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Foggy Noggin Breakdown

Woman in Fog

Luckily, I’m in great health. Lucky with family health history too. I exercise some. I don’t smoke. I do enjoy wine, but in moderation and never before 7:00 a.m. :) My diet is probably Average North American, with occasional pastry leanings. I am a coffee addict, yes — one glorious big cup every morning. Plus a decaf some afternoons.

Things are good, yet I have a woe: I almost always wake up feeling foggy-headed, not crystal-clear-headed of yore. Why is this?

Okay, I’m not 16 anymore. Or 21. Or 35. I’m 45. Is foggy morning head just part of normal ageing?

This brainfog does dissipate within a hour or so of waking but I miss that bounce-out-of-bed-and-raring-to-go Jannie feeling I used to take for granted.

Does anybody else experience this? Is there something I can do to wake as clear-headed and spritely every morning as I used to?

Signed, Foggy-Noggin in Austin (aka – Jannie Funster, “Songwriter & Such”)

27 Responses to “Foggy Noggin Breakdown”

  1. Betsy Wuebker Says:

    One of my favorite tunes! I used to think being an empty nester would do it, but instead all I do is get up earlier and futz around more. I’d double the coffee intake if I were you and embrace the fog. 😀


  2. Dot Says:

    I can be foggy all day, but if it’s only in the morning, for me it’s usually because of (a) allergies, (b) sleep apnea, (c) drinking the night before, or (d) havng my sleep disrupted.

  3. Mike Says:

    I hadn’t ever thought about it, but seeing as I am just up — at 8 am — yes, I do have a bit of the foggy morning head most days.

    The days that it has less impact are those where I have immediate plans — like Monday when I planned to go to to the gym before going to work. I was up and out of the door within 20 minutes.

    Today, though, I’m working in the evening, so there’s no rush, slept let and there’s plenty of fog, though it seems to be lifting as I write.

    If I had less to do and less things that interested me, I think life would be in a fog more of the time, especially when I’m not working — though, sometimes, when I am working, it get’s pretty foggy there. 😉

  4. Chania Girl Says:

    I enjoyed this light post this morning and wish I could give sage advice. But I’m wondering if maybe being outside for about 10 mins or so (perhaps have your morning cuppa out there) might help. The natural daylight, even on foggy days, may trigger your body to release the chemicals that really say, “Hey! You’re awake!” It’s helped me before … especially with jet lag.

    Until then, I toast you with my own morning cuppa. :)

  5. J.D. Meier Says:

    I’ve actually been trying to hunt down an article that says we’re dumber in the morning. Apparently, it can be extreme, something like 20 IQ points. My friend mentioned your blood sugar gets low over the night, and it takes about an hour to get things going. He suggested do mindless things first thing, and then shift to your smarter stuff as the day goes on. I like it.

    J.D. Meiers last blog post..How To Prioritize with Criteria and Weight

  6. Turf Dad Says:

    We are the same age and I don’t seem to have a foggy noggin in the morning. Do you sleep soundly through the night? I bet you F.N. has something to do with your sleep.

  7. Vered - MomGrind Says:

    I wake up slightly foggy, then it gradually clears after I have coffee.

    It’s always been like that for me.

  8. Mark Says:

    The only time I wake up foggy is when I didn’t get enough sleep. Could be that you require more sleep as you are getting older?

  9. Mama Zen Says:

    I’ve never been one of those wake up functional types!

  10. Sara Says:


    It took me a second to realize where I was when I got to Patricia’s site and you were here. I had to look at the heading as I had forgotten Patricia is off to Scotland:~)

    I hate to tell you, but as you get older foggy stuff like this happens more often.

    Then again, my sister is two years older than me (59) and she wakes up sharp as a bell, while I need one cup of tea to be able to see clearly, two cups to start moving and three to consider myself fully awake:~)

    Oh, I LOVE your CD…what a talent you are!!!!

  11. Ulla Hennig Says:

    I know some people who jump out of the bed and are ready for anything – I don’t belong to them. I get out of bed in a foggy state independent from the time I’ve gone to bed; and this foggy state lasts till I sipped the first of three mugs of tea. After that I am ready to face the day…

  12. Jannie Funster Says:

    Hey, everybody. Thanks so much for popping in. Patricia’s really on the ball here with all these guest posts while she’s in Scotland.

    Well, well well, some really great insight from so many of you.

