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A Friend in Need – Another Thank you

I arrived in San Francisco after a 20 hour train ride.  My knees and ankles swollen and angry; my stomach just rebelling against the train food I had consumed.

I was holding on to everything – that I would be able to learn how to do an ebook and have it be a successful fund raising experience, that I would be able to do the walking tours scheduled and that I would be able to find enough funds to get us through Thanksgiving and Christmas Events were thoughts playing heavily on my mind.

I was alternating between heat and cold paks and hoping my special shoes would relax the knees and get me moving again.   (I do occasionally take Fever Few, but I am unable to use Antibiotics, acetaminophen, ibuprofen, or other pain relievers because they are pressed in corn or milk byproducts)

We got the ebook completed and then walking back to the Muni Train, my right knee failed me and screamed in pain with every step.   I just accomplished what I could and came home on Amtrak with the knees echoing off the mountains in discomfort.

I had only the leftover change from riding the Muni in my pocket and all my massage/chiropractic credits on my insurance had been used up.  I sent off an email to the Medical Intuitive who has been helping me with distance healing and waited for a reply.

Lying on the floor, legs propped up on the couch, ice paks and heating pads on…I wrote my blog post  “Believe”; laptop resting on my belly.

Jenny Mannion of Healing  Pain Naturally, sent me a direct message on Facebook and basically said “Give me a Call”   with a few key strokes the next morning I was on the phone to Jenny.   In a few more minutes, I could feel her doing her distance healing work in my feet, ankles, knees, chest, neck and deep inside – a deep tingling that slowed my breathing, eased the pain to nothing, and brought a deep peaceful feeling.

For my Birthday, after I came home from  the UK (August 2009) with painful knees also, Jenny had sent me a copy of her ebook.   I had read it several times, and most of her posts after that gift.   In San Francisco I had wandered around her site attempting to find some relief….

Robin, of Lets Live Forever had made the introduction through a post she had written.

…and now Jenny was on the other end of the phone.

Her next healing suggestions were – stop worrying, you are too full of worry and it is the ego that worries; – she gave me a change exercise to do for release; – told me about EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) on You Tube; – be in the NOW; – need more meditation time to heal; – more water, drink more water; – I had a friend named Henry who really resonated with me (Henry was the main character in the last book review I did!); -to enjoy the feeling of peace; – go for a short walk and get back moving; – and about 4 other great ideas about who I am inside –  WISE was one of the words she used.

I enjoyed the feelings of peace and the sunshine that was flooding in on me and the amazing pain relief – totally gone.   About an hour later, I started out for a short walk and 15 minutes into walking I knew I had made a mistake – my whole leg went tight – I think it was too cold.

I was able to patiently use her suggestions and now 10 days later, the leg is still stiff upon the start of movement, but I am totally pain free….

Just the relaxing alone made me feel so much better, and the warmth and tingling feelings were an added benefit of getting stuck energy moving again.   I have been following her exercises and can produce a bit more healing energy every day.

I have started using the Alfred E Newman expression “What ME Worry?”  to start each meditation period and it makes me laugh and relax.   I was unaware of how much worry I have going on within me and now that I am aware I can make the change.

My Medical Intuitive at uvbluehealth did call me and said she could really feel the liver cleaning out again….and she thought it was good that the ebook fundraiser was completed and off my mind.

I just wanted to put out a hearty Thank you to Jenny Mannion for her generous phone call at this busy time of the year and refer you to her site for a very amazing healing experience or just to read and buy her a cup of coffee!

Jennys Web Site

Jennys Web Site

Thank you Jenny for being there and for your generous help and yes, yes the freedom from pain !  I am stepping carefully but the healing is manifesting.  What a relief.

Have you had a friend in need experience, where someone just stepped up and gave you some pain relief?  Do you think this is just too new age for you?  Jenny works on those questions too.  I would love it if you would share your stories so we could all benefit and learn.  Thank you.

