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Part III: Agenda for a Real-Wealth Economy

From the book: Agenda for a New Economy

I am attempting to chunk down a whole book here full of good stories and descriptions in order to give tools for continued conversations. This is part III and the final section I will attempt to share from as part IV is a speech Korten wrote and his amazing summation of his work.

Part I
Part II

This book makes sense to me and gives me hope. I think the discussions are starting and there are murmurs all around about change. I needed to get a real grasp on real information before I could understand the changes that I needed to make and I hope this series of posts will inspire others to join in the conversation. The Divide and Conquer Club is in full session. I believe that it is a discussion that needs to happen from the grassroots – tough talk to the game players still in the game.

A. What People Really Want

  • “We humans are awakening to the reality that we are living beings and that life, by its nature, can exist only in community. Our future depends on getting with the program and organizing our economies in ways that mimic healthy living systems.”
  • As Humans we have choice – our lower natures or our higher natures can be cultivated. We have allowed our lower natures and phantom wealth to define our lower natures and give it measure. We can chose to not cultivate that any more – we can cultivate our highest selves.
    The Internet and Communications Technologies now allow us greater potential for choice and collective dialogue.
  • “…a desire to cooperate and serve is hard-wired into the human brain.”
  • ““…a sense of personal responsibility and self-restraint is an essential foundation of a mature democracy.” We are all a part of the one organism.
  • “ Most of us want to breathe clean air and drink clean water. We want nutritious food uncontaminated with toxins. We want meaningful work, a living wage, and security in our old age. We want a say in the decisions our government makes. We want world peace.”
  • We all want REAL WEALTH and it is within our means.
  • The GDP is the wrong measure of our economic health. Try the HAPPY PLANET INDEX instead
  • Happy Planet Index = (Life Satisfaction x Life Expectancy)/Ecological Footprint
  • Turning into an Era of Partnership
  • The ability to see something you have never seen before is an important part of navigating to the Earth Community.

B. Essential Priorities

  • Addressing the Earth’s resources and the equitable use of said resources.
  • Population growth
  • Human economy will be a subsystem of the Earth’s ecosystem.
  • Principles for Healthy Living Systems:
    1. Self-organize into dynamic, inclusive, self-reliant communities of place.
    2. Balance individual and community needs and interest.
    3. Practice frugality and reciprocity.
    4. Reward cooperation.
    5. Optimize the sustainable capture and use of energy and matter by adapting to the specific details of the microenvironment.
    6. Form and manage permeable boundaries.
    7. Cultivate diversity and share knowledge. (Sounds like the bloggers I have been reading!)
  • Wall Street says it has exclusive rights to the resources of any community. There is a lot of “punishment” going on presently – like huge banks starving local banks and assets to take them over and to get them to conform to assisting the wealthy – training the locals to think that their local stores and companies are not good enough. We’ll show ‘em.
  • “Advertising beyond informing the public of the availability and features of products and services has not legitimate place and is not a legitimate business expense.” We will not be creating human want machines.

C. Liberating Main Street

  • Main Street is already coming back to life through self-organizing group with vision
    Navigational goals of Main Street: “restructure consumptions to achieve a 90 percent reduction in the release of greenhouse gases, achieve an equitable distribution of income, regenerate social and natural capital, eliminate war, and reduce population growth.”
  • The implementation of market rules is the corrective.
  • 12 – Point New Economy Agenda (these are detailed and spelled out)
    1. Redirect the focus of economic policy from growing phantom wealth to growing real wealth.
    2. Recover Wall Street’s unearned profits, and assess fees and fines to make Wall Street theft and gambling unprofitable.
    3. Implement full-cost market pricing.
    4. Reclaim the corporate charter.
    5. Restore National economic sovereignty
    6. Rebuild communities with a goal of achieving local self-reliance in meeting basic needs.
    7. Implement policies that create a strong bias in favor of human-scale businesses owned by local stakeholders.
    8. Facilitate and fund stakeholder buyouts to democratize ownership.
    9. Us tax and income policies to favor the equitable distribution of wealth and income.
    10. Revise intellectual property rules to facilitate the free sharing of information and technology.
    11. Restructure financial services to serve Main Street.
    12. Transfer to the federal government the responsibility for issuing money.
  • Shrink the GDP and bring social and environmental indicators to the fore. Children and the environment are our greatest assets.

D. Real –Wealth Financial Services

This is a detailed work up of points #11 and #12 and I will only share a brief word or two.

