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StumbleUpon Another Great Discovery

I take my hats off to all the wonderful new concepts and ideas I am learning about on a daily basis.  StumbleUpon is just one of the most EXCITING of the new things to come my way.

I tried to jump on this band wagon right away when Vered of MOMGRIND, Cath Lawson of CATHLAWSON, and Barbara of BLOGGINGWITHOUTABLOG mentioned it on their blog sites. So I signed up right away and had an SU button put at the bottom of each of my articles on this blog. I took the “How to” lesson on the sign up page and thought I had now done my part.

Some of my best readers would push the SU button at the bottom of my posts but it was not increasing readers to my site and I was not able to figure out what was the next step for me to do to maximize its use for me – I was ready to give up.

Barbara, Cath, and Vered would not let me – they insisted I sign up for the free tutorial offered by Caroline Middlebrook called Traffic Rush – it’s free for the first lessons.  Wow has this adventure really excited me about StumbleUpon.

I learned first about my choosing categories about areas where I like to read and learn.  I picked poetry, art, psychology, vegetarian cooking, and famous quotes – there were so many to choose from I limited myself to 15.

Every day I started to push the StumbleUpon button on the top of my screen in the menu bar.  I could Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down or Send on to a friend and even just pass on the wonderful articles that were popping up on my screen.  It was as though 10 different magazines had arrived at my house and I was reading the articles that would have caught my attention to read first.

Unlike all those magazines, I did not have toxic ink or feel responsible about all the trees (52 million for Christmas Catalogs alone) that we cut down to mail out the magazine.  Already Green Dimes had made a huge difference in my mailbox getting rid of unwanted catalogs, and now I was cutting out magazines and still having the pleasure of reading new and updated articles that I wanted to read.  The first week I was hooked and wanted to tell everyone I knew about it.

I read everything the first few weeks, now I am more selective and more often use the pass buttons, or the Thumbs Down.  My time is more important to me as of late and I have never liked wasting time.

Yesterday, up popped 10 short videos of new stand up comedians, several I thumbs down for the “blue” language and they were just not funny , but most were amazing humor from some new folks that just made me laugh until my sides ached  – I got to push the replay button and enjoy them again – How amazing is that.

StumbleUpon is a great equalizer and has really opened my eyes to how interesting social media can become.  Not only has it brought more readers to several of my articles, which I thought were worth sharing and so did others, but it has opened up more “global thinking” on my level and improved my critical thinking skills.

I think this is the future right at my finger tips and I am hoping to entice more folks to SU’s possibilities. So as I keep learning about this from a business lesson, I would offer this up to my readers as a new experience that will transport you, inform you, and that I think you will enjoy.

If you liked what you read hear, feel free to comment, and click on the StumbleUpon button and share my ideas with a worldwide audience – power at your fingertips…go on give it a try!  You know you want to…

Stumble it!

10 Responses to “StumbleUpon Another Great Discovery”

  1. Dot Says:

    Thanks for blogging about this, Patricia. I really don’t understand Stumble, so maybe watching that video will help. I’m not a dummy, but Stumble makes me feel like one. I just tried to change my password (the one they gave me is impossible to remember), and couldn’t. I can’t even find a Help button. Sigh.

    Dots last blog post..One Heartbreaking Day

  2. Patricia Says:

    I know what you mean Dot, I am still having difficulties with the finding friends feature even though I signed up to read blogs – but I am on free lesson #4 from the Traffic Rush tutorial and I am emailing Caroline Middlebrook for answers to my questions and getting very clear personalized responses.

    I bought the whole 16 lesson course and now can refer back to them or email Caroline where ever…this has been great learning for not too much money.

  3. Vered - MomGrind Says:

    SU is a great way to share and discover quality material on the internet. I don’t recall recommending Caroline’s Traffic Rush, but I definitely recommend using SU.

  4. Jannie Says:

    I give you great big hugs for this writing today, Patricia. It has been in the back of my mind ever since I read Barbara’s post on it and I’m am excited to get to it this week. And should I have any questions I bet I’ll find the answers in Traffic Rush.


    Jannies last blog post..Why do you blog?

  5. Davina Says:

    Hi Patricia. Great post and excellent keyword title! I too signed up for Caroline’s class. I’ve received quite a few of her sessions, but have been saving them until I find the time to get to them.

    You’ve given me a little nudge to try to find the time somehow.

    Davinas last blog post..Small Steps To Empower Your Attitude

  6. Patricia Says:

    Vered, Thank you for your comment and you did not overtly recommend Traffic Rush, but you SU’d one of my posts and it gave me quite a big jump in traffic. You did in an email recommend Twitter and I still have not mastered that – so when Cath added her overt recommendation of this class – I tried it on and made progress. The course is easy to follow and I finally have seen my dashboard too!

    Jannie, I am able to go back and re look at what I did not understand as many times as I want…and then Caroline offers you an information email for questions and that has proven to be invaluable. This was great for me as I am not computer savvy

    Davina, I so like being able to go back and relearn what I need to…Her lessons are written and video clips – very helpful. I am working on getting an affiliates cube on my site – but signing up for PAY PAL is doing me in!!! So sign up off of Cath’s post and she will get some pay for the referral…well worth it.

  7. Tammy Warren Says:

    Hey Patricia,

    I signed up for this a couple of months ago and then I just let it sit there. I had no idea how to use it nor the time to figure this out.

    This is a great post. I appreciate you sharing this. I remember the first time someone stumbled me and I had over 700 hits that day. I had no idea I had been stumbled and where all the hits were coming from. 2 weeks later I figured that part out.

    You will enjoy!

    Tammy Warrens last blog post..Let someone else pick up the slack

  8. patricia Says:

    Thanks for your good words. I am not on my own computer right now and I find myself missing reading all the good stuff I was reading on SU

    It is very amazing!

    I am enjoying the tutorial very much and learning all these new things – seems like a good tool to me…

  9. Barbara Swafford - Blogging Without A Blog Says:

    Hi Patricia – You’re right! We won’t let you give up. :) We all know you have it in you to give it your all. And I must say, you are doing a great job.

    Thank you for the mention and link love. I truly appreciate it.

    Barbara Swafford – Blogging Without A Blogs last blog post..(Not So) NBOTWs – Oldies But Goodies

  10. Patricia Says:

    Thanks for dropping by Barbara and you are welcome for the link – I just can’t thank you enough for all your support and suggestions.

    I did another SU lesson today – and the last lesson I found my dashboard!….I just wish I was faster at this….