32 Responses to “A Friend in Need – Another Thank you”

  1. Jenny Mannion Says:

    Hi Patricia,

    Thank you for this beautiful post about your experience with reconnective healing and our talks. Yes, you are WISE and I am so happy that pain free are words you can use now too! Having endured chronic pain for over 6 years I clearly remember that first knowledge that I was painLESS and the joy of having that sink into me. It is almost like a rebirth. :-)

    Yes, the walk in the cold was probably not the best – I am glad you listened to yourself and stopped when you felt that. Time to digest the session afterward is good – for me that always meant walks and grounding but for others it can definitely be done differently – esp. if it is get-in-your-bones cold out. Something for ME to remember. :-) This work turns up your intuition to HIGH and time after to ask questions of yourself is a beautiful thing – it can bring up some pretty amazing realizations.

    Thank you for sharing the session and your experience working with me with others Patricia. It is a joy to work with you and I look forward to hearing about your continued improvement.

    MUCH Love, xo
    .-= Jenny Mannion´s last blog ..‘Tis the Season to Be Kind to Yourself Too =-.

  2. Lance Says:

    Very awesome what Jenny was able to help you with! And Jenny is someone I’ve known for a while now – and she is such a loving and caring soul. What you experienced, I know was Jenny really connecting with you, in that moment. And it’s so good to hear about your experience with her, and how good it has been for you! Here’s to continued days living pain free!
    .-= Lance´s last blog ..Frank and Me: A Legacy of Mentoring (Giveaway Post) =-.

  3. Dot Says:

    That’s an amazing story! I’m so glad Jenny was able to give you relief. She’s a really nice person, and you see you are cared about! I hope the pain stays gone for good. Perhaps there’s a lesson here about taking on too much?
    .-= Dot´s last blog ..Comment on Inheriting by Betsy Wuebker =-.

  4. Betsy Wuebker Says:

    Hi Patricia – There’s a reason we use the old phrase “sick with worry.” I’ve believed ever since my mother had cancer 40 years ago that we can literally make or keep ourselves sick by worrying or carrying other emotional burdens. I believe these thoughts and feelings manifest in changes in our body chemistry to make our systems more hospitable to maladies. There are so many studies from The Healing Heart to Laughter is the Best Medicine to other techniques that have wrought powerful changes to the point of eliminating conditions and disease in miraculous ways.

    I’m not surprised you have had such a wonderful experience with Jenny. God sends us teachers and caregivers just when we are ready and need them the most. What a blessed event for you to be pain free in a season of joy! Thank you for sharing it.
    .-= Betsy Wuebker´s last blog ..Soothing Scrubs – A Great Gift to Make or Keep for Yourself =-.

  5. You Need To LIVE Your Joy to Heal and Feel Wholea | Heal Pain Naturally Says:

    […] I also recently worked with another blogger Patricia of Patricia’s Wisdom who wrote about her experience here.  Sharing this work with others proving no distance is too vast brings me more joy than words can […]

  6. Evita Says:

    This is amazing Patricia!

    I loved reading your experience with Jenny too. Isn’t that something of how amazing the energy of healing and life is?

    I am so happy to hear that you are doing better – your journey is taking you deeper and deeper into yourself, and that is wonderful. It may not be easy at times, but Patricia the release of any old pain, suffering, worry, etc is so worth it to let it all go and breathe new life into our bodies.

    Again, I am so excited for you and your healing journey and definitely second all that you said about Jenny!
    .-= Evita´s last blog ..Evita Exposed: Nutrilite Blogger Health Assessment Results =-.

  7. Jannie Funster Says:

    “stop worrying, you are too full of worry and it is the ego that worries”

    WHAT — me worry?

    I have found Chris Edgar’s book helpful for me with my migraines, just today I am listening to the sensations in my head and I am able to breathe directly to that area and find significant relief. Knowledge is powerful healing. Nothing it too “new agey” if it works!
    .-= Jannie Funster´s last blog ..“Inner Productivity” by Christopher R. Edgar — A Gem Of An Excellent Book =-.

  8. Jannie Funster Says:

    Whoops, where we go..

    .-= Jannie Funster´s last blog ..“Inner Productivity” by Christopher R. Edgar — A Gem Of An Excellent Book =-.

