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Hey Santa Could You Send a Few Things My Way?

I am just having a great many feelings this year about the under the tree scene.  I just think I want to hone in on the children’s part of the celebration.  Most of my life, other than a book or special boots in third grade, I have not really wanted for a great many things and have been pleasantly surprised at most of the packages I have received over the years.  I need to be honest, I did beg out loud for my Kindle for my birthday – to a wide variety of folks!   This year I would like to ask for a few specific items so I decided to post my Top Five Santa List…

christmas lights

Top Five Santa List for Patricia:

#1.  I would like working solar panels, possibly from Nanosolar in San Jose (as referred to in Time Magazine November 10, 2008 edition – under best Inventions.)  I would like to use all the sunny days that come my way to give back energy to the power grid and regroup some of the Enron Legal fees, and help all the fish, flora, and fauna in my neighborhood.

#2.   I would be overjoyed if my youngest child could learn how to use money, understand money, and become accountable and responsible with money.  I am wishing too with graduation in March from college a wonderful job with health insurance will open up for her and she will be able to pay her way. I do not wish for my other children to have to take over this task, I cannot afford a guardian or guardian services, and truly this appears to be an area where I am not succeeding.

#3.   I have my fingers crossed and eyes heavenward, that I will have enough money for a plane ticket to the UK for my 60th birthday celebration and enough spending money to purchase food, water, and a few mementos of the journey.  I guess that means that we will not need a new roof or have a flooded bedroom area, or medical expenses.  I would truly just love a guarantee that everything will be a “green light” for a wonderful adventure and celebration.

#4.  I would like someone to invent a home watermill to generate energy.  We have hundreds of gallons of water running out our gutters every time it rains, which is a great deal of the time.  Since seeing the Leonardo Di Vinci exhibit at the Tech museum in San Jose, CA, I have been pondering the idea that mankind’s dominate source of energy over time has been water.  Rain and gutter water would be ideal sources of energy that already exist; we just need a way to capture it and make it useable at our homes. We have French drains, 2 sump pumps, sewer lines, street drains, and tons of water running off our roof which seems like it should be able to run at least my computer every day?  Come on somebody…let’s give it a try and get something good going here.

#5.  and dear Santa, I would like health – profoundly, irrationally, abundantly, unlimited health.  No more threats to lose my insurance, no more pre-diabetes, no more high blood pressure, no more cancer, no more pneumonia, and enough energy to enjoy my abundance.  Within this wish, I would like my writing, particularly on my blogs, to serve me well enough to pay all my medical debts and fund some retirement to remove that stressor from my whole being.

Some list?  Huh?

I just bet you have a Santa list or a goal list too?

Marelisa at Abundance Blog has a wonderful positive way to look at goals and setting them for the new year and I recommend it for good reading and list making.

Oh yes, and could we include WORLD PEACE?

I sure would like it if you wrote down a few of your Santa wishes here – get them out   loudly.

Thank you for sharing your comments and ideas.

17 Responses to “Hey Santa Could You Send a Few Things My Way?”

  1. Dot Says:

    #5 works for me as well. Health! Enough money to live without fear. An end to hatred. World peace and world cooperation in economic and ecology matters.

    Dots last blog post..Weird Tip Tuesday – Eat Less Butter

  2. meggin Says:

    You are adorable and I hope all your dreams come true.
    I am like you and love to DREAM BIG! So naturally I too am pleasantly surprised when my wishes come true.
    Off to make my list.
    Hugs xoxo

  3. Marelisa Says:

    Hi Patricia: I want solar panels too, and a hybrid car. Thank you for the link love :-)

  4. Jannie Says:

    Patricia. I say forget the roof – go to the U.K. The flood situation will still be there when you get back.

    This post was so well-written. And funny. I am enjoying your blog. So much.

    My Christmas list for me – new running shoes. The ones I bought in August from Academy for $75.00 were not so well made, I fear. And I only run maybe 12 – 15 miles a week. Since running is Absolutely Free, I think I can go crazy on maybe a $125.00 pair. (I know, they are expensive.)

    And hey, looking for that “Watching Pose-able Elf” link you mentioned. Where he be?

    Jannies last blog post..Well, it was Thanksgiving Friday and all…

  5. Patricia Says:

    *Dot what a fine list and I love your suggestions, I’ll just add that to my master list for Santa, if you don’t mind.
    * Meggin you are a deer-dear! Oh let’s keep on dreaming big and show the world how to do it – thank you for dropping by
    * Marelisa you are quite welcome – I just loved your list post for the new year and it truly did inspire this Santa list
    * Jannie – I just got new running shoes and oh what a difference to the feet – I did have to pay about $100 for them but my feet are smiling, as I walk the Lake – The Elf book is at my sister in laws store in Bellingham, WA Launching Success….I think they have a website I could have her send you one if you tell me your address in email? She had several left, but it also tells me there are lots of children with Elf needs these days!
    Wow you are the first one to say I am funny – well, my naturopath thinks I am a laugh riot! I thought I was pretty serious stuff!!!

