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Where Do You Write?

This Banyan Tree was planted in 1904, in this garden area of this guest house on the Queen’s property.

Hawaii Hotel

Many people came to stay at this Guest House to enjoy the trade winds, gardens, write, and heal themselves.

Robert Lewis Stevenson sat on a stone beach and wrote under this Banyan tree in this former garden. He also wrote in the Japanese garden of this estate, but that is now the portico of another hotel.

The young Queen also wrote letters in this garden.

Many stores and hotels have sprung up in this downtown shopping district and tourist area on Waikiki Beach.  This Inn has preserved the trade winds motion to keep it cool.

Where do you write?

Where do you heal?

2 Responses to “Where Do You Write?”

  1. Cath Lawson Says:

    Hi Patricia – when I hear about the places all these writers wrote, I feel a tad inadequate. I mostly write at home. Mind you I do live in a really old house – around 300 years old, so I guess that lends to the atmosphere. I really want to emigrate and write somewhere it’s always sunny though.

  2. Patricia Says:

    Thank you for your comment and it made me think. I am ill and exhausted from teaching a workshop in Hawaii and although it is a romantic idea to write in such a place – it is way too hot and humid for me…and the food is way too expensive! The Islands are in a bigger crisis than the mainland – 13 days worth of food imported in, and 14 days of petroleum imported in on any given day….I would take me years to adapt my body to that climate.
    On rainy, gray days in the Pacific NW I get so much work done and love my cozy house and view….as you think about emigrating think about all the parameters….including food and bathroom facilities.
    I am absolutely covered in bug bites – including bed bugs and oh the scurry of cockroaches…
    don’t wish to burst your bubble! But put some real stuff in the considerations

    Patricias last blog post..Where Do You Write?