  • No Man can serve two masters:….Ye cannot serve God and Mammon. ~Jesus Matthew 6:24
  • This is a direction and framework for policy action and not a blueprint.
  • This chapter is very detailed and descriptive and I would be better off hoping you would read the book rather than attempting summarize that which I am not an expert and am just learning.

E. Life in a Real-Wealth Economy

This is a written scenario of what life would look like in communities that exist today and in the future with these changes in place and real wealth the overriding measure.

  • An address I Hope President Obama Will One Day Deliver to the Nation
  • When the People Lead, the Leaders Will Follow

Part IV: Change the Story, Change the Future

I hope this 3 part review was not too much for a blog reader to handle. I believe it is vital and important information and that communities are already involved in huge paradigm changes. I need to constantly keep updating my thinking.

I now have new questions to ask all my candidates for the local elections coming up in August for City Council and Port Commissioner.

I realize this is a longer post than I usually do, but I have found this to sound and good news to share as best as I am able. I too believe that bloggers will be making profound differences in our systems of communication, in our definitions of community and finances and I think this is a good start point.

What do you think? Do you even care about this? What are the big questions in your individual communities? Will you have any retirement security? How would you un- polarize us?

Looking forward to you comments.
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10 Responses to “Part III: Agenda for a Real-Wealth Economy”

  1. Mama Zen Says:

    I have GOT to read this book!

  2. Patricia Says:

    Mama Zen,
    I think it is an amazing book…this Korten fellow is astoundingly good at teaching us how to make change starting at home and for our baby puppies!

  3. J.D. Meier Says:

    There’s a lot of good points in there.

    It seems to echo a more general theme that there will be more pressure on companies to provide more real value to society. It’s back to the basics.

    J.D. Meiers last blog post..What’s Your One-Liner Super Hero Power?

  4. Stephen - Rat Race Trap Says:

    Wonderful! Real wealth is not about money, it’s about happiness and freedom. Two things we have thrown away in the pursuit of dollars. Dollars can buy freedom, but a lot of people who have them are not happy.

    Stephen – Rat Race Traps last blog post..Edit Your Life

  5. Patricia Says:

    Lots of good points. I am thinking about our fair trade dollars here in our community and how local folks keep investing in our community grant programs for local projects. Investing in the local, eating local, and finding meaning and values and not hoping someone in the Government will take responsibility. Very Basic.

  6. patricia Says:

    This is a wonder full book and I hope I inspire some folks to read it – as JD says “standing on the shoulders of giants” – I think this is valuable, basic material that could help to un-polarize and produce much more happiness and meaning. Thank you for coming by and commenting.

  7. Evita Says:

    Oh definitely Patricia I care about this. We really, really need new financial and wealth systems, as the old ones really, really do not serve us.

    There is a wonderful section in the trilogy in Conversations With God books by Neale Donald Walsch that says what a difference the world would see in love and peace, among other things, if everything had two prices: what it really cost to make it and what the person is choosing to charge. I know most of us would change our habits immediately.

    So yes thank you again for sharing this wonderful book with us. I am sure one really needs to take all this info in and let it sink in while reading it, as it seems to be filled with very powerful ideas and points.

    On another note, I am taking off for a couple of weeks on vacation, so will be writing more and catching up on your site when I come back :)

    Evitas last blog post..Book Review: Home With God In A Life That Never Ends

  8. Patricia Says:

    Thank you for coming on by and your good comments…I will be away for about 3 weeks myself…so we will catch up together..

  9. Cordieb Says:

    For so long, I’ve depended on those in charge to have my best interest in mind. . . some did it well, others did it not so well… Your post reminds me that I need to ensure that I have my own best interest in mind, and not be so trustful to those in charge. I normally have little interest in finance issues, as I’m rather comfortable with the little I have – I have all the basics plus a little extra every now and then – but it would serve me well to learn a little more about economics, as we may well be headed into a depressed era. Although I’ve always been a survivor, knowledge is never wasted and is always a good thing. It is not an accident that I should visit this site. Thanks for sharing. . . I’ll have to check out the book! Peace, Light and Love to you and yours, CordieB.

    Cordiebs last blog post..A Spiritual Riddle – by CordieB

  10. patricia Says:

    I think we all must get involved and put our gifts toward recovery and community. I hope you enjoy the book as much as I did, and hearing Korten speak was also excellent. I am beginning to understand the bigger picture and what we must do.

    Welcome and thank you for you good comments on this issue and book.