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Is Bush Going to Cancel the ELECTIONS?

“I never write about politics on my site.” I have heard this numerous times in the last few months. My contention is that everything is political in nature and especially when you are attempting to assist folks in their thinking, expand their thinking skills, and understand the ethics and compassion of their actions.

I discovered that the unpleasant, irritating smell in my clothes closet was a week’s worth of my partner’s sweaty workout gear draped over the laundry basket, so I gathered it together and put it in the machine and out on the line to dry to relieve myself and my clothing of more association with the smell.

A very good friend sent me an address which leads me to another irritating “smell”. This odor is caused by my concern over the protection of people’s Constitutional Right – particularly children’s right. I am very concerned about the Constitution of the United States, the environment, and health care issues.

I read volumes of material on these subjects and I like to discuss them and find out what other folks have discovered – I really want to know what other people think and get the ideas flowing…

I am hanging it out on the line.

I truly feel that the Bush administration is going to do something outrageous at the last minute before the Election Day in order to ramp up the FEAR levels of every voter in the USA and mail in votes. I think it will be something very big such as the ECONOMY and Wall Street. I hate to feel manipulated and coerced…..and so I decided this morning to link this article to this post and ask for some comments on this group’s research and thinking.

Here is a link to some dirty laundry that really smells:


I grew up with a father who carried a pocket version of the Constitution and Bill of Rights of Canada and the USA in his pocket all the time. He immigrated to this country because of that Constitution and the separation of church and state and no empire/king in control. He felt that education was the key to understanding, to success and to an unlimited future – oh the possibilities and the opportunities.

I had hoped to inspire everyone to read Naomi Klein’s The Shock Doctrine, (another post on this blog) the article comes before that book was published and looks at policies from an entirely different angle. The Article is considerably shorter and easier to scan than a whole book.

Please let me know what you think about this group’s research and conclusions. Let’s get a discussion going?….Thank you for your comments.

4 Responses to “Is Bush Going to Cancel the ELECTIONS?”

  1. Julie Andersen Says:

    Democracy, as envisioned by our forefathers, has been sadly eroded by this administration. The consitution has been trampled and the rights we once held dear have been diminished. So yes, I do believe the “unthinkable” is possible. And short of actually cancelling an election, I believe the methods to produce a phony election outcome are very real. Witness the electronic voting machines . Anyone with a background in Information Technology knows one can craft code to “re-direct” votes. So Americans, hope that the vote as you cast it. . .is counted as it should be.

  2. Patricia Says:

    Thank you for your comments and good thoughts…I am so happy to hear that Ohio has already started the voting process so people who live in shelters and nursing homes can vote without harassment and be counted. In Washington State one can vote with an absentee ballot starting today and the Secretary of State has established many more safe guards since 2004.
    People really need to get out and vote – take a picture of the polling pace and record the number of your ballot to insure that you were counted.
    I just heard more troops are being called up for the 3rd and 4 th time….and with the money crisis, I wonder what other tricks will be playing out this month?

    Patricias last blog post..Is Bush Going to Cancel the ELECTIONS?

  3. Mary@GoodlifeZen Says:

    Hi Patricia, I found your blog through your comment on WritetoDone.com. I like it! Congratulation on an interesting site. And…keep writing!!
    Readers will appear.

  4. Patricia Says:

    Welcome Mary and thank you for the good comments…I am writing up a storm these days and enjoying the beach in Honolulu at an architects conference. I am a bit slow in my replies – sorry…
    Hard pressed to find some internet connections!

    this is so fun and I will visit your blog site as soon as I am able…
    I love to write.
    WritetoDone is such a good blog to learn from…wow…

    Patricias last blog post..Factoid Friday: Architects