  9. Jannie Funster Says:

    I mean THERE we go. Gee.

    .-= Jannie Funster´s last blog ..“Inner Productivity” by Christopher R. Edgar — A Gem Of An Excellent Book =-.

  10. Patricia Says:

    Thank you for your kind words, writing this post was a purely painless pleasure!

    This was an awesome experience and yes! Jenny is a kind and lovely person too. I am so happy to be getting to know her and her work.

    I second the vote for more pain free days! Thank you

  11. Patricia Says:

    Yes it was an amazing experience. It was a much more gentle, peaceful experience – not as bold as Evita’s, but the pain relief is so good. Everyone keeps saying drink more water….I feel as though I am being flooded out right now…but apparently 8 glasses a day and 2 cups of tea is not enough.

    I think I am still cleaning out my family of origin emotions because I did those for them for many, many years….it is still painful to keep experiencing them as they release, but not as difficult as the first time around.

    My knee is still quite stiff but oh to be pain free…

  12. Julie Says:

    Sometimes we just need a little extra help, don’t we? We’ve all been there, but while deep in the midst of it all, it always feels so lonely. You ARE so wise, and I’m glad Jenny was able to raise the blinds to let the light in, so you could see it, too. :)

    There’s nothing too “new agey” for me. I’ve witnessed so much! …and it’s all so amazingly magical and perfect and wondrous and beautiful. Never shrink from the lovely, serendipitous moments like Jenny’s offer of something so precious. Never worry, never doubt, never shrink… Always have faith, always trust, always be eager for more! …of everything good, no matter the source. :)
    .-= Julie´s last blog ..Nothing =-.

  13. Patricia Says:

    Yep I think the Holy Spirit intervenes as just the perfect time..I was in need of some new teachers and I renew myself and make some big changes in my life.

    I think I would have added a therapeutic massage to the healing experience in the future – like possibly the next day…but writing and writing in my journal has occurred since the session, which has been very helpful to me.

    I could not even write my “standing” paper for my Church Conference and had to call on JD Meier’s expertise to pull it off in time for submission – another great teacher for me right now.

    And my intuition is still running very high…

    Thank you for your great words…

    My neighbor just called to rave about the scallops in jade sauce…!!! FYI

  14. Patricia Says:

    I just so enjoyed reading your more detailed post about a session with Jenny. You described the peaceful feelings so accurately and how much joy too….I feel like I missed the boat on those words here. I am definitely a woman recreating herself…and it is rather scary to be in a limbo space right now….but feel the future is just brighter and brighter ahead Thank you for your good words.

  15. Patricia Says:

    Jannie, Jannie, Jannie, Jannie…
    What – me worry! Yes I am finding Chris’s book very helpful in grounding this experience for me….letting go of the worry seems to be an endless task but doable.

    I am so glad you are getting help with the migraine headaches, I was so burdened with those for at least 25 years of my life…I think life was just too much with me….

    Knowledge is powerful…and a great healer….as is contemplation

  16. Patricia Says:

    Thank you so much – your words are a blessing…. and you have been very helpful to me in my healing process too…

    I am blessed by such good teachers, mentors, and other bloggers – friends.

  17. Betsy Wuebker Says:

    YAY on the scallops! 😀
    .-= Betsy Wuebker´s last blog ..Soothing Scrubs – A Great Gift to Make or Keep for Yourself =-.

  18. Patricia Says:

    My neighbor has made all the recipes in the book…and is quite the cook….a compliment from her is just about the tops!

    Coming over to visit your post right now…

  19. Talon Says:

    I’m so glad that Jenny could provide you some relief from what sounds like incredible discomfort.

    I love the expression, “Worry is but rust on the brain” and remind myself that it wears us down and never builds us up.

    It’s life-affirming how spirits can commune over distances.
    .-= Talon´s last blog ..Snow play… =-.

  20. Chris Edgar Says:

    Thanks for this story and I’m glad to hear about the relief you found — it’s really inspiring to me and it’s the kind of thing that helps remind me of why I do what I do.

