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An Inspirational Tale

My newly retired teacher friend shared this story with me and I found it transformational. I would like to share it with you now.

The tale began: “Do you remember Mrs. W a first grade teacher at my school? Well I saw her at a wedding the other day and she looks totally different, healthy and powerful. I have not seen her for years and years and it made me think.

Nine years ago a small sore spot in an arm pit grew to be several more in a short period of time. Mrs. W went in for a complete physical. What they found was Stage 4 cancer all through her lymphatic system (the teller is not sure if the diagnosis included breast cancer also).

Mrs. W went home from the doctor’s office and made a plan which included, cleaning her house from top to bottom and removing everything toxic within it. She then put herself in an isolation state of being. She ate only organic foods and only things that would help her rid herself of the cancer. She read everything she could and found plant based, herbal supplements.


Mrs. W did not do this alone, she used books and experts to assist her in implementing her plan of action.

She made a list of the very few people who could visit her, and then they could not bring anything toxic into her house, including clothing. Her son and husband had to shower and change their clothing upon entering the house.

She visualized, exercised, and studied the healing process. She slept, meditated, and ate towards her total recovery and healing.

Four years later she took the tests again to discover they could find no cancer in her body – NONE.

Strengthening her immune system, believing, and wisdom had been the cure.

“Nine years later she looks totally different, healthy and powerful”

The conversation shifted towards my friend’s father’s consumption of junk food at age 91…

I am not being as careful with myself as I have been in the past. I was so careful of what I ate when I was pregnant. I cooked with healing in mind when we sat down to dinner as a family. Healing with food has always been a part of my routine. I have not used toxic cleaners or laundry products/shampoos and the like for my entire marriage.

So what is missing from the strength of my immune system? I rarely sit and visualize for myself, I rarely believe in myself for myself.

Taking the sublingual flower essence tinctures has been a 15 minutes 2 times a day reminder of what has been missing in my healing. Mrs. W’s story is a look at her plan for healing and all that she had to undertake for her to accomplish healing. I am doing the tasks but I am not visualizing and believing the outcome.

As a matter of fact, I think when I did the test of the Dr’s medication in late March is the pinpoint of the belief in someone else’s diagnosis not mine. I am inspired to see clearly – now I too can make a plan.

What kinds of things inspire you? Do you have a favorite story or a friend’s story of healing to share?

Please share, I would like to know.

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15 Responses to “An Inspirational Tale”

  1. Positively Present Says:

    SO inspirational! Thank you so much for sharing this tale with us.

    Positively Presents last blog post..10 lessons from the classroom of life

  2. Vered - MomGrind Says:

    I do tend to rely heavily on conventional medicine. This was interesting.

    Vered – MomGrinds last blog post..10 Ways To Hate Yourself As A Woman

  3. bunnygotblog Says:

    Hi Patricia,

    I have a friend who was diagnosed with Gullain-Barr’e syndrome seven months after he married. He ended up in the hospital for several months.He lost complete movement in his legs and was using a wheelchair.
    One day he was waiting for his wife to visit him so he went to the window where he could look down in to the parking lot and watch for her.
    What he saw was her and a male friend holding hands as they approached the entrance of the hospital.In a jealous rage my friend – stood up and somehow was able to throw the wheelchair at the window.Not breaking it.
    This is true and he had not been able to stand for months. Matter a fact the doctors couldn’t say if he would ever improve but he did get better.
    Yes, he divorced his wife but lives a normal life with out any problems from the GB syndrome.

    bunnygotblogs last blog post..A Great Woman: Rita Levi-Montalcini

  4. Patricia Says:

    Thank you for your comments and coming by to read this tale. You are appreciated.

    I have to admit I would so like the cure to be just take a pill. It is not in the cards for me – rather I took the pill and was made totally ill and gained 18 pounds in 10 days…the pill did damage to my liver and pancreas…scary stuff – so I am working on a plan for me and this story inspired me.

    Wow, that is quite a story, and as I work on my plan I am hearing more and more of them. Thank you for sharing this.

  5. Jannie Funster Says:

    Well, IMHO, we do know our own bodies than any doctor ever could.

    I do find the more I breathe and visualize happy things the happier I am. And my skin looks happier too. In fact, at the top of the hour I’ll lie down to breathe in happy thoughts for about 15 minutes, and I like to wear a slight smile when I do my happy-thoughting, it stays with me the rest of the day.

    Jannie Funsters last blog post..Gravatar update

  6. Patricia Says:

    I just knew you would understand this completely! Thank you

  7. Julie Says:

    Visualizing works! Whether physical or emotional, the method work wonders. The continual focus and dedication that Mrs. W showed is another critical component of healing.

    Until I was able to get on a roll with happy-thoughting (fun term, Jannie!), I was writing out my vizualizations, or “daydreams,” much like crafting stories. However we arrive at them, it’s the feelings we’re after: happy confidence and faith. Belief.

    This is a wonderful reminder you’ve provided us, Patricia. No matter how practiced we think we are, there’s always need for inspiration. Thank you!

    Julies last blog post..On That Note

  8. JD Sullivan Says:


    This story is remarkable. People say our minds are the most powerful thing about our body, so it’s no doubt that her mind did aid in this healing process. And yes, I do have a tale of inspiration from a friend….

    My friend has had asthma since he was young, and it gets very bad. I remember one day we were all playing apples to apples (a friendly card game with lots of laughs) and afterwards he went into an asthma attack. It was more frightening then I could ever put into words. Before you knew it, paramedics were inside the house and my friend was gasping for air. He was drifting in and out of consciousness, but he held on and made it though. He had to spend the night in the hospital and underwent routine tests and such.

