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Webster’s Dictionary says:  1. A building that serves as living quarters for one or a few families; 2. A shelter or refuge, den, or nest of a wild animal; 3.  A natural covering as a shell which encloses  and protects.

House in the Snow

House in the Snow

Shelter and protection are part of the basic foundation and structural building blocks of the hierarchy of human need.

If you are dreaming about a house or home according to Rob MacGregor’s Dreams  -more than 400 Symbols Explained!- you might connect the dream to these symbols:

“Home: A feeling of security, comfort, a place of fond memories, as in “The home is where the heart is.”  The house may represent the self or anything of great value to you, such as your values, your family, your wishes and desires.  What does it look like?  Is it dark or well lit?  Are there many rooms or just a few?  Dreams of former homes might represent the person you were, or the relationships you maintained, when you resided there.  What was it about yourself from that time that you wish to regain?  Are you doing something now the way you did it in the past without realizing it?

“House: It might symbolize some part of you. An attic might be a place you are hiding something of yourself, a basement a connection to the unconscious, and an upper room perspective on your life.”

It is no small thing the purchasing or building one’s first house.

It is a very important part of the building of community and the development.  How well that house is foundationed, constructed and cared for brings meaning to the community.

How well do you care for the shell, skin that shelters and protects you as an individual?  How well do we care for the home that we live within and foundation our children?  How do we find meaning in our neighborhoods, communities and cities?  How do we care for this meaning and security?

Do I drive my car and fowl your next inhale?

Do I put a parking lot over there and let the water runoff flood your space?

We ask our banks and elected officials to create boundaries.  We ask our schools to teach about values and getting along with each other.  And now we ask our governments to protect us from those who would despoil our hopes and dreams and find restitution and resolution to our economic problems.

Houses are not our “BLING” of success or the masks of our identity.   They are our meaning and values in action.  They are the foundation of how you want your community to be and they are the protection and security of your heart.

It is no small thing the purchasing or building one’s first house.

When was the last time you went to a city council meeting?  And spoke?   When was the last time you cleaned the street drains or visited with someone next door?

What do you want your children to know about your home?  And how it is foundationed?  What do you want the neighbors to know and value?  What is the “heart” of your community?  Your city?

Are you angry about what the financial giants did to your home?  How they decided on your community and its future?

Are you upset about the wars  against other people’s homes and hearts going on around the planet? How can you change the situation?

It is no small thing the purchasing or building one’s first house.

I am having a house warming party for my new neighbor this weekend.   I am starting across the street and rejoicing with her.   I am bringing the diversity of the neighborhood together to celebrate and say hello because I want to build a strong foundation that can make the world a better place for my heart.
I have spent the past many years watching my children build houses and now I have released them into the world.  I like watching the communities they are building and their new and creative ideas.

What kinds of meaning are the children in your community building?  Are you going across the street and helping them?  How many of our children understand?  Do you think TV shows that re- do people’s homes teach well or harm?

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14 Responses to “House”

  1. Mark Says:

    The building of our homes is an important aspect of our community. The key is that a house is like any other possession just a thing, it is what we do in that house that builds community. We must be careful to not allow our house to define us for it is only a shell and we may change shells many times along our journey.
    .-= Mark´s last blog ..Get Your Genius On! =-.

  2. Talon Says:

    Metaphorically, the house is a great way to describe ourselves – the different rooms representing different aspects, etc.

    I’ve lived in many different houses and all have been my home for the time I’ve lived there. I’ve improved that home and it’s surrounding area to the best of my ability and left it with a happy heart for the next person to live in and enjoy. And the communities I’ve been a part of will always be a part of me. I always loved that expression, “Home is where the heart is”, because you carry that with you regardless of where you lay your head.

    Have a fabulous time at the party, Patricia! You’ve obviously got a beautiful heart.
    .-= Talon´s last blog ..Fresh… =-.

  3. Jannie Funster Says:

    It is so funny that you ask what I want my child to know about our house. She’s seen exactly half of the 16 remodeling years, and now that I am going through all our hundreds of photos I’ve taken of this place — “befores” and “durings” — yes, even an after or 2 done now, this is so timely to me.

    And I am planning “The Queen Of Remodeling Patience” series!!! Will be at least 12 different posts, in no particular order, to be posted on no particular dates in mind yet, so you all can finally see what I’ve been alluding to.

    Mostly I want Kelly to know this house was always filled with love, and love filled our hearts for all those around us. Even the guy who lets his big dog roam and poop on our lawn.

    .-= Jannie Funster´s last blog ..“Yes – Kids Sure Do Say The Darndest Things” Part 2 =-.

  4. vered | blogger for hire Says:

    “Houses are not our “BLING” of success” – sigh. Try telling that to the Silicon valley community.
    .-= vered | blogger for hire´s last blog ..High Heels Sexy? =-.

  5. Adrenalynn Says:

    I’ve thought a lot about this lately – neighborhoods, communities, etc. I grew up in a house where my father still lives today, so I get to come “home” every time I want and show my kids the places from my childhood. Everything is pretty much the same, even. I live in a small apartment that we rent in a neighborhood that isn’t really the kind of neighborhood that I want to live in. I’m looking forward to establishing a home somewhere I want to stay for a long time. I hope we get to do that before the kids get to old. I want to contribute somehow to the community around me, and feel like I’m missing out. Ouch, long comment! Sorry:)
    .-= Adrenalynn´s last blog ..Confessions =-.

