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Say Who Turned On the Light?

Ah the shortest day of daylight in the year has now come and gone.  Are we to make light of this transition?  Neigh!  Nay I say this is a time not to be taken lightly.

street lamp

I  realize if you live in an area of the earth that is ablaze of summer, or if you are at the equator that the shortest day of daylight has come and gone is no big deal, but for those of us who are noticeably loosing and gaining light phases – this is a very big deal.

It puts hope right up there on the big screen.

Now with 31 days of grey skies and rain in the month of January to come, we have been given the idea that spring and summer will be happening.  We are not doomed and the earth will not be purged of all life forms and there will be a light show in production for even longer and longer periods above the vast overcast.

If you doubt this hope just take a plane trip and rise above the blockage and witness the sunrise over the Cascade peaks and the glory of the bright horizon.  By all means do not despair – rejoice!

Nurture this ray of hope and be this little light of mine – rally the troops and sing with full volume in praise and pay acute attention.

Turn up the music until you just must dance and then dance, stomp and glorify the light.  Entice the light to break through the fog and blow the clouds away,…… and when you least expect it a week of all day sunshine will release you from winter’s gloom and cold, crisp frozen sunshine will delight your spirit. You will find yourself out weeding in the garden.

Prepare ye the way of the darkness and the inclement weather, get a good book light and fill the insides with florescent compact bulbs.  Draw your memories to attention and splash them on a sheet of paper.
Study the seed catalogues with great diligence and longing.  Hope that the squirrels did not unearth and destroy all the daffodils indulged into the fall soils.  Mend the harnesses and change the oil; give a salute to the antifreeze.

Pull the curtains closed now and pretend that we are longer blest at this moment.  Prepare ye the cocoon of your growth and rest.  For we are well aware that the light shall return, we will be revealed in our full glory and hopefully able to get into our shorts, t-shirt and swim gear.  Ah, let there be light shining in the gym even on the darkest of days.  For we have hope – our light grows stronger until it will warmly shine forth and bloom.

What are you planting and planning?
Some good survival stories to share?
What are your best strategies for keeping your emotions from becoming SAD?

19 Responses to “Say Who Turned On the Light?”

  1. Betsy Wuebker Says:

    Hi Patricia – I blogged about acting “As If” a while back. To date, it’s the best method I’ve devised or learned about in staving off SAD. Just putting yourself in gear can be the most difficult part, but once you’re rolling, things have a way of engaging. People in sunnier climates often don’t realize the effect of little light on the psyche, do they? Thanks.

    Betsy Wuebkers last blog post..BEHOLD!

  2. Patricia Says:

    Good day after to you! and yes that “as if” post was a bit of inspiration for this piece of writing. We are still having more snow this morning and as hard as it is to take our gray day after day of rain in the winter, I think 2 weeks of too much snow and power outages is wearing a bit thin. As beautiful as it is – it feels like a trap for many people now…

    I called every so many folks yesterday who could not get groceries or get out to celebrate and have time with friends and family.
    Sure am enjoying your pictures and carols series – Thank you

    Patricias last blog post..Say Who Turned On the Light?

  3. Vered - MomGrind Says:

    “What are your best strategies for keeping your emotions from becoming SAD?”

    My answer: I force myself to count my blessings, literally. Sometimes I even write it down. It really does help.

  4. Patricia Says:

    What a good strategy! I keep a wee journal by my bed and when something is overtaking me or keeping me worried I just start writing everything I am grateful for and push myself to write faster and faster…

    Hope you had a good celebration?

    We made lots of chewy cookies here…stuck in the snow! Yummy to smell and enjoy

  5. Davina Says:

    Hi Patricia.
    I am looking forward to the spring after all this snow, as lovely as it is…and the longer brighter days will be a blessing.

    I don’t believe I have SAD, but I do feel down some days. As my experience over this latest holiday season, I’m learning to switch my perspective from thinking the events are happening to me to “I’m walking through the events”.

  6. Patricia Says:

    I too am working on being more in the here and now, it is very hard to attain that perspective with children driving and traveling in all this stormy weather – seems to make it harder…

    I am working on “no news is good news” when they are on the move.

  7. Jannie Says:

    I do love the longer light returning, until the spring time-change throws The Child’s schedule out of whack.

    My plans for light are to harness the moon’s reflection each night as I say my prayers by my highest attic window and my dreams will brim with healing herbs and sprouts that blossom only under the moon’s loving breath.

    Jannies last blog post..Something funny…

  8. Patricia Says:

    I think that is a fabulous dream potion….I did read in a sociology study that some beginning people’s thought women got pregnant by the light of the moon – so they rubbed spittle on a woman’s abdomen as a form of BC?

    Wonder if that worked well?

    On a clear night (no snow or rain) I get the moon light right in my face during the night while I sleep. That brings about some interesting dreams for sure.

  9. Cath Lawson Says:

    Hi Patricia – Hope is just around the corner for me. Most nights it’s almost pitch black by about 4pm but today it was still light at that time.

    I’m hoping to emigrate by the time summer comes round, then we’ll actually get to see some real sunshine too.

    Cath Lawsons last blog post..47 Amazing Bucket List Ideas & Resources

  10. Patricia Says:

    I was hoping to come see you in July…will you move by then?

    We are finally having rain and dark…where on earth did all this snow storm come from? They even canceled church for Christmas too hazardous to drive.