    What I’m getting at though is that this guy has struggled with this disease for so long, and seeing him stay strong and fight these attacks is so powerful. He has said many times, “JD it’s so easy just to let go and not want to go on, but I can’t.” Being through those asthma attacks, I’m sure it is easy to want to let go and give up so there will be no more stuggling, but he’s a fighter. Fighting to pursue his dreams and aspirations that he wants. What a great hero he is to me. I just think of his heart and courage and it makes my school stresses and such seem like a breeze.

    Thanks again for sharing this story with us. Have a great night.


  9. Jeannette Says:

    Excellent post, and I just love your site. I plan to return often!
    Keep up the GREAT work…

    Jeannette :>)

    Jeannettes last blog post..I HAVE HOPE AGAIN!!!

  10. patricia Says:

    Thank you for coming by and sharing your great perspectives. I hope you are having good visualizations on your time off trip. Thank you for your excellent thoughts – Belief is sometimes so difficult to sustain during a heal process.

    Hope you are doing well today and I am delighted to find you here and read your story about your friend. Asthma is such a scary dis-ease and that your friend keeps putting himself out to continue his journey with success is another inspirational story – thank you for sharing. I think the world will be a better place when you get into the world of work – you will be a great counselor, teacher – what ever you decide. Your heart is so full of care and concern. Thank your for dropping on by.

    Thank you for dropping by and for sharing your enjoyment of this blog site. Welcome, Welcome. I will hop on over and check out your site in just a few minutes.

  11. Tess The Bold Life Says:

    2 of my good friends died of ovarian cancer over the last 3 years. I don’t have any happy healing stories to share right now.

    I can say what inspires me is nature, always. To be outside in any kind of weather, to hike, run, play and gold makes me happy.

    Jannie is so funny. I’m going to try that at the top of the hour. I agree “happy thoughting with a smile” is the way to go.

    I admire the woman in the story. She took control of the situation and never waivered.

    Tess The Bold Lifes last blog post..100 Unmaterialistic Joys for A Bold Life

  12. Patricia Says:

    I am so sorry for your loss of good friends and by such an awful exit experience. I had ovarian cancer in the 90s and discovered it in a “dream” they could not find anything wrong on xray so sent me home with depression medication which I did note take. I went to a Naturopath who found it with her fingers and told the other doctor where to look.
    Everyone of the 12 women in my support group are now deceased except for me…
    good food, exercise and happy thoughting have been my strength.
    I admire the woman in the story very much..

  13. J.D. Meier Says:

    Is it a true story or a tale?

    It sounds fantastic. I like stories for their inspiration, but also for their insight. One of the problems in today’s world is finding the trusted information that really works. It sounds like Mrs. W has a lot to share.

    Lately I’ve wanted to go on a hunt for the world’s best doctors as rated by the patients with amazing stories. Every now and then I’ve come across amazing stories of healing and I can’t help but think that there’s some incredible experts in the world. I think it would be great to have a trusted set of incredible doctors with great track records. Knowledge really does make the difference. I would like to know the best of the best. I’ve been disenchanted by too many.

    J.D. Meiers last blog post..The Power of the Pause

  14. Dot Says:

    “Everyone of the 12 women in my support group are now deceased except for me… good food, exercise and happy thoughting have been my strength.” Patricia, you are an inspirational story yourself!

    As you know, I’m a Western medicine person who struggles with the beliefs of the other approach. One of the things not mentioned that seems to work well is to be feisty. Bernie Siegeel talked about how the survivors in his cancer groups were those who were aggressively supportive of themselves.

    What I see in the story of your friend is that she was so willing to fight for her life that she even put her family through great inconveniences, rather than being a martyr, as I probably would be, and not asking them to make sacrifices for her. I think there’s a correlation between cancer and frustration/self-sacrificing. Standing up for oneself, owning the right to live, seems to help.

    Of course, what I say is not what I do. Just this morning I wrote this list:
    – Poor sleep means poor healing.
    – Poor diet means poor healing.
    – Lack of exercise means poor healing.

    Now I’m off to Dr. Weil’s site to see what I can find to encourage me to reverse these things. I remember after I lost 50 pounds, how much less tired I was. Carrying around 50 pounds every day was exhausting.

    (((Hugs))) to you. Onward and upward!

    Dots last blog post..Mad Lib-eration

  15. Patricia Says:

    I called this a tale because it came to me third hand and I was not able to get lots of details. Mrs. W is still alive and now cancer free 9 years later and did alternative healing because she had been given a death sentence.
    I am counting on you to put together the list of the greatest healers – I am hoping you will get to this task immediately, because I too am rather dis-courage by the line up I have been through, and have to spend so much time in self care I do not have time to do the research myself.
    Dr. Larry Dossey was my start off person and am now using herbal things from Sweden and Hungary and getting some results in my recovery.

    Hugs to you….everything begins with first steps…and inches not big jumps….I do wish everyone would stop telling me that if I just lost 60 pounds I would feel so much better – DuH! That is the problem – I exercise, eat healthy foods, and get good rest and keep gaining weight…then I tore the ligament that holds you digestive organs in place….still attempting to out run diabetes…
    It is very hard to believe and have faith – day after day after day after hour…
    I know the drill…all I can do is inspire, I can not do it for people…
    but I will say – Loving yourself is that feisty spirit coming through – you are worth it….
    Let’s do it! Let’s knock their socks off….Queen of Healing here issuing the challenge…