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Ah Ha!

Ever have one of those Ah Ha! Moments where the light bulb just goes on and you just know the answer to your query?


Now that it is the second of January, do you feel as if you have already failed or are about to fail with your resolve or resolution?

Well this is the season for you – do not give up hope or exploration because you really are right on track.

Sometimes the ancient ones have better answers to our contemporary dilemmas. I keep finding that is true when I study the Essene Traditions and knowledge. These are folks that lived about 2000 + years ago and found value in the waiting game by dividing the year into 8 seasons and then a series of sub-seasons based on the elements of earth – fire, air, water, and firmament. They really knew how to make the waiting game work for them and how to find success.

The Essene actually celebrated waiting with a sub-season called Advent which ends on Christmas Day. The kings brought gifts to the baby Jesus so the 12 days after Christmas is called Christmastide – thus the song – The Twelve Days of Christmas – to Twelfth Night. Many contemporary Christian Groups celebrate a day called Epiphany on the 6th of January. Some celebrate by taking down their Christmas trees and ornaments, some have an elaborate cake and feast and celebrate King’s Day ( connecting this day to the Fat Tuesday and the Start of Mardi Gras and Lent on Ash Wednesday.

I believe those are kind of arbitrary dates and they do not really meet my needs for the Ah Ha of Epiphany. Since the Essene folks were waiting the birth of the Christ, I don’t think our current Christian Traditions do it justice or give it clarity, rather I think they miss the point all together.

I believe that one should just open themselves up to explore what the particular change they are intending to transform in the New Year at Christmastide or on January the first. Celebrate by cleaning house, organizing your exterior and interior; plan your garden and order the seeds. Then each one needs make a list of their talents and rank them by how much they have used that talent in the past year.
Now look at one that is hiding in your talent closet and dust it off. Figure out some way to explore or celebrate this talent for at least 10 minutes every day until Ash Wednesday.

Your Ah Ha! Epiphany resolution will just magically appear within this practice. I kid you not; no teasing included in this statement at all. One will know exactly what they need to do during the period of Lent – those 40 days of teaching and walking your talk. We all know that at the end of 40 days the habit will become norm or be gone.

So don’t make a New Year’s Resolution or any resolution until you discover your Ah Ha! Moment. One will discover that resolution by practicing daily a talent you have been given. It will arrive like magic and one will know with certainty just what to do.

I am going to work at regaining some kind of singing voice. I am hiring a vocal music teacher to come to my house and record the piano scales and exercises in my key to get my vocal muscles back in shape. Just 15 minutes worth of recorded exercises. I lost my singing gift after a tumor was removed from my vocal chords several years ago.

What are some of your talents that were gifts at birth?
What dormant one are you going to explore this season?
Will you practice the Epiphany style of Resolution Discovery? Does it sound interesting at all?

Let me know and then if you have an Ah Ha! Moment – come back and let us all know!

Thank you for sharing.

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12 Responses to “Ah Ha!”

  1. Cricket/Tammy Says:

    I normally don’t share something that is already on my blog but I want you to do me a favor. Go to my blog, click on the flying space ship and do the simple exercise given on the blog that is shared. Now that is all I am going to say. I completed the exercise today and this really made me think.

    This is really a wonderful thought that you have shared. This season I have pulled some things out of the closet to try again. I love photography but I need to really learn how to use my camera. I don’t like folding socks and i have a trunk full of socks to match (shhh don’t tell). I have flowers that I have never planted and I would like to try them. I am going to try my best this year not to set high expectations on myself. I want to do things that will inspire me and not necessarily “change” something external but the change will be internal.

    Thank you for sharing.

    Cricket/Tammys last blog post..Stand by me and I will stand by you…Happy New Year!

  2. patricia Says:

    The very next thing I will do will be to go and click on your space ship and do the exercise. Sounds like a fun way to begin my work day. Thank you

    I am quite focused on exterior changes this year, I feel like the interior is on a good balance right now, but the exterior is talking to me in to many ways that are not healthy or good.

    Thanks for coming by and I will now try on your suggestion.

  3. Davina Says:

    Hi Patricia. You’ve got me to thinking that instead of aspiring to read new books that it would be smart to re-read a few that I’ve enjoyed. A person can’t claim to absorb “everything” from a book on the first go around.