  6. Carla Says:

    Some of my wishes include (not in any particular order):

    1. A queen sized bed. Organic mattress and the frame could be from recycled wood and non-toxic paint/stain/varnish. Throw in 600TC organic cotton sheets, and new pillows (organic and non-toxic)

    2. To be healthier. I am working on it (a constant struggle) but I would like to go a day without thinking about it.

    3. Enough money to be set for life and help others.

    Carlas last blog post..Emperor “Clean Coal” has no clothes

  7. Patricia Says:

    Carla, what a great list…I will say I got your #1 items a couple of years ago…and real wood flooring in my bedroom – my what a difference it has made to my health…knock on wood! I made the carpenters take out the formaldehyde sub flooring too.

    We might need a check back post to see how we did after Santa finished his route?….or maybe just believe it will come in the right time and place?

  8. Vered - MomGrind Says:

    I do hope he grants you all your wishes. Especially the health.

  9. Patricia Says:

    Vered thank you for your good wishes!…I am still holding out for world peace!

  10. Evelyn Lim Says:

    I don’t tend to ask for things during Christmas. I generally find that I have all that I need. But your post started to make me think. Great idea with making a list to Santa!! I hope you get your heart’s desires!

    Evelyn Lims last blog post..How NOT Embracing The Truth Causes Knee Pains

  11. Cath Lawson Says:

    Hi Patricia – that is a huge list. How long is it until your 60th birthday? Where in the UK are you planning to visit? I live in the North. London is wonderful but expensive. But the exchange rate is a lot more favourable for you coming over here right now. I think it’s around $1.50 to the £.

  12. Patricia Says:

    Evelyn Lim, I usually don’t know what I want…so I never have a list of requests, but suddenly as I approach 60 I am starting to really know some things that I want and with Marelisa’s list I just thought I would share some ideas that are on my mind. I just got rid of my knee pain!…I will hop over and read your post next.

    Cath I have been known for a long time as a person who dreams BIG! I will be arriving in London July 20th 2009 and have 3 days to myself staying at the Hilton-Olympia. I have paid for a tour, most of which will be in Scotland, some Wales and then back to London by August 9th. My oldest daughter is traveling with me and has to be back to Work in SF in August.
    I am so excited, I still haven’t paid for my airfare…there are hopefully British Airways deals in February? Think we could connect?

  13. Davina Says:

    Hi Patricia. Nice list. I hope you get your wishes. I need a new pair of running shoes. Mine are at least 6 years old. Oh, and to have a successful writing and coaching business in 2009 and until I retire, a wealthy and satisfied woman of 55 :-)

    Funny you mention the UK. I’ve met a few people who were talking about going there just in the last week. My father is from England… somewhere in the Hackney region I think. I’ve never been but would like to one of these days. I’d love to get over to Scotland and Ireland too.

    Davinas last blog post..Step Out Of Crisis And Into Power

  14. Jannie Says:

    Patrica, by “funny” I meant you treated these heavy topics with a light hand and you came off cheerful to me, seeing the silver lining in the clouds. And I really thought you were intentionally using humor about your daughter learning finances, your begging for the Kindle, and perhaps foregoing a new roof for a trip. I do apologize if I misspoke or I made it seem in any way I was trivializing your wishes, if I came off that way. In retrospect I should perhaps commented differently. Like “Wonderful wishes!” And I do hope they come true.

    And I do hope they al come true!

    Jannies last blog post..Ten Honest Things

  15. Patricia Says:

    I do hope you have a wonderful coaching and writing business in 2009 and until retirement Davina…. I am so excited about the UK trip and I keep meeting nice folks who are from there and offering ideas and assistance or have been and have great suggestions.
    I hope you get your trip too…After breaking my foot I now get new shoes every year….what a difference.

  16. Patricia Says:

    Jannie, yep I was trying to be funny….sometimes I don’t pull it off thank you for noticing and responding.
    and no, no ,no you did not miss speak…I thought I had lost my chance to go on the trip because I had to purchase a new roof…but I went ahead and bought what I could and now just am hoping I will receive enough funds or make enough money to buy an airplane ticket and have some spending money too.

    I do not feel like they were trivialized – rather celebrated by your words and comments…Thank you for reading and taking note – that is a huge compliment in and of itself
    You are terrific and I am so very happy your dropped by – we are having a nice visit right down to the details :)

  17. Jannie Says:

    Thank you!

    Jannies last blog post..Ten Honest Things