  21. Patricia Says:

    I love the rust phrase…and it was an amazing distance connection. I thought I was getting rid of all my worry only to find that it was such a habit I was missing much of it….to relieve it

    Yes, this kind of connection is very inspiring to keep one on track with their best work and energies..I am enjoying your book too, very helpful and getting the worries out….I will write about it when I have finished it.. Thank YOU

  22. vered | blogger for hire Says:

    What an amazing story. It feels so good to realize that someone cares, doesn’t it?
    .-= vered | blogger for hire´s last blog ..Holidays in the 60s: Spam Spread, Foil and Scary Dips =-.

  23. Patricia Says:

    Quite a story and quite an experience – yes it feels wonderful to be cared for – and oh yes! I lived through the spam spread…and awful dips….I am coming over for a read!

  24. Robin Says:

    What a great story! (and thanx for the link)

    I’ve been meaning to get over to here for 2 days, but I put my back out yesterday morning and have been keeping away from the computer – but it seems to be getting better.

    Regarding the 2 comments above – we used to have an equivalent of spam called camp pie – we had white bread, camp pie and tomato sandwiches.
    .-= Robin´s last blog ..There Is A Vitality =-.

  25. Davina Says:

    Hi Patricia.
    What Vered said; “It feels so good to realize that someone cares, doesn’t it?” Just having that connection and that understanding does wonders alone. Glad you found some relief in the end Patricia.
    .-= Davina´s last blog ..Night Before Christmas — Rewritten =-.

  26. Barbara Swafford Says:

    Hi Patricia,

    I love this story. I remember you writing about Jenny’s distant healing before and am happy to hear it helped you again.

    Sometimes it hard not to worry, but I find if I can concentrate on living in the moment, worry begins to fade. Some how, some way, everything works out for the best.
    .-= Barbara Swafford´s last blog ..Sexy Bookmarks, Toolbars & Time Savers =-.

  27. Patricia Says:

    I have not been to the computer for 2 days myself…too much to do to celebrate a graduation – new Library and get ready for 11 folks coming for the holiday and then going cross country skiing.

    Oh my mum was the master of spam and tomatoes!

    I hope your back is recovering….I know when all is not right and balanced how hard it is to accomplish anything
    .-= Patricia´s last blog ..Donuts, Coffee and the Wisdom of Daughters =-.

  28. Patricia Says:

    Yes, I am still getting relief from the stiffness, but it is wonder full to feel cared for…

    I believed I was the non-worrier in the family! how arrogant is that! I too find if I can stay present life just goes so much better. I have been working with Fiona at UVBluehealth with distance healing, but I could not get a hold of her…and Jenny sent me a direct message on facebook…to have pain relief was such a wonder WOW…
    Now I am actually understanding the exercises in her book better… and her re-connective healing is very similar to the healing prayer work I was working on in Graduate school – better evolved.
    Very amazing stuff

  29. J.D. Meier Says:

    > Alfred E Newman expression “What ME Worry?
    I hadn’t heard of the Alfred E Newman expression before, but now I’d like to start using that too.

    One of my favorite scenes from Karate Kid is where Mr. Miyagi rubs his hands together fast, then gives Danielson the healing touch so he can get back out and kick some arse.

    I’ve seen people work wonders, but I’m always a fan of using the right tool for the job … if it’s a nutritional issue, use nutrition … if it’s an emotional issue, then use an emotional approach … if you’re ripped open, get some stitches to close yourself back up … … etc. I’m also a fan of getting to the root cause vs. chasing symptoms, especially when it’s body/mind/emotion stuff going on.
    .-= J.D. Meier´s last blog ..What 25 Holiday Classics Teach Us About Life and Fun =-.

  30. Patricia Says:

    Mr. Miyagi used Jin Shin Jujitsu on Danielson. I have used that for pain control after my last surgery – wow does it work well…especially on headaches.

    Yes! I think without digging to the roots it is hard to get a fresh shoot to come forth and start a new.

  31. Andrew Says:

    Great to hear you found out about EFT.


  32. patricia Says:

    I am just in learning mode but it is helpful. Thank you for your comment – I assume it works well for you? and that is encouraging to me