    And here I am up ‘way too early, Kelly complained of “growing pains” an hour ago but she’s sound asleep again. And more foggy noggin on the way for me, if I don’t get back to bed pronto.

    See you later!

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  14. Lance Says:

    I hear a cold shower works wonders…

  15. Tess The Bold Life Says:

    I agree with Chaina girl get outside! Five minutes a day in the morning even if it’s cold weather will do. Your cuppa joe and you. Five minutes. I have 10 years on you and I don’t have fog!

    I hate to be so bossy but I am your elder!

  16. Paige Says:

    I usually wake up fairly clear that I either need more sleep or it’s time to get up but my dreams they can be a bit foggy but that was not your question for forget I said it.

  17. Talon Says:

    After a severe back injury, I learned to not leap out of bed…but to stretch and ease into being awake. I haven’t had caffeine in years and I actually found I’m more alert upon waking without it. Of course, once I had kids I found myself able to very effectively sleep-walk so maybe I’m not really ever awake?

  18. Kathy | Virtual Impax Says:

    Sounds like a classic case of “I’m just not a morning person” to me. However, it could be allergies or sleep apnea as Dot suggests.

    If it’s allergies, then you’ll know it quickly if you follow the “get outside” advice. If you get outside, take a morning walk and come back in feeling WORSE, you’ll know it’s allergies at work.

    I hate to bring this up – but if this is a “recent” phenomenon – it might be – GULP – hormonal.

    I was talking with a friend the other day who is in her mid-50’s who shared that she went through the change when she was my age (46). I just assumed EVERYONE waited until their mid-50’s to stop having Aunt Flo come to visit since that’s when my mother stopped having Flo over.

    Our bodies are truly fearfully and wonderfully made. If all else fails – drink more coffee!!! :)

  19. Lynn Says:

    Ooh – Kathy is right – might be hormonal. It is happening to me as well. Plus I am totally forgetful lately, too.

  20. Jannie Funster Says:

    Am I naughty or what, being AWOL from my own comments section to hang out on Patricia’s sunny shores? But I like it over here SO much – all these nice ladybugs on leaves and such. And buckets of champagne! Oh yeah — Jannie likes it here.


    Miss Betsy: I think I’m going to have real troubles as an empty nester. When Kelly’s at one of her friends’ houses on a sleep-over, I feel ‘way kind of depressed. Is that normal?

    Dot: All those suck. I think allergies may be a big part of it for me, especially living with drywall dust. All that gypsum weighing my bloodstream down?

    Mike: Maybe I should get my sneakers on and go walking immediately after waking, that might clear my head nicely. But I might need a coffee en route. Get one of those head drinking contraptions with straws on either side, the kind usually reserved for beer swilling. Oh – there’s an idea – beer swilling at 7:00 a.m. Hey, worth a try. Experiment until I find what works to clear my head. :)

    Chiana Girl: Hey, and that goes right along with the early walking plan. Might be worth a try, thanks. I do likes me some nature and stuff.

    J.D. So I’m not the only one! I’d love to do the dishes in the morning, which I consider pretty mindless but the clanking around really upsets Jim, as he gets up later than I, usually. So I do them once a week, Saturday night. And you know we’re taller in the morning, right?

    Turf Dad: Cool name, btw. Do you ever go to sea, to be Surf N Turf Dad? (groan.) :) Hmmn, could it be genes. Or jeans? Maybe I should sleep in p.j.s instead of jeans!! And take the motorcycle helmet off at night.

    Vered: I’m beginning to sense that I may not be as abnormal as I’d feared. But I used to just jump right out of bed and grab the world by the butt. I want to do that again!!

    Mark: That could very much be it. Or maybe I could benefit from an afternoon nap. Gee, my life on this earthly plane is about 43% over now. How can I really make the remaining 47% kick total butt?

    Mama Z: Never? Never – ever? I’m feeling ‘way better about myself now, especially since you’re like, 10 years younger than I? I don’t even know how “old” you are. or 29, I’d say.

    Dear Sara: Hi. Begging forgiveness at not being over to your blog lately. Promise I’ll get over soon. So glad to hear my CD reached you and that you like it. yay! What’s up with your sister? Does she take vitamins or elixers, or anything?