  6. patricia Says:

    Yes a house is just another “thing” we experience on this plain or playing field of our energy. I am finding many folks are pulling down the shades and hiding inside….or showing off as though that was real….actions build

    I made a guest list that would include 46 neighbors including children, Yesterday I only had 23 responses in the affirmative, today 41….I think folks are looking forward to a break in the winter enclosures of living. Now if I can just get all the cooking done…I think it will be a fine time.

    I am so excited about the Queen of Remodeling series and kids who have lived through such a project are blessed. Hey! did you see I gifted you with a typo…?? Do I drive my car and fowl your next inhale? fowl rather than the intended foul?

    We have a whole bunch of McMansions around our town and on the islands….and they are not adding to the environment – as a matter of fact they have significantly changed the public school system here.

    I can not imagine living in a house for generations. My Father came to Canada as a baby and to the USA when I was born…and then moved 22 times from when I started high school until I finished Grad. school. It was a profound lesson in “letting go” and not defining self by things. But establishing a home for our children is an important part of living well.
    Comment not too long – the perfect expression – Thank you

  7. Hilary Says:

    Hi Patricia .. first have a wonderful day today and enjoy the company, fun and spills of life with new friends, new community – anyone who brings people together for the goodness of all will reap love, care and understanding.

    Home is love as you open the door .. a necessity for a roof, a place to be me, to be at peace from the hum drum of life outside.

    Enjoy the houses and friends .. would love to be with you all –
    Hilary Melton-Butcher
    Positive Letters Inspirational Stories
    .-= Hilary´s last blog ..A bet on the Eleven Cities Tour or the Winter Olympics being held? =-.

  8. Dot Says:

    “… I want to build a strong foundation that can make the world a better place for my heart.” That’s a great goal!

    For some time now I’ve been thinking that the decorating shows aren’t doing much good. If they taught the principles of decorating, that would be valuable. Instead, they show people “upgrading” to conform their homes to the decorating fads. I wonder who the first interior decorator was who went to Tuscany. Now all Americans are supposed to want a Tuscany kitchen. Seeing people sink $60,000 into a kitchen remodel just makes me envious, although I certainly wouldn’t choose a Tuscan design for mine.
    .-= Dot´s last blog ..Comment on On Becoming a Mother Too Young by Momisodes =-.

  9. Davina Says:

    Hi Patricia.
    There are too many huge homes being built; everywhere there is another going up. Seem to be like status symbols. Granted, they are gorgeous, but unless a person has a family to fill them I see no use in having that much space. I could be happy in a small cabin with just the bare necessities.
    .-= Davina´s last blog ..I Find Stillness =-.

  10. Barb Hartsook Says:

    Hi Patricia… wow. You ask so many questions here that take my brain on little excursions. I’m going to print the post to take with me today. (A Sunday — have a folder of ‘reads’ for my coffee date with my husband later.)

    Home? Today home is love and warmth and acceptance and a safe place to dress down and sit with my legs drawn up, with a good book. A place to experiment with cooking or painting. A place for my friends to drop by, my grandkids to retreat to, my girls to come home to. A place for conversations or quiet. A place with large windows with small panes, for light and a view of life beyond the walls.

    My girls have newer homes than I. Higher ceilings, basements with workout rooms and ping pong tables and pool tables and 46 inch TV’s. More than one. We all decorate for warmth and coziness and wrapping arms around those who come.

    Space doesn’t have to be big and show-stopping to be pretty.

    When our girls were growing up, home looked a little different from today, but the basics were all in place. I love the word HOME, and want mine to feel like it sounds to me.

    Thanks for asking the question, Patricia. :)

  11. Kay Lilland Says:

    My nighttime dreams have been 90% about houses all my teen and adult life. I lived with my parents while they turned an 1880s crackerbox parsonage w/o plumbing into a 1950s just barely middle-class dwelling. I never tolerate renting because I am always planning some renovation. I admire step-daughter&family for saving money by renting and making do with what is….and in their case, “what is” is way beyond that 1950s childhood home of mine.
    Those renovation TV shows have some virtue, but much more snobbery. Last week, a decorator sniffed at features that are still being sold at Lowes and that are less-scale than my own, which I think are quite spiffy. I sniffed back at the TV screen, which is not 21st Century type. Quite a coincidence that so soon you wrote about the same subject.
    I am concluding a two-week stint of house-sitting for said step-daughter and have variously thought “let me get back to my own because it is more efficient and organized” and “please stay away another week because I am happy here”

    Thanks for asking the questions as you always have for the 30 years we have shared. Hugs!

  12. Patricia Says:

    I was a wonderful celebration of a first home and I too wish you had been here

    I think the home remodel shows are mostly about selling more stuff and perfection consumerism – not much about building homes.Although one Extreme makeover near my home truly took a well foundationed family into a healthier space for celebrating their already strong “home”

    We have a ton of McMansions spring up, which bring in lots of outsiders to be taken care of by the community but the home owners may only be there about about 1 -2 months per year. Our school system is suffering under this bazaar overload. Strange stuff?

    Thank you for you fabulous comments – they add so much to the ideas – I have always asked big questions which sometimes scares folks away. Thank you for coming on by.

    Yep! Thirty years…and you truly know how to make a house a home…enjoy the house sitting and hope you have a wonderful birthday celebration full of hugs.

  13. J.D. Meier Says:

    I think that’s great that you’re having a house warming party for your new neighbor. It’s a great way to start things off on the right foot.
    .-= J.D. Meier´s last blog ..Dancing in the Rain =-.

  14. Patricia Says:

    And it was a great party – the sun was shining, warm…kids enjoyed playing in the mouse house and doll house…a good start