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Look, Look…

…a magic elf, a fairy princess, a funny blogger sent me the most lovely gift!

10 pounds

I am about to head out the door to the UK and look what arrived in my mail box…From none other than Jannie Funster herself – that quintessential mirth and songster of the blogosphere…What a delightful surprise and treat.  Thank you so much Jannie for sharing your wealth, wisdom and caring with me.

Jannie also sent me a book, which she loved reading and I have a review post coming up about it…I know she has sent other’s books too…such a treat!

Now, Jannie and I would like to know if any blogger you know has given you such  surprise or a treat?

We look forward to your comments and stories…

9 Responses to “Look, Look…”

  1. Kathy | Virtual Impax Says:

    That Jannie has a heart of gold – and it matches her fuzzy golden bra!!!

    Kathy | Virtual Impaxs last blog post..Social Media: It’s a Moral Imperative

  2. Mike Says:

    That’s very cool.

    We’ve always exchanged spent our foreign currency before we came back home, but, if we had any, it’d be a cool thing to send to someone that was going to that country, since foreign currency is worthless in Arkansas unless you take it to a bank in Little Rock (75 miles) that does currency exchange.

    Mikes last blog post..The Rest of the Story

  3. BunnygotBlog Says:

    We travel to the European Union so much we usually put any euro we have left over with our passports for next time.
    These was a sweet gift.

    BunnygotBlogs last blog post..Advertising Towards Dummies: A Matter Of Choice

  4. Dot Says:

    Very nice of you, Jannie! Jannie recently sent me a card and a small book, too.

    Dots last blog post..Positively Present Quoted

  5. J.D. Meier Says:

    Jannie’s kind heart is one of her best gifts she shares with everyone.

    J.D. Meiers last blog post..Finding Your Eye of the Tiger on Expert Access

  6. Vered - MomGrind Says:


    Patricia, YOU treated me to a gift a while back. Thank you. :)

    Vered – MomGrinds last blog post..Happily Ever After

  7. Patricia Says:

    Hey all, I am in London and about to go on the tude to the Tower of London to see the Crown Jewels. Thank you all for your comments.

    It is very humid here as the sun breaks through the morning light
    Surprised to find a computer connection so quickly though I will not have one for most of the trip

    Enjoy, enjoy

    Patricias last blog post..Look, Look…

  8. Jannie Funster Says:

    Hey, how did I miss this post?? And wow, Patricia is so on the ball even tho she is far far far away.

    I’ll be sure to check back here every day. Who knows what she has in store next with her posting?

    Well, in fact I received a gorgeous bouquet of FTD flowers from 2 Total Strangers, (PATRICIA AND DAVINA,) which graced my CD table at my release show. And a bottle of Chandon which I still have not cracked. From YOU, my Dear Patricia!!


  9. Patricia Says:

    Yep about Jannie and I was so glad I did not take a fuzzy bra with me on this trip – oh the humidity was great!

    I gave all my leftover funds to UNICEF as I got on British Airways, it was a good send off. We also gave money to the Veterans fund along the way.

    It was such a great gift…particularly since I asked Santa at Christmas to bring me enough spending money for this trip! It was a tight budget adventure but oh so fun

    I have a review of the book Jannie sent to me – she is really something!

    Her heart just shines and smiles

    Very awesome indeedy

    Now I can not get back to posting and reading and commenting on blogs….but I am working at it tonight – I missed my date to have the big give away…tomorrow morning – late post
    You should see all the apples on the ground that the trees gave me while I was gone…and the yellow jackets in them! I was missed!
    We had 104-107 F weather while I was gone – raining now and cool….did you send this weather while I was gone?