    Ulla: One more vote for me not being ‘way outside the norm! Ah, tea. I used to drink a lot of orange Pekoe in my Home And Native Land. With a bit of milk. Maybe I can start drinking it again. Wonder if they still make Red Rose? And I wonder if they still put prizes in the box!?! And where in the world are you, anyway?

    Jannie: Funny meeting you here.

    Lance: I AM TOTALLY GOING TO TRY THAT!!! Thank you.

    Tess: Guru-Woman, you can boss me around all you want to! Okay, you guys are sooo helping me, or at least giving me things to try. And I thought this was like, The Stupidest Post I’d Ever Written (of course, I pretty-much feel like that about every post I write.) :)

    Paige: Are you and I tied for Internet Nuts, or what?? Even if I never ever got rid of foggy morning head, I could put up with it, as I know you were put on this earth to make me smile. Okay, okay, I won’t be selfish and try to hog you all to myself. You can make other people smile too, as you do.

    Talon: Get out! You are a sleep-walker? To this day? Wow, what’s that like? And stretching and easing, that is ONE COOL IDEA. (Well, 2 cools ideas, I guess to be technically correct?) Thank you, my dear dear lady. I am for sure going to try that. A stretch and an ease, and a cold shower followed immediately by a walk around the hood with my coffee beer-swilling hat — geez, I think if that works I may just live to be 125! Oh, and something just occured to me – the William Tell Overature at volume 7 — when Kelly was in pre-school I used to wake her up to that and she LOVED it. That could help too.

    Hey Kathy: Hormones! S%@t. Never thought of that. Can I get drugs for that? hmmn, in my immediate fam we tend to hit the change late, like 50. But oh joy and oh bliss, if all the above don’t work, I could consult my good old witch doctor. Thanks! And hey, you’re just a year older than I? Cool, my contemporary. Cool!

    Okay, that’s it for now.

    I’ll most likely be back at this post again before 2011.


  21. Betsy Wuebker Says:

    Hi Jannie – Trust me. After aliens take their brains at age 14, you can’t wait to get them out of the house. It’s all God’s plan so you won’t miss them that much. I’m told the brains are returned around age 26, but we’re not there yet with the oldest who does seem to be coming around nicely. Perhaps it’s because she lives across the country….. 😀

  22. Jannie Funster Says:

    Betsy, ha! Okay age 14, eh? 14 to 26, geez 12 long years? Do you remember missing them too much , tho, when they were 7 and on a sleep-over? I think I’m getting way too hormonal, Kathy may have hit upon a really great point. :)

  23. Ulla Hennig Says:

    Hi Jannie,
    I live in Berlin, the capital of Germany. Today I woke up at 8:30 and still felt sleepy. Isn’t that terrible?

  24. SnaggleTooth Says:

    You could try some Ginsing every day for a month n see if there’s a diff- Maybe ya’ll should order some “Focus Factor”

    But I think my foggy-mountain-wake-up is def due to both allergies n age-. I drink cranberry juice first thing. Jolts the brain awake. Some folks start off with green tea. Still, however, I know I need two full hours of awake to be alert enough at work (or I get tons of broken everything)!

  25. Thomma Lyn Says:

    Foggy noggin’ — yup, I hear ya. I’ve always had a bit of it when I woke up, but it’s been more noticeable in the last couple of years. Coffee helps me with it, though. I have a huge cup of coffee each morning, and that helps the mind fog dissipate. Thank goodness for caffeine! 😉

  26. Jannie Funster Says:

    Ulla: Does Berlin make you tired do you think? I’m tired now and soon going back to bed, the cat woke me up. But I love that damn cat so much I’ll accept almost any behavior off him.

    Hey Sweet Snag, ginseng – I’ll try that! Thanks. Green tea, cranberry juice. Hmmn, maybe my coffee has me so addicted I am blinded by it. Whoa, do you have Worker’s Comp? I sure hope so, for your toes’ sake.

    Sweet Thomma Lynn: You sound a lot like me. Glad to hear of another morning coffee person. I recently re-found my small coffee maker and feel I’m in heaven, as before I was boiling water and going through the whole rigmarole of dripping it through my drip thingy, usually with a lot of mess. I like the machine best!

  27. Patricia Says:

    I am foggy right now…but everyone says that is JET LAG…
    Thank you Jannie for your fun guesting post and lively comments.

    Thank you everyone for dropping by and keeping the words rolling on.

    wonder if I will be foggy tomorrow morning?