoy it very much.
    The lake has so many more things to offer….
    babies do need a cozy for sure

  20. Davina Says:

    I’ve always admired people who are good at making crafts like you are, Patricia.

    I’m not a great knitter, either. Used to enjoy crocheting; helped my mom make a quilt once. Working with yarn and thread requires a lot of patience and I never had it because for some reason the thread would always get tangled. This machine is quite the invention though and those socks look inviting. Cute little pooch; was worth watching the video to see him. :)
    .-= Davina´s last blog ..Living the Life Wheel =-.

  21. Mama Zen Says:

    That is so neat!

  22. Patricia Says:

    Mama Zen,

  23. Patricia Says:

    I am terrible at crafts! I admire those people too! I have a neighbor who makes a living at it! I just knit basic things that I was required to do as a child. Keeps my fingers warmed up and not inflamed…think of it as aerobics for the finger joints :)

    The little dog is cute and I liked the disclaimer at the end of the video too!
    .-= Patricia´s last blog ..Graduation =-.

  24. Chris Edgar Says:

    How come it’s a confession? Is it embarrassing to you that you knit socks? If it’s any consolation, I’m embarrassed by my inability to knit socks or anything else, despite the fact that people have actually attempted to teach me. :)

  25. Patricia Says:

    A confession to be fun with words…and see it sparked a great many folks interest. A group of architects in town have a knitting club to keeps their hands supple and joints free….and I have tried to teach folks that already have arthritis in their hands with no success…my partner will not try to knit but he does painting on canvas – his hands are quite swollen all the time…
    You must to other things for yourself – like yoga?

  26. Hilary Says:

    Hi Patricia .. I can’t believe I just spent 8 minutes watching one sock being made?! Fun video though – especially with the music, the doll and the dog ..

    I can’t just watch tv .. I’m usually doing something else – glancing through an article I need to scan, reading the paper through quickly .. doing some cooking et al ..

    For a new born baby – the wish for a great family life.

    Slippers .. but I’ll have some cotton socks when I come visit – can’t wear wool?! I think I’ll make it summer?!

    It’s good to keep moving though and I’m glad you find the knitting therapeutic ..

    Hope all’s well and life is a little easier now it’s summer .. fun post .. Hilary
    .-= Hilary´s last blog ..Lazy- Hazy- Mazey Days of Summer – two approaches to revitalising town life in the 21st century =-.

  27. Patricia Says:

    What a wonderful wish for a newborn – just right.

    I just thought this video was too cute to miss…music, machine and dog…oh those cozy toes

    Loved your last post – it was great fun to read and enjoy Thank you