  11. Jannie Says:

    Patricia, in the past few months I’ve dreamed on 3 separate nights about cleaning floors, the first 2 times I was vacuuming the library. Meticulously. And last night I was in a suite with Obama and his entourage, shaking out throw rugs. And wisdom on those?? Or immediate thoughts that spring to mind?

    Jannies last blog post..Unlucky four-leaf-clover CONTEST!!

  12. Patricia Says:

    A couple of ideas come to mind about the cleaning dreams –
    1st cleaning is something that many people do before New Year’s Eve. It is a time of throwing stuff away and making room for the new year and the new ideas to come in and grow…without space then new things are just clutter.
    I remember someone saying that in the past the people of Ireland took down Christmas the next day and then scrubbed everything in their house to prepare for the hope and possibilities of the New Year.
    The throw rugs in Obama’s suite could be about how ready you are for new energy and new ideas and you are shaking yourself clear of the old thoughts and actions to be ready for some major changes coming and you are hoping they will be brought by the Obama team?

    Vacuuming the the Library is just very interesting…once again Meticulously… you need some kind of closure of what has walked over the carpets and in a place full of reading and stored knowledge and reference….

    Big changes and you need to prepare for them?

    Just the first thoughts …I will look up some things I have on Jungian dreams images tomorrow…of course he would not talk about a machine but scrubbing and a broom image …we just translate to a contemporary image…

    Very interesting…I am very busy cleaning and putting away. I just sent my youngest back to college today and now my honey and I are busy making our space our own again – involves lots of vacuuming! and throwing away!

  13. Akiba Howard Says:

    Now see, that proves that reading sometimes, CAN soothe the soul. I was reading this blog, as it’s in my favorites, and today, I was struck, by this posting, as it speaks to a sense of clarity that I have been working on for a while.

    “Turn the music up and dance……” PRECISELY! I take the ‘Phoebe’ from Friends, approach to this. I remember the episode where she was running through central park, like a kid. Not caring WHO saw, or about any judgment that might be passed against HER will to have fun.

    Dancing as if no one is watching is JUST LIKE THAT. I can’t enumerate the number of times that I have just turned up the music on a cleaning day, and looked up a few hours later, to a cleaner house, and sore muscles, and a HAPPIER spirit!

    Getting away from the SAD. That is a requirement, but having the tools to do so…not so easy.

    So, to that end, I thank you for this ray of sunshine.


  14. patricia Says:

    Thank you for commenting on my blog and for putting me in your favorites – thank you so much.

    “I can’t enumerate the number of times that I have just turned up the music on a cleaning day, and looked up a few hours later, to a cleaner house, and sore muscles, and a HAPPIER spirit!”

    It is so nice to know that I am not alone in my dancing…it just is rewarding on so many levels-dancing the spirit free…

    Music is just so good for my soul…

  15. Dot Says:

    I am susceptible to SAD, as well as to regular depression, so these are some nice ways to counteract it.

    I find this time of year very hard, because I come home from work in the dark, and sometimes even leave in the dark. The retinal damage I have due to a drug I had to take has not only caused partial blindness, but my night vision is gone. I can barely see at all in the dark, and sometimes have to use a white cane, as a flashlight doesn’t help enough. Can’t wait to get back to the light!

    Dots last blog post..How to Get Published, Part 3

  16. Dot Says:

    PS – Just got the Burpee catalog. I’m looking at shade-loving plants — coleus and impatiens. Perhaps something else that’s unusual. Yummy flowers!

    Dots last blog post..How to Get Published, Part 3

  17. patricia Says:

    Hello Dot,
    I was so happy our Burpee catalog came in time to put it in my Honey’s stocking at Christmas…he keeps it at his spot on the breakfast counter and studies it while he crunches down his cereal.

    The Northwest holds the top honors in having the most citizens with MS and the 3rd highest rate of SAD in the US….I have hosted 2 foreign students with SAD and I find it very difficult myself not to get “down” when there is no light – I have trouble now driving at night I have so much trouble with glare.

    We all need to keep our spirits up and find the moments of brightness for each other to reflect our awesomeness out to others.

    Nice to find you here in my comments today…how sweet it is :)

  18. SnaggleTooth Says:

    I have Seasonal Affwctive Disorder, plus a recent death, plus my circumstances have all conspired to make me gloomier than usual- lower.
    I look at the pics of the Lights of my Life, my two grown girls with their two little boys each. Can’t be gloomy visiting with them, either- Visiting always lifts my mood. I spend alot of time by myself.

    SnaggleTooths last blog post..Trax

  19. patricia Says:

    Sometimes things just add up to a big overload at times – I am sorry to hear that you are lower than usual and often alone.
    I appreciate having my computer and blog now, and wish I had had this work when I was stuck at home for 24/7 with my dying Mother. It is a way not to be isolated – isn’t it?

    How lucky you are to have 2 grown daughters and 4 grandsons! Now that sounds like an enlightening experience – though not an often enough in person experience.

    When my mum fractured her back she was so happy to have her email connections and chat with her grandchildren and her cellphone. They sent her pictures of what they were doing and school work for her to read….they rarely missed. Are your Grandchildren computer savvy yet?

    It is nice to know all these bloggers are out there too…nearly 24/7 I find that quite a light in my day.

    Come by here and we can connect and chat…Thank you for your comments

    I am having snow and internet problems so I am sorry it took me awhile to reply to you comments. We don’t usually get so much snow, and then the power goes out. Very lonely time then.