    I’m cheering you on as you begin to reclaim your singing voice. I’ll be continuing to enjoy uncovering trust in more of my talents as the year progresses… writing, intuition, dancing… and doing less “thinking” (if that’s possible) :-)

    Davinas last blog post..Seduced By Snowmen

  4. patricia Says:

    Let me know how the less “thinking” goes! I do know what you mean but that just struck me right in the funny bone.

    Are you having sunshine today – clear, winter, sunshine? Wow I am finding it hard to work my soul and body has been a bit sad without the light –

    Our Snowfolk are still melting down – glad you got some good pictures

  5. Jannie Says:

    Patricia, I am overcome with joy for your singing plan. I know that you’ve missed it so much. I hope you will go super easy on yourself, even 10 minutes a day to start. Or 5.

    Me? Did great on my guitar practice today and yesterday, actually can hear the progress. This makes me feel very very very fulfilled. It’s an Ah Ha, as well as an ahhhhh for me.

    Jannies last blog post..And now that meme!

  6. Derek Says:

    I don’t believe in Aha! moments.

    I find success is found through laying the proper foundation that allows you to have the Aha! moment. So many people walk through life and wish for their “big idea” or their “aha!” moment and never receive it because they never lay the proper foundation.

    But, you did hit that one area perfectly. If you want to be successful, you need to build habits. So, I would say you should stop looking for the “aha!” moment and just start developing the habit instead.

    Dereks last blog post..Why Einstein Became Immortal (and how your company can join him), Success Factors Day 3

  7. Ruth Says:

    I’ve found that most of my Ah-Ha! moments are about things I’ve already realized. A little like what Derek said…maybe not quite. It’s the moment when I realize what’s been building up for a while.

    Like the moment just last month when my husband asked, once again (but in a very friendly and curious way), whether self-help type books actually helped me. And I realized that they did. Before, I’ve always said “I don’t know.” But when he asked, I saw all the tiny things that I’d changed about my life, about accepting myself and living more fully. There was no one book that altered my life, just a series of nudges in the right direction. Or I’ll realize that I’ve grown to think of myself as attractive vs. unattractive.

    So my one resolution is just the tiniest thing, which I’m hoping will become a nice little good habit over time. But no pressure.

    Ruths last blog post..Hindsight, Regret, and Predestination Paradoxes

  8. SnaggleTooth Says:

    Jannie sent me over-

    When I list my talents n how much time I haven’t been able to use them in order to pay rent, I get PO’d!

    Talents don’t go away simply because they aren’t practiced. I take comfort in that. Songs I learned in my teen-age-hood are etched in my brain-stone. The question remains of body parts not able to keep pace, however.

    I’ve previously added Ah-ha’s into my everyday that remain over time. Daily prayers out-loud are one that has become habit.
    No promises to myself this year, I’ll simply finish as many dangling projects as possible.

    Best of luck on your excercises!

    SnaggleTooths last blog post..Trax

  9. patricia Says:

    I can hear the music playing now…yes I will go slowly, I don’t want to lose ground…I just need to find a way to use that talent.

  10. patricia Says:

    Thank you for making a comment, I appreciate your vision on the subject.

    Yes, one must prepare the foundation, and usually that AH HA! moment comes in hindsight.

    Some times one has to keep trying new paths or avenues to gain some foundational bricks, then re-evaluate and try another route or two until you find one that makes you say “this is where I fit best”.

    I just saw the movie Marley and Me and the newspaper reporter was only having a modest success as a reporter, then he became a columnist – still hoping to be a report of the “big” story…and it is not until he takes a path back to being a reporter and moves his family to test that desire, does he realize that his strength is in being a columnist – He talks about how he just keeps surprising himself – the surprise is his Ah Ha discovery.
    Thank you for helping me think in new directions…

  11. patricia Says:

    Ruth welcome to the blog and thank you for making a comment. I think the Ah Ha’s are quite tiny and do need the foundation behind it to back it up, and I think I would say that come sometimes when we are focused on other things that “oh that is why I went through that experience” acknowledgment.

    Good journey on your change for this new year.

  12. patricia Says:

    Snaggle Tooth welcome to the blog and I sure do appreciate Jannie sending you over this way – thank you for your comments. I think having to take care of others and paying the rent does make our goals sometimes moments of practice and lots of putting on the shelf time.

    I also think that it is good to squeeze in something new or dust something off at least once a year – even with all the other have to s begging priority status.

    Thank you on the good luck wishes…I got the recording equipment all set up today…hopefully our appointment will be this week. It is snowing again???